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  • A retired master car thief must come back to the industry and steal fifty cars with his crew in one night to save his brother's life.

  • Car theft in Long Beach went down 47% when Randall "Memphis" Raines walked away from the life. He gets dragged back into it by assuming the job his brother Kip screwed up for stolen-car broker Raymond Calitri: steal 50 exotic cars and have them on a container ship by 8 AM Friday morning, and he got this news on a Monday. With Calitri threatening to kill him and Kip, and the police GRAB unit breathing down his neck, Memphis reassembles his old crew and attempts to pull off the logistically impossible.

  • Memphis Raines must return to the world of auto theft after his brother breaches a contract with a Russian crime lord to deliver high end cars. Memphis must get a gang together for a one night 'boost' to grab all the cars while avoiding apprehension by the auto theft cop who trailed him years before.

  • Kip Raines, a young car thief, was contracted to steal 50 specific cars but something went wrong. Now the man who hired him, Raymond Calitri, wants his head. When his brother, Memphis, once a great car thief, who retired a few years ago, learns of this, he comes back to town to see if he can help his brother. The only thing that will appease Calitri is if the order is fulfilled. So Memphis has to assemble his old crew, and he has to do the job in a few days. And a cop who hounded him, upon learning of his return, is keeping an eye on him. And another car thief, whom he competed with before wants to get the Calitri job, and is telling Memphis to back off, but he won't.

  • Legendary car thief/booster Randall "Memphis" Raines retired from the criminal life in 1994. Now six years later after Auto Theft in the greater Los Angeles/Long Beach district went down by 47%, his brother, Kip Raines takes over "the job", employed by British car broker Raymond Calitri. When one night Kip messes up stealing some cars, Memphis gets called back to the life he got out of. His most impossible mission: Steal 50 exotic cars all over Los Angeles and Long Beach in just one night and deliver them to Long Beach Harbor, Pier 14 by 8:00am, Friday morning, on the button, or never see his brother again. And so Memphis and Kip, with the help of longtime friend Otto Halliwell reassembles his old crew which includes sexy Sara "Sway" Wayland", a renegade white-haired mechanic by day, bartender by night, to pull off the biggest mission ever. The only problem is the LAPD G.R.A.B. (Governor's Regional Auto-Theft Bureau). It's on the lookout and Det. Roland Castlebeck and his partner, Det. Drycoff are keeping close eyes on Memphis and his team. Can the team pull this assignment off and collect $200,000 in cash? Will Kip finally realize that car boosting is dangerous? And can Memphis escape Castlebeck and the cops? It's a long shot and it's going to be one hell of a long night, but they may have a chance. Cut to the chase.


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  • Randall "Memphis" Raines, a notorious Los Angeles car thief, has left his life of crime behind him and gone straight, teaching Go-Kart Racing for kids in Central California. His younger brother, Kip Raines, has nevertheless followed in his footsteps and is in the midst of stealing 50 high-end cars for a British gangster, Raymond Calitri. One night after stealing a Porsche, Kip spies a beautiful woman in the passenger seat of another car, and to impress her, challenges her date to a race. This chase attracts the attention of the police, who follow Kip to the warehouse where the stolen cars are being stored. Kip and his gang flee from the police in time, but the boost is ruined, the cars are impounded and Calitri is infuriated.

    Calitri kidnaps Kip. Atley Jackson, Memphis' long-time friend, takes him to see Calitri, who threatens to kill Kip and Memphis if they don't steal the required 50 cars in three days, when they are due on a ship headed to South America. With no choice but to steal the cars, Memphis gathers a rag-tag crew of car thieves including Atley, autobody shop owner Otto Halliwell, DMV employee Donny Astricky, a mute mortician known as The Sphinx, and Memphis' ex-girlfriend, mechanic/bartender Sara "Sway" Wayland. Kip insists on helping with his young crew members Tumbler, Mirror Man, Freb, and Toby. They use Otto's shop as headquarters for the heist, and Toby hacks the DMV database to locate the cars on the list, which are all given female nicknames. The last car on the list, dubbed Eleanor, is a customized 1967 Mustang GT that has repeatedly brought trouble for Memphis.

    LAPD Detectives Castlebeck and Drycoff of the Governor's Regional Auto Theft Bureau investigate the case. At the abandoned warehouse, Castlebeck notices mysterious shattered glass. They hear Memphis is back in town and pay him a visit, but he claims he is merely visiting for a family emergency and will soon be leaving. The detectives remain suspicious. The three Mercedes impounded by the police all require laser-cut keys, which are impossible to clone. Drycoff discovers that all were purchased from a Newport dealer, Dressner Foreign Motors, which has only one ex-con working there, who happens to handle replacing lost keys from the manufacturer in Germany. They confront him and threaten to arrest him for grand theft auto unless he cooperates. He agrees to contact them if the person who paid him for the replacement keys returns, which he does, as they predict.

    The police set up surveillance on the three Mercedes. While parked in a minivan four doors down, Castlebeck and Drycoff spot the Raines brothers, who just take photos of the Mercedes in the driveway. The Raines brothers are accosted by some gang members who accused Memphis of stealing the job from Calitri. The brothers take shelter in a diner, where members of the California Highway Patrol are eating. Memphis distracts a truck driver while Kip chains his truck to the gang members' chassis. When he drives away, he pulls their car apart and they pull their weapons. The CHiPS run out and arrest the gang members for illegal guns.

    Freb, eager to prove himself, steals a 1983 Cadillac Eldorado when he spots it in a bad neighborhood with the keys left inside. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a car used by drug dealers and contains heroin in the trunk. Before they can get rid of the car, Castlebeck arrives at Otto's shop. He remarks that the other cars in the shop are classics and questions why anybody would invest money to restore an '83 Eldorado. While calling to check if the car had been reported stolen, Castlebeck notices that the call signs of the police units working that night are written down, indicating when their second heist is happening. Memphis is worried, realizing the police are breathing down their necks.

    The heist begins smoothly, and one by one, the cars are stolen and driven to the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, where they are immediately hidden in containers to be loaded onto the cargo ship. Castlebeck and Drycoff continue their surveillance on the three Mercedes and return to the parked minivan in the neighborhood, four houses down from the Mercedes. But they are forced to improvise when another minivan parks in the driveway next to them, blocking their view of the Mercedes, and they park their car closer. When Memphis arrives, he stops just before he opens the car door when he realizes the minivan from the photos is now two doors down, not four.

    Memphis calls Astricky, about to steal another Mercedes from outside the casino, and tells him the Mercedes are under surveillance. The whole deal will be off if they do not have every single car on the list. As they still have the replacement keys from the Mercedes impounded by the police, they decide to steal the cars from the police impound lot. Mirror Man causes a distraction and they successfully steal the three Mercedes.

    Detectives Castlebeck and Drycoff are told by a coworker from the Homicide Unit to back off Calitri, as he is under investigation for murder. A despondent Castlebeck receives a report from the lab about the shattered glass, identifying it as a black light. He and Drycoff go to the abandoned warehouse with functional black lights and discover the original list of cars. Knowing Memphis' past with Eleanor, Castlebeck realizes that the 1967 Mustang will be last on the list and their best chance for catching him in the act.

    Defying Memphis' orders not to deviate from the exact plan, Toby follows Kip and Tumbler to a suburban home where they plan to steal a Cadillac Escalade. Toby wanders outside the garage and is spotted by a young woman, who raises the alarm that the car is being stolen. A private security guard pursues them and fires at the SUV, wounding Toby. Atley takes Toby to a shady doctor he knows, who saves his life, no questions asked.

    Castlebeck and Drycoff arrive just as Memphis is boosting Eleanor, and begin a long pursuit through Long Beach. He manages to evade the police and arrives with a very beat up Eleanor shortly after the deadline of 8 p.m. Calitri refuses to take the car and instead orders his henchmen to kill Memphis, whose life is saved at the last minute by Kip and Atley.

    Memphis goes after Calitri and pursues him in a large warehouse at the Navy Yard, where Castlebeck and Drycoff join the pursuit, guns drawn. When Calitri corners Castlebeck and is about to kill him, Memphis arrives and saves Castlebeck's life by kicking Calitri, who falls over the railing several stories to his death. In gratitude, Castlebeck allows Memphis to leave, but first Memphis tells him where he can find the 49 boosted cars in the yard.

    Later, the gang gathers to celebrate with a barbecue at Otto's shop, where Kip presents Memphis with an old, rusted out "Eleanor" awaiting to be refurbished.

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