Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) Poster

T.J. Cross: Mirror Man



  • Donny : Hello, and welcome to "TV Car Trivia!" First question, who was the driver of a '73 Firebird? Uh, Otto?

    Otto Halliwell : Uh, Jim Rockford, "Rockford Files".

    Sara "Sway" Wayland : Gimme "Columbo".

    Kip : A Peugeot convertible.

    Donny : What color?

    Kip : Gray.

    Mirror Man : How do you know that?

    Kip : 'Cause I love that show.

    Mirror Man : Man, I got three words for all of y'all: Get a life!

    Freb : What's on Magnum P.I.'s license plate?

    Tumbler : "ROBIN-1"

    Kip : Wait, wasn't Robin that faggoty guy that always hung with him?

    Memphis : Naw, that was Higgins. That was Higgins.

    Otto Halliwell : Hey, hey, ten points for our fearless leader. Sway, how about giving us the Bill Bixby trifecta?

    Sara "Sway" Wayland : Drove a Corvette in "The Magician", a Ford pickup truck in "The Incredible Hulk", and in "The Courtship of Eddie's Father", he walked.

  • Freb : The corner of Wiltern and Wetherley... Tumbler messed up, he said the Porsche should be at the corner of Wiltern and Wetherly.

    Kip : There it is.

    Mirror Man : You're bullshitting me, right? 9024 Wiltern?

    Kip : I gotta get my tool.

    Mirror Man : Kip! He ain't bullshitting, man!

    [Kip opens the boot, retrieves half a brick] 

    Mirror Man : Kip that's not a tool... that's a damn brick! Kip, man we gonna use a brick, we may as well call prison and make reservations!

  • Mirror Man : [to Sphinx]  Damn it's cold up here, they keep these Ferrari's refrigerated? And you know black people don't like cold weather, we're tropical people. Man, when this is over I'm gonna smoke a joint, watch two hours of Roots and I'm gonna KICK YOUR ASS!

  • Donny : Hey, did you see a box of rubber gloves around here?

    Mirror Man : Gloves? Man, you don't need gloves! This is the new age! Check it out.

    Donny : What is this?

    Mirror Man : Just let me see that big claw you call a hand.

    [He spreads adhesive onto Donny's fingertip] 

    Mirror Man : That ain't donut jelly, so don't eat it.

    [He applies the false fingerprint] 

    Mirror Man : Your new fingerprints. Elvis is back.

    Donny : Damn...

    Mirror Man : Boy got skills, right?

    Donny : Yeah, you do.

    [They bump fists] 

    Donny : You're like a little ghetto Smurf.

  • [on their way to steal cars from the police impound] 

    Mirror Man : Hey, Sphinx, I don't look suspicious, do I, man?

  • [approaching an alarm panel] 

    Mirror Man : Now, to get this open we just...

    [Sphinx flicks his knife, and pries the panel open] 

    Mirror Man : I'm telling you, I'm running this shit! You do that again, and I will kick...!

    [Sphinx turns and glares at him, still holding his knife] 

    Mirror Man : ...Cool, man. You don't have to take everything so damn personal.

  • Mirror Man : [Mirror Man just applied fake fingerprints to Donny's hand]  Ya' boy got skills, right?

    Donny : Yeah you do. You look like a little ghetto smurf.

  • Memphis : For the next 24 hours, all your decision-making privileges have been removed. You got it?

    Mirror Man : It's cool, man.

    Memphis : Obviously, they're on to us. He's sniffing real close. If anything tonight appears out of place, I want you to cut bait, get out of there, and walk away. And get rid of this goddamn car!

  • [distracting the guard at the impound with a Barbie] 

    Mirror Man : Hey, lookie here, she's a brick... , duh-duh-duh, house.

  • [looking at the Humvee] 

    Mirror Man : Hey Sphinx, check it out. Homeboy got "SNAKE" on the license plate. Well, Snake gon' have to slither his ass all the way to the bus stop in the morning... I got some low-riding music for you. It's better than that cracker shit you listen to.

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