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It was impossible
Shawn Watson13 March 2005
I remember playing this really hard game on my Commodore 64 years and years ago. The graphics were far from sophisticated but it was still quite fun. You would play Sir Arthur, a Knight on a mission to rescue a Princess of some kind from a bunch of monsters. If you touched the bad guys Arthur would jump out of his armor and run about in his g-string and if he touched them again his bones would jump out of his skin.

Mark Cooksey's music was the grooviest and coolest thing about it, definitely one of the most memorable tunes on C64 (which, surprisingly, had many cool tunes).

Later remade (practically) as Ghouls and Ghosts, which was equally as hard, if not harder as you had to finish it twice to TRULY finish it.
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Satan always shows up when you're putting moves on your girl in the cemetery
Aaron137516 July 2013
This game was sort of a childhood favorite of mine. I say sort of, because it also was a torturous, taunting nightmare of a game also. The game was brutally difficult...though that is sort of the norm for a game on the Nintendo system. A side scrolling game that is rather unforgiving; however, not as unforgiving as other games because this one allowed you to get hit once before you died getting hit the second time. The game was pretty much an arcade game first, so it is on the short side (though they make you go through the game twice) so it has all these ways to get extra points. Never was a big point fan, other than the Atari, it was kind of pointless...ha ha, get it!?!

The story has you as a knight. He is called Sir Arther, I think. Could be wrong, but what real difference does it make? He is the dude that is going to fight through hordes upon hordes of murderous zombies, dragons, Satan, devils and unicorns...seriously, why did they not call that thing a cyclops? Why must he fight these creatures of the dark world, you ask? Well, apparently he and his girl were about to make out in the local cemetery, when a Satan should appear and abduct the girl! Now, the hero or Arther if you will, must fight through the cemetery, fight through a haunted town and finally venture into the underworld itself to rescue the damsel in distress.

The game is pretty standard for the time period. It did something novel in that if your character gets hit once his armor is knocked off, hit again he is reduced to bones. Other than that it is a go to the left or right and kill everything that gets in your way. You have weapon upgrades, but the best advice anyone can give you is avoid all, but the knife. The knife is the best weapon and without it, your quest becomes even more insanely difficult than it already is with it. Granted, you have to pick up a shield and use it for the final battle, but that knife is the weapon to put you into position to do it. The game has a vast array of enemies to fight; however, a disappointment for me is the lack of variety when it comes to the bosses at the end of the stage. Level 2's boss is simply two level one bosses, level 3 and 4 has the same boss and the level 6 boss is two level 5 bosses.

So the game is hard, but it is winnable. It takes a lot of skill and a good deal of luck, but it is by no means impossible. Honestly, the driving stages in Battletoads caused me more grief and headaches than this game. Level one is a standard first level being somewhat basic to beat with an easy boss. Level 2 is a bit long, but once again nothing all that impossible to get through. The third stage is somewhat hard thanks to the red demons that are positioned in area that make them difficult to avoid when they begin their assault. The fourth stage is the easiest as it is short and the boss is laid out in a way making him ripe for the picking. Stage five is once again an easy stage, however level six is a nightmare! The way some enemies are positioned is quite irritating and very annoying! The final battle though is a breeze. Just be prepared to venture through the game twice to get the really awesome ending...I'm being sarcastic when I describe the ending.
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Ghosts'n Goblins!
Movie Nuttball8 February 2005
Ghosts'n Goblins is one of the most exciting action video games! The characters, the action, scariness, and the sure thrill of excitement makes this game a fun non-stop playing time! Below is a brief look how I think the game is!

Game Play: The game play is very good. There is really basic controls here and is easy to perform. Novice gamers should have a good time here!

Graphics: The graphics are wonderful especially for the Nintendo System! The backgrounds are really beautiful!

Difficulty: The game is easy but as it goes on you find out that it will become more difficult!

Music: The music is great! Just fantastic catchy tunes through out the game! In My opinion its some of the best music ever in a video game!

Sound: The sound is great. Nuff said!

Overall: I have always loved Ghosts'n Goblins! If you like spooky and fighting action adventure games then I strongly recommend you play this game!

To purchase this video game check out!
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It's not what you think!
sky7e4 May 2001
Warning: Spoilers
In the crazy world of Ghosts 'n Goblins, our hero, Arthur, the deformed weirdo must fight against (Spoiler alert) the DEVIL himself in order to save the princess Penelope. Sadly, there are not nearly enough ghosts, n' few, if any goblins. Goblins are good though, especially the Green Goblin. If he were in the game, you could jump on him and hit him with your magic lance. See the movie for more details on the brave knight Arthur.
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