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Elizabeth Mitchell: Julia Sullivan



  • Frank Sullivan : John, say hello to my wife Julia.

    John Sullivan : Hi.

    Julia Sullivan : Hi John. Frank tells me you're a cop.

    John Sullivan : Yeah, that's right.

    Julia Sullivan : My six year old keeps telling us he wants to be a policeman right after he retires from the majors. We just bought him a badge and a whistle for his birthday.

    John Sullivan : Yeah, I remember I used to play cops and robbers all the time, and y - my mom wouldn't let me have a toy gun.

    Julia Sullivan : Sounds like your mom and I would get along.

    John Sullivan : Yeah, she's pretty special. I'm real proud of her.

    Julia Sullivan : I bet she's proud of you too, being a cop and all.

    John Sullivan : I hope so. I hope she knows how much I love her.

    Julia Sullivan : She knows. Mom's always know how much their kids love them, even if they don't tell them all the time. Well I gotta go. It was good talking to ya John.

    John Sullivan : You too.

  • Julia Sullivan : What's going on here, Satch?

    Satch : Frank says that he talks to Johnny, little Johnny on the radio in the future, and this guy claims to be your son!

    Julia Sullivan : Well, I talked to him too, once. He's a cop.

    Satch : You talked to the guy on the radio?

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