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Sex & Nudity

  • There is occasional sexual banter throughout the series. No visuals though. Just cursing each other out of friendship.
  • While doing bunk checks, the commanding officer finds what appears to be pornographic magazines.
  • We see very very brief male rear nudity and side nudity when soldiers are shown showering in a temporary facility. Camera is panning to the right and a man's buttocks pass by. No need to skip the scene though. (Scene is in episode 8)
  • A different soldier is shown having humping noisy sex in the home of a local woman. Her bare breasts are shown from the side, then we see his buttocks when they flip positions. There is squeaking, thrusting, moaning, etc., then they're interrupted when the soldier's commanding officer enters the room, after which we see half of the bare soldier's buttocks .

Violence & Gore

  • The series is full of very intense and realistic battle sequences. Men get shot with bloody results and endure gruesome injuries. There are a handful of grisly and bloody images that are very detailed.
  • Many people are killed from explosions leaving their bodies intact.
  • People are shot constantly with varying levels of blood spraying.
  • A field medic and a nurse are trying to save a man that has a six inch hole blown threw his stomach (The camera angle is in a position where the hole isn't shown). This scene goes on for about a minute. The man is coughing up blood. This death is VERY sad.
  • The soldiers find a concentration camp. This sequence shows many prisoners lying on the floor. They have a bit of blood on their clothes. Most of them are dead. Disturbing.


  • Some episodes contain about 7/8 uses of 'fuck' but most episodes contain between 3 and 6 uses.
  • Frequent uses of "fuck" and "shit". Also used are "ass", "damn" and other mild profanities, used generally in every episode.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • References to drugs such as painkillers and morphine however it is centred around a medical context.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes in each episode.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a lot of graphic war violence. This show can be disturbing.
  • An entire episode revolves around a concentration camp and can be very upsetting and disturbing.
  • The final two episodes are very sad.
  • The ending is very sad and will most likely make people cry...I know I did.
  • Rated TV MA for intense sequences of strong graphic war violence, grisly images, strong language, and brief sexual content
  • Many people whose family have died in the Holocaust and World War II will find some scenes frightening and depressing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There is a scene in the episode 6 when E company went on a combat patrol, suddenly a machine gun fire surprised them and one of the soldiers got hit on a throat. The scene was very graphically shown, there were several close shots of the soldier gasping for air while blood was pouring from the large wound and the inner structure of his throat was clearly visible. His company comrades had to watch him dying while they could not do anything about it, shocking and very sad scene.

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