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A fantastic and original action-adventure anime.
clara-chan4 October 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Yuu Yuu Hakusho is one of my favourite japanese animes. Like many other anime, it was first released as a manga (comic), written by the talented Yoshihiro Togashi.

The story revolves around a juvenile delinquent, Yuusuke Urameshi, who, in the first minutes of the anime, DIES saving a child from a traffic accident. Wandering around as a spirit, confused as hell, he meets Botan, a ferry-girl who guides spirits to the Reikai (spirit realm) after death. She informs him that his death was totally unpredicted and unexpected, a mistake, so is given a second chance at life by Enma Daiou (Lord of the Dead), by undergoing a series of challenges and tasks, thus becoming a Reikai Tantei (Spirit Detective). One of Yuusuke's first tasks is to recover 3 treasures stolen from the Reikai. Two of the thieves, Kurama and Hiei, are later 'punished' by having to also to do services for the Reikai and become spirit detectives, but of course later they become best friends.

Yuusuke's attack is a Rei-gun (spirit gun), a bolt of energy shot out from one finger with his hand shaped like a gun, capable of great destruction. He also uses his fists a lot in a fight, being more physical than, say, Kurama. He mightn't seem too bright, but often surprises even the most experienced opponents with his actions. He can be arrogant, but brave, determined, he adopts a happy-go-lucky, reckless attitude that often gets him into strife but comes out stronger for it at the end. He thrives against stronger opponents, being able to increase his power tenfold in a short period of time with hard training. In the end it's always his childhood sweetheart, Keiko Yukimura, who's his inspiration.

Kurama is a youko (fox demon) reincarnated as a human, the (now) teenaged 'Minamino Shuuichi' (his human name) is a top-student and perfect son. He uses his youki (demonic energy ?) to manipulate plants, his preferred weapon is the Rose Whip, which can slice, dice, and chop away his opponents. In times of extreme danger, when angered, or in other special circumstances he can revert to his youko form, thus becoming MUCH more powerful. He's good-natured, kind, polite and best friends with Hiei - he's the only one who can make fun of him and get away with it. ^.^

Hiei is a fire demon with a Jagan ('evil' third eye) giving him the ability to use the 'black fires of the Makai' (demon realm) in attacks like the Jaou Ensatsu Kokuryuuha (a huge firey black dragon, which normally stays as a purple tattoo winding around his arm, which can easily annihlate enemies). Hiei has a dark past, abandoned as a child, he was raised by a band of thieves. He has no qualms about killing anyone, and went to the Ningenkai (human realm) to search for his long-lost twin sister. Hiei's really short, with a grumpy demeanor, he has a trademark scowl and often answers a short, distainful 'Hn' when questioned. He can be arrogant and is always eager to fight. Hiei and Kuwabara can't seem to stand each other, constantly bickering and at each other's neck, but deep down they're friends.

His longtime arch-rival Kuwabara Kazuma (who constantly tries to best Yuusuke at fighting, and constantly gets a royal whipping) later becomes his best friend, joining him as a Spirit Detective. Kuwabara shapes his reiki (spirit energy) into a weapon, the 'rei ken' (spirit sword). Kuwabara may seem loud, annoying, and not as 'attractive' as the other three, but he definately can't be underestimated. Like Yuusuke, he was a juvenile delinquient at school, having an arrogant and tough-guy macho attitude, but inside he's a big softie, caring and unconditionally loyal to his friends, possessing a huge inner-strength, in the end he also proves he's as smart as anyone else, maybe even smarter, when he studies hard to get into university.

The four have many adventures together, like competing in the Ankoku Bujuutsukai, a (martial arts?) tournament, facing foes like Toguro, later Sensui. Though some may say the animation isn't exactly exceptional, its plot sets it apart from the rest. The characters are highly developed, the heros have flaws and develop, and the villians aren't always the clear-cut baddies who are totally evil, but they have their own agendas, which often don't turn out to be 'evil' at all. Actually, the whole defintion of 'evil' and 'demons' are turned inside out and upside down, as two of our heroes are demons themselves. The theme of friendship, comradeship and even love is prevalent, Yuusuke overcomes seemingly impossible obstacles, changing and growing from a young, undisciplined drop-out to a truly admirable hero who never lets down his friends, and becomes immensely powerful. Among it are many interesting sub-plots about the other characters, there being a large number of 'minor' characters, offering refreshing scenes every episode.

I personally feel the second movie 'Poltergeist Report' didn't do the anime or manga series justice, as the plot was a bit serious and lacked the comedy in the original series. By all means, do watch it, but people who haven't seen the anime may not understand why Yuusuke has these powers, or why Hiei and Kurama are fighting on Yuusuke's side if they're demons. I don't think I enjoyed the movie that much because the villain, Yakumo, was totally devoid of the separate agenda and 'human side' that YYH showed as a series, like the excellent opponent for Yuusuke, Sensui, with his multiple personalities and reasons behind his (albeit deranged and destructive) actions. Hinageshi was totally unnecessary, I feel, Botan was portrayed as too serious, Keiko too much of a damsel in distress, Genkai too harmless... but after all that criticism, I think that all YYH fans should see this movie, and non-fans should see it because it's the only easily obtainable English form of YYH, and also it may help you decide whether you want to search for more YYH.

I HIGHLY recommend YYH, go see it! ^_^
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SeanSmith2 June 2004
Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the greatest anime shows I've ever seen. It's the story of a teenage spirit detective and his friends fighting the worst demons from spirit world. The animation's great, the music fits, it actually has a story, and the voice actors are phenomenal!! It's also has clever dialog, FUNimation really did a great job with this project. This show is fantastic all around!!!

This show really grabs your attention, for instance: (Before I knew about this show) I was in the kitchen finding myself something to eat, my brother was watching Yu Yu Hakusho and I could see the TV from the kitchen. I heard somebody yell "Spirit Gun" and I instantly looked up, forgot I was hungry then sat down and watched it. GREAT ANIME!!!!!
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Just good old fashioned fun
thegreatgrundle20 September 2003
This is a great series. Not because of superior animation or music. Not because of innovative plots or creative story-telling. Its just fun to watch.

The series grabs hold of you with the first line of the first episode, which goes something like this: "This is our hero, Yusuke Urameshi. And surprisingly enough, he's dead." I mean, if the main character dying in the first episode doesn't pique your interest, what will? After that, the story is one we've seen often enough: guys with super powers fighting evil. Basic, but with good execution it can be quite effective.

I think the main strength of this show is in the characters. Yusuke is the jerk with the heart of gold. He'll do the right thing, but he'll always have a smart-alec remark to rub your wounds with salt. He has most of the best fights, and his scenes with his girlfriend are classic, and usually end with him getting slapped. Hiei and Kurama are just cool, if you'll simply look past Kurama's unfortunate fashion sense (the pink jump suit just doesn't work for me). Kuwabara's probably the best. He's so arrogant, and yet he loses nearly every fight he's in. It's great just to watch him get the crap beaten out of him after his long descriptions of how he's going to win the fight.

The only negatives for this show are some annoying habits they have. They usually pull the old, "There are four of us and one of him, but we're not going to all fight at once and overwhelm him, we'll just sit back while one of us (namely Kuwabara) gets pummeled. We could simply shoot the guy with a finger, but let's let him tire himself out kicking Kuwabara's face in instead." It makes for good comic relief, but gets kind of old when the fights stretch out unnecessarily long. Let's not turn this into DBZ here.
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Funimation Gets it Right!!!
blizshadow110 July 2004
Funimation is the company well known for the dubbing of the Dragonball series, which was not as good as it was several years ago during the peak of its popularity. However, they soon got hold of another anime to put out on our television screens. Bad, right? Wrong.

YYH is the story of a street kid named Yusuke with unnatural and extreme fighting skills who becomes a Spirit Detective, a special official who battles demons who pose a threat to our Earth, after he surprises his boss for saving a child's life, something not expected because of his brash manner and horrible social life. From there, Yusuke is involved in many cases, ranging from returning artifacts to their rightful place to an Underworld fighting tournament, aided closely by his loyal friends and his girlfriend, who has a good hand on her as well.

The best thing about this series is that the only real edit is the voicing (as far as the uncut version goes). Everything else is the same: the names of the people, about 90% of the dialog, and more importantly the music. It's the closest thing to the original version I've seen in a long time, which is a very good call in my opinion to a well dubbed anime. And the voice actors are phenomenal. Everyone fits their roles perfectly and knows how to execute a joke, verbal and slapstick, so well that I found myself rewinding the recorded episodes I have just to see them again. Nicely done.

And the battles in the show themselves are very attention-grabbing and at times unpredictable. Yusuke may be winning a fight one minute and the next he can barely fight back because of his opponent's hidden technique they had all along. The fighters in this show can pull some unexpected tricks from up their sleeves and they are extremely intelligent and calculating in their each of their actions. They'll make you go "Wow. I never saw that one coming". Another good thing about the fighting is that long battles last no more than 5 or 6 episodes, unlike a 20 episode long battle in Dragonball Z. They get to the point quickly, with fireworks galore. These gripping moments never cease to let you go.

And the characters themselves are outstanding. Their personalities are so well brought out and so diverse. Yusuke's reckless and free-spirited, while Hiei (pronounced Hee-ay for those who don't know) is a dark loner who is only interested in number one most of the time. They are so developed and life-like you can't help but imagine someone close who resembles of few characters to the letter. And as perfect as this all sounds, it has one major downfall. Because of the similarities of the basic storyline to DBZ, people tend to look at it as just a DBZ rip-off and skip it. If the likeness is forgotten, it can become a well loved anime by most people who see it is a bad show.

In conclusion, YYH is a well done dub, as far as the uncut version goes. Wonderful voices, good humor, and battles that will have you hooked, all done without leaving out too much of the show's Japanese feel. Good job, Funimation, you've mastered the art of professional anime dubbing. Hey 4Kids, if you're reading this, maybe you'll learn something.
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My favorite anime of all times!
Lady_Targaryen7 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Yuyu Hakusho is my favorite anime of all. It was an important part of my childhood*, and I liked it even more then Saint Seiya.(I have all the movies from this series) It is a mix of adventure, comedy and action, and we cannot stop laughing when Yusuke and Kwabara starts to fight or mock each other, as well as we stay crazy to see the results of the fights or championships from the spiritual world! Even Kurama,Yomi and Yusuke being my favorite characters, I love all of them! Even Hiei with his bad mood always picking on Kwabara!:D I prefer a hundred times more the animation series then the mangas.( I guess the humor of the series is priceless)

* In Brazil, Yuyu Hakusho was exhibited on TV in 1995. So I was 9 years old! :D
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Hardcore Action...sheer perfection!!!
beccad9023 October 2005
Yu Yu Hakusho is a truly excellent anime. Sure, people compare it to the Dragon Ball series, but the story is original and laden with humor, drama and romance.The characters are diverse and interesting, the voice cast is excellent, the animation is fluid and bold and...I can't say it enough...it's terrific!

Yusuke Urameshi is your typical teenage delinquent: cutting class, getting into fistfights and being overall unpleasant are his trademarks. But, that all changes when he gives up his life to save a little boy from being hit by a car. He, in floating spirit form, is greeted by the cheerful "Grim Wreaper," Botan. She takes him to see the great lord Koenma, who looks like a toddler, but is actually over 600 years old. From there, he is appointed spirit detective, one who is assigned to protect all three worlds from evil. Before he knows it, he is swept up into being a spirit detective...and it gets better and more interesting from there.

The characters have many different abilities and classes. For instance, two of my favorite characters are demons. One, Kurama, in an especially handsome human body, and, even though he is one of the weaker ones in his team, he relies on sharp stealth to defeat the enemy...and usually wins. One of the weaker ones? HA! One of the weaker ones indeed! The other, Hiei, looks human, but is, indeed, demon...trust me. But, later in the anime, his dark past is revealed and you see why his is so sharp and distant.

The animation gets better as the series progresses. You can see the anime is more detailed in the final episode compared to the very first episode. Not only that, the plot becomes more and more twisted and intense, leading up to the climactic final saga.

You can't miss Yu Yu Hakusho!
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One of the best animes I've seen in a while.
Tenchi645892 June 2003
If anything, I'd say that this anime has quite a bit of what you'd want in an anime: action, drama, comedy and a bit of a few romantic elements.

I really don't think it's a lost cause to watch, but if you can, stay clear of the watered - down Toonami version.

I give this anime a 9 out of 10.
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the best show I've ever seen
CrystalBlueSilver12 March 2003
I started watching this on Cartoon Network last week when they started showing it at 5:00 PM central time, 6 for most of you. I was instantly hooked. Yusuke had a kick @$$ attitude that I really related to (not that I am that way, but I still relate). And I love the fact that a "toddler" can rule the spirit world. Boton is really funny. Seems too perky to be the grim reaper, but it's their world, not mine. Great show. I recommend it to all of you.
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Good fighting anime series
Rectangular_businessman9 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"YuYu Hakusho" was a good action anime series, in my opinion.

While it had many of the usual archetypes commonly associated with other similar series (Such as the obligatory tournament arc) what made this series work so well where the characters, which were likable and interesting, disregard if they were (anti)heroes or villains. Like "Dragonball Z", this series was mostly focused in the action, something which I prefer to the angst excess in "Naruto" (Fortunately, unlike in that series "YuYu Hakusho" didn't have a lot of flashbacks about the sad past of the characters in every episode) There were a couple of dramatic moments, but nothing way too cheesy or melodramatic.

For all those who liked this series I would also recommend "Hunter X Hunter" (Which was done by the same creator of "YuYu Hakusho", Yoshihiro Togashi) a highly underrated but totally worth-watching anime.
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Yu Yu Hakusho
seven777777720 June 2006
Yu Yu Hakusho is the most awsomest show in the whole entire world!!!

It's about 14 year old yusuke urameshi who gets hit by a car while saving a little kid since it was a good deed he is given a test to return to life. He passes the test and becomes the Spirit detective of earth. Meaning he has to protect the world of the living from evil or bad demons who threaten the humans in the living world. He has help though, from his friends kuwabara, kurama and Hiei.

It is divided into 4 saga's and 5 boxsets. The first saga is the Spirit detective saga, the second the dark tournament, the third the sensui saga and the fourth and final saga the three kings saga.
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The best anime series ever. Plus, Kurama, the coolest anime character ever!
SSJAniFan28 June 2003
Warning: Spoilers

This show beats every other anime show to the ground. Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Inu-Yasha, Dragonball Z, Ranma, Slayers, Lupin the 3rd, none of them compare to this excellent masterpiece.

The show starts out with Yusuke being killed, saving the life of a kid. He gets rewarded for this out-of-character act by getting to come back to life, but Koenma, ruler of Reiki, or Spirit World, is interested in him further and makes him a Spirit Detective, which has him fighting monsters, demons, and..... more monsters. He teams up with his former rival and two other reformed demons, and the true direction of the series begins.

YYH probably has many genres, but the main one it has is fighting. Characters will beat each other up until they're near death. Thankfully, unlike DBZ, these fights will NOT last 20 episodes. They each go on for about 1-3 episodes. Be warned, the second saga in YYH(episodes 26-66) is REALLY bloody, so if you hate even animated blood you may want to avoid it.

YYH's biggest strength is it's characters. Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Genkai... these characters are handled with great care, and treated so that we can actually relate to them. Heck, even the villains are more than just standard destroy-the-world stuff. With great characterization, Inu-Yasha is just about the only rival in this particular category.

Scenes can be really emotional. One big standout for me is in episode 47. In it, Yusuke is dying, unable to handle the spirit power passed onto him by Genkai, begs Puu, Yusuke's "other" self who is linked to him(and thus is also dying), to forgive him for failing the both of them. It's really good, and I actually found it hard to not shed some tears. Wow. Now that's good. An anime almost causes me to cry. That's definitely unusual.

Be warned, the animation in the first few episodes is pretty weak, but it gets better. Also, I like the music, especially the opening theme(Smile Bomb). It really reflects what's going on. And while not by Yoko Kanno standards(the composer of Escaflowne and Cowboy Bebop), it's definitely worth listening to.

BOTTOM LINE: You must watch this anime. It is one of the best. Also, my comments on the English version will be separate from this.
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Brilliant Anime! Better then DBZ
davulture15 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A great anime series that follows the life of a 14 year old kid who gets hit by a car and dies, and gets a second chance at life if he becomes a Spirit Detective after that new cases, friendships and insights into his own past develop. The show itself was originally on Adult Swim but because of a lack of audience the morons removed it and instead used it to target a teenage audience by blocking out the swears. Still though the show made it's mark before those same Cartoon Network morons cut the show short of the Last Fight of Dark Tournament. I think after that moment the show never really picked up enough of a fan-base to care for it, which incidentally was over a year later. Sadly enough even when it came back it didn't make enough of an impact in the ratings, despite the fact it had a better story, action sequences and a lot more interesting characters then Dragonball Z. Overall it's pretty sad that this show didn't pick up a mainstream audience which was the failure of the network and instead had to be on Summer at 3:00 in the morning as a filler. Brilliantly underrated show.
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Excellent anime
The_Dinosaur23 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a excellent anime series. It would make any anime fans happy. It is a lot like other anime series' like Dragon Ball and Guyver, except darker than Dragon Ball but not as dark as Guyver. the animation is not always crystal clear but it doesn't really matter because the action is always good.

It follows a 14 year old boy called Yuskae Yurameshi who is a school rebel, and the anti-hero, who is killed when saving a young boy's life. He is givin a second chance at life but he has to work as what is called a spirit detective. This involves him getting into battles with demons and monsters.

The series is never dull and is good at having cliffhanger episodes, so if you are going to buy this on DVD you should probably get a few at a time. It is also great because unlike some other anime's this is one where the main character is a anti-hero and you can't help but like him.
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Best Damn Anime
naomiyokoyama66623 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This story simply rocks. The storyline is action-packed, filled with comedic moments, emotion, and the story of a boy that doesn't quite fit in. The main character (Yusuke Urameshi) is a punk that has no problem telling authority to kiss off. Thing is, the kid actually has a decent side, once one looks past the perversion, vulgarity, gambling problems, smoking problems, attitude, etc. He ends up saving a boy from being crushed by a car, earns back his life and acquires powers of spirit energy, and comes back to kick some demon butt. This anime is a good 112 episodes long, and each end leaves you thirsting for some more. The action is great, the comedy made me fall off the couch, and the loyalty shown between the four main characters made me wish that all the people I called my friends would be the same.

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A more mature concept similar to DBZ.
Shinobu_Sensui10 July 2010
If Yu Gi Oh can be considered the companion piece to Pokemon, than Yu Yu Hakusho could be considered as a suitable companion piece for Dragon Ball Z.

The story concerns Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage boy who dies and comes back to life in an unusual twist of fate. As a side effect, he develops unusual psychic powers and is appointed as the spirit detective of the Earth, defending it from various demonic creatures.

The fights are more interesting than in DBZ, they really keep you on the edge of your seat, and they generally aren't too long and drawn out. The characters powers are also more entertaining and believable at once (i.e. They only get achieve levels capable of destroying the Earth towards the end, rather than in the very first saga, therefore, they usually must rely on strategy).

The characters are realistic and diverse, at least compared to most other shonen anime. They can be despicable, lovable, heroic, tragic and everything else, often all at once.

Of particular interest is the Chapter Black Saga, which tells the story of Sensui.
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Hurray to the Funmation dub.
stumpmee7724 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
For retaining the Japanese culture in it. (Unlike 4kid's Yu-Gi-Oh!) I actually see Japanese script on things and Koenma eating Japanese food.

For giving the cast such nice sounding voices--except for Kuwabara, his hoarse tones make my ears bleed and the first time I watched it, it was an episode where he did most of the talking and I was turned off. I decided to give it a second chance and began focusing mainly on his funny expressions and love of Yukina; its is the only way I can bear him.

My favorite voice is the battle hardened Hiei while my favorite character overall is Koenma the "Toddler". The dialog between the latter and his faithful ogre assistant is hysterical.

I would be remiss If I didn't mention loving the edgy Hiei/Kuwabara LOL "friendship".

Not cutting out so many parts that it looses it's mid-teenage base. (Look at 4kids Yu-Gi-oh you'll see what I mean).

For all the above mentioned reasons this show has become my favorite anime after Azumanga Daioh.
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Literally the greatest
mfubio13 February 2018
This anime is the #1 greatest anime of all time. HANDS DOWN. A must watch.
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Got me hooked on anime
A_Different_Drummer5 January 2017
Am a Prolific Reviewer here but did not really have a lot of experience with anime.

So with the help of a few friends I collected a number of series and started to binge-watch.

My favorite series (so far) remains Steins Gate (which I have watched twice end to end, and keep finding new things to notice each viewing) but this amazing series from a quarter-century ago really hooked me.

The story is awesome. The characters awesome. Even the English voice track is awesome. Based on the premise, I did not expect to be so entranced.

Just finished the first season. The "romance" between the main villain who never ages and the ex-lover from his past he had to kill was an arc I had never seen before, Brilliant.

Highly recommended, especially for other newbies.
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My childhood
a-bognar9315 January 2015
As a kid it aired on an anime channel and it was pretty much the only anime i watched until i grew older, back then I've seen it about 5-6 times all the way from the beginning to the very end.

Just like many other anime, this one is heavily centered around character development as well. As a result what we get are really good, and well detailed characters that make the center of the series. During the 3 seasons there are at least 6-7 characters that have deep stories and personalities to them, so chances are you are going to be attached to at least a couple of them by the end of the show. Other than the heroes going through an emotional journey in which they mature and find their places in their worlds (the plural form is intended) they also develop physically in their power levels, symbolizing this journey.

As for the story line, it's nothing too complicated or excessive, but it is OK. The real deal however are the fight scenes, being an action packed anime, there are tons of cool abilities used by our heroes and the villains they face, and they don't always win their fights either, which makes it much more realistic and exciting. In some instances you might even find yourself rooting for the bad guys, as the line between good and bad is not that clear like in real life.

Overall if you like action based anime with lots of fight scenes then this is a MUST WATCH for you.
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Great show!
griffolyon1230 June 2006
I love this show.When this show first came on I thought it would be terrible,but I was wrong.This series had the perfect balance of action and story.It is a weird premise,but is very unique and original and each episode keeps you on the edge of your seat.Some of the later episodes I don't like as much,but in particular the first 50 or so are flat out amazing.If your a fan of anime,comic books,fantasy,or action in general this show is for you.It has emotion,and is more mature than most other similar animes on.The only thing I should note is this isn't a show for the kids(in particular the uncut version),I would say it is good for people 14 and up.This show is well worth your time.This show is a winner.

An almost perfect: 10/10!!!!
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Introducing the Characters of the Show
Zeorymer30 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
***MILD SPOILERS*** YUSUKE URAMESHI-Juvenile Delinquent who died when he pushed a toddler out of the way of an oncoming car, taking the hit himself. Given a second chance at life, he becomes a Spirit Detective. Able to channel his spirit energy in the tip of his finger, and fire it off as a Spirit Gun.

KAZUMA KUWABARA-Yusuke's rival, and another juvenile delinquent. Driven by a strong sense of duty, honor and loyalty, he wants in on the action when he learns of Yusuke's new after-school job. Can form his spirit energy into a sword, eventually becoming so powerful it can slice through dimensional walls.

SUIICHI MINAMONO/YOUKO KURAMA-Basically referred to as Kurama, whether in his human or demon form. See, Kurama used to be a legendary bandit in the Spirit World, but he was one day seriously wounded and inhabited a human fetus to survive. This boy's name was Suiichi Minamono, planning to go back to the Spirit World ASAP, he became attached to his human mother and decided to stay human, for now. He employs various plants to battle, with effective results.

JAGANSHI HIEI-Owner of the Jagan Eye. Another demon, he is originally introduced along with Kurama and another demon as thieves. Hiei is very skilled with his katana and his fire-based demon powers.

GENKAI-An old martial arts master who eventually takes Yusuke as her student, Genkai trains herself vigorously, and her students even more so. Calls Yusuke 'dimwit'. She used to be a Spirit Detective, but later retired. She is drawn back into the business through her association with Yusuke.

KOENMA-The ruler of Spirit World, at least until his father returns. Often appears as a toddler, but he can also become a teenager at will. Sucks on a pacifier constantly, in both forms.

BOTAN-A rather cheerful Grim Reaper, she acts as Koenma's agent and courier into the Human World. Nonetheless, she is very strong-willed, employing various weapons and devices to help herself and her friends.

KEIKO YUKIMURA-Yusuke's wanna-be girlfriend, even though neither of them will admit it. She plays a large role in bringing Yusuke back to life, and later provides a good slap where needed.

YUKINA-Ice demon and resident healer. Kuwabara has a crush on her, and she is secretly Hiei's sister, although she doesn't know that and Hiei is forbidden from telling her. She is very shy and timid, and she loves animals. Yusuke, Kuwabara and Hiei rescue her from some captors who were exploiting one of her more unusual talents, her tears form crystals that can sell for unlimited amounts of money.
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10/10 even in 2017
mikefubio9 June 2017
This is one of the top anime series of all times. If you have not seen this anime do not let the age or date fool you. Yu Yu Hakusho is right up to par with the Dragon ball and Dragon ball Z series and in my opinion it is even BETTER. The entire story line and character list / character personalities are amazing and you will NOT regret watching this. Amazing.
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All around a GREAT show!
yo_john-cena_200911 December 2016
AMAZING! Just simply a GREAT show, amazing action, amazing stories, amazing character development, and always kept on going forward, not 3 steps forward 1 step back, love it! not as long as I would like it to be, but didn't dragged for too long like other anime (or TV shows in general), Urameshi Yusuke is a prime example of great character development, growing him through his ventures, but not estrange him from his true nature. I used to love this show as a child for its awesome action sequences, but now as I watched it again, I can see the smart stories, clever dialogue and the raw emotions that the show brings out to us.
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Simply superb and all-round anime.A must watch.
rohtk6 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the best action shounen anime out there. Its got action,comedy,romance,strategy etc. The English dub is just awesome.The voice actors have done a great job.It's got a wonderful soundtrack.It makes you feel the situation.Coupled with the good story and even better written dialogues it is one complete anime.It just makes you want more.It rivaled Dragon ball series during its run. I have seen many people write petition to Yoshihiro Togashi to revive the series after he completes HunterxHunter.

Even after watching the show 4 times I just couldn't come to terms with the fact that the show had ended.One of the best animes from the 90's
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An Anime worth watching
corndawg712 January 2013
Great Show I used to watch as a kid on late Friday or Saturday nights on toonami. I think it came on before when Toonami aired from 3 to 5 also. This show brought back a ton of memories, each episode fills me with nostalgia.

Yu Yu hakusho has plenty of action/violence, comedy, and a pretty damn good story line, there's romance but not so much that it ruins the show.

Yusuke's smart mouth is one of a kind, Kuwabara is one hell of a man, Kurama is a genius that never fails to surprise, and Hiei is just a badass overall.

These Characters basically make this show worth watching and if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it
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