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Nitro By Name, Nitro By Nature
Big Movie Fan26 June 2002
WCW Monday Nitro made it's debut in September 1995 and ran until March 2001-that's almost six years of top notch action. Along with the WWF's Monday Night Raw, Nitro was a brilliant programme.

Along the way we had the big guns such as Hulk Hogan, Sting and Ric Flair but the great thing about Nitro was the way it highlighted some of the undercard wrestlers such as Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr.

Nitro was a very unpredictable programme for a long while. In one edition Lex Luger made a surprise return to WCW after wrestling in the WWF 24 hours earlier. You never knew what would happen on Nitro-anybody could show up, friendships could be broken up and throughout the series there were some wild brawls.

I strongly recommend tracking down old WCW Nitro tapes particularly from the 1996-1998 era.
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Sucks that it is gone
AWATT1927 March 2002
March 26, 2001 was one of the saddest days in my life when I saw WCW for the last time. In the past year since that Wrestling has gone to hell. Every week I am subject to some of the most god-awful wrestling on WWF Raw. The only reason I still watch is because there is nothing else on TV that is better. What makes me sad about the situation is that they were so close to selling WCW to Eric Bichoff and he would have brought WCW back to prominence. I miss seeing Goldberg, Sting, Bret Hart, and some of others who are not around.
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it was great when the NWO was there
jaws!29 September 1999
the NWO was by far my favorite angle in the history of wrestling. they were so funny,and so cool. now that the

original NWO isn't there,wcw is often a bore. the show

hardly ever starts off with a bang. it almost always starts out with some boring match with wrestlers you could

less about. however wcw has the best wrestlers in the world,it's just a shame that over half of them are wasted.

hulk hogan returning back to his red,and yellow gimmick

was a fun idea at first,but quickly got old. they need to

turn him back into a heel once again. he's funny as a heel. i still watch the show in hopes that it can be as

good as it was when the original NWO was there,but it never happens. but some shows are still good. only once in

a great while now does nitro have a better show than raw,and i really,truly mean once in a great while. when

the NWO was there this show got a 9 1/2 usually,now the

show gets a 5,but shows few and far between are as good as

a 6 or a 7.
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Classic Wrestling At It's Best...
Patera4 July 2001
This show was the last version of classic professional wrestling at a national level before Sports Entertainment ended. During the Eric Bischoff regime, the show was great and consistent, until the management at Time Warner decided to screw things around (what a surprise!), and try to bring in some guys from the WWF. When WCW Monday Nitro died in 2001, so did a great era in professional wrestling.
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The best there is, was, and ever will be
Sting-2215 May 1999
WCW Monday Nitro is the best wrestling program on television. Unlike some shows, the main event changes from week to week and everyone (except Ric Flair) keeps their clothes on. The only problem is that sometimes they insult the viewers' intelligence by showing the same thing over and over again and following things a little longer than they have to. For the most part, Nitro is something the whole family can watch and enjoy.
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This show had its moments.
capthowdy35012 March 2001
The past six years that this program has been on the air, I would have to say has been both on the plus and negative sides. There has been some very memorable moments on this program such as The N.W.O.'s hostile takeovers, the breaking of young stars like Chris Jericho and Billy Kidman, Arn Anderson's retirement, and the recent emergence of the cruiserweight tag-team division. The down moments have been watching Hulk Hogan trying to make his comeback (over and over again) and some very bad gimmicks like "The Dog" and The "No Limit Soldiers". I am a very big fan of pro wrestling and don't like to just glorify the W.W.F. for being more popular. I like to judge the product itself and in my book W.C.W. Monday Nitro has definitely aired some great moments.
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Reply To Above Comment
EJO104887 November 2005
In response to The Flaming Pig's or whatever the stupid name is comments. I would first like to say he/she has no idea what they are talking about and their comments just show how blind they are. The idea that wrestling (pro) is fake isn't because of WCW. It is because of the fact that some attacks/moves are pulled and/or not done with a lot of force and because everything is predetermined. Hulk Hogan went to WCW because he left the WWF with plans to retire, but the fact that WCW was offering so much money, more than the WWF could afford, made him return to the ring. WCW had some of the best talents on their roster and actually used their cruiser weight division correctly, something the WWF/E still fails to do. Why would Mysterio leave WCW to join the WWF when WCW had the better cruiser weight division and could actually use it? Now, how can the NWO be a rip off of DX if the NWO came first? It cant. If anything DX is an NWO rip off since the NWO was the first to use the whole degenerate attitude. So next time do some research before you decide to bash something, buddy. It isn't that hard to look stuff up, unless you are just one of those blind fans who hates WCW for no reason and makes crap up to make your argument look good.
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Joe Fino23 August 2003
I am sick of some of the stupid kids on here that say 'nWo was a RIPOFF of The DX'... If you were to make a valid point, make sure you look at the facts.

nWo was created in 1996... while DX was created in 1998 (I think), the matter of the fact is... nWo was atleast a year before the DX was made.

And for people that saw RAW is better, look at the crap the WWE Shovels at us now. I rather watch Nitro.

I bet all the people who said 'Watch RAW, Its the greatest Wrestling Show' dont even watch the show anymore. And dont blame it on the WCW part of the roster, cause its the WWE Writers, including Vince Mcmahon, who writes this stuff.

So, give WCW a break... It was run by AOL Time Warner, a huge conglomorate, while WWE was run by one man.

The WCW was great, as so was WWE. WCW was just the first one to have bad programming, but it wasn't as bad as the WWE crap today.
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The best TV show in the history of our sport.
Hack-Man27 August 2002
If it hadn't been for Nitro, we'd still be watching midcarders winning squash matches on WWF/WWE television (taped four weeks in advance).

In the last couple of years it was on TV, the critics were quick to pan Nitro, but if you look at tapes of that era (arguably its worst) and compare it to the fare dished out be the McMahon clan, you'll be wishing it was the other of the "Big Two" that folded.
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WCW Monday Nitro is one of the best shows around
Atragon16 May 1999
WCW Monday Nitro is certainly one of the best shows you'll find. Bill Goldberg is Nitro's leading man and puts on an excellent performance. WCW Monday Nitro also boasts an awesome supporting cast featuring Kevin Nash as himself, James Fullington as the ever-maniacal Hardcore Hak, and Chris Irvine in the role he was born to play as "Lion Heart" Chris Jericho. WCW Monday Nitro provides three hours of great entertainment and has something for everyone.
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WCW Nitro
Terryfan27 July 2015
WCW World Championship Wrestling and their show Monday Nitro took on the WWF World Wrestling Federation and their show Monday Night Raw.

The battle that was later would become known as The Monday Night War. Where WCW Monday Nitro and WWF Monday Night Raw went head to head on Monday nights to see would reign supreme in the world of Wrestling.

Without question this was the greatest era of pro wrestling when you had two companies going head to head and given you the best they could to keep you watching.

While I'll be honest I was loyal to the WWF during the war but I did see WCW Nitro from time to time.

Nitro feature some of the best matches in the history of pro wrestling and also feature moments that has left a impact on Wrestling fans.

Nitro was the kind of wrestling show where you had to tune in to see what would happen because what Nitro did was go live every week to compete with WWF.

During the war both sides would bring everything and everyone they could to try and win the night. WCW feature many great wrestlers like Diamond Dallas Page, Goldberg, Booker T, Sting, the NWO, Ric Flair, many more that help made WCW a champion in the ratings

Whenever you tune into Nitro it was going to be something you'll never forget because even today fans will talk about all the matches from Nitro that WCW gave to the fans matches that are rank as some of the best in pro wrestling history.

When you can find a collection of WCW Nitro footage and watch to see how well WCW did to take on the WWF .
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McMahon's Worst Nightmare
Brian Washington21 February 2004
In 1995 Vince McMahon and his company, the WWF/WWE, pretty much ruled the world of professional wrestling, at least until Ted Turner decided to launch this show in direct competition with "Monday Night Raw". At first it was a pretty bland show and Eric Bischoff had to resort to doing things like giving away the results of what happened on Raw, which was taped while Raw was live. However things changed when Bischoff introduced the concept of the NWO, a group of renegades who were lead by one time hero Hulk Hogan. After that Raw was being trounced in the ratings by Nitro and WCW almost put the WWF out of business. However, once McMahon decided to move away from the cartoon like storylines that made him so successful in the past to a more adult direction, it was the beginning of the end of Nitro.

Other events that began to spell doom for WCW were the defection of younger stars that felt they were being ignored. Stars such as Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and others began to leave the company in droves and soon all that was left were all the older wrestlers that Bischoff had signed away from McMahon.

Nitro was a great program, but the product grew stale and no one cared for it anymore. Nothing that they tried could save it, even signing Vince Russo, who helped start the WWF's more adult oriented phase.

This pretty much showed that like any other television program, that once you create a product you should try to find ways to keep it fresh. Too bad this lesson was learned to late to save Nitro.
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The greasest WRESTLING Show Ever
William Walker20 February 2003
I Don't Care what Anyone will say about Nitro This Show Rule Monday Night Wrestling from the Started to when WWF Got it act Toughter

i Enjoy this Show From the Wrestling to the Announcers Tony Schiavone (he along with Gold old JR is one is the Best Play by Play Men in the Game) Bobby The Brain Heannen to the Storys they Tell

it a Sham that the Terkey Vince McMahon Byes WCW and it just a one Man Show cuse the Bishoff and the Group got WCW and Stay on TNT the WWE Wrold be Gone and they Wrold of just been too Sweet.
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Back in the day classic wrestling!
mm-3923 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Back in the day classic wrestling! Back during the WCW/WWE (WWF) wrestling wars. The two companies battled for Professional wrestling supremacy. Big bucks, and big scripts! Nitro lead the way with a new wave of wrestling! Creative scripts with the N W O, Ravens Flock, Sting and company set a new tone! Nitro always had a major turning point or revenge match. I loved the spray point body imprint on the mat for the rest of the show after each N W O match! PURE CLASSIC. Hulk turned evil, Raven wined, and Sting became a new character. Tori the evil women tried to manipulate the wrestling world along with the Outsiders. Add the innovation of Raven's hard core matches, and Raven rules with folding metal chair in the middle of the ring made me laugh. The interviews, with Bishop, and other commentators just added the perfect spice. Loved how Big Kev would jump into the commentator desk and put that huge arm around the commentators an intimidate the booth. Pure Wrestling gold. Eight out of ten stars.
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Ted Turner
wrestlingking1422 April 2004
Although this may seem a little far fetched, we are now hearing from several sources close to the situation that Ted Turner is seriously considering a return to the wrestling business.

When AOL merged with Time Warner, Ted Turner signed several documents as he was losing more and more power within the company. One of the documents signed was that he could not compete against AOL Time Warner in the wrestling business. We have been told that agreement ends in March of 2005.

In March of 2001, Brad Siegel and Jamie Kellner effectively killed WCW by canceling its programming off of TBS and TNT. The company was sold to WWE, which then gutted it.

We have been told there is a five year no-compete for wrestling programming between AOL Time Warner and WWE, which would expire in March of 2006.

Obviously with any wrestling promotion, you need a TV deal to really make it work. TNT has changed its image to the drama network so they are pretty much a no go. TBS though is wide open though and Kellner is no longer in charge. He was the main man behind getting rid of wrestling on the network.

The word making the rounds is that Turner may already be laying down the foundation for a huge promotion with a TV deal. One source has even told us he has sent out feelers to both Steve Austin and Goldberg about being involved in the company if all goes as planned.
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Interesting how WWE Bought WCW over the WWF's failed talent
MovieCriticMarvelfan19 April 2004
Lol I had to comment on Nitro once again especially when some idiotic wrestling fan said I knew nothing of wrestling. LOL Lets see in my original comment I said how great a job Bischoff did in using former WWF Talent together and here we are 3 yrs after the WWF bought WCW isnt that interesting!!! :- )

The WWF bought WCW because WCW had better talent : Goldberg, Steiner , Booker T. It's obvious now that much of the revival in the WWE is due to the WCW and ECW talent in it today, despite what these other idiots say especially with what happened in Wrestlemania 20 with Brock vs.Goldberg. WCW once again shines today in WWE as it did before. Now with TNA gaining popularity , WCW Fans have more to cheer about today.
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"WAS" great at one time, went down fast....
nakedsara224 July 2003
To the writer who claimed that the Genius Eric Bischoff breathed new life into the stars who were screwed by Vince, Not all of them were "screwed". Sure, Bret was..but his WCW carrer was a joke. He went up & down from face to heel with no explanation. Hogan screwed Vince in 93, when he agreed to do a job to Bret, then said he wouldn't. So Vince didn't want him around anymore. Guys like Savage, Hall & Nash left cuz they wanted more money. So don't go giving ol Eric all the credit. As far as the ratings go, WCW didn't win one damn weeks worth of rating in all of 99 or 2000! The last time they won a Monday nite war was sometime in 98. And trust me, if WCW was so freaking awesome, Vince wouldn't have bought them, they would stiill be around today. The company lost over a Hundred Million Dollars in its last year, and NO one wanted to buy it, thats the only reason Vince picked it up. SO he could bury what was left into the ground.

Anyway, I'm ranting here. I just wanted to let those who "think" WCW could do no wrong, that they, in the end, did Everything wrong, and totally fell apart.

and thats all there is to say about it =)
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Great, acting for these athletes
I have watched Nitro many times and find it to be entertaining and interesting. The portrayal of Sting by Steve Borden is great as is the portrayal of Raven by Scott Levy. This is a great show and I highly recommend it to any body who is a wrestling or sports fan.
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Arguably the Best Sports-Entertainment...
Razer-38 June 1999
I am an avid watcher of WCW Monday Nitro, and I have to say I think that it is arguably the best Sports-Entertainment program on Monday Night. It definitely beats out that second-rate smut-fest, aka WWF Raw Is War. Terry Bollea as Hollywood/Hulk Hogan, Steve Borden as Sting, Randy Poffo as "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Marcus Bagwell as "Buff" Bagwell, and Rob and Scott Rechsteiner as the infamous Steiner Bros. ("Dog Face Gremlin" Rick & "Big Poppa Pump" Scott) add a certain flair to all the unbelievable action.
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Best out there, Turner is God
DaMan-46 April 1999
I can't believe how good World Championship Wrestling is. They have been in a slump for the past couple of weeks but now they are back on top of there game. Raven, Hogan, Nash, Billy Kidman, Goldberg, Benoit, they are the best wrestlers on the face of the earth.

The competition is good but goes for adult content which will really come back to bite them in the butt later. The fans who watch the WWF will soon relize the stuff they are watching has been fed to them the week before.

Vince McMahon and Vince Russo get there wrestlers to perform there dreams in the ring.

That is all I have to say and appreciate your comments.
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Good sometimes, Bad sometimes
Matt-2331 April 1999
I think this show isn't really that bad. Most people when they watch wrestling just say "Wow that's so fake", but it isn't about that anymore. It's about entertainment. Even if the wrestlers do mess up, they're just actors. Nitro offers the staple weekly wrestling program for wrestling fans. With the many swerves and quality matches it has, it can remain as one of the top wrestling programs today. Give it a chance
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Terrible, Nasty Things
cap_n_ace4 January 2001
I watch this show for entertainment. Of course the show doesn't have the best acting, which is due to the fact of when you are trying to do fast moves, combinations and kickin butt, it's kinda hard to keep the best acting in mind. It is very hard for the wrestlers to do the moves they do, keep up their character and try to be the best actor in the world. The funniest thing in the comment made by "JesusHBK" was that he tries to flip to other shows while watching NITRO. What makes the comment so funny is, considering his opinion, he still watches the show. The only other thing I would have to add at this time is "FREE SCOTT HALL"!!!!
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This is a good show that should be rated on its own basis
slealos27 December 2000
WCW Monday Nitro is a good WRESTLING show. Old School Wrestling fans would like the wrestling action by such performers as Sting, Booker T, Lance Storm, Jeff Jarrett and others.

It is not as risk taking as it's rival WWF, but the story lines are much better than they used to be. The federation is struggeling to keep it's intensity with troubles within the company costing them many performers to the WWF. WCW Nitro is necessary to keep the intensity level high in both this show as well as it's rival RAW is War.

Don't compare WCW with WWF. Take WCW Nitro for what it is - it's own show with it's own brand of story telling that may not be as controversial as WWF, but is exciting in it's own right.

If WWF Raw is a 10 out of 10 then WCW Nitro is a 8 out of 10. Don't listen to everyone else's opinion of it, judge for yourself.
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