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WWF is fun
Maniac-923 January 2000
Watching WWF wrestling is just pure fun. People look at wrestling in the wrong context. They act like it's wrong that it's all fake and the matches are staged. Well I say who cares it's entertainment, television shows are all fake too. You don't watch wrestling for the sports degree of it. WWF has the best characters. WWF has great characters like Stone Cold, The Rock, Cactus Jack, Kane, The Undertaker, The Big Show and others.
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Worst move in WWE history - turning itself into PG candy-floss
sashank_kini-127 November 2009
Wow, even American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance have more adult stuff now than WWE ( at least the auditions has a number of people abusing the judges) and here is WWE, plodding with one of the worst moves in TV history, by changing itself into PG. Now when I switch sometimes to see what's going on, this is what I get:

1) Hornswoggle, the ugly midget sharing his space with the main eventers for apparently no reason except for thrilling the young fans and of course beating Chavo Guerrero, a capable wrestler, in every match

2) A guest host (arghh....!) every week to spoil the teaspoon of fun which was otherwise present. All these host are cheap B-grade celebs trying to catapult to fame again, by cracking horrendous, 5 year old jokes and making silly references.

3) Cryme Time and a female wrestler (forgot her name, most probably Eve) giving lessons on various "street" words (sob) which are neither street nor cool. They were fun before, stealing stuff and being loud mouths.

4) The divas are clad in unwatchable outfits, tying their best to look "sexy, smart and powerful (by the way, I hate this catchphrase) Remember when Torrie, Trish and Sable were there? Those were the times. Plus these divas are bad wrestlers, which adds to the misery. I have seen some old matches of WWE in Vintage collection and the divas over there were "professional" not amateur.

5) PG move restricts so many things: almost no blood during matches, DX being terribly irritating, John Cena doing even more of his patriotism act, crowd containing many children (who are so annoying), almost no "heels" etc

6) And yeah, why keep PPVs so often. One in every month, have they lost it? No actual feud or rivalry is ever created and the ones that are done look fake and just-till-the-PPV-gets-over ones.

7)Vintage Michael Cole and a few of his quotes:

" Ladies and Gentlemen, you are watching the longest running television show in history" (every week"

" The BRUTAL and VICIOUS assault by (he doesn't use it for anyone else) Randy Orton/Legacy"

" A vicious attack on Stephanie McMohan, Triple-H's husband!!!???"

WWE is now almost towards its demise. Hope Vince gets up from his slumber and does something ( bring back the TV-14 or attitude era) 2 out of 10 for the current state of WWE.
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Raw Really Was A War
Big Movie Fan5 January 2003
Back on March 10th 1997, WWF Monday Night Raw became Raw Is War figuratively and literally.

I believe 1997 was one of the best years for the WWF (now WWE). There were really heated feuds throughout such as The Hart Foundation VS Steve Austin, The Undertaker VS everyone, Triple H VS Mankind and so many others. Raw is War aired during the battle with rival promotion WCW (now defunct). There were PPV caliber matches throughout Raw Is War and there were some fantastic moments. 1998 was a great year too as WWF owner Vince McMahon became an authoritarian figure who feuded with the anti authority Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock was also coming into prominence as a wrestler as was Triple H. There were many other great moments such as the appearance of Mike Tyson, D-X 'invading' WCW, the Owen Hart tribute show and the episode from the 26th March 2001 where Shane McMahon betrayed his father Vince and brought WCW.

Raw Is War became simply Raw after a few years and is still a relatively entertaining program. However, the Raw Is War years really were WAR and worth tracking down on tape if possible.
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I'm not ashamed to admit that I absolutely LOVE this show!
Therod4 August 2001
I know it's cliche now to poke fun at "professional" wrestling. It's contrived, choreographed, and phony as hell in some respects, but you know what? That's exactly why I love it!!!! How can you not get goosebumps when one of your heroes is being pummeled in the ring and then down the ramp comes another superstar ready to lay the smacks down on their roodey-poo, candy . . . well you know the rest. Anyway, "redneck soap-opera," "poison for the mind," "phony sports," etc. Call it what you will but it's still pure sports entertainment and it never pretends to be anything more. Besides, the superstars on there are some of the most athletic people alive today.
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a good way to spend two hours.....
Trivianut18 February 2004
while not exactly intelligent, this show does what it is meant to: entertain. if you want action, and a little in between, this show and smackdown is a good way to spend two hours.......
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It's become a disgrace
wmdude125513 September 2010
This has really become awful. The gimmicks are jokes and all the guys look the same. I remember back in the 90's when you had DX, The Hart Foundation, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Billy Gunn and many others. A lot of them wore outfits so you could tell them apart. Now it is very hard to tell who is who. Orton makes me mad because he trying to be the SCSA of today and that will never happen. Another reason this has become bad is that the PPVs have become jokes. The Survivor Series hasn't had in a long time one where it is all elimination matches. In a typical one, you'll have maybe 3 of these matches and the rest are title ones. I don't care about the titles, I want to see the elimination matches! In addition, the same people are in the main events every night. Was nothing learned from the demise of WCW? You have to have new main eventers all the time to keep people's interest. The only way I would watch this now is if they brought back a lot of the old tag teams and gimmicks like Doink the Clown, The Smoking Gunns, The Body Donnas, The Rockers and many others. What they show today is Garbage. The Big Show and the Great Khali couldn't wrestle to save their lives! The BS couldn't wrestle when he was in WCW as the Giant. I'd like to see Hardcore Holly back as well as Al Snow.
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How The Best TV Show In The World Killed
M MALIK31 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
let me be honest here i am a 90s kid when there was attitude era till 2003 i was a huge fan of wwe then after then these stupid wrestlers like randy Orton & john cena ruined it the pg era killed wwe.

and my most favorite stars like undertaker & Kane omg what have the done to him.made the most evil guy tuned into a clown.he looses every match. i am not gonna talk about his mask even now with or without it the guy should quit its embarrassing to see him.

even the rock is coming these days on the show but lets face it his time is gone..he cant even insult someone right.

wwe sucks now.i have seen this show for more then 12 years i skipped hundreds of episodes but see a lot of them since 1999..wwe weather raw or smack-down or any big event like wresltemania has become a TV drama or a cheesy film that never ends.its also looks fake now no real action & fixed matches..

people like Vince McMahon & Donald trump makes me sick.too much money these guys have & still don't do good for the world.

1/10..wwe is dead..i wont be watching this show anymore.
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Are you ready??
MovieKing-418 May 1999
Raw is War has become the most successful wrestling program ever!, and it is mainly thanks to weekly appearances from Steve Williams who is Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mark Calloway who plays the lord of darkness the Undertaker, Degeneration-X which consists of only X-Pac and Road Dogg Jessy James, and the latest Dead man, and my personal favorite "Kane".

WWF had turned from a sporting attraction into a Drama/Sport, and I like it, it gets better and better every week, it`s a shame that "Bret Hitman Hart" left but I liked him as a good guy better.

So I give it 9 out of 10.
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Shadow of its former glory at best
Link2562 January 2007
To be simple, the main problem with Raw and entire WWE programing in the modern era is that often feels random and predictable...opposite feeling the show had during the infamous "Attitude Era." More often than not, it feel as if nothing more than "events that happen to be booked together." From one night to the next, things lack feeling of "connection" and therefore, there is often feeling of why the viewer should care? Also, another problem is that anybody who been watching WWE for any good length time will not have feeling of surprise...something of which, made the Attitude Era great. I mean, back in those days, viewer usually had reason to look forward to each show because Vince McMahon and his creative team kept you guessing on what was going to happen from one week to the next. However, in the modern era, the general feeling is that, more or less, you know what is going to happen for the next month or two by watching single broadcast.

By the way, if all these factors were not enough turn you away from watching this program...the fact that good majority of Raw is nothing more than combo of promos and non-wrestling segments, while many of the matches can be short as mintue or two. Needless to say, if you looking to watch block of "wrestling" matches, you will probably need look some where else because this show is all about the "entertainment."

Anyhow, from what I can tell, the only folks who will enjoy this are the ones who do not care about logic, reason or order...casual viewers who will watch regardless because they appear as if they do not care one way or another...or folks who keep hoping for better tomorrow. In regards to everyone else...this stuff is not watchable...and seeing how their our, at the very least, anywhere from 3-4 million people who quit watching wrestling after the end of the Attitude Era......seem as if not the only who feels this way...

On side note, when term of "wrestling" is consider to be "dirty word" by Vice McMahon, guy who owns wrestling company, you know something is not right.
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A show that was once hip and cutting edge, but is now of little relevance
bh_tafe311 December 2008
Ah wrestling, I remember you.

Growing up in the small Australian country town of Lithgow I had a friend down the road with cable television and every Tuesday night a group of about twenty of us would crowd into his house to watch a show called RAW.

And what a show it was! I mean, not many of us really cared about the wrestling matches, they just got in the way of the real point of the show, which was what trouble would Vince McMahon, or in 2000 Triple H, stir up for our heroes The Rock, Steve Austin, Mankind and Kane this week? People weren't watching this for wrestling, they were interested in the characters, they were connected to the characters, to the point where people who truly found the wrestling part boring still loved the show and would park their backsides in front of the telly every week to see what was going to happen to their favourites. Heck, we'd even throw some money in to watch the PPVs every month so we could see what our heroes would do. RAW, every week was an event. A social gathering.

But around 2001 something seemed to change. The WWF had bought out their competition. Good on them. Good job boys, but then for some reason they thought that we WWF fans actually cared about the WCW guys. Hello, if anyone had cared about them, wouldn't they still be in business? And so guys who I didn't care about and had no investment in started coming on the show in prominent roles, the guys we cared about went off to do other things and so did we. The magic, the entertaining portion of the show was gone and it was replaced by a straight wrestling show, the show becoming almost unrecognisable from the one I'd come to love in the late nineties.

I watch RAW occasionally these days and can't sit long without changing the channel. There is no reason to care about the characters and what they do from week to week. No reason to become emotionally invested in their story lines. The villains aren't evil enough for us to side with the heroes and the heroes are nowhere near interesting enough for people to side with them just for the hell of it.

Anyway seven years ago, I stopped going along on Tuesday nights, I was too busy, or more to the point, didn't care enough about RAW to make time to watch it. Not long after that everyone stopped coming.

Of those twenty plus people I used to watch wrestling with only two still watch. RAW used to be must see, now all I see when I turn it on is how laziness and a loss of focus has ruined a show I used to get a great deal of enjoyment out of.

Oh well, such is life.
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Great TV entertainment
MisterWhiplash15 April 2000
Vince McMahon's Raw is War is a great Television series. Forget wrestling series, it surpasses any show ever with a vengeance. This show has a lot more than that. There is comedy, drama, action, and much much more. The Much much more might be the terrific characters, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley, McMahon and his family and the Undertaker. They bring more to TV than any other show can. It is comparable to a Soap Opera or to a Kids show or even to a sitcom. Always great, never disapointing. A++
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The Best of It's Kind
Anmol Kohli6 January 2014
The McMahons have always been entertaining us with this hybrid TV show,which is always stuck in between the 2 roles of it as a wrestling program,or as it is referred to by non-wrestling fans-a "Soap opera for males"

Many of it's fans do not like the current era of WWE that we are in and they blame the TV-PG rating for it.They miss the days when WWE(or WWF,as it was called at that time.) had a TV- 14 rating and could freely say words that are now either being done with in the scripts or being beeped.

I disagree and say that WWE does not need a TV-14 rating to make the feuds more compelling than they are right now.Good dialogs and catchphrases do not need abusive language in them to put them on every fan's mouth,and shirt.We don't need blood in every single match.We only need them in the most epic matches.

I think the WWE knows what it's doing,which is,hopefully,finding a balance.A way in which they can keep the PG rating and still improve the feuds,the storytelling,and,of course,the quality of wrestling.A way in which it can appeal to the "Let's go Ce-na!" chanting kids and to the Attitude Era remembering "Ce-na Sucks!" chanting adults.

Right now,in early 2014,we are in what is a transitional period between the kiddie era that everyone loves to hate and the forthcoming possible balance.Or maybe the WWE could surprise us by delivering something unexpected,as it always has.

For everything that the WWE has done to entertain us and thrill us,I will give it an amazing 9/10.

Check out my blog for more! : http://geekrecap.blogspot.in/
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This is absolutely nothing like the WWF and the 'Attitude Era' of the WWF. I have always been a dedicated WWF fan and I never took a glimpse of its competition. Now, I rue the day that I wanted the WWF to take charge. At the least the WCW would try something new and radical all the time instead of keeping up as a mask of the actual intentions of the show and this holds true to ECW as well. The WWF has always been about Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, and other old wrestlers like so and the 'Attitude Era' only happened to catch up with the radical ideas of the competition. The WWE is the same trash as it was before the Attitude Era only dumbed down and demoralized. The wrestlers are terrible, the brand split is mind scrambling, and the story lines and stipulations are non-existent. The WWE is so bad that it ceases to even be a former shell of itself by pushing characters and wrestlers into the main event suddenly and by retaining barriers of creativity. Sure, the show shakes the brains of sweet, innocent, and easily brain-washed children and meager, lousy, pariah, stupid people of the Internet Wrestling Community that actually consider the company anything good. Anybody that even shudders and rests on the thought that this show and product is good can go straight to hell.
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psycho_15320 May 2000
All you jabroni's know your roll and shut the hell up. Monday night Ray is the best wrestling show on TV and that's the bottom line. Vinnie Mac has created a spectacle that shouldn't be missed. The line up of wrestlers are led by two young superstars The Rock (the most electrifying man in sports entertainment) and HHH(The Game) but there are also oter great wrestler Kane, Too Cool, The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz and the Godfather. Does WCW have wrestlers whose music can just play and the whole crowd will ignite and listen to every god damn word he has to say (The Rock), does WCW have a tag team which the whole crowd will be calling for tables (The Dudley Boyz), does have a move where the whole crowd will join in when it takes place (The worm) Does WCW have hot babes like Trish Stratus, Terri, The Kat, Does WCW have a wrestler who can drive into the stadium and jump in the ring and kick some ass (Stone Cold) No, No, NO. Everything WCW does it copied from WWF. WCW copied the hardcore title, they moved the commentators ringside like WWF, Tell me Goldberg isn't a complete rip-off of Stone Cold, Every second wrestler in WCW is former WWF (Lex Luger, hilk Hpgan, Steiners, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall) What other orginization would have come up with an Inferno Match, A Tag Team table Match, Hell In The Cell, Buried Alive Match, A Hardcore title (defended 24-7)A Kiss My Foot Match(classic-Bret hart Vs Jerry The King) I mean if you like the WWF is the most xciting two hours on Television. You can run your mouth on how it is bad but if you arn't down with WWF I got two words for you "SUCK IT" If you smell what i'm cooking. I know I'm not the only one out there, if there are any other fans out there, come aboard the WWF train.
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Smashing Show
Big Movie Fan17 August 2002
WWF Monday Night Raw (now called simply Raw) started in 1993. In my opinion, 1993 was not the WWF's best year but Raw has been consistently good throughout.

Raw was different when it made it's debut in 1993. Back then, some of the WWF's shows still featured jobber matches but Raw was different because it had all the top stars on it. It followed feuds week by week and Raw was the perfect place to settle a grudge.

Raw has given us some of the best moments through the years. My favourite time was 1997 when Shawn Michaels feuded with the Hart Foundation. You never know what to expect on Raw. Anybody could show up. Anybody could beat anybody else and wrestlers always aired their grievances on Raw.

Today, Raw is as good as ever. No WWE fan should ever miss it.
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the show that made the NFL not so famous
Andrew Benjamin9 October 1999
This show is the best. RAW is one of the most highest rated shows on TV. Now that it is on UPN now it should even get more ratings. They've got everyone to People's Champ the Rock, to the deranged Al Snow, to the superheaveywights the Hollys. If you are looking for wrestling, watch RAw.
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A long Norse saga with pyro and ham
Ken-22326 August 1999
This has got to be the best tasteless pleasure ever. Just look at the different elements Vinne Mac has brought together, Soap Opera, Heavy Metal, B-Movie acting, and an amazingly high level of stunt work. The whole Austin-Undertaker conflict (era 1998) was the best stuff in any media in its time bar none. For those who still doubt rent "The Three Faces of Foley", Hell in the Cell was unreal.
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Greatest show on television, bar none
bkerr8 August 1999
Brilliant. The World Wrestling Federation took the greatest professional wrestling organization on the planet and created the greatest professional wrestling show on television. A great roster, combined with beautifully thought out storylines and angles and the announcing team of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler make WWF RAW the single greatest achievement in professional wrestling today.
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The whole f'n show
Enemy528 June 1999
WWF Raw is War is the best wrestling program on TV. The characters are over the top and in your face. These superstars give their blood, sweat, and tears for the fans every Monday.
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It used to be good
gamehhh234222 September 2001
It was great from 98-99 the storylines of Stone Cold, D-X, Vince Mcmahon, Corporation, Corporate Ministry, Mankind, The Rock it was so great but, ever since Vince Russo left the World Wrestling Federation, they haven't had much quality storylines.
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Once a fun show, but it wears thin
Mister Hollywood21 April 2001
WWF Raw Is War used to be one of my favorite shows. I was a HUGE wrestling fan. I think it's safe to say that the WWF reached its peak of popularity in 1999, and has been pretty much downhill since. The storylines are lame, the acting sucks, the matches are about 3-5 minutes (at most, with absolutely no entertainment value whatsoever) and the current announcers suck. Jim Ross, with his screaming and yelling and hype, doesn't do much to make me want to keep watching, but certainly makes me want to change the channel. And Paul Heyman? Awful. They should have done their best to hang on to Jerry Lawler. At least he provided some humorous comments, as opposed to "Ol' JR's" cardiac arrest-type yelping.

I don't know, maybe I'm just getting too intelligent to watch WWF anymore. Once you hit 17 or 18, it just starts to lose its charm. That's a shame, too, because with the kind of stuff they're putting on the air now, you'd think that's their target audience. I definitely wouldn't let a 10 year old kid watch this stuff, but that seems to be their main audience (or dim-witted young adults.) I just can't check my brain at the door these days for the WWF, I guess.

People talk about the PTC and censoring the smut the WWF airs. I disagree. How about putting a quality control on their programming so it at least stays interesting? Forget it. Expect the next 5 or so years to be a steady decline in pro wrestling's popularity, then maybe after that it will improve when they actually have people having sex in the ring.
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The Most Electrifying Show in Sports Entertainment
RAKMan4 February 2000
Welcome to RAW is JERICHO....I mean WAR. RAW houses some of the most electrifying talent in the wrestling business today, and the list keeps growing. With the recent addition of Rikishi, Kurt Angle, Too Cool, Y2J, and the Radicals, the WWF is expanding bigger and better, lead by two young superstars, The Rock and HHH. Where are you going to be mondays 9/8ct? It doesn't matter where you're going to be because you're going to cancel your plans, plant yourself on your couch, and watch RAW, if you SMELLLLLLLLLLL what the RAKMan....is cooking.
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Not the Show That Is On These Days
MarkyIce16 September 2000
Obviously, people who have reviewed before are failing to recall that WWF Monday Night RAW is not the same show that is being aired today. That show is RAW IS WAR which is eventually what WWF Monday Night RAW became. The show mentioned in this entry was what originated in Manhatten back in 1993. It was aired in the same location until around September of that year. It featured such drama like Hulk Hogan returning and reuniting with Brutust "The Barber" Beefcake, Marty Jannetty coming from the crowd dressed in Street Clothes and challenging and beating Shawn Michaels for the IC Title, Sid Vicious powerbombing Shawn Michaels three times until Diesel ran in for the save and the Two Dudes With Attitudes were reunited, Shawn Michaels recieving an inziguri kick from Owen Hart and falling victim to the dreaded "post-concussion syndrome," and one of the final moments that the original RAW will be remembered for is when the late Brian Pillman pulled a gun on Steve Austin at his house in the single most recognized moment of violence in WWF history.

The show remained in this format, broadcasting in small venues and concentrating on WRESTLING from about 1993 - 1995. In 1996 the show went to larger venues and decided it'd start getting rougher and care less about wrestling and by 1997 the concept of wrestling was completely gone.

I hope I've helped shed some light onto what this show really was...a MUCH better version of the show we see today and how WWF should have stayed.
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