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Informative and dry.
Beckham719 February 2003
This is an excellent documentary about the droppings of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Probably the best thing about this documentary is the archive footage. There are clips of the Enola Gay flying to Hiroshima with the instrument plane and the camera plane, and then they show a clip of the A-bomb being dropped over Hiroshima. It is pretty heartwrenching. Some of the footage is pretty graphic, like of the people's injuries, or the streets littered with skulls. I didn't learn too much more than I had before, but the footage is the most eye-opening thing about it. The interviews with the men involved in these missions are interesting too. This documentary moves rather slowly at first but once you get to the part where the bomb is being dropped on Hiroshima, it moves at a nice, brisk pace. The film attempts to be objective but it leans a little to the right, sometimes praising the pilots for dropping the bombs.
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