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Season 4

10 Jul. 2013
Fukkatsu! 10 nen buri no shomu ni ka de saikyô joshi tsuboi chinatsu ga kaisha kiri
After 10 years away, Chinatsu finds herself back at Manpan following a company merger with her current employers. She's now a manager, but it isn't long before she's transferred back into Shomuni, along with five new colleagues.
17 Jul. 2013
Koi bana ijiri de dai sôdô hayaku mo nakamaware
The girls in the new Shomuni team are still getting to know one another when a virus causes Manpan's computer system to fail. A consultant is called in to rectify matters but his presence causes Madoka to have her own system failure.
24 Jul. 2013
Kokoro ga pokkiri! anata no nayami naoshi masu
Stress is affecting Manpan's personnel. Consequently, holiday requests are flooding in so President Maekawa agrees to provide a counseling service for the staff. When the doctor arrives, he's far too shy, so Shomuni lend him their support.
7 Aug. 2013
Konya wa takkyû gôkon! imadoki sôshoku kiri
Masuyo registers on a dating site to meet her Mr. Right. Office romances are causing trouble at Manpan and President Maekawa issues a ban. An anonymous mail accuses Misuzu of flirting with the entire male staff and she faces being sacked.
14 Aug. 2013
Kakushigo hakkaku! shanai gyanburu zenin kubi
Compliance with company rules has become a major problem at Manpan, so President Maekawa appoints Danjo as head of a compliance committee. Maruyama has her work cut out to ensure that Shomuni isn't caught letting the company down.
21 Aug. 2013
Shin menbaa kûki o yome nai otoko ga dai bôsô
Kajiyama just can't "read the air". A misplaced comment about the stench of fermented herring sees him demoted to GA2. It's down to GA2 to help Kajiyama secure exclusive distribution rights of the delicious Connecticut Burger for Manpan.
28 Aug. 2013
Shûshoku nan joshi kone gakusei ni shanai kikiippatsu
President Maekawa wants Manpan to improve its image to attract prospective young job hunters, so HR launch a web site and Twitter feed. Students are invited for work experience at Manpan. GA2 have their own job seeker too. One with sake.
4 Sep. 2013
Gôkyû? moto kano araware, hanayome sugata ni sayonara
Manpan enters an agreement with Narazaki group to enter the bridal business and Samon is the perfect model to play the groom in a mock wedding ceremony. Who will he pick to be his bride, and what does President Maekawa think of his choice?
11 Sep. 2013
Yôgi sha chinatsu? kosupure jiken ni kaisha kiki
President Kenzaki of the Follow Wind Company is struck down in one of Manpan's corridors by an unknown assailant resembling Chinatsu. GA2 must clear her name if they want to meet some hot guys at a cosplay party. Part 1 of 2 episodes.
18 Sep. 2013
Chinatsu sayonara? dô naru? shomu ni ka
Following Kenzaki's hostile takeover, the staff of Manpan are transferred to different departments. GA2 face a major challenge and they need the assistance of an old friend. Also, Samon must conquer his fear of heights. Part 2 of 2.

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