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MPAA Rated PG for brief mild peril and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Claire at her window- you can CLEARLY see her nipples through her tank top.
  • None. Just two kissing scenes involving older teens.
  • There was a scene when one of the kids decide which snow ammunition to use when defending their snow fort from the Snow Plow Man that implied that one of the samples was a result of one of the kids peeing in the snow.
  • There are a few scenes where you can clearly see a teenagers nipples through her pink tank top.
  • The snowplow has an image of a vintage pin-up girl in low cut booty shorts and a bra painted onto the metal part of the plow.
  • A girl wakes up to find numerous stalker nerd boys outside her bedroom window.
  • A girl is seen in a skin-tight bathing suit. Her butt is visible through it. A boy is seen shirtless and a man is seen in a speedo in the same scene.
  • A man wears no pants and is forced to wear a grass skirt to keep his job.
  • A boy lies in bed wearing a girl's ankle bracelet. The boy's father says that the boy is just "experimenting".
  • Somebody writes "Al Martino bites the big one" over a toilet.
  • A man says "kiss my ass" in Hawaiian.
  • A boy says that baboons "have bright red butts".

Violence & Gore

  • A boy lies in the road covered in ketchup (to look like blood), with the intent to frighten a man and force him to stop plowing.
  • The snowplow man, despite not really wanting to hurt anyone, has a very malevolent appearence and drives a plow with metal chains on the tires (rumored to be from the braces of children he ran over). He has a weird pet raven and is rumored to "grind kids into road salt". He drags an obese boy into his plow and traps him there.
  • A man is pushed down a hill on a toboggan and falls off, but isn't seriously injured.
  • The man who runs the skating rink is seen with a broken collarbone covered up with a cast.
  • Some chasing scenes including the snowplow man chasing children and jock kids chasing a boy on a Skidoo, telling him that "the house of pain now delivers!" and "say hi to Greg! He'll be hurting you today!"
  • A boy falls in a swimming pool and narrates the scene with "my goal was to stay at the bottom of the deep end until I died".
  • People repeatedly pelt snowballs at a man.


  • One usage of "suck."
  • One usage of "crappy".
  • One usage of "fink".
  • A man says "kiss my ass" in Hawaiian.
  • Somebody writes "Al Martino bites the big one" over a public toilet.
  • Some fart noises play whenever a fat boy is featured on-screen.
  • Some jokes about peeing including a yellow snowball and the euphemism "I gotta whiz".
  • A boy calls another boy "blowhole" ("blowhole" is used in place of "asshole").

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some mild peril when "snow plow man" chases kids with his snow plow. He never intends to really hurt them. Might scare really young kids.

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