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Jackie Chan in... a romantic comedy?
AwesomeWolf30 November 2004
Version: Columbia/Tristar DVD, Cantonese with English subtitles

A somewhat different offering from Jackie Chan in 'Gorgeous'. Bu (Shu Qi) is bored in Taiwan, and after reading a message in a bottle, she goes to Hong Kong to search out a mysterious stranger (Tony Leung), who turn out to be not be exactly what she expected. Eventually she meets C.N. Chan (Jackie) and grows close to him. Meanwhile, Bu's fiancée is looking for her and Jackie has troubles with Lo (Emil Chau), a childhood friend and now business rival.

I have to admit that I enjoyed this, even though romantic-comedies aren't really my thing. It isn't your usual Jackie Chan-style, but if he wants to try something different, then I will gladly support him. I found 'Gorgeous' funny, although others will disagree. There isn't much action, but when there is, it is excellent. The two fight scenes with Brad Allan are some of the best fight-scenes Jackie has ever filmed. They really are incredible, but in the end, this really is more of a 'feel good' movie than anything else.

Apparently the version I have is cut by 20 minutes, missing a cameo Stephen Chow. Damn. Stephen Chow is cool.

'Gorgeous' isn't for everyone - fans of the Chan-man should check it out, but I'm not guaranteeing you'll enjoy it as much I did. 7/10
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One Great Movie
adam_new1720 March 2005
Well for a start this movie is underrated. I don't think that an average rating of 5.4 justifies how good this movie really is.

This is the first movie that i have ever seen that uses comedy, romance, and martial arts to such a good effect in a movie. Sure, there are other Jackie Chan films with hints of romance, and there is always lots of fun and excitement, but this movie is different, because unlike a lot of his other movies, this one is based on a romantic story, yet still has a lot of great martial arts and some laughs to offer its audience.

What makes this such a great movie for me is that the choreography for the fighting I thought was excellent. The romantic storyline is simple yet effective. It is an easy movie to to watch and enjoy.

Now the rating.... a lot of people probably thought this was going to be an action packed movie. Now there is quite a lot of action considering this movie was intended to be a romance/comedy. It just proves that Jackie Chan can pull off a romantic comedy really well.
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Delightful Romantic Adventure
claudio_carvalho20 November 2015
In a fishing village in Taiwan, the dreamer Bu (Shu Qi) loves fairy tales and has just been proposed by the fish man Louie. However, her dolphin finds a bottle with a love message inside and the romantic Bu decides to seek out the author Albert (Tony Leung) in Hong Kong. However she is frustrated when she discovers that Albert is gay and the message is for his former boyfriend. Meanwhile, the millionaire and wolf broker C.N. Chan (Jackie Chan), who owns a recycling company, has a serious love and business competition with the businessman Howie Lo (Emil Chau) since they were students. Bu witnesses Lo's bodyguards hitting Chan and she helps him with her boat. They have an accident and spend the night together in a small island. On the next morning, Chan brings Bu to his fancy apartment and she does not give her true name to him. Bu also plots a scheme with Albert to lure Chan to become her boyfriend. Meanwhile Howie hires a skilled fighter to beat and humiliate Chan. Will Bu succeed in her intent?

"Boh lei chun", a.k.a. "Gorgëous", is a delightful romantic adventure with a silly but entertaining story and perfect chemistry between Jackie Chan and Shu Qi. The fight choreography is another attraction of this film. The moral value of the fights between Bradley James Allan and Jackie Chan is another important point in this film. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Grande Desafio" ("The Great Challenge")
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Not like other Jackie Chan movies.
martymaster4 February 2002
This movie is not like other Jackie Chan movies,this movie concentrates more on the story and romance,rather than the fighting. It still has one really cool fight scene. I enjoyed this movie even though it was different,it got lots of humor and some romantic moments.

If you are looking for lots of fight scenes then this movie is not your first pic,but if you would like to see Jackie Chan in a different role,then this is the movie for you.
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Romantic Jackie Chan movie
David-218131 July 2005
This is a Jackie Chan movie with a difference, it is also a romantic film. The same Jackie trademarks are exhibited, the action scenes and the humour, but the romantic angle is fuller than in his other films. The storyline is based on an old concept, a message in a bottle, but updated. The characters are well chosen and believable. The action scenes are up to Jackies usual standard with plenty of humour mixed in. I really enjoyed this movie as it caters for all the included genres equally. For those who enjoy purely action films stick to Bruce Lee or John Woo. It was not the best romantic comedy I have ever seen, but this is one of the best films that span several genres in equal amounts. Awarded an 8 but perhaps should have been a 9 for its successful mix of styles.
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Confusing fun.
daan_de_geus21 April 2007
Confusing movie. It's a love story action and comedy in one piece, in a very Jackie way. I was looking at it and thought to myself, wow It's rocky meets notting hill Jackie Style. The fights with Brad Allen are cool and the rest of the fights are funny. The girl that's on Jackie's to do list is very cute! Also a nice performance by that guy that plays a gay, he's really popular and famous I think, but I forgot his name. The fights with Brad Allen (together with the brilliant comedy of the Henchmen) highlighted this movie for me. It seems that they used wires and sped it up a bit, but it's awesome none the less. Keep your eyes on Brad Allen's feet. His footwork is awesome!
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Good movie, but check out the HK DVD
MichaelMovieLoft3 May 2003
After Rush Hour, Jackie went back to Hong Kong to try his hand at something different. What it turned out to be was the romantic comedy Gorgeous. Jackie said this would probably never get shown in the States because it was too Asian for a western audience, but Columbia TriStar picked it up and I bought it when it was priced to buy. I thought it was a good story with a few good fight scenes, but the dubbing was awful. The voices were all overplayed and Jackie didn't use his own voice for this one. Bradley James Allan makes a huge splash in the fight scenes he's in with Jackie. Shu Qi is great as the innocent and childlike Bu, as she sees everything as a fairy tale. I think the reason a lot of people didn't like this one was because Columbia TriStar hyped it up as an action flick, rather than a romantic comedy. Even the back of the video box makes it out to be a action piece. I knew long before I saw it that it was different, so I knew what I was getting into.

I got the Hong Kong DVD of this movie today and it was much better. There is more detail to the story rather than the story jumping around like it does in the U.S. edit. The DVD also has lots of features on it. These features include a trailer, an interview with Jackie and director Vincent Kok, a making of featurette (where Jackie states he enjoyed making it more than Rush Hour), and the music video to the song from the film (Two versions actually, Cantonese and Mandarin).

Of course this will never be as good as his other movies like Police Story or Who Am I?, but I give him credit for trying something different. It worked well for me and had enough fight scenes in it to amuse me.
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Light romance between Jackie Chan and Shu Qi (Gorgeous)
ebiros212 June 2009
Although Jackie is about 20 years senior to Shu Qi, their chemistry works in this movie. This is a light hearted romance with quite a bit of kung-fu action mixed in. Jackie is a tycoon living in Hong Kong. He meets Shu Qi who arrived from Taiwan by chance and older Jackie shows her about town in his millionaire style.

Shu Qi is great in this movie. She brings fresh element to old school Jackie Chan movie which says to me that she has talent. She generates personality that's so perfect for this movie,and I loved the way story unfolded between them.

Quality of production is good as always in Jackie Chan movie. He's not playing a strait romeo he usually plays with his women co-stars in this movie, and acknowledges that he's a bit older character now.

Not as many unexpected plots or action you'd expect from Jackie Chan movie, but the experimental aspect of bringing much younger Shu Qi worked in this one.
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A Smile On Your Face Is Guaranteed...
bimsie9915 March 2004
Being a big Jackie Chan fan,and knowing from experience how much better the HK versions of his films are,I picked the HK version of this up last week,and I cant tell you how much I loved this one.Im probably one of the few Jackie fans stateside that likes the humor in most of his older movies,as well as the action,so this one really made me laugh,and Shu Qi is just luminous as the female lead.One thing I really liked about this one was the charactarizations of so many of the other players had real dimension to them,including the so called bad guys.And Ive noticed that most of the best one on one fight scenes in his movies are the ones with a fighter thats treated as an equal,and fought as clean,fair fights,(examples:In Wheels on Meals,Dragons Forever,Who Am I,etc.)and his two fights with Bradely James Allen are good examples of this. I know a lot of guys who watch Jackie just for the fights and stunts are dissapointed with this one,the rest of us with a more open mind will probably like this almost as much as I do.
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A nice departure for Jackie.
Cornelius_Sneed30 March 2011
If all you want is an action movie in the Jackie Chan tradition, you may not like this one. It is instead a romantic comedy, which I will admit not too many Jackie fans will be expecting.

I, however, applaud the fact that he branches out from the typical comedic chop-socky formula in this one. I think it would be terrible as an actor to endlessly have to come up with new "they done me wrong, so I gotta beat 'em up" plots for movies. So all you folks who just want to see amazing stunts and so on, I would advise that you watch something else.

This movie does not contain much in the way of stunts, or even fight scenes. However, it does contain a couple of comedic fights with the Four Stooges of henchmen, which might elicit a chuckle or two. It also contains two fights with Bradley James Allan, which are fought within spaces about the size of a boxing ring, and with only walls to run up and do backflips off, as far as the acrobatics go. However, these are amazing fights, especially the last one, because with Brad, Jackie doesn't have to slow down. So it is blazing fists a-flying, and some of the best toe-to-toe single opponent action you will see in any Jackie movie. And I don't think they contained any wire work at all. Just straight honest action. Somewhat ironically, one part of the last fight with Brad was the only part of the movie I got a full belly laugh out of.

Admittedly, this is kind of an odd movie, but as long as you approach it in the right frame of mind, I think you might enjoy it. Maybe think of it as a chick flick with some Jackie Chan action thrown in. This would be a great one to watch, for instance, with a girlfriend who doesn't usually like martial arts movies. It has both action and touching moments. And after she sees this one, you may persuade her to watch some of the real Chan actioners with you. :)
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A fun romantic comedy starring Jackie Chan and Shu Qi.
BA_Harrison16 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Acrobatic martial-arts superstar, Jackie Chan, and adorable Asian hottie, Shu Qi, star in this silly but likable romantic comedy about a young Taiwanese girl, Bu, who travels to Hong Kong in pursuit of love, after finding a message in a bottle.

She tracks down the sender of the message, Albert (Tony Leung), a gay fashion photographer and not quite the potential soul-mate she had hoped for. But it's not long before she really meets the man of her dreams; whilst on a yacht trip with Albert, Bu rescues millionaire, C. N. Chan, after he is attacked by a gang of thugs on his boat, and the two fall in love…

But since the course of true love never runs smooth, various obstacles are put in the way of the lovers' happiness: a dedicated bachelor, Chan finds it impossible to actually say 'I love you' (which obviously upsets lovestruck Bu), and rival businessman, L.W. Lo, constantly causes trouble for Chan by attacking him at every opportunity. Of course, the film ends with a predictable happy ending in which Chan finally declares his love for Bu and his enemies are defeated.

A schmaltzy and lightweight Lunar New Year offering, Gorgeous meanders lazily through familiar romantic comedy territory, relying heavily on the charms of its charismatic leads. Fortunately, both Jackie Chan and Shu Qi have bucket-loads of charisma to spare, and the film manages to be a lot of fun despite the insubstantial plot.

Although this may not be your typical Chan outing, fans of his fight flicks should still take note: this film features some of his best martial arts scenes since his heyday in the 80s. A somewhat lacklustre first battle, which takes place on a boat, may make viewers think that perhaps, with Chan now in his 50s, 'the Man' has lost his edge. Fans, however, have nothing to worry about, because later fights definitely deliver the incredible martial-arts acrobatics Jackie Chan is famous for.

A confrontation with four mask wearing thugs wielding baseball bats is absolutely amazing, featuring complex choreography that requires split-second timing and two later showdowns against the diminutive Bradley James Allan must rank amongst the best Chan fights ever filmed!

This may not be classic Chan, but given the choice between another Rush Hour or Gorgeous, I'd take the latter any day.

**N.B. This review is of the Columbia Tristar DVD, which has a run-time of 95 minutes. A longer HK release is available, which also features a cameo from Stephen Chow.**
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Kung Fu for chicks
37-127 May 2002
If you're looking for blood and unspeakable acts of evil, this isn't for you. This is a (mostly) realistic look at an average (wealthy) guy going about his day. He meets an atractive young woman and they fall in love.

The fight scenes and stunts help keep the interest of any guys watching, but this isn't just another fight flick. It has an interesting twist in that the "bad guys" are worried about anyone getting hurt.

Watching the scenes with Bradley James Allan is worth a rental in itself. The DVD offeres an interesting commentary track that offers some insight into the world of Jackie.

Rent this for your girlfriend, she'll thank you.
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Refreshingly different! Well worth it.
jkuhne24 March 2001
I've slowly been exploring the films of Jackie Chan ever since I was finally convinced to see Rumble in the Bronx. This is around my 14th, and I was very pleased with it. (8/10)

As some have noted, it's not your typical Jackie Chan movie. Mostly because it is a love story. Well, more of a fairy tale love story--with light-hearted comedy and a bit of action thrown in.

I watched the DVD in the native Cantonese. So, no dubbing problems.

The girl was very charming and completely endearing, even in a language I don't understand. Fell for her pretty quick--and I'm not much into "sappy" movies.

The antagonism in the film had a very "nice" edge burnished to it. No out and out gratuitous violence--no guns, blood, etc. They were extremely entertaining.

The only weaknesses: The music was just on the edge of being overbearingly "fluffy". It would have been nicer if the relationship was developed a little stronger in the later half of the movie. I bought into the girl. I was left wanting more in the end of the film--the relationship seemed a little too disconnected at the end for me.
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A nice drama/love story, but Jackie still gets to kick butt!
jonEbird15 September 2000
Not your typical Jackie Chan flick. I've seen Jackie with a romantic leading lady, but they were still mostly about Jackie fighting people. After watching this one, you'll know why its a drama, but you'll still rewind it for the fight scenes. I think there are 5 fight scenes. (4 big / 1 small)

Actually, Jackie isn't the main character. A young village girl finds a message in a bottle that tells her to go to Hong Kong. After arriving she finds that the message was sent by a gay guy who she makes friends with and he accommodates her during her stay. ...And while she's in HK, she meets business tycoon Jackie and fall in love. She then finds ways to meet Jackie and etc, etc.

Not Jackie's biggest action thriller, but very entertaining nonetheless. Remember he is getting older! But his workout / fight scenes are done with a lot of energy! [ And if you have the choice, watch it in Chinese! ( with subtitles ) Dubbing takes so much away from the movie / characters ]
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Jackie in Love
magic-eight13 September 2000
I recently watched "Gorgeous" again in an American release and dubbed version. While I prefer the Hong Kong version, I found that "Gorgeous" doesn't have a mean bone in its body. It is cute and sweet throughout. If you can get through that then this movie will entertain you. If you're looking for a fistful of action, you will be disappointed.

First we meet Hsu Chi, who plays the innocent country girl from Taiwan who looks toward the big city for romance via a message in a bottle (The Chinese name of the film "Glass Bottle" is more appropriate, so why they renamed it for the foreign release is a puzzlement.). Hsu rushes to Hong Kong in search of love and finds Tony Leung, a gay make-up artist. She sees Chan in one of his flourishes, escaping Emil Chow's men on a yacht and quickly falls in love with this dashing, adventurous character. Hsu and Jackie meet up when Hsu rescues Jackie from this predicament. Richie Ren appears as the comic relief, playing Hsu's suitor from Taiwan.

The movie focuses on the relationship between Bu and C.N. (Hsu and Jackie) and the events they go through while developing their love. There are a couple of fighting/sparring scenes where Jackie takes on Bradley James Allan, one of Jackie's own stunt monkeys. These two fights are well-choreographed and fill in for those who are jones'n for a Jackie fight scene.

The direction by Vincent Kok is well handled. Jackie made the right choice in getting a comedy director to take the reigns. The art and set design were also well done.

Although I, too, love Jackie's action flicks, this movie is a departure into the romantic realm. It is a well-made film that is engaging and sugar-sweet. The soundtrack is also quite cloying. And, unlike many of the recent Jet Li movies that have been dubbed for American audiences, "Gorgeous" keeps its soundtrack and theme song intact, which made the dubbed version more tolerable. Jackie seems to be making the transition to more adult-based films that divert, slightly, from his typical kung-fu knockabouts. This film was a welcome change of pace.
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I have never found Jackie Chan so likeable
zola-79 September 2000
I've always had a soft spot for Jackie Chan: as well as being an incredible athlete, he is a very funny guy. Gorgeous is definitely a change from his usual action-packed extravaganza, and gives us a chance to see a kinder, gentler Jackie.

While there are a few impeccably choreographed fight sequences, the movie is exactly as billed--a romantic comedy. Lonely (but doesn't realize it) millionaire meets naive young girl under the most improbable circumstances.

I've seen some complaints that it was low on plot, but I don't think that it hurts the movie a bit...after all, American Pie's whole premise was that four male virgins wanted to change that fact. This movie was intended to be fun. If you want deep, go for the Shakespeare. If you want explosions, gunfire, hot babes and dudes looking cool, get Gen-X Cops. If you want something that will make the whole family laugh, get this one.
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Funny Yet Stylish
terence-71 March 1999
There are 2 excellent , 1-1 fighting scenes, 2 other superb scenes, several funny events, quite some romance. This is unlike any other Jackie Chan movie. It is about Jackie acting as a businessman managing his company, shares , stock market and so on. You need to understand Cantonese/Mandarin to get some laughs, nevertheless you can get the English version in due time. The story line is well-planned. Worth watching twice. Excellent Movie.

My rating,

Fighting/Action; 10/10 (VERY VERY GOOD) Laughter/Comedy; 8/10 (Superb) Romance/Love; 8/10 (Quite Touching)
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Absolutely Gorgeous
saffron9992 July 2004
OK this is'nt exactly a Jackie Chan movie as u'd expect one to be but this movie is absolutely GREAT nevertheless I saw it years ago and fell in love with it immediately (SHU QI Is totally BEAUTIFUL one of the prettiest girls EVER) Then I saw it again today and it was better then i remembered it to be.

it has 3 fights and thats all but don't let that be a reason not to see it cos its really an all round enjoyable romantic action comedy definitively worth to own (I have the Asian DVD version witch is 20 min longer then the other version. get that one)

people who diss this movie must be really sad people i think cos this movie is really heartwarming and sweet almost tears in the eyes sweet at moments and everyone with heart should be able to appreciate this movie. I absolutely love this movie.

My verdict is 10\10 A real feel-good movie
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Hong Kong Rom Com
Bezenby12 August 2013
Jackie Chan does romantic comedy! A Taiwanese girl named Boo, living in a fishing village, is asked by her boyfriend if she wants to marry, but she doesn't really love him. While talking to her dolphin friend, she finds a message in a bottle that says 'I'm waiting for you in Hong Kong' and heads off for that city, only to find that the guy who sent the message (Tony Leung) bats for the other team and the message was intended for a guy. Crestfallen, she teams up with him while he's doing a photo shoot and meets (following a kung fu fight) CN Chan (our Jackie). They both get stranded in a boat and start to fall in love, or do they? CN's a bit emotionally stunted. He's a killer businessman but can he be romantic to boot? CN's got other troubles. His ex-friend and business rival is out to humiliate him, and keeps setting up fights with a martial arts champion. So not only does Jackie have a complicated love life, but he's now got to get in shape to fight this guy (who has just beat him up in a car park).

Gorgeous doesn't feature over the top stunts or your usual Jackie mannerisms, but those looking for a bit of action may do well to stay to the end, when Jackie fights the tiny (but deadly) Brad Allan. This is truly one of the great fights of Jackie's career, moving at breakneck speed with both opponents flying through the air. Brad Allan also does a triple kick in mid-air which is bound to impress. So, add that into the mix with soon to be mega star Tony Leung, literally gorgeous cinematography, a nice light hearted tone, and you've got one of Jackie's most enjoyable films. It's my wife's personal favourite so does that mean it's a Jackie Chan chick flick?
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Cute and funny
vchimpanzee5 November 2012
It appeared to me that the words being spoken didn't match the way the actors' lips were moving. And if this did, in fact, mean the movie was being dubbed, it wasn't dubbed very well. Some of the characters just seemed like complete clowns. Not that there was anything wrong with that. This was a very funny movie.

Bu was absolutely adorable. Too adorable, in fact. Much of the dubbing of her material was entirely too cutesy. It made her appealing to me, but it just seemed to take away from the movie's quality. And if the title referred to her--well, she was.

But the comedy, the fighting, the romance, the mystery--all were enjoyable. Jackie Chan's character was quite appealing. Not really as miserable as Bu seemed to think. But Bu brought him out of his misery, and we had to wonder: would she end up with him or one of the other guys? When I saw this, it had a TV-14 rating. Totally uncalled for. What violence this movie had was mostly slapstick. Even one of the two serious fights turned slapstick at one point, and that was great.

Bu's parents were quite appealing too. The other characters I haven't mentioned all seemed like cartoons. But if that's what you like, and I do, no big deal.

Gorgeous? Maybe. But I think the title referred to the girl. The film? Very enjoyable.
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What's wrong with trying something different?
megadoomer25 December 2002
I say kudos to Jackie for trying to expand his range a little bit, especially after having so much success over the years using the same formula. For once Jackie gets to act a little bit and play a role other than a cop/new kid in town/martial artist whose father/brother/girlfriend was kidnapped/murdered/disgraced. Sure, it's not high drama, but it is a very touching romantic comedy.

Jackie plays a wealthy businessman who is so wrapped up in his work that he has forgotten how to take time to enjoy what he has earned. Bu (Qi Shu) is a starry-eyed romantic who tries to help him remember. Mixing things up a bit is Chan's less scrupulous rival Lo, played by Emil Chau.

This rivalry serves to shoehorn a couple of fight scenes into the movie, and while I did really enjoy them (I like seeing Jackie in a good one-on-one matchup once in a while) they're really secondary to the plot of the movie. They're definitely worth seeing, though. Set up as elaborate boxing matches, they're a bit more realistic than most of his scenes.

I enjoyed this movie quite a lot and would love to see Jackie do some more like it. After all, we have to admit that Jackie is getting up there in age. While he's still just as amazing as ever, why not give him a break from being pushed through windows and dragged behind trucks once in a while?
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Falkyn31 January 2002
I rented this movie along with another Jackie movie and I had expected the other movie to be better. I hadn't heard much about Gorgeous so I didn't know what it was about. It seemed to be a romance, yet there was fighting? The movie was very sweet and touching. The fighting didn't seem out of place, even to a westerner like myself. Qi Shu (Shu Qi?) is so cute and sweet! Jackie mentioned in the DVD commentary that he hadn't wanted to do the movie because he can't do drama. I think he sells himself short. If he ever decides to get away from the stuntwork I think he'll still have a place as an actor alone. Check out the scene where C.N. and his rival are commiserating near the end of the film. I also liked the diminutive and honorable kickboxer played by Brad Allan. This movie will be added to my Jackie Chan collection soon.
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Caught me off guard...
TheGuru-41 September 2001
I was not expecting a movie like this at all from Jackie Chan. After 30 or 40 minutes passed with no fight scenes I started getting antsy. The second half of the movie redeemed itself though with 2 amazing kung fu spectacles that still boggle my mind weeks and months later. In retrospect this is a very good movie - and the romantic angle was done really well and in a decent and sweet fashion - no one night stand sex scenes ala the rest of Hollywood - this was much more sincere than that. The guy playing Alan is a tremendous performer and should be given a chance for more starring roles, he stole the show from Chan in both scenes. Worth 10 bucks or so just for the fight scenes, and the rest of the movie ain't so bad either. :)
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Action star takes a turn for a romantic comedy? Sure!
Yud14 July 2000
Jackie Chan plays a 'Hugh Grant' of sorts in a movie. Although the action is still present, romance and love is the main theme of the movie.

The female lead, Bu, has an obsession towards C.N. (Jackie). The age difference may make some a bit disturbed, but the movie delivers the message very well. People need love in the world, right?

Fighting sequences are present, of course. It features a very well fight performance between a man that can make Jackie a tough match. Even the music has the fighters 'dance' to it (you'll see). But as of most Jackie Chan movies, these action sequences are 'clean' with NO dirty tricks, gunfire, or blood. The fights are mostly for honor in this movie. It makes the film 'watchable' for the whole family and it doesn't damage the suspense at all.

Dubbing is another story. Best to get the DVD, with the original track with english subtitles. Jackie is unnatrually dubbed by another actor, and some of the jokes are missed when all of the words are spoken in english. Trust me!

'Gorgeous' is a movie where you'd see with your 'date' so to speak. The guys will dig the action, and the romance will make the gals go in awe. The humor will bind the two genre together, making it one of the nicest Jackie Chan movies out there today.
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Worst Jackie Chan film I have ever seen
Rooster9929 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Jackie Chan has made some good films (Police Force, Rumble in the Bronx, etc.), but most of his most recent work has been sub-par. This film hits a new low. It is incredibly dull, shored up by only 2 decent fight scenes in the entire movie (the second of which was marred by a ridiculous tango sequence midway through). There is little plot to speak of, other than Shu Qi going to Hong Kong because she finds a note in a bottle. The rest is pure rubbish. It is one of those Ernest films where the henchmen all look at each other, grab their faces, and scream at least 20 times in the movie. It was funny when the 3 Stooges did it back in the 40's, but it is no longer even remotely humorous.

Just about the only thing I can say about this horrid film is that the female lead is very attractive, hence the title. Other than that, this picture is a dog. The sparse action scenes have all been done (by Jackie Chan no less) in many other movies, and done considerably better. There is really nothing at all to the "love story", it is so incredibly contrived that it just comes off as a big joke.

Very very poor outing for Jackie Chan.

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