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Watch out for that crazy Woodpecker!!!
raysond1 August 2000
Its a crying shame that Woody and his friends aren't on either Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. But that Woodpecker was the best ever in getting even with characters that were interrupting his beloved home or trying to get even with him like Pete Buzzard, Wally Walrus,or that annoying Gabby Gator. Walter Lantz' creation was some of the best animated around,and at times very funny,cause that Woodpecker was crazy!!! Still,Woody applied the laughs,and in turn brought out the kid in all of us. One of my best shows ever from childhood. By the way,who can remember that crazy laugh?
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Great cartoon fun with our favourite woodpecker!
TheLittleSongbird19 March 2010
I absolutely love this show, it is such a lot of fun. It is a real shame though you don't see it very much on TV if at all. Like Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, Flintstones, Tom and Jerry and TopCat, plus numerous cartoons from the 80s and 90s like DangerMouse, Count Duckula, DuckTales, Talespin and Darkwing Duck, this was a show I refused to miss. I loved the characters, the detail of the animation, the music, everything. There may be some episodes with rather hectic pacing, but hey so did some of the Tom and Jerry cartoons and they were still a lot of fun regardless. The animation is very detailed, with crisp backgrounds especially, and the music was a lot of fun. So were the characters, you have to love Woody and Wally was hilarious. Plus, the stories were interesting, and most importantly, it was funny! Overall, this is a great show. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Great cartoon!
Movie Nuttball14 March 2003
I really like this older cartoon.Woody is very funny and the other characters in the series is very funny as well. Its one of My favorite cartoons.It has good color and interesting short stories. If you like Looney Toons and haven't seen Woody Woodpecker then if you can check it because it'll make you laugh!
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Can you say Ah-Ha-Ha-Ha Hahahahaha!!!!
j.eaton12 March 2002
Ah-Ha-Ha-Ha Hahahahaha!!!!!! That is the famous laugh from the famous animated bird that we have grown to know and love. Yes that's Woody Woodpecker! There is the rest of the gang too! Winnie, Knothead, Splinter, Buzz Buzzard, Woody's penguin pal Chilly Willy & Wally Walrus who Woody just loved to bother!
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