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19 Sep. 2002
The Lesbian and the Monkey
Edward and Tubbs survive the fire and decide to leave Roston Vasey following - lines. Unfortunately they are railway lines and they are killed by a train. Barbara,meanwhile,has survived and,pregnant by the deceased David,throws a cross gender fancy dress party,attended by - among others - Pauline and Micky. Pauline has been released from jail and is engaged to Micky but he is unaware that she has done a secret deal for her freedom with Ross in exchange for grassing up Micky's family's dole scrounging. It is all too much for Pauline who rushes off to call the deal off ...
26 Sep. 2002
The One-Armed Man Is King
Joke shop owner Lance only has one arm but is persuaded by hospital radio DJ Mike that he can get him a throwaway transplant at a cut price. Unfortunately the arm once belonged to a lady and consequently starts to act as a lady's arm should. However it is Lance who,to own cost,saves Pauline from being run over by the Legz Akimbo van as they speed out of town. Elsewhere inept debt collectors Glen and Big Barry get a savage lesson from their boss Lisgoe about how they should do their jobs whilst undertaker Owen Fallowfield holds forth o the merits of his work.
3 Oct. 2002
Turn Again Geoff Tipps
This episode shows how exactly Lance got hit by the Legz Akimbo van. They are in Camden Town preparing a particularly insensitive piece of street theatre about the disabled,entitled Vegetable Soup,in which they impersonate deaf-blind and crippled people. They do not go down well. At the same time Geoff,fired from his job in Royston Vasey,comes to London to be a stand-up comic but is booed off-stage. He is offered the chance to drive a 'hot' car but panics and steals Legz Akimbo's van,speeding back to Royston Vasey and the accident which will involve his needing an ...
17 Oct. 2002
The Medusa Touch
At the 'Windermere' guest house Sunny and Alvin Steele are preparing for another swingers' sexploitation weekend,though,unlike Sunny,Alvin is not really enthusiastic,and goes off to the garden centre to meet his bit on the side - and in doing so,he has a lucky escape as swinger Daddy introduces his Medusa machine. This creates an exercise in auto-erotic asphyxiation but unfortunately it goes wrong,killing all the swingers. All except TV personality Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen who has slipped out into the garden for a smoke and gets hit by the Legz Akimbo van driven by ...
24 Oct. 2002
Beauty and the Beast (or Come Into My Parlor)
Professor Breastpinch'd arrives and conducts a street poll, asking people if they want their breasts pinched but, unsurprisingly, gets no takers. Knight Rider obsessive Neds shows his creation Maxie Power, Royston Vasey's answer to Kitt, to his friend Tris. It can fire paper clips and speak. The boys take Maxie Power onto the streets to fight crime but sadly all three become croppers after a run-in with the bad guys. Stella and Charlie separate and he gets masseur work at Judee's beauty salon Spit and Polish. He becomes a hit after giving hand-jobs to blindfolded male...
31 Oct. 2002
How the Elephant Got Its Trunk
Whilst magician Dean Tavoularis takes his magic show on the streets and Keith Harris's dog cinema faces competition Reenie has a new helper in the charity shop - Keith Drop,to replace Vinnie Wythenshaw,who died retrieving the plastic bag that caused the crash. When Brian goes into the shop for the missing piece for his jigsaw he notices that Keith has something that belonged to his missing wife - for Keith is none other than Papa Lazarou disguised under pink make-up. He avoids Brian and Reenie's attempts to take him prisoner and they end up,like others who have ...

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