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chrisbould7 March 2014
Broadway Stories Show 01 Dancing Dan Broadway Stories Show 02 Old Doll's House Broadway Stories Show 03 Romance In The Forties Broadway Stories Show 04 Neat Strip Broadway Stories Show 05 Johnny One eye Broadway Stories Show 06 Brian Goes Home Broadway Stories Show 07 Sense Of Humour Broadway Stories Show 08 Dream Street Rose Broadway Stories Show 09 Tobias The Terrible Broadway Stories Show 10 Piece Of Pie

I directed these 10 episodes with my own production company in 1993. They were aired on Channel 4 at odd times and never had a regular slot and I believe the series suffered as a consequence. Great fun to make and shot by a wonderful BSC cinematographer, Ivan Strasberg & production designer, James Dillon.
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One of the great unsung works of TV genius
gar_hodge30 July 2013
Stories by the great Damon Runyon told with complete authenticity by the excellent Mike McShane. I have always loved these stories but now when I read them I only hear McShanes voice. The cadence, the beat, that strange sentence structure, it's all brought to life by him.

The extra conceit of having a small story taking place around him as he tells the story to the camera, is beautifully done too. None more so than in the story "Neat Strip" which takes place in a lift.

How are these stories not available to buy? If you are intrigued a trawl through Youtube will reveal at least some of these.

SO far I have found Neat Strip, The Old Dolls House, Johnny One Eye and Dancing Dans Christmas.

I hope this becomes a more popular piece of work. As Damon Runyon himself said "You can keep the things of bronze and stone and give me one man to remember me just once a year".

This deserves to be remembered.
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