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It Did Alright...
EMHMARK830 May 1999
Rescue 77 was far from having the moxy that made Jack Webb's "Emergency!" and "Adam-12" television classics. However, I have to give credit where it was due, this show came close to taking us back to the days of when Johnny and Roy rolled the streets of Los Angeles in Squad 51.

Rescue 77 did attempt to follow in the spirit of "Emergency," and did it well at times. One episode I remember in particular focuses on a young man and his bride who are trapped under a concrete divider that has fallen from a truck. That was an intense hour of humanizing the job of Firefighter/Paramedic and showing all of its human frailties. By the end of that hour, I was surely moved. In retrospect, in this shows short run, it did a good job of showing stories with substance and grit.

I was one of the first to watch when it premiered on the WB Network in March. I was very suspicious of such a "good looking" cast. But they surprised me for the good.

Again, I am sad this show had such a short run. I was told it did actually very well in the Neilsen Ratings, but I guess it wasn't good enough to win a permanent berth on the schedule. Hmmmm...doesn't that usually happen to TV shows that show promise?
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Warner Brothers STICKS it to the viewers AGAIN!
gynsusamatoshi1 July 2005
Have you noticed that WB seems to axe any show that seems to be doing well? this, Brats of the lost nebula, Birds Of Prey - all yanked prematurely(BOP was in the top 5 when it was pulled and replaced with a lesser program). -------------- EMERGENCY this was not - it was not SUPPOSED to be. Unlike Emergency where everybody lived happily ever after, RESCUE 77 seemed to stick more closely to actual conditions and day to day stuff. The inventiveness in saving a life when you do not have what you need, the pain when despite your best efforts the one you are trying to save dies, and yes - even the pranks and jokes that go on in a firehouse(I know - I grew up in one).

But at least i can watch it on tape, so SMEG OFF Warner Brothers! :P
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The best series about Paramedics and EMS since "Emergency".
defiant17 March 1999
This is the best television series featuring EMS/Paramedics since "Emergency" in the early 1970s. There is undoubtedly someone behind the scenes who has a working knowledge of Paramedicine, and the day-to-day hazards of the job. Moreover, this understanding comes across the screen as a story that is believeable. Statements in the pilot episode: "It's a dead end job for kids", and "we've been around for thirty years, but are still not recognized in the halls" could only have been written by someone who has been in the profession themselves. Better-than-average acting, dead-on plot situations, and good story lines (a little grandiose at times) make this a great show. An "8" on my 1-10 scale.
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"Rescue 90210"
gooseb6 July 1999
Spelling productions, shame on you! "Rescue 77" was an absolute insult to all in the EMS community! Thank God, "Emergency" is being run on multiple affiliates to show people what a "real" show on Fire/EMS is about other than("Rescue 77's")pathetic compilation of boring, exaggerated stories which show complete disregard for the truth about prehospital medicine and the personnel who administer it. A paramedic doing a handstand on a defibrillator with a patient in water and in an explosive environment?!? Come ON! Did anyone there ever consult a technical advisor? "Rescue 77" always seemed to see how far they could push the limits with all of their calls, with paramedics mouthing off to online medical control, and performing "heroic", incorrect procedures in the field. Did you guys(at Spelling) ever set foot in an ambulance, or what? I don't think so, and neither do thousands of others who work or have worked in Fire/EMS. At least "Emergency" always strived to show patient care, etc. being done with honesty, realism, and respect. So, THANK YOU, to Johnny & Roy...for giving much-deserved dignity for an honorable profession that Spelling productions clearly had zero concern for. By now, I hope "77" has met its "86"!
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Emergency One: The Next Generation
AR-617 March 1999
I remember being a big TV fan of the 1972-77 show, "Emergency," with the crew of Los Angeles County Fire Dept Station 51 and Rampart Hospital. "Rescue 77" is the next generation of that classic TV series. This new TV show depicts a modern-day Fire Dept station equip with the latest technology and three young, enthusiastic paramedic team doing heart-pounding rescue stunts and saving lives. A long time ago, I had a thought that someday a Producer will create a TV series after "Emergency." And it is...."Rescue 77." In fact, I like the idea to see a female crew member in the Fire Dept for a change especially if she's outgoing, cute blonde with a deep voice.
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What a joke!
JLJ06115 December 2003
This show was one of the lamest attempts I have ever seen of a show depicting today's Emergency Medical Service. Even "Emergency!" in its 30+ years of existance still shows some type of realism of patient care, even though the service was still in its infancy back then. R77 is one of those shows that could have been, but never should have!
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it wasn't bad
barbfrmsf5 June 2002
It wasn't to bad saw the one about the bride and groom that had an accident and they had to decide to let him go. I had a good cry. It is sort of like a cheap version of Third watch. It is like nothing is new. they just recycle concepts and try to make them better.
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Dogzilla15 May 1999
This show was widely advertised before its final release on Monday night. This show really sucks, it's boring and unrealistic. Aaron spelling tries using cute actors and actresses, in order to lure young viewers to watch his show. But this time, it's not working as it has for his other shows. The scripts for the show are very poorly written. The actors themselves are not very good either.The show is just an unrealistic portrayal of firefighters running about unrealistically to save lives. This show has generally been one of the most disappointing shows on the WB this season.
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Too much Hollywood
george-971 April 1999
Rescue 77, in my opinion, sets itself way below the past show "L.A. Firefighter". The show is too dramatic and too flakie. And, please, do not relate "Rescue 77" with the past show "Emergency". Emergency was more to life of what real paramedics did for a living. To make "Rescue 77" more real to life, have the entire production crew sit down and watch a few shows of "Emergency". And cut out all that argueing with the e.r. doctor. That setting just doesn't cut it in the real world. But, if you're not going to take this drama from the real world, then why have the program? In all, if your going to portray the life and times of the paramedics of the fire department, then get real profesional help. Go to a fire department in L.A. and ride with them. Watch what they do and follow their actions. Keep the Hollywood out of it. No, I am not a paramedic. However, I am a firefighter/e.m.t. And you are making us all look like fools.
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