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A fun 'adventure'
Christopher Smith8 November 2001
I have always been a big fan of the HIGHLANDER movies and I thought that I had seen them all. Then one night when I was at Blockbuster, I was looking in the family section and I found this. At first, I hesitated because it was in the family section and because it was an animated movie, but I decided to rent it since it was HIGHLANDER after all. I went home and popped it in the VCR and was instantly amazed by the incredible animation, dazzling fight scenes, interesting story, and the good character development. It was sort of weird to be watching a HIGHLANDER movie without blood and it's a bit more entertaining that way. Recommended to all HIGHLANDER fans.
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Tin Man-522 August 1999
An interesting premise that adds a little spice to the Highlander universe, but it is marred by weak animation and choppy story-telling. This might have something to do with the fact that it was edited from about five episodes of the tv show, so it has no real plot, other than the quest of young Quentin MacLeod to prepare for the ultimate battle against the evil Kortan.

Actually, I liked the idea. It's now a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-like future, and time has reverted back on itself. Therefore, no machines, no good resources....zip. Furthermore, all the immortals of the planet have taken a vow of secrecy and have decided to put away their swords and give up the Quest for the Prize to help humanity. Among such immortals are Ramirez (whose resurrection is never explained) and Connor (who is in it long enough to get decapitated...offscreen, of course). However, the evil Kortan refuses to take the vow, and he sets up his evil empire in the ruined Earth. Therefore, all the immortals go into hiding, awaiting for the chosen one to rise up and challenge Kortan.

And that chosen one is young Quentin MacLeod....and it's up to Ramirez to train him. So, after Kortan destroys Quentin's village and murders his family, Ramirez finds the young lad and his sister, and the rest of the animated movie is a directionless trek through the world of MacLeod and his friends. And while there's no direct plotline of sorts, it does provide interesting entertainment for Highlander enthusiasts and children.

The film's best quality is that is provides Ramirez with a voice that sounds a lot like Sean Connery. Nice casting there, guys.

Better than Highlander: The Final Dimension, if that means much. And it also a good film to let your kids watch, if you feel the film series is a little too violent.

**1/2 out of ****
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'begins' the best cartoon of all time
jelly-78 April 2001
This direct-to-video feature about the adventures of the young Connor MacLeod is the pilot to the animated TV series which aired on the USA Network for a couple years. While aimed at children, this film will appeal to the fans of the Highlander movies. It's an entertaining little flick with lots of action, adventure, and some of the best Highlander moments ever. It's the best animated movie of all time, even though the animation could've used a little more work.
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