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One question (usually) can't make a movie
przgzr29 June 2005
This movie isn't bad, but I wasn't impressed either. The usual flashback way of telling the story is slightly changed here: one character tells us what happened, the second one confirms the situations, but puts them in different context, giving them different meaning, and some crucial moments are told completely opposite. As the movie continues it becomes a bit boring, there are no real changes, plot is straight, clear and predictable: whole movie is built on only one question: whose version is a true one? And, unfortunately, the final answer isn't surprising...

This movie is an average, watchable and very forgettable story when you have nothing wiser to do. Zal was disappointing (so promising actress in her early movies like Testament or Amelia, I hoped she'll become something like Mare Winningham, but this movie maybe didn't give her enough opportunity), Perry was better in flashback scenes and quite inconceivable when dealing with her wife's death and being a suspect for her murder, Greene had too small part and I wonder how low can she fall, while Benzali was the only reason one could enjoy in this movie.

If it was written by Raymond Chandler it could be a masterpiece, and Hitchcock had made some great movies with even worse script. But, there was only one Chandler and only one Hitch - so sometimes we have to be satisfied with movies like this.
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A gripping, edge-of-the-seat murder mystery
Eva Ionesco3 December 1999
Warning: Spoilers
From the moment this film opens, it grabs hold of you and never lets go till the final frame. A woman who we later find out is Katie Griffin, drives to a police station and tells the police that there has been a car crash, and that a woman has been killed. She thinks that her lover, the man she had an affair with for the last eight months, has killed his wife so he could inherit his wife's money, and marry her. She thinks he must have tampered with her car, to make it go off the road.

The wife is not actually dead, but in a coma. Her husband is a writer, and teaches a ten-week writing course. The police confront him and escort him to the hospital. His story is that they never had an affair, that she was just an obsessive student of his, in love with him and making a terrible nuisance of herself. If the car was tampered with to kill the wife, then she would have done it out of jealousy.

Both their stories fit all the known facts. Their descriptions of events differ, but they both talk about the same events. The audience is kept guessing all the way through. Which one of their stories is true? Although many murder mysteries use artificial devices to keep the audience guessing, this brilliantly-written, brilliantly-directed film does it only with utterly believable, appropriate plot and character development.

Near the end, when Katie hands over photos to the detective, the truth is revealed. But although the detective now knows the truth, the audience doesn't actually see what's in those photos until the very satisfying, yet very surprising, end. If you love murder mysteries, and you love good films, this would certainly be one of the best you'll ever see.
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Great Murder-Mystery
jennie04097 May 2003
This is definitely one of the best made-for-TV movies out there. "Her Married Lover" is a wonderful movie for anyone who's in the mood for a good old-fashioned murder-mystery, with a modern, sophisticated feel to it. I would definitely recommend this movie, and I give it a 9 out of 10 stars. Please e-mail me if you'd like to discuss this or any movie!
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Too transparent
Susie-78 August 2001
Warning: Spoilers
By definition, a suspense film is supposed to be full of suspense. However, it is a little hard to feel said suspense when you know the ending, the so-called "twist" in the plot, and so forth, five minutes into the movie. Everything was consistent; all the pieces fit together at the end and there's none of that "that didn't make sense" feeling like there is with some films. (Warning! The following statements may be spoiler-esque.) But the early scenes were too revealing, particularly Katie's memory of the robbery- not so much where she tells the cop what happened, but when she's just thinking about it privately. I think the writers have been reading too many psych text books. I think it's a decent plot twist in and of itself, but it was made too obvious for anyone who's ever read anything about it. Perhaps they got too carried away with how clever they were to actually incorporate and conceal it cleverly in the story.
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Typical **May contain Spoilers***
afamouspetty12 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This may contain spoilers.

This movie is not as horrible, in my opinion as many before me had stated.

The movie itself is a little laggy with some boring parts that are hard to stay tuned to.

This movie has flashbacks in a his view / her view type of situation. But who do you believe? A student falls for her married teacher with murder in the end.

I personally don't think this is a must watch or even that suspenseful as many things give the ending away about 1/3 of the way through it.

If nothing else is on and you find yourself looking for 2 hours to kill on a made for TV movie then give it a chance. It is just OK for me.
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Oh, dear... another bad, bad attempt at a film
preston811 January 2003
For ten years the majority of product oozing out of Hollywood has been miserably amateurish, badly written, poorly produced...and this is a perfect example of predictable nonsense that is beyond boring and immeasurably disappointing and a total waste of time. Just another attempt that is making me HATE movies...
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worse Lifetime movie ever
reneeryman9 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you enjoy watching a 35 + woman behave like an immature naive 17 year old girl then you will enjoy this flick. Her name is Catherine but she prefers Katie. Aside from the horrible acting, the casting is terrible. We are supposed to belief that the 30something gorgeous single woman is so desperate that she is turned on by some old man perv taking advantage of a burglary to cop a feel. He almost throws her over a balcony and attempts to force himself on her against her will, yet she stays with him. Oh, and we are supposed to believe this supermodel 30 something behaves like a wallflower in class and puts private love letters in a large plastic drawer labeled letters. Serioiusly, the main character has the emotional maturity of a adolescent 12 year old. Who casted this movie anyway? it is like a long parade of unattractive men who cannot act. And the fate of Katie rest in their hands....ugh
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