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former contestant
Bill21 March 2008
My wife and I were on this show in 2000 I think it was. We auditioned, got called back within a week. Taped our show, which we won, and won the extra $5,000 for a total of about $6,200. then a few weeks later they called us back for a tournament of champions week and we ended up winning that week for another $6,500. It was so much fun running around the store. My wife got mad at me because in my first run around the store I didn't get her a bonus and I spilled the candy when I was trying to fill up the bag, which I ended up not getting credit for since I forgot to tie it, that's a no no. I did even better shopping the second time around. health and beauty aisle is the one to hit, small big priced items. I wish they'd bring it back again too, i really enjoyed watching, and playing.
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my favorite
djkenyakellie8 June 2006
I can remember watching supermarket sweep when I was little and when I went to the grocery store with my parents I would pretend I was on supermarket sweep. I found the show highly entertaining and I even came up with my game plan if I ever got on the show. I still remember exactly where I would go on the big sweep at the end, and I wish it was still on so I could get on it! I will always remember it, and I have been missing it and always will! I hope that maybe some station will realize that it was a good show and start playing re-runs and maybe even start a new season. It will always be my favorite game show and I will talk about it forever.
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Best gameshow ever made.
Lando_Hass10 March 2002
Supermarket Sweep is by far the best Gameshow made,even though it's kinda cheesy,but its still good.Supermarket Sweep offers a great deal of enertaiment,well at least I think so,and for some reason,I find it funny at some points,meaning I find it funny when the contestants scream like weiners.Supermarket Sweep is a show where contestants have to answer some questions in the beginning of the game to build up time for thier sweep,after they answer the questions,they all enter the "sweep" where they have to get the most amount of money by collecting groceries before the time runs out.The best part of the show is to see the really fat people run up and down the aisle while theyre panting desprately for air. Great etertaiment,and some comedy pieces that arent supposed to be funny make Supermarket Sweep a loved.I give it a 10 out of 10.
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Silly but Entertaining.
General_G30 September 2005
I like Supermarket Sweep. One of the best game shows to exist. David Ruprecht was also a great host for the game too. My favorite part of the is of course when there running around, throwing stuff in there carts and going crazy getting those big things worth like 200 points. This may sound strange but I'm surprised the show lasted as long as it did because coming into this decade people seem to be more interested in reality show (which I think aren't good and a waste of time) and plus you don't really hear people really say that there a fan of Supermarket Sweep or anything. It just wasn't as popular later on, but I still watched the new episodes. Now its over.
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Fun game show
I used to watch this show when it was on TV. First off, I must say that it was a fun game show. Also, I'm not sure if I've seen every episode. However, I do remember the show very well. Every time I watched it, I had a lot of fun playing along and watching. This made me long to be a contestant. I hope some network brings it back so I can play along and watch again. If that happens, I will be really happy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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Most Exciting Bonus Round
gamerguy2121 March 2008
Each episode is fun all throughout, but the most exciting and sometimes heartbreaking part is the final sweep where they search for the $5,000. There've been so many close calls, and when a contestant does find it, they always flip out! $5,000 isn't even all that much of a prize, yet this is still one of the most exciting game show bonus rounds. Wheel of Fortune's bonus rounds can be played for up to $100,000, but they aren't as gripping and suspenseful to watch as Supermarket Sweep's. The big sweep where all three teams are playing to get the most points is also quite fun to watch, though the first team to go usually always wins (since they have more time).

Overall, this show has an awesome premise (running around a supermarket to find the stuff you buy all the time) and would be nice to see on TV again.
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incredible show
wjtudeen25 February 2018
This show is absolutely fabulous

it 1st began on ABC back in the 60s

the it came back to television in the 90s and ran for 14 season

David Ruprecht is 1 dynamic host

I'm very happy to hear that the show is now on the BUZZR network

and Amazon Prime Video has 20 episode of the 2000 season that ran for nearly 4 years on ION Television (PAX TV when it started)

fantastic show

I love it
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Canadian version of Supermarket Sweep.
BlackJack_B4 January 2013
The Canadian version of Supermarket Sweep airs on GTV, a channel that shows Canadian game shows from the past. Tino Monte was the host and Dave King was the announcer. The same rules as previous versions applied, except that a prize was only awarded if the winners were able to complete the bonus round. If the winners were able to find the 3 items in 60 seconds, they could pick one of 16 scrolls and win a trip, up to $5000 or a water cooler.

Tino was a great MC, fitting into the stereotype of brash game show hosts. I wonder why I never saw much of him elsewhere. Seeing people running around in the supermarket shoving as many groceries into buggies as they can while hapless cameramen get in the way is always a joy.

I do have to say that they found some pretty homely women as contestants. While other Canadian game shows brought in well-groomed, well-dressed professional looking people, SS had mostly frumpy looking women with bad 1988-94 haircuts, awful eyeglasses and unattractive bodies. They probably found them all in Scarborough or somewhere of that nature. I guess that adds to the charm; seeing a 250 lb woman with a huge behind fighting for groceries made more sense. I doubt this was a game show "professionals" weren't willing to compete on anyway.
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Supermarket Sweep Reruns Come Back!!
tames508 February 2012
Supermarket Sweep was one of my all-time favorite game shows. It was such an exciting game show to watch with all of the fun-filled trivia questions, bonus rounds, and ultimate cash prizes. I remember tuning in weekdays to PAX or Lifetime at 6:00 & 6:30 to challenge myself to David Rupert's questions and hoping one day I would be on there live. Furthermore, every time I watch The Game Show Network (GSN), Im hoping to see the reruns of Supermarket Sweep. Come on GSN make room for Supermarket Sweep and get rid of some of those old.....old......old..... game shows like Match Game and Whammy/Press Your Luck. Instead of airing Dancing with the Stars this season, you all should of bought back Supermarket Sweep.
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