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MPAA Rated R for intense depiction of drug addiction, graphic sexuality, strong language and some violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is with a man in bed and he begins to kiss her. sex is implied, not shown
  • Tyrone is with his girlfriend in bed and they kiss.
  • A man is with a woman naked in bed. He is in behind of her and they have sex. Brief thrusting can be seen.
  • Woman goes to the party, orgy, where she gets naked and performs butt-to-butt dildo job with other woman. Crowd yelling and encouraging them to go on. Very Disturbing.
  • Marion stands looking at herself in a mirror wearing only a bra. Pubic hair is visible.
  • A man's bare backside is seen as he runs towards his girlfriend, also nude.
  • Man and woman having sex both nude. You can see the woman's breasts and the man's buttocks.
  • The sex is not meant to be raunchy of funny, it's meant to show an accurate picture of drug addiction
  • A man is seen standing naked in the dark. His hip region is barely visible, but nothing explicit is seen.
  • A woman takes a bath. Only her head, body and legs are seen.

Violence & Gore

  • The violence depicted in this movie is not graphic at all but it is very intense because you may not expect it.
  • Several people are shot offscreen, it isn't graphic and is in a dark setting, but a man is briefly seen with blood splatter on his face afterwards.
  • We see two people putting a body in a trash can. This is brief, and from a distance.
  • Some scenes where people engage in fist fights because of a drug dealer.
  • Four people are seen going through intense emotional suffering.


  • Frequent swearing. 33 uses of "F*ck. Constant uses of "shit", "damn", "bitch", "hell".
  • Sexual words such as "cum", "pussy", "ass" used occasionally.
  • Some religious profanities: "goddamn", "Jesus", "Christ".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The entirety of the movie is centered around drugs, and the horrors that come of it.
  • Marijuana and cigarettes are both smoked a couple times
  • 2 characters want to make it big off of drug dealing
  • Couple brief scenes where a white powder like substance (presumably cocaine or speed) is snorted through a rolled up dollar bill.
  • Three of the four protagonists are heroin addicts. The other one is addicted to diet pills (amphetamines/speed), which cause her to hallucinate. The film shows repeated use of heroin, both injected (only shown once) and inhaled (partially shown) and constant scenes of a woman hallucinating due to the pills she takes.
  • However, ironically, a heroin addicted character (rightfully) discourages a woman from taking speed.
  • The main focus of the film is the development of drug addicted characters.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The movie is not horribly violent. It is just incredibly disturbing, sad and very upsetting.
  • The drug content sometimes ensues disturbing images.
  • You will never ever even think about taking drugs after watching this movie
  • This movie is the pinnacle of Frightening and Intense. Not recommended to anyone under 16.
  • The sequence which shows people suffering emotional pain is really intense.
  • The drug sequences and hallucinations are intense and disconcerting.
  • A woman experiences gloomy and frightening hallucinations, which become worse as the movie continues.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man's arm is amputated, but the camera quickly switches when the sawblade comes in contact with the skin. But you can see blood briefly seam out of his arm, and splatter on his face
  • There's a horrible infected wound on a man's arm. We then see him once injecting a shot of heroin in the infected wound.
  • In one brief scene, a woman stabs a man in the hand with a fork and blood comes out. But then it quickly cuts away to reveal that this was simply her imagination, and did not happen. However, the blood looks very fake, it's way more dark than red.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie tells the story of 4 drug addicts whose lives fall apart by the end of the movie because of their addictions, which is very upsetting to watch.
  • A young woman submits to having a dildo thrust repeatedly into her anus in her desperation to feed her heroin addiction. While the act is not explicitly shown, her pain and mental anguish clearly are.
  • There is a scene where four gang members are sitting in a car and unexpectedly one is shot and killed, sending the others into a panic.
  • A festering wound in a man's arm that is brought on by extensive heroin use is disturbing. Harry also injects heroin into the festering wound, which is graphic.
  • Toward the end, there is a montage of all of the main characters in the film in similar states of pain or humiliation. This sequence is prolonged and uses a very aggressive sound; this will distress even hardened viewers.
  • An old woman is sent to a mental hospital where she suffers in some disturbing ways, being force-fed and undergoing shock therapy.

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