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I was prepared to hate this... But "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" was a Pleasant Surprise!
MaximumMadness10 January 2011
3.7. A 3.7 out of 10. As I sit here, writing this review, this film has a user-average rating of 3.7 out of 10. I'm going out on a limb here, and assume that there are many people who blindly voted low scores to bring down the rating, based solely on the negative publicity. Because, I honestly can't believe that they all witnessed the same film I did. (Not to mention, mass negative voting from people who haven't seen the film is a problem here for movies with hype or notoriety.)

I knew the story, I heard about it all. The film was shelved for two years, didn't get much publicity, and was released August of 2002. Releasing a major comedy with a huge budget 2 years after completion, with little publicity on almost the exact date of the 1-year anniversary of one of the biggest tragedies to ever hit the US... Seriously, did the studio even think when they tried to push this film out? I can only assume not. Critics crucified it. Audiences ignored it. It was a flop.

I went along, blindly following the notion that because it flopped, it sucked. (Although, I have found out that many great films flopped, among them "It's a Wonderful Life.") Finally a few months ago, a friend of mine said: "Hey Adam, let's watch 'Pluto Nash'! It's on NetFlix!" I scoffed, but after he persisted, I agreed.

I'm glad I did.

"Pluto Nash" was refreshingly entertaining, and in no way was it the abysmal slight against cinema I had been told it was.

The film centers on Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy in a fun performance), his sidekick robot Bruno (Randy Quaid in perhaps my favorite performance in the film) and Dina Lake (the astonishingly beautiful Rosario Dawson), with numerous other actors in supporting roles. Nash is the owner the nightclub "Club Nash", on the moon, some time in the future. He bought the club to save the life of a friend (Jay Mohr), who has since become a famous "singer" in a snazzy upscale part of the moon, leaving Nash behind. Dina arrives, hoping to work for Nash in order to earn money to buy her way back to Earth.

Soon, henchmen sent by the mysterious Rex Crater arrive, interested in buying Nash's club. When Nash turns them down, they destroy the place. Nash, Dina and Bruno vow to discover who this Rex Carter is, and stop him.

And so begins this fun action/comedy/sci-fi feature. In all honesty, the story is cliché, but it actually works quite well. This isn't supposed to be a revolutionary masterpiece, it's meant to be a fun good-guys-VS-bad-guys-buddy-movie type film, only set on the moon in the future. The characters are quite endearing and likable as well. They feel like people you'd want to hang out with.

The special effects (which were unfairly criticized at the time) are surprisingly good, considering they were from 2000 (remember, the film was finished but shelved for two years), and the direction of Ron Underwood is quite nice. Visually, the film is a treat.

The cast works. Murphy, Dawson and Quaid are all great in their roles, and supporting characters are played very well by some big names, such as Peter Boyle, Pam Greir, Burt Young and even a cameo by Alec Baldwin.

The music is fun, the editing is great, the set design is exquisite, the acting is generally very good, the direction is fantastic, the story is decent enough. I really can't say much. The craftsmanship is very competent. It's not a bad film by any stretch of the imagination from any conceivable way you look at it. Is it a particularly strong film? No. But is it a halfway decent film with some laughs and some heart? Yes, it is most definitely. I also admire the fact that this film isn't ashamed of being light-hearted and positive. A lot of films (especially these days) try to be dark and gritty. It's nice to see just a positive, fun film.

I honestly can't understand how this was so hated by critics upon release, and so ignored by the general public. It's a very fun movie, and I had a blast watching it. I will gladly be buying this flick sometime soon, and sharing it with others, so they can finally see this treat they missed out on.

I give "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" a good 7 out of 10. It's lighthearted fun.
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I like this movie. Hence, I will doubtlessly never be employed as a professional movie critic.
madkaugh13 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I picked this up in a bargain bin, and was shocked. Nothing major is wrong with this movie. It's not a great movie, but it is imaginative, clever, technically head and shoulders better than most sci fi, has great CGI. The set design was on par with Total Recall.

I'm not connecting with the criticisms at all. I can see it not winning awards. I cannot see it garnering the universal criticism it did.

Someone called the action scenes weak and wooden. For 1/6 g? Have you seen footage of the astronauts walking on the moon? I wouldn't even call the plot weak. The twist ending was genuinely surprising, certainly as good as Freejack.

In fact, the thing that bugged me the most seemed to be among many people's favorite. I thought Randy Quaid's libidinous android felt unrealistic, and marred the overall emphasis on a possible future. Imagine Marvin the paranoid robot taking Data's place. A bit hard to take seriously, no?

I'm glad I took the minor risk and made the purchase. I will keep the DVD and watch it again occasionally.
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Old Fashioned Sci-Fi
kathmandu24 August 2002
This was a really cool movie considering no one makes cool sci-fi movies much. It had a pretty good story, like a remake of a 1950's nightclub noir film. It really had an early R. Heinlein or Phillip K. Dick feel to it, sort of. The effects were neat if not ground breaking and Eddie Murphy did a credible job. Randy Quaid was funny and annoying at the same time. Also had a really funny cameo of Pam Greir as Eddie's mom. A nice, solid movie. Not perfect by any means with lots of science mistakes but then Hollywood does that a lot anyway. This movie reminds me of Total Recall if I had to put a name on it.

The humor was much more sophisticated than I expected and there were no Uranus jokes, contrary to other reviews. If you are going to lie, try a little harder.
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Better than the ratings would imply
Kunovega5 August 2015
This is a movie full of cliché and predictable twists. But it's still Eddie Murphy being funny and filled with cute little moments.

I'm not sure why this film attracts so much hate, it doesn't bother doing anything so terrible that it deserves the vitriol level of criticism that seems to be thrown at it.

It's at worst a movie that's easy to classify as "average", but personally I actually really enjoy this film. It's a non offensive, straight forward sci-fi comedy that doesn't require any deeper understanding or intellectual delving.

There's no deeper meaning here than some funny people having an adventure on a future moon city. You could do a lot worse with your time than to sit back, turn off your brain for an hour and just enjoy the show.

Honestly this is one of my go to movies for multitasking, something funny on in the background that doesn't require my 100% attention to still make me laugh while I'm doing other things. And it ends up getting watched more often than some of the "better" movies that I would rate at 10 simply because those are often a chore to watch and require actually thinking to understand them.

Yes if you understood that correctly: I do enjoy a deeper movie and would rate them higher, but it's also not what I would typically grab from day to day when I just want to laugh while getting through the grind: The Adventures of Pluto Nash "is".
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A fun and enjoyable surprise.
cedrickroberts9 September 2004
I am an Eddie Murphy fan, but I did not go to the theater to see this movie because of the horrible reviews that I read about it. My feelings after catching this movie on HBO are clear, don't necessarily base all of your decisions to watch a movie or not on highly publicized reviews. The fact is, that I enjoyed this movie. I thought that the cast was attractive and talented; and that there were some credible laughs. But most of all, I thoroughly enjoyed the way the movie looked and how it was filmed. This film was simply not as bad as the critics said it was. It is possible that because the critics criticized the movie so much, that when I finally saw the movie, and was not repulsed by it, that I began to relax and enjoy it. I think that many of the critics were expecting a Beverly Hills Cop-type laugh fest, but that is not a comedy that's really an action-drama with a few laughs. This is strictly a sci-fi comedy, as such, it does not take itself seriously; and neither should you if you decide to watch it. Just see if you enjoy it. I sure did.
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dude-28112 September 2006
Randy as Bruno was awesome, Murphy was solid as always, the story was fun and with music from outcast makes this just a great space comedy! Best comparison is Fifth Element mixed with Total Recall but it's not a rip, I get annoyed when people can't look at a movie and enjoy it for what it is which is a fun family movie for everyone! Playing Frank Sinatra was also adorable, love the touch and the hole robot theme. The music is just great too, I love the sound track! If I would sum this movie with one word it would be "Happy" because that's how I felt after seeing it! =D Only negative would be the story as a hole but I figure it's made for everyone including a young public and a bit predictable but other then that there's nothing I can complain about.
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The "Bringing Up Baby" of it's time
XweAponX7 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"The Adventures of Pluto Nash" has the same type of pacing, wit, slapstick, and raging sidesplitting comedy- and and even bits of Pseudoscience- as the Howard Hawks 1938 and also-not appreciated-in-its-time "Bringing Up Baby". Perhaps not classic material as the latter, but surely contains all the elements that made Bringing up Baby the unstoppable string of events it is - And Pluto Nash certainly is a nonstop romp through a fictional future. Some of the gag elements - Including Hilary Clinton's face on a $10,000 dollar Bill... This film has so many details like that, where you just have to accept the incredulity of it all: And although gags like that were used in films like 1990's Total Recall (Mars Today Newspaper rack on Mars) and The 5th Element (Cigarettes that are 3/4 butt with a small amount of tobacco), the gags do not take over the scenes, they just happen to be there just to add to the general insanity.

Not being familiar with Director Ron Underwood other than 1990's "Tremors" I watched this because I had to see Eddie Murphy working with Randy Quaid, who also has a great sense of comedy (re: 1996's "Independence Day"). Underwood has an impressive list of works including "City Slickers" and "Mighty Joe Young". John Powell did the soundtrack and it smacks of some of his other films, blending the pop music of the soundtrack with his strains of heavy melodic beat.

Cameos by the great Pam Grier, Alec Baldwin, Illeana Douglas, John Cleese, James Rebhorn as a crook and even other classics like Burt Young and Peter Boyle... There is simply a lot of good talent in this film, Rosario Dawson, Joe Joe Pantoliano, Jay Mohr, and Luiz Guzman.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this, it is classic comedy, not modern comedy- You don't have to think, the jokes are hand delivered by Murphy and Quaid through most of the film, with Quaid almost stealing the whole film and Pantoliano a close second. Eddie is simply Eddie, and can make you laugh just by looking at you, nobody had to work to be funny, it just is. The other players toss in their bit on cue. It is simply set in a futuristic setting, and due to that, the gags are unique and hilarious.

If only they could film on location in "Little America" on the moon, perhaps in 2087, they will be able to do that.
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Adventures of Pluto Nash, not Humor of Pluto Nash!
Mr_Jackhammer1 September 2002
It seems that a lot of people went into this movie expecting a sidesplitting comedy. That was not the point of the movie. This movie was rocking good sci-fi action, with just enough humor to keep it fun without degenerating into the usual slapstick retardation. The plot was fun and interesting, and I really liked the way the movie had an atmosphere that melded the future with the past. Notice in particular the cool looking vehicles. It was a little like Total Recall, and also like The Fifth Element, but this doesn't mean it stole from either. It was quite original I think. I recommend this movie, it is fun and exciting. Just don't expect a total comedy and lots of dirty jokes or you will be disappointed. Expect some good science fiction, with some genuinely funny moments. I enjoyed this movie a lot. Give it a chance, don't decide what it is and then think it sucks because it's not what you expected.
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a great eddie murphy movie, delivered everything i expetected it would
daworldismine4 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
pluto nash is one of them movies, that was a box office flop, so people like to jump on the bandwagon and say its rubbish, when it is far from it, this is a great eddie murphy movie, and is funny, with a great cast, and a sexy looking rosario dawson, thats a pretty sweet hour and a half to me. most people that badmouthed the movie, didn't even watch it, its just cool to say it isn't good, well let me tell you know, if your a fan of eddie murphy, and why wouldn't you be, then you will enjoy this movie very much, no it isn't one of the best movies of alltime, it isn't even of eddie murphy's best but it is a great comedy, that delivers some good laughs, watch it you'll be surprised
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Good...not bad...and not great...murphy does it again! 7/10
berht-228 December 2002
Kids( 11, 9, 7 ) and I enjoyed this this afternoon and must agree with others that tghe critics have this all wrong. The special effects are top class and the CGI workers deserve kudos. Sure the plot was holywood boiler plate but it really surpassed Total Recall and Mr. Murphy was still able to project his exceptional talent and gift for dramatic comedy. Why didn't Warner Bros. plug this better? Why the release delay? Obviously putting it on DVD/VHS there was somebody with brains, sense, and guts to know it had quality. Bad rap and poor business judgement are it's only shortcomings. (7/10)
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People who are cutting-down this movie never saw it!
Cornelus24 August 2002
The movie is fine for a matinee comedy ... the story's a little weak, but I dare anyone who expects each action-comedy to be sidesplittingly funny to check out some of the "classics" from the 70's, and not come away disappointed. In the hands of a better screenwriter & director who know how to keep audiences from getting bored, this movie could've really had potential. As it stands, it's still better than most teen-oriented drivel coming out.

Kudos to Randy Quaid, who's about the only one entirely believable in his role (and to think he had the toughest part!). Eddie Murphy does an OK job, but its clear his best part is as a character actor, or someone a little more interesting (like Jay Mohr's character). Easily a 6, and I'll probably vote a 7 just to balance out those cast votes to movies sight-unseen.
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A great comedy
Austin_Powers-116 February 2006
I don't get it. Why did Eddie Murphy's "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" get so much beat up? I see the screenplay is thin, but anyway I think they managed to make this a great movie with some beautiful special effects. I've seen A LOT of movies in my life time, and I've definitely seen much more worse comedies than this, ex. WILD WILD WEST, BOWFINGER and BOAT TRIP (not that there is any comparison).

It is GREAT that there is no dick-, tit- and most of all Uranus jokes, the humor is much more sophisticated and sarcastic. By the way, Eddie Murphy does a SUPERB acting job, he is real and sympathetic.

Unfortunately this movie has been a huge fiasco worldwide, which means that we most likely never get a sequel :-( Whatever the critics say about this movie, I say "JOB WELL DONE!!!".
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Lower expectations
jay_brown7122 September 2002
This is one of those movies that you read about here on the IMDB, and find that everyone pans. So you go to see it at the dollar theatre not expecting to be entertained, but just for the popcorn and pop and to smooch with your girlfriend. When you do that, you could be pleasantly surprised. This movie is fun, not fantastically funny, but entertaining. Kind of a cross between The Fifth Element and The Milagro Bean Field Wars. Visually, big screen presence reminiscent of Total Recall. Go in planning not to like it, and you will probably end up buying it on previously viewed DVD or video someday.
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Surprisemayo25 September 2005
I can't even decide how to begin this. This movie was one of two movies that almost ruined my life (the other was a "Lifetime" movie called "Cloned", in case you're interested). To be perfectly honest, I cannot even write this review without getting worked into a frenzy of anger. This movie was quite possibly the worst excuse for a film-making venture that I have ever encountered in my entire life. If you can gain anything from this short rant, please: 1) Don't rent the movie 2) Don't look at the box 3) Don't read plot summaries or spoilers 4) Don't rent movies containing the featured "Pluto Nash" actors within a radius of 1 year from it's production.

To gain some idea of how I feel, imagine having just watched that videotape from "The Ring". I know my doom is coming soon, I cannot prevent it, and there is only one certainty: This film can only do harm.
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Poor Randy Quaid!
rosscinema9 November 2003
This is just another example of the continuing downward spiral of Eddie Murphy's once exciting career. Murphy will always have scripts handed to him and he'll always be working in films but the once edgy comedian has lost his edge a long time ago. This story takes place in the future where Earth has populated the Moon and a former smuggler named Pluto Nash (Murphy) takes over a nightclub from a friend and Nash makes it a big success and moneymaker. A young woman and aspiring singer named Dina Lake (Rosario Dawson) asks for a job but all Nash gives her is the opportunity to waitress. Some mobsters have been buying up the local business's and they want Nash's club but he won't sell. So they blow the place up and try to kill him but Nash, Dina and a robot named Bruno (Randy Quaid) escape and the mobsters try and find him. This film was directed by Ron Underwood who is usually reliable with lightweight comedy like this but this film fails from the outset. The special effects are adequate but not overly impressive. Many of the scenes are clearly filmed on a soundstage and in one shot Underwood resorts to actors being hoisted by wires for the gravity effect. Didn't they stop doing that in the 60's? And poor Randy Quaid has to play a horny and overly sensitive robot. Were we really suppose to find it amusing that he tries to get it on with other robots? But the big flaw comes from Murphy himself. This once exciting comedian use to be so reliable for edgy performances but here he plays his character totally straight. As you watch this you keep waiting for Murphy to say something witty and off the cuff but it never happens. It looks like Murphy has decided to try and be an action star or be the romantic lead. Murphy has become boring to watch and its sad to watch his films now. Pam Grier pops up as Murphy's mother but she has nothing to do. She has maybe two scenes and then she runs off (Literally). This film wastes opportunities and the script has nothing new to offer. Along with Murphy's boring and drab performance this film was dead on arrival!
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Highly positive
zeroic16 February 2004
First of all, I am one of those people who heard the rumour about Murphy's "Pluto Nash" being a flop and a disaster from miles away. So I didn't go out and see it instantly. At some point though, I just had to see this, because I wanted to know how bad can it be then.

I was stunned. The movie was fast, had a quite cliche, but a working storyline, EXCELLENT sets and subtle humour here and there. This definetly ain't a comedy, if that's what you're looking for, but a full-scale oldskool adventure film! The theme music is kickin', and the sets and the whole movie is so colourful, you'd think it was actually made in France (Just watch i.e. Vidocq). It was like experiencing some mid-90's computergame in a movie.

I think Eddie did a good job in his role of Pluto Nash, other actors were also high quality, but perhaps a bit shaded by Eddie, not because he acted better, but because of more screen time. I love to see this movie over and over again, everytime I get happy when I've watched it, and everytime I feel like I've seen one of the greatest space-adventures ever. I highly recommend if you like cool characters, fast action and extremely nice sets.

(BTW: There was a MOMO logo on the moon, I'm 100% sure I saw it!)
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Yup, it's an irredeemable flop!
BadWebDiver6 April 2005
And to think my all-time fav genre is sci-fi comedy! Here's a prime textbook case at how not to do one.

It's a comedy with only a microscopic trace of humor, a sci-fi that really could just have easily been set in present-day Earth with no sci-fi elements at all, and an action film that contains only the standard D-grade action story setups and climaxes - and done at a lackadaisical by-the numbers contract-delivery pace.

The only element that has the slight bit of remote interest is Randy Quaid as a rather quirky bodyguard robot. At least it's an interesting exercise at how to play a totally fanciful out-of-this world concept with no real-life equivalent. Yeah - the sort of role that your standard modern drama school graduate would be scratching their heads trying to get a grip on; and your academic drama scholar would be tearing their hair out till they looked like Homer Simpson over the fact "its not the type of role -or story for that matter- that has any credibility or truth to the human experience" (blah blah!) The fact that he is even a tiny bit watchable in that deserves a bit of a finger-clap - maybe.

It could have been so much better - a few puppet-type aliens hanging around, a bit more showing of the light gravity bits, a dig at your serious Arthur C Clarke space drama like MOONDUST - anything at all to make this remotely interesting as a cinema experience - or even a storyline.

But what we actually get is the real sort of movie that the conservative critics have accused all summer-style movies of being: brainless formulaic uncreative popcorn entertainment plying to the lowest common denominator that is churned out when the bloated Hollywood studio system is working on autopilot.

Actually - this is the movie that makes the normal summer blockbuster movies look like works of literary genius. The critics should have been aware of the old saying: "Be careful what you wish for - you just might get it."
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NOT As Bad As Most People Say
rock3162020 August 2002
Before I saw this movie, I read some of its reviews and they were not pretty. So, I walked into the movie theater with very low expectations, despite the fact that I am a huge Eddie Murphy fan. However, I came out of the movie theater feeling like I didn't waste my money. In my opinion, "Pluto Nash" is a very entertaining film. It has its funny moments. Enough that I would go see it again. It also has a very talented cast. Along with Murphy stars Randy Quaid, Rosario Dawson, Joe Pantoliano, Jay Mohr, Burt Young, Pam Grier, Alec Baldwin, and Peter Boyle to name a few. I would recommend that you go see it. It is a shame that this movie didn't receive a whole lot of promotion. Go to the theater and have a laugh with Pluto nash.
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Not Great, But Not A Total Loss
ReelCheese6 August 2006
There's maybe one laugh (if you're lucky) in this universally-panned disaster, but that doesn't mean THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH is a complete loss. Eddie Murphy is the title character, a reformed felon operating the most successful club in the "Little America" part of the Moon. But after he turns down an offer to sell to a shyster for $10 million, the laser bullets begin flying in his direction. Now he and gal pal Rosario Dawson, along with robot bodyguard Randy Quaid, are on the run.

Murphy is generally appealing, but his comic touch just doesn't jive with the sci-fi environment. The plot is at times incoherent and suffers from trying to roll comedy, action and excitement all into one. It's kind of amazing this clunker ever made it beyond the idea phase, particularly with talents such as Murphy and director Ron Underwood (CITY SLICKERS) involved.

What does PLUTO NASH have going for it? Though it's supposed to be a comedy, it actually works to some degree as a sci-fi adventure. The massive $100 million budget and futuristic setting make for some interesting visuals. And the picture moves along at a fair pace, with a tidy running time of 95 minutes.

For all its flaws, I would not use the term "boring" to describe PLUTO NASH. Hollywood has done much better, but it's also done far worse.
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Crazy but great!!
kevinpowell26526 December 2018
Wow what a great laugh . what wrong with it some critics need to have laugh
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Some of the best...
H3lix3 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A lot of reviewers on this site seem to dismiss "Pluto Nash" because it was a box office failure. I say: So what?! Did you invest money in this movie? Probably not. And yet, you as viewer, are treated to a -I admit- mediocre story, but with EXCELLENT special effects.

I like to think of "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" as a feel-good science fiction. There is no 'deep' philosophical theme going on, but then again: this film never pretends to be like that. It's just a film with a happy ending. Yay!

Here are some things I really enjoyed:

  • Low/no gravity battle. Did Star Trek ever do this? Once! Almost every SF film or series ever tries to evade low/no-grav battles. And yet, it looks so cool! The special effect department did a wonderful job making this look realistic.

  • Futuristic dancing. I love that! Every decade has it's own silly dances and it's so funny to look at this from an outsiders point of view. Just like watching 'jumpstyle'.

  • John Cleese was a realistic and believable CGI character. I don't need to reminds you how awful CGI characters can turn out (Jar Jar Binks!). Cleese was a floating projection of a head in a hovercar, but he was memorable and quotable.

  • The gun that goes 'WWWWHHHHhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' in an super high pitched tone when it locks on target.

  • An android with a personality. Star Trek needed many seasons to establish the character of Data, but "Pluto Nash" gives us at least one android with a genuine personality. Very nicely integrated into the story too.

  • The music was great. I am personally not really fan of R&B or rap, but I loved the way the music was put into the story:

*The dancing and the 'fast-forward' R&B music were hilarious

*Songs about the moon

*The 'scratching' sounds during fight scenes worked out perfectly

*The up-beat R&B style music was contrasted by some other types of music, like Tony Francis' show and his intro song (when he's wearing a kilt). Refreshingly divers.

  • Some have said it wasn't funny enough. I think these reviewers are not getting the subtle humor of this film. If you were hoping for Police Academy jokes, this might not be for you. The level of sarcasm is higher, e.g.," That's what I love about you. I ask you a simple question and four hours later I get a simple answer.")

  • The TWIST in the end. In retrospective it makes sense, but it really comes as a surprise on the first viewing.

  • CGI was great. The Lunar Highway scene, the deserted desert area of the moon with Earth in the background, the establishing shot of 'Little America', the hovercar chase... All very impressive.

This film is getting a lower rating then it should get. There are enough movie references in this film for a film student to write a small paper about. There are worse films out there like "A Sound of Thunder" that get a higher rating than this film, even though they had a comparable budget yet messed up on the story AND the CGI.
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A good entertaining movie
qarliv22 July 2004
I've read the no so complimenting reviews, and I have no idea what in this movie is bad. I go to a movie to enjoy myself, and this movie was indeed a good surprise. It has visual effects, music not so bad, good actors, and a usual story but in an interesting environment. The movie tried to bring a popular script to the future. I enjoyed the movie, much better, light, then other movies today. Eddie Murphy is not disappointing as always, his movies as well as this one are a all family movie to go and just enjoy it. In my opinion, even the robot scenes are somewhat novel, in contrast to other reviews.
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A funny no-brainer worthy of any evening at home with a six-pack
TheDimReaper5 January 2003
I saw this for the first time while at home and with my fiancée. After reading all the reviews I was prepared for the worst. Much to my delight we were both giggling all the way through.

As a rental, Pluto Nash is actually a brilliant evenings bit of entertainment.

I can understand anyone who forked out to go to the pictures to see this, feeling a bit let down. Don't let the comments of these people put you off renting it, it is a helluva lot better than some of the titles I have been duped into renting by a flashy box cover!

I give it a 7*/10 for any wet and miserable evening when you want to have a giggle and switch off your brain at the same time.
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Pluto Nash, more like Pluto A**
Neal1918 August 2002
I am a projectionist at a theater in my home town. The night before a movie comes out we are forced to watch them to make sure nothing is wrong with the print. I've seen some bad ones in my day (i.e. Pokemon, and Battle Field Earth), but this one takes the cake. I am convinced that this is the on-flight movie on the plane to hell. As funny as Eddie Murphy is the writers could not find a way to make this movie at all humorous. As an Eddie Murphy fan I hope this movie does not damage his legacy. What an awful, awful movie.
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Great fun
ADG-8121 August 2003
I've seen this movie twice within a few days, and I might see it one more time before this week ends... Sure, Eddie Murphy doesn't play tons of roles as usual, but he's great... as are all actors in this movie... specially the Bruno character is very funny! The story of this movie might not be the best story ever, but it's still interesting, but it's the comedy this movie's all about! The box-art looks very cheap, but the effects in this movie is well done, doesn't look cheap at all..!
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