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characters that I will remember
Kevin14 April 2006
I loved this movie because it had believable, likable characters and good acting. Unlike the unwatchable movies that come out of Hollywood, these characters were human earthlings with no magic powers. Unlike the movies of Hollywood, the characters had conversations, interactions, and emotions. No one had a gun and no one died! And yet a story was told, and we wanted to know what was going to happen next.

I also liked that the movie took place in New York City, and the characters took on the New York persona, while also keeping the theme of the parents being Greek immigrants.

There were some places in the last half of the film where the story itself might be considered by some to be weak, but the rapport that the audience has developed with the main character still compels us to be interested in his story, again as he is an ordinary guy with an ordinary life and ordinary problems and yes he has his dream and pride of Greek's ancient heroes.
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Well written character driven film
NY Actor25 November 2005
This film reminded me why I like to watch independent films; well written characters that we can all identify with. I'm Italian not Greek and I have family members who endured a lot of what the lead characters in this film were subject to, so I agree with the NY Times review, I found the film charming and would watch it again. The acting was excellent all round and it was good to see that local filmmakers are getting acclaim. I also liked the music because it wasn't that usual whiny middle eastern sound that most Greek music has. Does anyone know where i can buy this soundtrack for my girlfriend who is Greek? Also is this film only available on VHS or do they have it on DVD too?
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Great Movie!!!
jen3225 June 2003
This movie was so sweet. My boyfriend is Greek and he loved it too! It was so nice to finally see an honest, moving and touching story about Greek people. I also saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It had some funny moments, sure, but I would be totally embarassed if my culture was represented that way. Astoria was so realistic and really gave a true and heartfelt portrayal of the Greek/Greek American experience. Being 1st generation Irish, I can totally relate to it. Hope it gets around to other theaters.
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Sweet Adult-Son-of-Immigrants Story
noralee28 October 2005
"Astoria" is a sweet adult-son-of-immigrants story, not too different from all the others before it.

This time it's today's Greeks of Astoria, Queens, as called up by first-time writer/director Nick Efteriades. With resonances from "The Jazz Singer" to fellow Astorian John Turturro's own ode to his father "Mac," there are sparks of originality and unexpected turns, notably helped by charming lead actor Nick Steer, as he makes choices about his family and his life.

Though dripping the authenticity of home town filming locales and casting (only Paige Turco is a familiar face), the pace is a bit slow, also probably hampered by a low budget for much of a soundtrack.

I felt like a traitor seeing the movie in Manhattan, but at least it was in the top of a converted movie palace that recalled Astoria's late Triboro Theater. As it was, I was the only one of the five other people in the theater not speaking Greek so they must have been from The Old Neighborhood.

(originally written 4/13/2002)
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This movie was horrible
Grkmagas8526 February 2005
This had to be one of the worst movies i have ever seen, EVER, i hope this comment gets put in the main page, the person who left the comment was a student of the directors that is not fair, the movie was slow and story was horrible, i can't believe i watched the whole thing, well if you want to see a bad flick check this out, oh no i neeed to put 10 lines of comment, well i saw the movie 5 years ago and that was more then enough for 1 lifetime. OK let me recall it best to my knowledge, the movie has a Greek son and father, and his father is a gambler, spends all his money gambling, he owns a little morning mom and pop shop in which he sells food, he gambles against this "greek Gangster" so yea the kid is shown in various spots around astoria, so yea i don't know what else to say!
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Pretty bad
zissis11 April 2003
Pretty bad, all the way around; Terrible acting, bad camera work, bad message. I was hoping for something a little more uplifting. Instead I was treated to a slice of the seedy underside of Astoria, replete with gambling addictions, mafia-type loan sharks and a host of unlikeable characters.

If there were already a couple of dozen movies about the positive aspects of the greek immigrant community, a movie such as this might have provided an alternative view.
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