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The Memories
MulhollandGirl9 November 2005
I remember watching this show with my dad. He loved it and I think he was much more found of it than I. But I still enjoyed it. I thought it was quirky and I wish I had it on DVD. I think this cartoon was probably one of the last cartoons I actually likes. It seems as if 1994 or 1995 cartoons seemed to go in a new direction. So I definitely miss Marsupilami and wish it would have lasted a little longer. Of course I wish the same thing about Gargoyles. I mean what other cartoon teaches you about Shakespeare without you knowing your learning Shakespeare. If you happen to run across an old rerun of the show you should definitely tune in.
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I love this cartoon! It's awesome!
DisneyMarsupilami6008 August 2016
The reason why I love this cartoon. It keeps my mind off of Sonic. You see, Disney's Marsupilami was on NBC-TV Saturday Mornings while ABC-TV Saturday Mornings had Sonic SatAM. Also, I love Marsupilami hanging out with his gorilla friend: Maurice. And also, I never seen Marsupilami have a wife or kids. Only a purple gorilla sidekick name Maurice. Also, I love it when Marsupilami can say other things besides "HOUBA!" And i knew Marsupilami can speak like a human. I used to love this cartoon show. It was a hit in the 90's for Saturday Mornings. It was better than Sonic. It was a blast from the past. The Disney version of Marsupilami is way better than the Marathon version.
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