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1 Jun. 1959
Eye Witness
A man is robbed and killed on a dark street but Marshal Tallman exchanges shots with the killer and identifies him as the son of a local farmer. Upon Tallman's testimony, the boy is sentenced to death. Shortly afterwards, Tallman has to shoot another robber who holds up some of the town's respected citizens in broad daylight. To get even with Tallman, the dying man states that Tallman hanged an innocent boy... Now Tallman has to fight against an invisible, ruthless enemy - a towering wall of mistrust and accusation. He decides to turn in his badge, but that decision ...
4 Jun. 1959
The Hero
Marshal Tallman receives a letter from an old friend, a legendary lawman, informing him of his intention to settle in Yellowstone and open a saloon. Marshal Tallman is ecstatic, but Mayor Dixon is worried because he's seen the ex-marshal display a dark side.
22 Jun. 1959
Daughter of the Dragon
Adam McLean finds a young Chinese woman lying on the trail who has been left for dead. He soon finds himself targeted by the smuggling ring that brought her in the country.
2 Sep. 1959
Hangtree Inn
On his way to Arizona, Adam MacLean's old friend Mark Brandeen pays a visit to the offices of the Yellowstone Sentinel and gives Adam a full account of the dramatic happenings down in Arizona, how Brandeen lost his wife, his eye and his badge and found a new home - as proprietor of Hangtree relay station. Mark Brandeen has come a long hard way, with blazing gun and bodies along the trail. His story is a story that has to be told, and Adam Maclean is just the man to tell it.

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