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3 Apr. 1996
The Quest for the Holy Quail
While King Allfire and his Knights are off on a quest to find The Holy Quail, Count Geoffrey plots to kidnap Queen Griddle. However, when the ransom demands backfire, Geoffrey orders Merle the Wizard to get rid of the Queen instead.
Gift for Griddle
When a ten-ton cake arrives in honour of Queen Griddles birthday, its ingredients include Geoffrey and his Evil Knights, who declare siege on Camelhot?.
Tournament Day
When Queen Griddle offers Princess Flames hand in marriage to the winner of a Jousting Tournament, Flame asks Flicker to compete incognito. When he refuses, lame takes matter into her own hands.
When Geoffrey steals Excaliburn, Flicker replaces it with an imitation. However, when King Allfire can no longer pull the sword from the stone, the Knights believe the King has lost his right to rule?
Newt for a Day
When Sir Loungealot refuses to save a damsel in distress, he is zapped under a spell by the Hag-of-Gis; a wicked sorcerer. The hag turns Loungealot into a Newt on the eve of the big ball the night that Queen Griddle needs him as an escort.
3 May 1996
Knights and Knightresses
When no one joins Princess Flames League of Kingtresses, she gets Flicker to dress up as a girl, alias Sir Dolores. The league is so successful that the Knights of the Square Table have little to do and decide to take early retirement?
Merle's Mirror
Using Merles wizardry, Count Geoffrey schemes to assassinate King Allfire by using a magic mirror. When Flicker accuses Queen Griddle of being the assassin he is thrown into the dungeon?
Renaissance Dragon
When a flamboyant Italian Inventor attempts to bring Camelhot out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance, no one is prepared for his outrageous changes.... least of all King Allfire?
24 May 1996
Robbing Hoodlum
When robbing Hoodlum and his Melancholy Men loot the Camelhotians of everything they own, King Allfire decides to hold a winner-take-all Archery Contest?
Stone of Wisdom
During the Knights weekly poker game in the Cave of the Mystic Moors, they are interrupted by an Oracle who instructs them to quest for The Stone of Wisdom?
25 Jun. 1996
Hermits and Heroes
Fed up with all the taunting and teasing from his fellow knights, Sir Blaze leaves Camelhot and takes up permanent residence in The Hermit Caves.
Sir Hare
The Knights soon find themselves handcuffed by their own laws when Count Geoffrey uses every dirty trick up his sleeve to take advantage of the wording in their Dragon Code?
Bleepin' Beauty
When flicker inadvertently wakes up a sleeping pricess who refuses to tire or shut up, its his job to put her back to sleep. Little does he know that this liability is about to become an asset?

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