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Season 2

10 Jan. 1998
A Killer Makeover/The Age of Retention
Count Geoffrey has hit wimp bottom. Realizing this, Merle the Wizard encourages him to have a complete Villain make over? / After recent revisions to the "Union Labour Laws Manifesto" no one is more pleased than King Allfire?
3 Jan. 1998
The Lost Ruby Hat of Omar the Ham/Achy Breaky Mace
When Queen Griddle's engagement ring, the Ruby Hat of Omar the Ham, goes missing King Allfire calls in Sir Locksmith of Homes? / When Sir Loungealot sets out on a quest to find an artifact, he returns to Camelhot with an ancient Mace?
31 Jan. 1998
Shamrocks and Shenanigans/Three Dragons and a Baby
When Queen Griddle desires a pair of authentic RiverPrancing shoes, she sends the Knights on a quest? / When an ugly little baby dragon lands on the steps of Camelhot, no one suspects that it's a hired infiltrator sent by Count Geoffrey?
14 Feb. 1998
King for a Day/Erik the Well-Read
Pining for the days of his youth, King Allfire decides to go off on a solitary quest in search for action and adventure. / When the Stone of Breezebrain goes missing, Erik the Well-Read, an historian and Viking, comes to Camelhot in search of it.
28 Feb. 1998
Chain Mail Letter/You Dim Sum, You Lose Some
When Flicker neglects to mail a chain letter, the curse unleashes itself on Sir Loungealot? / When King Allfire and the Emperor of China decide to organize an exchange program, Loungealot and Flicker are sent to China?
14 Mar. 1998
Excalibroke/Infernal Flame
When Sir Loungealot accidentally breaks Excaliburn, he and Flicker venture to the Lady in the Lake (Loungealot's mother) to repair it? / The Blazing Dragons are invited to compete in the first ever Greek Gargantuan Games in Greece?
28 Mar. 1998
MacBreath/Attila's Hot Buns
When word comes to Camelhot that Sir William Furnace Breath has kicked the bucket, Sir Burnevere learns that he is next in line to be the King of Scotland. / Displeased with the services of a local drycleaner, Loungealot sends an angry note declaring war.
11 Apr. 1998
The Isle of Dwight/Ice Try
Merle the Wizard snoops through the town records and discovers that Sir Herman, was not a nobleman? / When a heatwave hits Camelhot, an irritable Queen Griddle sends Loungealot off to quest for ice?
Single Green Dragon/Sphinx Jinx
When Loungealot gambling win is stolen by Count Geoffrey, he goes into a terrible rage? / When the Dragons vacation to Egypt, Loungealot disobeys all the warning signs and uses flash photography, which causes the Giant Sphinx to come to alive?
9 May 1998
Griddle's Sleepless Knights/Whine & Roses
When Griddle has trouble sleeping, Allfire sends Loungealot and Flicker on a quest to Slumberland. / When Griddle suggests they need another statutory holiday, Loungealot suggests a day in which to shower the Queen with undivided attention.
23 May 1998
The Reign in Spain/Geoffrey's Evil Pancakes
When Geoffrey accidentally saves Flickers life, Flicker is duty bound by the Code of Chivalry to squire for Count Geoffrey? / When Griddle demands Allfire purchase a Spanish Villa, Loungealot buys a property sight unseen?
6 Jun. 1998
The Golden Thimble of Theodora/Seven Dragon Sins
When Griddle loses her mothers family heirloom, The Golden Thimble of Theodora, she insists the castle be turned upside down? / When the Knights venture to Avalon, they succumb to the idle fancies of a Wishing Well?
20 Jun. 1998
Quest to Success/Slay the Dragon
Flicker discovers that the string of recent failed quests stems back to the fact that the Knights missed taking their Quest Exams? / When the circus comes to Camelhot, King Allfire heads to town to visit an old school chum, Stu?

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