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'SRV Shuffle' Great Finish To Fine Tribute
ccthemovieman-122 January 2007
Vaughan's old band, led by his brother Jimmie, and a group of big-name blues-rock stars, play tribute to the late-great blues man. Guests are B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Dr. John and Art Neville.

In between the songs are tributes by those guests, and some short excerpts of Vaughan's performances from various concerts. Those excerpts are great, and really show off Stevie Ray's extraordinary talent.

Speaking of talent, all the guests are entertaining and fun to hear. Buddy Guy is fun to watch, too. Does anybody have more fun playing blues on his guitar than Guy?

Nobody, frankly, does a super song but they are all good. The best is at the end when the group jam and takes turns with solos. The finale, "SRV Shuffle," to me, was the best song on the DVD. It's so good I get tears in my eyes every time I watch and hear that last number.
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Nice Tribute To The Master
GrantCAGE17 May 2001
Some of my favourite blues artists appear on this video. Each musician performing their version of one of SRV's songs. The video starts with interviews with the musicians paying homage to SRV. The opening track is 'Pride And Joy' covered by Bonnie Raitt and sounds quite good. Jimmie Vaughan covers 'Texas Flood', BB King does a great job performing 'Telephone Song' and Buddy Guy takes on 'Long Way From Home' with some piercing high-end notes flailing from his Polka dot Fender Strat! I didn't think much of Eric Clapton on this video because his version of 'Ain't Gonna Give Up On Your Love' sounds pretty mediocre. I liked Robert Cray covering 'Love Struck Baby' as his inventive Chuck Berry-esque licks sounded fresh and gave the song a new dimension. All the musicians come together near the end of the concert to perform three songs together including 'Six Strings Down', 'Tick Tock' and the instrumental 'SRV Shuffle' written by Stevie's brother Jimmie in which all the artists solo relentlessly. I thought this video could've been done better with maybe a bit more of fiery musicianship instead of the lazy feel, but it's a tribute to one of the most compelling blues artists ever so just check it out and enjoy it. I gave this a 6/10 - Quite good!
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