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Season 8

5 Sep. 1987
Episode #8.1
No 73 looks like nothing but a boarded-up ruin. Martin and Hazel Edwards have moved out of No 75. Still, T'Pau arrives to perform in the cellar, and there are two new house mates: Jules Callahan and Nadia de Lemeny.
6 Sep. 1987
Episode #8.2
Neil is attempting to woo Nadia with poetry. Guests include Beverly Bell and an agony aunt for cats.
12 Sep. 1987
Episode #8.3
David Rubin answers the add at Mr. Patel's to share a room with Jules. Dawn and Nadia find him quite a dish. Neil prefers to watch the Communards perform. Jules tries his hand at film editing. David Taylor has brought a giant tortoise.
13 Sep. 1987
Episode #8.4
Frank Sidebottom's ears are in agony when a group of campanologist arrive to play with their bells.
19 Sep. 1987
Episode #8.5
Neil Buchanan always thought he was fit, but new resident David Rubin eclipses Neil's efforts. On the other hand, David's roommate Jules would rather stay in bed with his hidden pet.
20 Sep. 1987
Episode #8.6
Jules won't hear anything bad about his pet rat, Jaques.
26 Sep. 1987
Episode #8.7
Just when Hamilton Dent has moved into No 75, landlord JC Birch returns with more threats.
27 Sep. 1987
Episode #8.8
Nadia finds herself at the center of an argument, as usual. There are problems with the drain in the tunnel from the cellar.
3 Oct. 1987
Episode #8.9
Harry Stern presents the premiere of the latest Front Door Production multi part epic: "From Flusher With Love". Starring Dawn Lodge as Janice Bond and Harry himself as Aaron Dreck. However, the event is to be kept top secret in case the landlord hears about it.
4 Oct. 1987
Episode #8.10
Birch the Landlord has send Robert the builder round to fix the fuses.
10 Oct. 1987
Episode #8.11
Nadia is going to visit her grandparents in France. Harry is taking driving lessons from eccentric new neighbour Hamilton Dent.
11 Oct. 1987
Episode #8.12
Jules gets jealous when Dawn adores her silver mink rattus.
17 Oct. 1987
Episode #8.13
Harry is driving Hamilton mad during his driving lessons. Jo Connor has a crush on David Rubin. Neil in turn, is upset with Jo. Roger Taylor from Queen is playing in the cellar with his other band, The Cross. Kim wants to move out and into a flat of her own.
18 Oct. 1987
Episode #8.14
David and Jules' room is an absolute shambles.
24 Oct. 1987
Episode #8.15
Birch's solicitor, James Squire, has a soft spot for Dawn, so she tries to take advantage of this to counter his evil boss. Guests include a Chinese Theatre company.
25 Oct. 1987
Episode #8.16
Harry is still studying for his driving exams while Robert is still fixing everything in the house that is falling apart.
31 Oct. 1987
Episode #8.17
Kim is treating everyone to her Halloween tricks. Rob the Builder now calls himself Dr. Rob. Harry has offended Hamilton. All that and a world record attempt, body building, acrobatics, an exciting installment of Janice Bond in "From Flusher With Love" and an episode of "The Trap Door".
1 Nov. 1987
Episode #8.18
Dawn, Neil and Jo find out the differences between a lizard, a snake and a toupee.
7 Nov. 1987
Episode #8.19
Neil is into computers. "From Flusher With Love" is reaching it's climax.
8 Nov. 1987
Episode #8.20
Sloppy Jules gets in the way of Dawn and clean cut James Squire's romantic Sunday morning.
14 Nov. 1987
Episode #8.21
For some reason Hamilton is dressed as a mythological character. Kim is chasing shadows. Dawn is about to discover the age old mysteries of the egg.
15 Nov. 1987
Episode #8.22
To Nadia and David's dismay, Harry is practicing opera.
21 Nov. 1987
Episode #8.23
James Squire has made a decision concerning his relationship with Dawn. There is bob sleighing in the hall and live size sculptures in every room.
22 Nov. 1987
Episode #8.24
Harry is convinced he has royal blood and calls himself Viscount Harry Lord 73.
28 Nov. 1987
Episode #8.25
Neil, Jo & Robert are slack-jawed to find Harry Stern has nabbed himself an aristocratic girlfriend, Philippa. Also pulling faces in the house are several Gurners.
29 Nov. 1987
Episode #8.26
Jules & Hamilton are pretending to be knights of the round table. Dawn would rather concentrate on orienteering.
5 Dec. 1987
Episode #8.27
It's Hamilton Dent's birthday. How does the eccentric neighbour plan to celebrate? At No 73 of course.
6 Dec. 1987
Episode #8.28
Nadia wishes her mother would keep quiet. But she knows the chance of her wish being granted remain slim.
12 Dec. 1987
Episode #8.29
Dawn has an interview with Mr. Curtis concerning the theme park she and the others have applied to.
19 Dec. 1987
Episode #8.31
The No 73 tendency is to be terminated on January 2nd 1988. Dawn is trying to take over a theme park so everybody can move in there. Meanwhile Little Frank wants to ditch Frank Sidebottom and get a new partner for Christmas.
20 Dec. 1987
Episode #8.32
Dawn and Neil prepare for their last ever Christmas celebrations at No 73.
2 Jan. 1988
No 73 Holiday Show
It's time to say goodbye and move out of No 73. The gang is having a great big House Cooling Party. Everyone's welcome, but make sure to bring a packing case.

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