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  • Riveting suspense thriller about a dedicated cop who leads an under-cover squad against a group of terrorists. He manages to capture their leader, but finds himself and his family mentally and physically manipulated by the wily terrorist and his followers.

  • Abbas and Amit Singh are two undercover police officers working under their commanding officer Pathak, to penetrate a terrorists gang, who have been carrying on their activites without any regard to law nor lives. This group has connections everywhere, from the police to the politicians, and no one is sure who these spies are. The leader of this group Commander Bhadra is in prison, and offers Amit Singh considerable money and a secure life, if he were to become a double agent. When Amit refuses, his wife and child are threatened; Abbas and Pathak are killed, and Amit himself does not know who to trust, as even his friends, neighbours, and fellow police-officers are in cahoots with the terrorists.


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  • A undercover operation whose success costs everything to the men behind it. Two policemen, one of whom is lured into crime, with his family at stake. The other looses his life trying to protect the undercover officer. In the process we see the light and the dark of the Law enforcement body. A glimpse into the lives of men, who are faced wiht dilemmas at every step of their personal and professional lives. And where does one draw the line. And is the decision to draw this line ever yours?

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