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Glenn Ford introduces his wife Eleanor Powell...
Neil Doyle25 May 2008
This is a very brief presentation of the Variety Clubs of America who were sponsoring a drive to fund the care of blind children.

GLENN FORD mentions that his wife is no longer starring in the kind of musicals fans were familiar with and instead was teaching Sunday School on a local TV show and doing what she could to help disabled children lead normal lives.

ELEANOR PARKER then steps forward to plead to the audience that they give generously in the theater when the usher comes around for donations because it will help the thousands of children get the kind of care they urgently need.

This was a promotional piece that theaters featured when the Variety Club drive was at its peak.
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Michael_Elliott29 December 2008
Have Faith in Our Children (1954)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

The Variety Club of Northern California produced this short that tries to make money for blind children. Glenn Ford and his wife Eleanor Powell ask movie viewers to donate as much money as they can so that blind children might one day be cured. There were quite a few of these types of shorts made back in the day and this one here isn't really any better or worse than the others. It's always nice seeing Ford on screen no matter what he's doing. The one weird thing that stuck out is that Powell spends time bringing up her MGM past by saying she isn't going to talk about her MGM past, which is clearly a promo no matter what she tries to say.
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