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  • It's meant to symbolize the inner conflict he feels for his failure to be taken seriously as a actor. Alexander sees himself as a Shakespearean actor who is nevertheless stuck with a persona he can never be free from. He hates Lazarus, and since he feels he can never be free of his hated alter ego, he continues to wear the head piece to emphasize his inner self loathing.

  • Cmdr. Peter Quincy Taggart is based on Captain James T. Kirk, Dr. Lazarus on Spock, Tawny Madison on both Lieutenant Uhura and Deanna Troi, Tech Sergeant Chen on Chief Engineer Scott, Lieutenant Laredo on both Ensign Chekov and Wesley Crusher, and Guy, aka Crewman Number 6, is of the infamous "red shirts", one-off characters who would go down to a planet with the officers and be quickly killed by aliens.


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