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New to Hulu in April: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘The Usual Suspects,’ and Many More Film and TV Titles

New to Hulu in April: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘The Usual Suspects,’ and Many More Film and TV Titles
Hulu has announced the new titles that will be available to stream on the platform during the month of April. Leading the pack is the new original series “The Handmaid’s Tale,” based on Margaret Atwood’s classic novel of the same name and starring Elisabeth Moss. The series premieres April 26.

Read More: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Trailer: New Teaser Reminds Us Elisabeth Moss’ Story Is Ours

Also available to stream next month are a handful of modern classics, such as “Robocop,” “Days of Thunder,” “Thelma & Louise,” “The Usual Suspects,” “Election,” “JFK,” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” as well as indie favorites like “Short Term 12,” “The Babadook,” “In a World,” and “Hello, My Name is Doris.”

Find the list of all titles coming to Hulu in April below.

April 1

1408 (2007) (*Showtime)

A Horse Tale (2015)

Agent Cody Banks (2003)

Affliction (1998)

Almost Famous (2000)

America’s Sweethearts (2001) (*Showtime)

Bad Company (1995) (*Showtime)

Bangkok Dangerous (2008) (*Showtime
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Taboo Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Rule Of Thumb

Why, oh why don't these people get it by now? You do Not f*ck with James Delaney. Not. Ever.

There were quite a few shocks on Taboo Season 1 Episode 5, including the opening scene. We got want we wanted, sort of: a beautifully shot duel scene, but with a twist.

I Really wanted to see Thorne bite it, but alas, we'll have to wait until another day.

As satisfying as it would have been to see Delaney waste Thorne, it is actually more in keeping with the theme of the show to have Delaney spare him.

My apologies - that was an excellent shot. I can only assume that your second is a Company man, since he failed to load a ball in your pistol. It would appear that my life is more precious than yours. Good day.

Delaney [to Thorne] Permalink: My apologies - that was an excellent shot. I can
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Watch: The Launch Trailer For ‘Battleship Island’ Starring Hwang Jung-Min, So Ji-Sub and Song Joong-Ki

Battleship Island (literal title)

Director: Ryoo Seung-wan (Veteran, 2015)

Distributor: Cj Entertainment

Cast: Hwang Jung-min (The Wailing, 2016), So Ji-sub (A Company Man, 2012), Song Joong-ki


During the Japanese colonial era, hundreds of Korean people, who were forced onto Battleship Island (a.k.a. Hashima Island) to mine for coal, risk their lives to escape.

Hwang Jung-min features as Lee Kang-ok who is a bandmaster at Kyungsung Hotel while So Ji-sub as Choi Chil-sung who is the top fighter in Kyungsung (old name of “Seoul”). Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki plays Park Moo-young who belongs to the Korean Independence group and sneaks onto Battleship Island to rescue a member of the independence group.

The film is eyeing a summer release.
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Deepwater Horizon Review [Tiff 2016]

Deepwater Horizon is a viciously intense disaster film engulfed by the flames of greed and ego – and actual, physical flames. Despite already knowing the film’s infamous outcome, director Peter Berg still manages to deliver a tragic, exciting retelling of the worst oil crisis in Us history. This is no action film – Berg does well to highlight every ill-advised instruction and heroic showing of humanity, focusing solely on survival. Scene after scene, we can only sit and shake our heads as inevitability inches closer, enraged by the honest depiction of corporate stupidity shown by every Bp “Company Man” aboard the Deepwater Horizon.

Mark Wahlberg stars as technician Mike Williams, second-hand to rig top-dog, Jimmy Harrell (Kurt Russell). Upon their arrival on the Deepwater Horizon, Jimmy is informed that Bp executives had executed orders without proper testing – championed by company man Donald Vidrine (John Malkovich). Jimmy is not thrilled by the directive,
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Fite TV adds Martial Arts Movies from Iron Dragon Productions to programming line up

Fite TV in conjunction with Iron Dragon Productions have announced that it has added a selection of Iron Dragon’s line up of modern martial arts themed movies to its programming line-up.

Fite is a free app that is available for download at the Google Play or iTunes app stores.

Fite specializes in all things fighting, including Boxing, Wrestling, Mma and Martial Arts. Iron Dragon has a deep library of martial art themed movies to choose from.

“Iron Dragon Productions has accumulated a vast library of martial arts themed movies over the last several years and we are thrilled to add Fite TV to our distribution footprint for these great movies,”

said Janell Vela Smith, CEO Iron Dragon Productions.

“The addition of these action packed Martial Arts themed movies stays with the vision of ‘All Things Fighting’ for the Fite TV network. Fite remains your number one designation to see the best of the Boxing,
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18 Great Korean Action Films You May Have Missed ( Part 2 )

In Korea, film reviews are curated by popular portal Naver .

Naver compiles and ranks movies based on openly available reviews, re-defining the reviews with star ratings. Ratings 1, 2, 3, and 4 = negative. 5, 6 are neutral, and 7, 8, 9, and 10 as positive.

Based on these ratings I have curated a list of little-known, highly-rated Korean Action films that have received at least a 7 rating on Naver. These are films appreciated by critics and viewers in Korea, so you can trust that they’re great.

How many of these have you watched?

Click Here For Part 1

10. The City of Violence (2006)

Directed by Ryoo Seung-Wan (Veteran, 2015), who stars in the film.

Two childhood friends reunite for their friend’s funeral. They suspect something fishy and carry out an inquiry into his death.

11. Gangster High (2006)

A group of friends form a soccer team and call themselves “Tigers”. Before long the group becomes a gang, and after standing up for themselves
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Netflix : 5 Great Korean Action Films You Should Watch Right Now

Korean cinema is known for having some of the best action thrillers available, and Netflix is one of the best places to watch them.

Netflix recently announced a expansion of their service to more than 130 new countries. This will make it even easier to access the great Netflix content and in particular their extensive Asian cinema library.

The huge Netflix library can be difficult to navigate at times, so we’ve done the hard work for you and picked out 5 great recent Korean action films to get you going.

5 Great Korean Thrillers Available On Netflix Right NowClick To Tweet

Here are 5 Great Korean Action Films Available on Netflix Now

The Suspect


A fugitive agent tries to uncover the volatile secrets hidden inside a dead man’s eyeglasses.

Northern Limit Line


Naval thriller film written and directed by Kim Hak-soon, based on the real-life events of the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong.
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Heroes Reborn Episode 12 Review – ‘Company Woman’

Tai Freligh reviews the twelfth and penultimate episode of Heroes Reborn, ‘Company Woman’…

So this week’s episode of Heroes Reborn was the last one before the season finale (and no, there won’t be another season of Hr as confirmed by NBC) and I really wanted it to be chock-full of action and adventure. Entitled ‘Company Woman’, the episode was meant to be a play off of the episode from the first season of the original show, Heroes, called ‘Company Man’. That brilliant episode really fleshed out Noah Bennett’s motivations and backstory, where this episode was a weak tribute which was too little, too late to even make us care about Erica Kravid. So how did the second to last chapter of Heroes Reborn stack up? Let’s get to the recap and review and see!

With only one episode left in the entire story arc of Erica Kravid left,
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Review: 'Heroes' stumbles back to life with 'Heroes Reborn' miniseries

  • Hitfix
Review: 'Heroes' stumbles back to life with 'Heroes Reborn' miniseries
"Heroes Reborn" begins — as it all but certainly had to — with a philosophical monologue. Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman), aka Hrg, aka the most popular "Heroes" character returning for a major role in this sequel miniseries, is considering all that's happened to the world since the original series ended, and the strained relationship he has with daughter Claire. "When you look back at the things you've done, the decisions that you've made" Noah ponders, "the last thing you want to feel is regret. Am I right?" I don't know how much regret "Heroes" creator Tim Kring feels over the way the show went from phenomenon to punchline in only a few years. But it's telling that the first hour of the two-hour "Heroes Reborn" premiere (it airs tomorrow night at 8 on NBC) is book-ended by musings — first by Hrg, then by ponderous scientist Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) — about how much better
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Ryan Phillippe Takes Mark Wahlberg Role in 'Shooter' TV Show

Ryan Phillippe Takes Mark Wahlberg Role in 'Shooter' TV Show
USA Network announced a pilot pick-up for the hour-long scripted drama Shooter and has locked in Ryan Phillippe (Secrets & Lies) to star. Shooter is based on the best-selling Bob Lee Swagger novel by Stephen Hunter, Point of Impact, and the 2007 Paramount film starring Mark Wahlberg. The co-production with Paramount Television and Universal Cable Productions comes from executive producers Mark Wahlberg (Boardwalk Empire, Entourage) of Closest to the Hole Productions; Stephen Levinson (Boardwalk Empire, Ballers) of Leverage Entertainment; and Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers, The Real O'Neals). John Hlavin (The Shield) wrote the pilot and will also executive produce. Simon Cellan Jones (Ballers) is set to direct the pilot.

Ryan Phillippe is a producer on the project and will star as Bob Lee Swagger, an off-the-grid former Marine sniper who is coaxed into action to thwart the killing of the President. Ultimately double-crossed and framed for the attempt, he must call upon
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Stephen King’s A Good Marriage | Review

Golden Years: Askin Adapts Stephen King’s Domestic Dilemma

For those hoping for resurgence in the quality of Stephen King stock, the unique promise of A Good Marriage is not the ticket. Sporting King’s first adapted screenplay of his own work since 1989’s Pet Sematary, his customary flourishes are stamped all over it, including the predilection for the perspective of the underdog and plenty of trawling around in the private headspace of the favored character, which inevitably leads to moments of exaggerated artificiality. True, King has (or had) a unique flair for creating intriguing and sometimes empowered female protagonists, but the suburban housewife anchoring the lukewarm scenario here isn’t nearly as well-honed as the film necessitates.

Married for twenty five years, Darcy (Joan Allen) and Bob (Anthony Lapaglia) seem to have found the secret to success. Celebrating with friends and associates, including their daughter, Petra (Kristen Connolly
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'A Good Marriage' (2014) Movie Review

There was a moment during A Good Marriage, adapted by Stephen King from his own novella and directed by Peter Askin (Company Man), where I thought to myself, you know, I'm kind of digging this. In the aforementioned scene, gas station lights and a restaurant sign in the background provide a cool ambience as an unidentified woman walks out to her car, the screen fading in from black to reveal a noirish gray color palette. A dull, eerie piano score kicks in as the woman gets into her car and drives away, unknowingly tailed by another vehicle from which the action is captured. Unfortunately this is the opening shot of the film, and it is followed shortly by a cliched opening monologue, a generic party sequence, an uncomfortable sex scene, and some seriously hokey dialogue. I'm not sure either King or Askin had terribly lofty ambitions for the film anyway,
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Lukewarm Off Presses: "Chef" Again, Lord Attenborough, Joan Allen, and Movie-to-tv Series

Four interesting tidbits coming atcha that we neglected to discuss for multiple reasons. If you hadn't yet heard them, they'll feel like brand new news to you.

In what is clearly understood to be an awards-traction move, Jon Favreau's sleeper hit Chef will be coming back to theaters this Friday in wide release. I'm not sure it has the critical oomph to win any nominations and it didn't have the box office size to make that a non-issue (a la gargantuan hits like My Big Fat Greek Wedding) but could it sleeper hit its way into, say, The Screenplay race? I'm realizing I neglected to consider it at all there which is an obvious mistake. I had a really good time watching it with friends though; it's an easy sit and safe for diverse groups of viewers. My favorite visual was ScarJo eating a bowl of pasta but my
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Wamg Interview: John Turturro – Writer, Director, and Star of Fading Gigolo

Interview conducted by Tom Stockman August 14th, 2014

Despite his appearance and the roles you’ve often seen him in before, it turns out that actor John Turturro is one sexy stud! In Fading Gigolo he’s nothing like the nervous genius he played in Quiz Show, or the angry hothead from Do The Right Thing, or that weasel Bernie Bernbaum he played in Miller’S Crossing. No, in Fading Gigolo, which Turturro wrote, directed, and starred in, he played Fioravante, an honest-to-goodness gigolo whose eagerly-paying clientele include Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone! With Woody Allen as Murray, his unlikely pimp, Fading Gigolo sounds like the most oddball vanity project project to come down the pike in decades. But Fading Gigolo was a funny, gentle, and surprisingly sensitive comedy with a witty script, amusing characters and a jazzy sense of life in New York that felt like an old-fashioned Woody Allen movie,
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Stephen King Devises A Good Marriage In New Trailer

As the Master of Horror, Stephen King has seen countless adaptations of his works. And with long anticipated versions of The Dark Tower, It and The Stand in the works, it’s easy to forget that some of King’s lesser known stories are also getting the big screen treatment.

This fall will see the release of A Good Marriage, based on a short story from the author’s 2010 novella collection Full Dark, No Stars – and honestly, if King’s name wasn’t attached, the familiar nature of the story would have kept this one off our radar altogether. Now, the first trailer for the thriller has hit, showing off the strong cast while unfortunately spoiling the plot’s main twist.

Joan Allen and Anthony Lapaglia star as a happily married couple whose lives are turned inside out when the wife begins to suspect that her long-time husband may have
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First Trailer and Poster for Stephen King Thriller A Good Marriage

  • HeyUGuys
There are plenty of familiar Stephen King adaptations in the works (including a prequel and sequel to The Shining), but A Good Marriage somehow flew under all of our radars. It’s based on one of the author’s many short stories, and King actually adapted the story himself (as he did for Pet Semetary and Cell) for this movie.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, King had this to say about adapting his story:

“I’ve seen enough movies adapted from my work to know that the things that work the best are the things that aren’t too long and aren’t too short. Some of the stories, when they get expanded, they go in the wrong direction, and with the novels, if they’re really expansive, a lot of times it’s like sitting around a suitcase and trying to get everything in. A Good Marriage is about 100 pages long,
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First poster and trailer for Stephen King’s A Good Marriage

Screen Media has released the first trailer for A Good Marriage, which is scripted by Stephen King from his novella of the same name in Full Dark, No Stars. Check it out here…

From the legendary Stephen King – with a serial killer on the loose and a stranger stalking her family, a dedicated wife unveils a sinister secret about her husband that threatens their marriage – and lives.

A Good Marriage is directed by Peter Askin (Company Man), and stars Joan Allen (The Killing), Anthony Lapaglia (Without a Trace), Kristen Connolly (House of Cards) and Stephen Lang (Avatar). The film is set for a Us release on October 3rd.

The post First poster and trailer for Stephen King’s A Good Marriage appeared first on Flickering Myth.
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Trailer & poster for Stephen King's A Good Marriage starring Joan Allen

  • JoBlo
One of Stephen King's lesser-known stories is getting the big screen treatment, and the first trailer and poster for it have landed online. A Good Marriage is based on King's novella of the same name from his Full Dark, No Stars collection, and Peter Askin (Company Man) directed the thriller based on a script from Stephen King himself. The upcoming film stars Joan Allen (The Contender, The Bourne Supremacy) Anthony Lapaglia (Empire Records, Without a Trace), Kristen Connolly (Cabin In The...
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First Trailer & Release Date for Stephen King’s A Good Marriage

“Through hard work and lots of love, my parents have created something very rare: a good marriage.” That’s what Darcy thinks she has with her husband, until she finds his mysterious box in the garage containing a terrifying truth that no amount of couples therapy could ever fix. Based on a Stephen King novella from 2010′s Full Dark, No Stars, A Good Marriage just received its first trailer.

From Screen Media Films, A Good Marriage comes out in theaters and on iTunes on October 3rd. Directed by Peter Askin (Company Man) off a screenplay written by Stephen King based on his own novella, A Good Marriage stars Joan Allen, Anthony Lapaglia, Kristen Connolly, Theo Stockman, and Stephen Lang. In addition to the trailer (via Apple), we also have a look at the film’s official poster below (thanks to EW!).

“When her husband (Anthony Lapaglia) of more than twenty
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Watch: First Trailer For Stephen King Thriller 'A Good Marriage' With 'House Of Cards' Star Kristen Connolly

With big studio adaptations of high-profile titles like "The Stand" and "It" in the works, it's easy to forget there are a number of smaller-scale Stephen King-based movies on the way. One of them is called "A Good Marriage," and's certainly a movie, that much we'll say. Joan Allen, Anthony Lapaglia, Kristen Connolly, and Stephen Lang star in this one about a regular married couple whose world is rocked when the wife discovers a horrifying secret about her husband — he's a serial killer (though, what serial killer leaves all their clues in a not-so-hidden box in the garage?). This leads to Bing searches (who uses Bing!?), discoveries on the interwebs, and Lapaglia acting crazy in a movie directed by Peter Askin ("Company Man"). Hopefully, the cast — who we really like — will elevate this thing, because otherwise it looks a bit dodgy. "A Good Marriage" opens on October 3rd,
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