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Good start
Op_Prime14 January 2000
This was a good start to the animated series. The origin is good and very close to the comics. It was interesting to see how Braniac was somewhat responsible for everyone on Krypton (except Superman) being killed. It is a wonderful telling of how Kal-El came to Earth and became Superman. This tv movie is worthy of the first two movies. It can be seen sometimes with the animated series' reruns. Thumbs up.
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A Good DVD
FoomMan20 July 2004
I enjoyed this start to the Animated Series. It gave Superman an origin that seemed to simplify the destruction of Krypton, yet tied in the comics a great deal. What I liked about this incarnation the most was how Superman wasn't overly powerful like in some incarnations. The animation is very crisp, and Tim Daily is PERFECT as the voice for Kal El. I got such a kick out of seeing Lex getting annoyed by the quiet, hovering Superman near the DVD's ending. I never caught all of the series' premier, so this $10 DVD was worth every penny. I only wished that the show lasted longer, too bad the WB nixed it. Its my fave DC animated series bar none so far, including Batman.
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See comments for animated series. (1996)
SpunkyCh3 December 1998
This tape collects the First three episodes from the series and packages it here. Those episodes are the most often aired for The series. It is a good origin and sets up the goings on for later in the series. I especially love the way they deal with brainiac and the destruction of krypton.
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A pretty good adaptation.
Rayner12 March 1999
What I most enjoyed about "The Last Son of Krypton" was that it made a good effort to stay true to the comic book series. I liked how they worked in that Brainiac was actually responsible for Krypton's demise, though that was not the case in the comics. We also got to see a little bit of what exactly made Clark Kent become Superman.
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"I'll be watching you, Luthor."
utgard141 June 2014
This is the three-part premiere of the Superman animated series from the '90s. The first episode only features Superman as a baby, dealing mostly with the events on Krypton leading up to its destruction and baby Kal-El being sent to Earth. Love the way they incorporated Brainiac into that. The second part deals with young Clark Kent in Smallville learning to deal with his powers and origins. This leads into his going to work for the Daily Planet in Metropolis and making his debut as Superman. The third part is about Superman's first clash with Lex Luthor and setting up that dynamic for the future.

I enjoyed the '90s Superman series a lot. Along with Batman: The Animated Series, it was a great time for DC animation. The voices are terrific. Tim Daly and Dana Delany have become so synonymous with Clark and Lois, every new voice actor they try to use these days is automatically compared to them. And Clancy Brown's Lex Luthor? Forget about beating that! The rousing music score is fantastic, just what a Superman score should be.

It's great to look back on this series and see a proper representation of Superman and his world. It's all gone now, in the comics and in the movies. The lighter, more colorful tone has given way to "realism" and bleakness. Superman's a shell of his former self. But this cartoon got it right. It's great fun for kids and adults. If you have never seen the series, this is the place to start.
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Great re-styling of an action icon
dave13-112 April 2012
This feature length video release is actually a re-cutting of the three part pilot for the new superman series produced by Warner Bros. using mostly Japanese animation talent. The pilot re-tells the familiar origin story of the Last Son of Krypton, while introducing two classic DC villains (Brainiac and Lex Luthor) and giving us a feisty new Lois Lane.

The look very 50s comic bookish and kind of sci-fi retro. Metropolis looks like what TV and the movies were predicting for the year 2000: an urban landscape of huge buildings, elevated highways, high speed commuter trains, all very ultra-modern and glossy, and yet clean, efficient and familiar. The color palette is very bright and full of primary colors, giving the cartoon a Sunday supplement feel. My biggest complaint relates to a slightly clumsy look to the character animation, and even this is really minor. It's a big step up from Superfriends.

The show has a good look, great stories and lots of superhero action, and Clark Kent himself (as voiced by Tim Daly) is wryly amusing and stubbornly heroic in the face of occasionally tough choices. I watched this pilot and signed on for the run of the show. Recommended.
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A nice origin of Superman... and Brainiac too
Milk_Tray_Guy16 April 2018
This compilation movie from Superman: The Animated Series (STAS) condenses Superman's origin into three arcs and locations - Krypton, Smallville, and Metropolis. It's close to the original comic, the only major change being that Superman's origin is now interestingly - and cleverly - linked with that of his famous foe Brainiac. We see Superman's introduction to Lois Lane and the Daily Planet, his first meeting with Lex Luthor, and get an early hint of the shared continuity that will become known as the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) (an amusing mention of "that nut in Gotham City"). It's not all great; the Krypton segment drags in places, the Smallville segment feels like it needed more time, the dated art/animation style jars, and the final showdown isn't that exciting. The voice work is all good though, and it does serve as a nice introduction to Superman generally and STAS in particular. Overall 7/10
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The Last Son Of Krypton
BatmanFunReviews201828 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Superman: The Last Son of Krypton combines the first three episodes of the animated series to tell the origin story of Superman. Born on the faraway planet Krypton, Kal-El is the infant son of Jor-El, a brilliant scientist, and his wife, Lara. Jor-El believes that planet-wide destruction is approaching, but his warnings are not heeded -- except by Brainiac, the planet's supercomputer, which uses the information solely to save itself. As the planet begins to fall apart, Jor-El succeeds in sending his baby son away in a small rocket. The rocket lands on Earth, where he is found by Jonathon and Martha Kent. They adopt him and raise him as their own child, named Clark. Soon it becomes clear that Clark is not an ordinary child. He possesses powers and abilities far beyond those of ordinary mortals. He vows to use these powers for good and, after graduating, he moves to Metropolis to start a newspaper career, where he soon finds himself working with attractive reporter Lois Lane. Along the way, he also adopts an alter ego -- Superman -- to fight such dangerous menaces as Lex Luthor, who has designed a battle suit that makes its wearer nearly invincible. Fortunately, Superman triumphs over all, saving Metropolis and the world for the first of what will be many times. Just like Batman: The Animated Series this is one hell of a movie but also Superman TV Show that in my mind they will never reach and make a better show than this.
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Superman The Last Son of Krypton: Solid Superman movie
Platypuschow5 January 2018
The Last Son Of Krypton was essentially an introduction before the Superman animated television series premiered. Therefore as you'd imagine this is an origin story, from Krypton to Smallville to Metropolis.

Sadly this is only an hour long and that's a lot of content to get into 60 minutes! Regardless they do a surprisingly good job as do the voice actors who would go on to become regulars in the DC animated universe.

With an introduction to his rivalry with Lex Luthor to Braniacs part in his homeworlds demise this does tick every box even if it does feel a tad rushed.

This feel good 60 minutes is a must for fans of the animated television series and makes a good stand alone effort for fans of the characters as well.

Good job.

The Good:

Malcolm McDowell

Origin story is well done

The Bad:

A bit "Too" Warner Brothers


Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Kryptonian dress sense was awful

Colonel Sanders flies coach
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Long live Krypton
Marvelfan3427 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was a really good start to Superman the animated series it showed me where Superman was born and what exactly happened to his planet before he got sent to earth to be looked after by a family on a farm.

If you are a massive Superman fan then this movie will explain his origin.

My favorite scenes are when a truck is coming and Clark jumps in the way to save a cat or something and when Superman is fighting John Corborn in a robot and he scares him.
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