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My Husband WROTE the Screenplay and HE Hates This Movie!
madeleine-mcbride26 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
My husband, Clay McBride, was the screenwriter hired to pen a 'Page One' rewrite of DELTA FORCE ONE: THE LOST PATROL (not my husband's title choice, by the way)--and HE hates this movie. Hired over thephone by long-time friend, seasoned director, Joseph Zito (who was already en route via jet to the location in Israel), Clay was given seven days to create a top-to-bottom new script from an existing disaster already 'locked in' for production. My husband's version was a COMPLETE 'first line to last' new creation. (His only creative limitations were existing sets and contractually predetermined casting.) Accepting the assignment from Joe Zito--who my husband continues to think of as a friend and solid professional--Clay jumped into the project, often working twenty-hour days. He faxed each new batch of pages straight to Director Zito in Israel. My husband had been promised a respectable rewrite fee by Producers Yoram Globus and Allan Greenblatt for his efforts. In the end, Clay was paid only 50% in an 'up front' fee. To this day, despite Director Zito's attempts to rectify the injustice, Clay has still been cheated out of his remaining 50% fee! (Amazingly, DESERT FORCE ONE: THE LOST PATROL continues to make money. Clay McBride--the SCREENWRITER--has not been paid a single penny of his remaining fee.) Having seen the finished film, I have no doubt you will find the following statements impossible to believe. However, I can tell you the final film shares virtually NO similarity with my husband's original--and genuinely entertaining--written draft. Though hammered out at a hellish pace, Clay's script was truly clever. It featured a logical--yet surprising--narrative. It sparkled with witty, tight dialogue. It was a inspired, solid piece of screen writing. I can tell you Clay and I were quite excited at the prospect of his draft seeing production. How my husband's crisp, creative script was ever turned into the finished TRAVESTY of a film you've all seen, I cannot even begin to imagine. I DO know director Joe Zito was plagued with production and budget nightmares from 'Day 1' of the shoot. The film was hideously under-funded and, frankly, it is a testament to Joe Zito that he succeeded in delivering anything even remotely resembling a completed feature. Having acknowledged the crippling production circumstances, however, my husband is still at an utter loss to explain the complete BUTCHER JOB done to his script. I sat at the screening with my husband. I can tell you actual TEARS spilled down his cheeks as he watched this nightmare unroll before his eyes. And when the film reached its utterly bizarre ending--featuring that awful freeze-frame sequence (a sequence my husband had absolutely NOTHING to do with)--I could actually feel Clay's fingernails digging painfully into my palm. The astounding tragedy of the entire experience was this: prior to the start of production, my husband received numerous overseas calls from the 'above the line' powers, praising his "excellent and exciting script." Clay was told repeatedly that his script had "saved the production from disaster" and that "words did not exist to convey the gratitude of the entire company for reviving the production." (We still own the recorded phone calls on cassette tape.) From one and all: "Clay McBride is the savior of the film!" Your guess is as good as ours concerning how Clay's script was so celebrated before shooting began--and, damn it, it DESERVED to be celebrated!--and then it was utterly DESTROYED during production. All I can do is defend the marvelous talent of my husband, and weep over his shuddering embarrassment at the finished product. Clay McBride wrote a sharp, fast-paced and entertaining screenplay for director Joe Zito, and producers Yoram Globus and Allan Greenblatt. How it came to such a miserable end is a tragedy only THEY can explain. (And when you ask Globus and Greenblatt, remind them that they still owe the talented and professional Clay McBride the remaining 50% of his screenplay fee!) Thank you for your patience in giving me a chance to tell the truth regarding my husband's efforts and clear his good name--most importantly, the truth that this does not reflect his tremendous talent. Best wishes to you all.
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So bad it was probably just an excuse to launder money!
Tim-845 July 2002
One of the very worst movies I have ever seen. Absolute nonsense. This is not even a B movie, its a Z movie...

Hardly a story line, silly action sequences (if you can call it that), the worst actors on earth and a budget of $5 make this movie one for the books.

I rarely comment on movies, but I feel compelled to on this one to warn others not to waste their money.
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Seems like the parody of a parody of a bad movie
joseayarza22 March 2002
When watching an action movie, I don't ask much: I just wanna have a good time!!! i don't care stupid plots, bad acting, I'm long as I'm entertained by it. But in this movie, you really can't be entertained. Its action sequences are boring, since the team does not confront real action. They seem to be in a picnic. They are attacked by their enemies one by one, so they can defeat them easily. The characters can survive a long time despite being injured by a bullet, and they don't even seem like they're dying. And I won't even go into this movie's moronic plot, terrible acting, awful script, dumb characters and horrible special effects. Worst movie ever?? I think so!!
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Easy to rate this movie: 1
johnny-0813 June 2007
I don't know how to describe this.I wouldn't even call it a movie.So bad that they should invent some new word for that.Characters:0.Something going on:0.Nothing to watch except stupid action.But then you ask yourself:why are they doing this?I don't know,they don't know,nobody knows.Wow,I'm speechless.My parents are always telling me to think twice before I do anything.Obviously I didn't listen them when I sit to watch this one.I should start listening my parents.This "movie" is complete disaster.American crap and again one Russian in the movie.I wonder is he good or bad?Probably bad,like this movie.Pure 1/10.
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This Patrol is lost alright
SALUDES19 October 2003
There are several holes in the plot, or lack there of, of this movie. For instance, though hard to determine, the major objective of the Patrol is to stop a missile with a nuclear warhead from being lanched. As the final moments before the lanch tick away, and the team struggles to "deactivate" the warhead, one can't quite help but notice that the missile is housed in a cave without an opening in the top for the missile to fly through. One also has trouble missing the 100 or so very slow and very deaf men guarding this cave as they are constantly being suprised and hit over the head by the 5 members of the patrol. I know one can't expect a lot of realism from a movie like this, but this is going a bit to far.
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One good thing.
Tonci Pivac25 February 2003
Ok this was truely a shocker of a movie, never have I seen anything worse, The only thing going for this film was John Rhys-Davies, Why would he do a film like this, I mean he is great in all the Lord Of The Rings movie's.

Do not even bother with this film, it is total rubbish.
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All American Zeros
Carrie9021020 July 2004
All I can say is thank whatever God is out there that this wasn't produced/released after 9/11. Once again, Yoram Globus is back clawing his way back to his original fervid 1980's stature that made (Up)Chuck Norris what he is today by trying to cash in on the direct-to-DVD movie serial craze of the 21st Century! So what if cousin Menahem isn't on for the ride? So, like the action fan girl shmuck I am, I decided to skip Delta Force II since I think Billy Drago's crowning moment was in The Untouchables playing the sadistic cool cat Frank Nitti brandishing a nickel-plated pistol (by the by I saw it on Ebay for around $400), but those white suits Armani had him in made him look like the lovechild of Ed Gein and Cab Calloway. But it looks like once again, video covers are deceptive (great marketing strategies BTW) and you think well that Brit (took his cockney accent for Aussie) has some impressive biceps, Norris' son MIGHT have picked up a few pointers from dad, and Mitchum's grandkid looks like someone I could bring home to mom, and after 90-odd minutes you're left wondering why the f*ck I wasted my $3.50 on this when I could have had some Haagen-Dazs. Not even John Rys-Davies was able to woo me to say this bit of drek was mediocre! The characters were as developed as paper dolls (won't even get into the Greek actress playing the medic), the script was probably thought up after somebody finished reading Bravo Two Zero, and it makes you wonder if this is Globus' pathetic hackney attempt to bridge the gap between Arabs and Israelis and lure Hollywood to the hellish Mid East. Nearly ALL the Arabs were portrayed by Jewish people (my BF is Jewish so I know what I'm talking about). Also, you have think about these actors, I mean they must be destitute or something to take lead roles in movies like the DF and U.S. SEALs series. Or Bentley and Mike's acting attempts are that sincere w/o having to lean on their famous father and grandfather. As for our leading man, I know he's got a wife and 5 kids, but don't all California martial-arts champs open up their own dojo chains and get hired by the studios to choreograph stunt sequences? All I can say is the nuclear missile looked like the cardboard boxes it was built from, the pyrotechnics were borderline, the CGI was something a 12-year-old can put together on a PC, and the most expensive thing in the whole production had to be John Rys-Davies chess set. Also, I'm confused was this action or comedy? Because the post-battle bios made little sense to me.
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Warring nations in the Middle East
Falconeer19 April 2010
"Delta force One" promotes itself as another 80's style mindless action flick, so surprisingly this turns out to be a more serious, even thought-provoking film. Warring nations in the Middle East are the reason that the Delta force Patrol is brought together; soldiers from different lands working together to locate and deactivate a missile aimed at one mid east Nation. The highlight of the film is the tale of a young Arab boy, who upon witnessing the brutal death of his father, embarks on a journey of revenge; he will find and kill the people responsible for his death. The story follows him effectively through rough desert terrain, through mosques, and crowded Bazaar's in search of a way to fulfill his destiny of vengeance. Meanwhile the Delta force, who consists of a couple American officers, A British officer, and Isreali female medical officer and an Arabic tour guide, aka "desert tracker" work together while they are beset upon by angry, warring tribes from all different directions. For me the quality of this film came as quite a surprise; effectively, and sometimes beautifully filmed on location throughout Isreal, and featuring dazzling sets and authentic traditional Arabic clothing, this is a very polished film. Some attempt at comic relief is used, successfully, but mostly this one has a sombre and serious tone. "Delta Force One" will most likely disappoint action fans, as there really isn't a whole lot of action until the films climax. instead we get a fascinating look at conditions in the mid East, and whether or not this is an accurate portrayal, it is always interesting. Gary Daniels makes for a strong and handsome leader, and mike Norris provides a lighter mood with his over wound second-in-command, and their Arab "desert tracker" who eventually confesses that he has no idea where he is leading the team is extremely likable. But the one who steals the show is young Tamil, the Arab desert child played by Orr Malka. For a young actor, Malka plays his difficult part with an impressive and believable level of bloodthirsty fury. Judging by the ridiculously low rating here, this one was obviously seen by the wrong audience. "Delta Force One" is actually a well-made little film, both technically and artistically.
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Middle East Thriller
moviez-13 June 2002
Delta Force One Rules! Dude, if you like excitement and exotic locations and cool action scenes this film has it all. Gary Daniels and Mike Norris are outstanding in this non stop action thriller. I loved this pic and hope there's a Delta Force Two on it's way.
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Fair film!
Movie Nuttball18 August 2005
Delta Force One: The lost Patrol is a good film that has a good cast which includes Jonathan Cherchi, Jacob Gyir Cohen, Gary Daniels, Sasson Gabai, Uri Gavriel, Michelle Kapeta, Orr Malka, Jack Messinger,Bentley Mitchum, Mike Norris, Ze'ev Revach, and John Rhys-Davies! The acting by all of these actors is very good. Daniels, Mitchum, Norris, and Rhys-Davies are really excellent in this film. I thought that they performed good. The thrills is really good and some of it is surprising. The movie is filmed very good. The music is good. The film is quite interesting and the movie really keeps you going until the end. This is a very good and thrilling film. If you like Jonathan Cherchi, Jacob Gyir Cohen, Gary Daniels, Sasson Gabai, Uri Gavriel, Michelle Kapeta, Orr Malka, Jack Messinger, Bentley Mitchum, Mike Norris, Ze'ev Revach, John Rhys-Davies the rest of the cast in the film, Action, Adventure, War, Thrillers, Dramas, and interesting films then I strongly recommend you to see this film today!
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Better than all the other Deltas put together
saffron-57 February 2004
This movie is so much better than all those other Delta Force movies put together. It's much more of a movie and not only about things blowing up. It has characters I could really care about and root for. It's the best of it's kind.
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Thrilling Action Flick
lofan883 June 2002
Wow! This action/adventure flick set in a mythical middle eastern country is right on target! It's like being in that part of the world and the action is non-stop. Very exotic local with plenty of action for us to enjoy. Great movie! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the action/adventure genre or has an interest in today's headlines. Go USA!
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I got it!
poyapictrs31 May 2002
This movie is not for everyone. Especially non-Americans. That said, it kicks ass! The action is great and the story is fun. I rented it and feel as though i got my money's worth. This is just pure entertainment throughout
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