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Worth watching, if only for one segment
crybaby-24 February 2000
Although some segments were poor and some just average, this is worth watching if only for one segment. 'My father the liar' was brilliantly directed by Bob Hoskins, and as always Ray Winstone (the father) and Frank Harper (the station guard who appears in a number of the segments) played their roles to perfection. The real star however was the young boy who played the son. Although only on screen for not more than 10 minutes it is clear that this kid should be a huge British star in the future.
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Heartfelt and very funny (spoilers)
sleepsev8 October 2001
Warning: Spoilers
The whole film is one of my most favorite British films of the last five years, because it is really entertaining and moving. There's not a minute in this movie which makes me feel bored. 'Mr. Cool' is cool. 'Horny' is very funny and lovely. 'My Father, the Liar' gives me some strangely undescribable feeling. 'Mouth' is amusing. 'A Bird in the Hand' is affecting. 'Rosebud' is pleasantly strange.

However, my most favorite films are 'Bone' and 'Steal Away', because they can move me to tears. 'Bone' gives me the tears of joy and make me feel elated after seeing it. I thought what the guy does is one of the most beautiful and impressive ways to express feelings. It is one of the most heartfelt moment in cinema and affects me nearly as strongly as the ending of Eric Rohmer's 'The Green Ray.'

As for 'Steal Away,' I can't help crying when the criminal turns to wash the feet of the foot-washer. I think this moment in 'Steal Away' has something in common with that moment in 'Bone.' In these two moments, there is some deep communication between characters without using words. While words tend to be deceptive or inadequate to express what one thinks or feels, what these two characters in different films do is communication from their hearts, and that leads to real understanding. Though the ending of 'Steal Away' is a little bit predictable, its effectiveness is not lessened. While other films give me a lot of laugh, I feel these two films speak directly to my heart.
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A Collection of Short Stories
gary-4446 October 2008
A quirky, and very British, collection of nine ten minute short stories all set on the London underground.There is no obvious central theme, and no message. Just a celebration of the diversity of everyday goings on in our subterranean transport system.

You don't have to, and are probably not intended to, like all the stories. There is no "eureka" moment.What you do get is idiosyncratic story telling by a distinguished cast. The dialogue is often sparse, placing great importance on acting, and space, which the film delivers in spades.

In an era of increasingly formulaic and homogeneous film making this dares to be different, and rewards the viewer accordingly.Perversely the fact that the tales are no longer than ten minutes makes the overall running time seem longer, as you mentally "rewind" after each short. And if one is losing your interest? Well you are only a few minutes away from your next one.
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As as exciting as a trip from Baker street to Neasden.
CharltonBoy29 March 2003
Its funny how movies that are short stories seem to nearly always dissapoint and Tube Tales is no different. I am always interested in books and films that are a compilation of stories because sometimes you are not in the mood for 2 hour film or a 500 page book so this genre appeals. The fact is that you only ever get one or two tales that are any good and the rest are dross. With this film their are no good stories. They are all rubbish and are as dull as tube journey. This film was made by Sky TV and they have a long , long way to go to make films in the same way the TV company HBO do so brilliantly. There are some good actors in this film but the script is so arty farty it does none of their reputations any good at all. This film is destined to be shown at 4am on cable when nobody will or should bother watching. 3 out of 10.
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Great actors, poor script.
trip2themoon30 May 2007
I saw this last night and was greatly disappointed. When I saw the wealth of great British talent in the opening credits I thought I was in for a real treat but sadly there is not one short movie in this which you could really enjoy. Some were just OK but not one was anything near great, way too artsy fartsy without any real substance. I saw New York's Subway Stories a year before I saw this and it was a great movie. Of the 10 shorts in Subway Stories the only one I disliked was the one directed by Abel Ferrara. Anyone who has watched Tube Tales and found it boring should try Subway Stories, it's far more interesting and it's based on 10 true stories. Overall I give this 4 out of 10, it would have been lower but some of the acting is good.
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So much for the London Underground..
smiley-326 January 2006
I saw this film.. plus I bought it.. I must admit, it's not a bad film. Something I would watch on a rainy day.. With an all star cast of British actors.. It's no wonder why 9 stories or films all revolve in and around the London Underground. I think everyone from Jude Law to Ewan McGregor who directed the segments of the film. Plus you have Rachel Weisz and Denise Van Outen all doing their bit just to keep us entertained..

But at the end of the day. It's a pretty cool film. Hel! They even had that guy Richard Jobson, who used to interview people in Sky Movies.. Look at him now! He's directing films.. Nice one, man! 9 out 0f 10!
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A bit hit & miss but enjoyable none the less...
ajs-1023 October 2010
This is a collection of nine short stories centred in and around the London Underground, known by the locals as 'The Tube'. Each story has a different director which makes for quite an interesting feel to the film. It was originally made for TV but I don't think that detracts too much from the quality of the piece.

There are some well known actors involved in the project, both from film and (UK) TV. These include, Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher, Simon Pegg, Sean Pertwee, Liz Smith, Denise Van Outen, Don Warrington, Rachel Weisz and Ray Winstone. I particularly liked the performances of Denise Van Outen in 'Horny', Don Warrington in 'Steal Away' and Ray Winstone in 'My Father the Liar'. Although all the performances were pretty good.

Over all I found this a bit hit and miss. Some stories were great whereas others just failed to hit the mark. It's still a very watchable piece, but, I suspect, one you'll only watch once. I should warn you that there are a few pretty gross things that go on down there, so I advise not watching during a meal. My two favourite segments were 'Rosebud' and 'Steal Away': Recommended, especially for these two.

My score: 6.2/10
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Keeps you interested
Angeneer30 April 2001
An overall entertaining collection of stories, which might not have a very clear message but manages to keep the interest alive. Everyday people in everyday situations with a punch of humour or drama. Style over content once again, but that's not a problem for this movie.
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Nine short stories set on the London Underground...
The Movie Goblin16 November 1999
I saw the film at the London Film.

As is often the case with anthology films, some stories work better than others. None are particularly bad and none are particularly great either. The best shorts were Armundo Ianucci's "MOUTH" segment that is hilarious and unexpected, Charles McDougall's "STEAL AWAY" which is great, but starts off telling one story and ends with another, Stephen 'Lost in Space' Hopkins "HORNY" which stretches one gag for about ten minutes but gets away with it and is quite funny, and Gaby Dellal's "ROSEBUD" which is quirky but visually stimulating but ends without an ending.

Overall, not a bad try, most of the stories work but don't have a punchline.
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Sounds Of The Underground
wilsonstuart-3234629 September 2018
Whilst living in London from 1998 - 2000 there were lots of posters on the London Underground (also know as The Tube, I mostly used the Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines - Knightsbridge is actually portrayed in this film, I think) - The Acid House, Miss Saigon, The Blair Witch Project, Star Wars, Sciencetology (!)....and, of course, given the average Londoner's (if they exist) love-hate relationship with The Underground....Tube Tales.

Tube Tales is a series of short, unconnected films set in and around London's Underground; with one exception (My Father The Liar, directed by the late Bob Hoskins), most are average, albeit with one or two flashes of inventiveness. Like the fleeting strangers you'll meet on your journey, you'll see them only once, before they're quickly forgotten.

What's more noteworthy is the roster of late 1990's talent involved - Kelly MacDonald (Trainspotting), Jason Flemyng (Lock, Stock...), Frank Harper, Simon Pegg, a nice pairing of veterans Liz Smith and Tom Bell, Denise Van Outen, Dexter Fletcher, Daniella directorial debutes from Ewen McGregor and Jude Law.

For all this, Tube Tales never really catches fire the way it ought to have done; still, if you want a few undemanding stories from the Underground, and a peek at late 1990s London, then this is the one for you. Now mind the gap....

PS. I see Sky Arts recently released a program of very good short films a few months ago, starring Sheridan Smith amongst others; does Tube Tales have a legacy of shorts after all?
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Lots of promise, fails to deliver
mark-collins1920 September 2005
Sadly this piece is loaded with talent but gives the impression that the project was managed by a committee.

I suspect it will serve a good piece of social history if you don't waste a lot of time worrying about the story lines.

If the DVD had been released with more confidence it might have been nice to have some literature in the packaging. Can you spot I was desperate for some clues here?

It gets a 3 because of the sterling efforts of Denise Van Outen and maybe Ray Winstone. I am a big fan of Armando Iannucci who I suspect had spotted the absence of direction and must have written his story in his coffee break?
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Like train schedules, this ones rather unpredictable.
ghostface200019 November 1999
Sitting down with my mum this Friday night (yeah I know sad really) It was Tube Tales this or The man who knew too little. After the pre credit 'Tube Tale' things get off to a good start, Denise Van Outen is great here, if you liked American Pie you'll love this short tale! However it gets worse from here on in...and by the final tale you really couldnt care less. Out of the 9 tales only 4 prove better than average.

Check it out and see what you think, but is it worth sitting through each tale just to see what the next one is like, in my opinion No. I think sitting on a real train would prove more entertaining than this film.
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unusual, loose and pleasing
globalloon217 March 2005
i saw this and was quite pleased with what I saw. The stories were all very different in style and content. Setting was the obvious common ground as all the films are shot in and around the London Underground. I watched a couple at a time rather than the entire collection at once and I'm glad i did as it gave me time to reflect on them individually. I don't want to give any plots away, so all i can do is recommend these films based on their artistic merit. don't expect Hollywood gloss or loads of stunts; there are only a couple. not all of the shorts even have a traditional narrative. rather, you are immersed into a life as it passes through the underground. some unsettling surreality is balanced with plain old unsettled reality. just like travelling on the real underground. but beware, once you've seen this film you'll never want to carry your stash on the train again. In fact, you might just find yourself cycling around London!
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artsy, but not bad
blackfractal7 October 2003
A collection of surreal, artsy short stories that feel more like visual narrative poems. If you view it with an eye for artistic style, it's not bad. Otherwise, the plots fall short in sustaining interest, and it is hard (but not impossible) to develop a liking for any of the characters. As a work of art, 6/10. As a movie, 3/10.
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