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Ride or Dies: Reunion Part 2

The Ride or Dies settle unfinished business - Are Nurys and Jordan still hooking up? Are Tori and Jordan getting back together? Plus, a familiar face makes a surprise appearance. Buckle up - it's Part 2 of Ride or Dies ...

Season 36

7 Dec. 2020
Double Agents: Declassified
The Elite Agents move into their new headquarters and get to know one another, as their handler, TJ Lavin, details classified intel on the upcoming season and its extreme missions.
9 Dec. 2020
Double Agents: License to Killer Kam
Contestants battle against each other for their share of a $1,000,000 prize; former champions find themselves in danger as a cutthroat plan emerges to take them down.
16 Dec. 2020
Double Agents: Dive Another Day
The Mission: Ice Spy Challenge puts agents in freezing temperatures; a romance blooms; an agent plots against her partner.
23 Dec. 2020
Double Agents: Enemy of the State
Fessy's exposed lies about the secret vote cause concern within his alliance; agents must wrestle against each other on top of a speeding truck during an explosive "Mission: Road Kill" challenge.
6 Jan. 2021
Double Agents: Duplicity
After one agent is deactivated, TJ institutes a security breach, shaking up partnerships; the mission is Agent Down, in which agents must overcome their fears of heights.
13 Jan. 2021
Double Agents: Skyfall
After one agent is deactivated, TJ institutes a security breach, shaking up partnerships; the mission is Agent Down, in which agents must overcome their fears of heights.
20 Jan. 2021
Double Agents: From Theresa With Love
When rumors spread about Theresa's loyalties, she quickly becomes public enemy number one.
27 Jan. 2021
Double Agents: Die Another Jay
A target is placed on a strong pair of agents; Devin presses an agent's buttons; agents must face their fears while hanging off of a helicopter.
3 Feb. 2021
Double Agents: A Muddy Matter
Aneesa and Olympian Lolo Jones get into a heated exchange during a muddy competition; CT starts to worry about his partnership with Big T; Amber M becomes suspicious of one of her closest friends in the game.
10 Feb. 2021
Double Agents: Lady Vengeance
One agent is called out after trying to appease both her alliance and her new group of friends; T.J. forces the agents to participate in his favorite game; old grudges resurface as two rivals go head to head.
17 Feb. 2021
Double Agents: A Clockwork Amber
Two agents' attraction to one another heats up; Lolo and Nam's relationship grows cold; after a major win during Mission: Black Sand Ops, the double agents struggle to get on the same page.
24 Feb. 2021
Double Agents: An Inconvenient Goof
CT fears he may be locked out of getting a Gold Skull and decides to train Big T for battle; one agent's unforgettable performance shocks everyone during the high-flying Mission: Air Lift; TJ drops a bombshell.
3 Mar. 2021
Double Agents: Tinker, Tailer, Bunny, Spy
The ramifications of TJ's twist sends shockwaves through Headquarters; one agent becomes public enemy number one after a controversial game move; an injury causes a major setback for one player.
10 Mar. 2021
Double Agents: The Spy Who Loved Fessy
Agents take part in the terrifying "Mission: Survive the Night," where they must confront their worst fears; with Gold Skulls on the line, players question whether or not they have the right partners to survive.
17 Mar. 2021
Double Agents: The Best of Enemies
When two rivals becomes partners, they fear that their bad blood will keep them from winning; after losing what seems like thousands of partners and constantly being the Rogue Agent, Cory hopes to finally break his own curse.
24 Mar. 2021
Double Agents: Never Say Never Again
Fragile male egos are on the line when two top dogs argue about who is the best player in the game; the last agent without a Gold Skull desperately hopes to finally earn a ticket into TJ's final; agents face a terrifying obstacle.
31 Mar. 2021
Double Agents: A Most Wanted Man
When one agent learns she is at the bottom of her alliance, she realizes she must do whatever it takes in order to look out for herself; two untrustworthy players musts rely on each other to control a vote.
7 Apr. 2021
Double Agents: True Lies
An "introverted" player makes a big, public announcement about their future, as the finals draw near; TJ shows up at headquarters with a shocking request; two players battle it out in the final elimination of the season.
14 Apr. 2021
Double Agents: No Time to Die
The remaining eight agents arrive at TJ's final and begin their most grueling mission of the season; one team's fate hangs in the balance after a shocking revelation.
21 Apr. 2021
Double Agents: The World Is Not Enough
After a disastrous start to the final, one team worries if they can even continue on in the game; the remaining agents must persevere through mental and physical exhaustion in order to win their share of the one million-dollar prize
28 Apr. 2021
Double Agents: Reunion Part 1
Vernon Davis gathers the players to discuss Double Agents; Devin calls out Fessy's boastfulness; Kam and Leroy discuss the evolution of their romance, and a not-so-secret crush is exposed.
5 May 2021
Double Agents: Reunion Part 2
The mission continues in part two of the Double Agents reunion; the challengers are back for the first time since the finale to break down every hook-up, blow-up and back stab; never-before-seen footage is revealed.

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