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Lighten up and enjoy!
mermatt7 July 2000
I'm not sure what the people who dumped on this film were expecting, but I found it entertaining. I am a fan of good horror and good satire, so I was able to recognize and appreciate the jokes.

True, this film relies a bit much on poddy humor, but at the same time, there is a cleverness in the way all the films being spoofed (and there are many) get twisted together and played with here. Some of the slapstick and sight gags do fall flat, but the movie is quick paced and the satire is fun. If you don't go in expecting Shakespeare, you'll enjoy it. And you might even get some Shakespeare.
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amusing parody
Roland E. Zwick9 December 2000
Like most movie parodies, `Scary Movie' starts out well then begins to head downhill as it exhausts the possibilities of its limited material. Certainly, few genres are as rife for self-satire as the teen slasher films that have proliferated in theatres ever since the early 1980's. Seeing, however, as even some of the earliest `Friday the 13th' and `Halloween' films seem like ancient history to today's core movie going public, `Scary Movie' draws upon more contemporary examples of the genre like `Scream' and `I Know What You Did Last Summer' as its source of inspiration. In its opening stretches, `Scary Movie' has a great deal of fun parodying the many ludicrous conventions that have long defined these films: the use of 30-year old actors to portray empty-headed, nubile adolescents; the heavy emphasis on teen sexuality and partial nudity; the inane actions of the killer's victims who seem to do everything possible to hurl themselves into dangerous situations; and the oh-so-predictable false scare (usually caused by a leaping cat) followed immediately by the inevitable killer's attack.

Directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans and boasting a screenplay concocted by no fewer than six (count ‘em SIX) writers, `Scary Movie' establishes a high speed rhythm and pace that the filmmakers manage to sustain through most of the film's 88-minute running time – though there is a noticeable tendency on the part of the film to lag in the last half hour. Part of the problem could be that, as with most films made up essentially of sound and sight gags haphazardly strung together, it is inevitable that some of the bits will succeed better than others and that, as the movie rolls along, the inspiration will run a little dry and the humor will become less spontaneous and more forced. Indeed, this type of movie genre parody has always worked best when applied in small doses on TV series like `Saturday Night Live,' `In Living Color' and even the `Carol Burnett Show.' Stretched out to full length, such concepts often suffer the curse of diminishing returns.

Occasionally, the screenplay edges so close to the limits of good taste that one may question whether or not the material is truly appropriate for the age group at which the movie is obviously targeted. The crudity is actually much more comically effective when it is merely hinted at than when it is so openly spelled out and displayed. But then subtlety is not exactly a strong suit of the straight horror movie genre either.

`Scary Movie' is, at least, blessed with a winning, game cast made up of appropriately post adolescent actors who understand well the mannerisms and speech patterns of the stereotypes they embody. The overall good-natured quality of the film and its fairly high laugh ratio of gems to clunkers make `Scary Movie' an imperfect but generally likeable popcorn entertainment.
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Unfliching crude teen spoof
Stampsfightclub5 November 2008
A group of teenagers are targeted by a serial killer exactly one year after they ran over a man.

In 1996 Scream was a film that reinstated the slasher horror genre and Keenan Ivory Wayans' spoof is a true and funny testament to that horror classic.

Modern spoofs often contain slapstick humour, stereotypes and a fairly predictable plot. This is evident with this 2000 hit and is pure silly entertainment that you can't help but love and laugh along with despite the conventional approach.

Recent releases such as Disaster Movie have brought the spoof genre to an all time low. Filled with unfunny parodies, attacks on celebrities and ultimately silly plots, it's a wonder why they are still being made. In the nineties we had classic spoofs such as Austin Powers and Naked Gun, silly but with a sharp and entertaining plot.

Scary Movie has such a good plot, choosing to focus its energy on Scream and I know what you did last summer, that you forget its intentions to demean other films and therefore, are able to sit back and enjoy the ride.

The opening is pretty much Scream with some great moments of slapstick in, and crude slapstick at that with safety signs, sexual references and an out of control car.

This opening sets the tone for an engrossing comedy and viewers are thrust head first into typical teenagers lives, filled with some fine slapstick humour and stereotypes lives There is a consistency to Scary Movie. There is little wondering away from its objective to tell the tale of the teens being targeted and therefore achieves a realism in its own context. With follow-ups 2, 3 and 4 there is a tendency to run away from the main narrative and have sillier skits that this original remains the most sophisticated to date.

Though the comedy is frequently predictable, there is still elegance about the way Wayans achieves this effect. His close and unflinching style gives that humorous and equally horrific substance to fly across both genres into this tantalizing tale.

Spoofs are always worth viewing for their sheer cheek to criticize blockbusters and Scary Movie is no exception with its pin point accuracy on Scream and other horrors. Filled with likable slapstick and funny stereotypes, this is the finest in the series
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One of the funniest spoofs ever
MisterWhiplash7 July 2000
Scary Movie is now (it was a little while ago it was Me, Myself & Irene) my favorite comedy of the year. This film gives another word to the spoof/comedy genre, and even though it doesn't make a breakthrough like Airplane!, it is still very, very funny. Sure it's not for everyone, but for those who have seen all the scary movies parodied in this film (example- Scream, Scream 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Matrix, The Sixth Sense, The Blair Witch Project, Halloween, The Shining, etc) and can enjoy a good comedy, this film is definitely for you.

But the plot is unexplainable, but the jokes are. The spoof follows in the Wayans bros. tradition (this film is directed by Keenan Ivory Wayans, written by Shawn and Marlon Wayans, produced by all three, and starring all three) of they're last spoof- Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. Jokes include a guy who acts very gay but isn't (Shawn Wayans) a pot head (Marlon Wayans) and some other characters (Carmen Electra's cameo is my favorite). Also, the references to movies but not parodies are still funny. Very sick, very crude, very funny. The funniest film of the year. A+
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Not for the easily offended!
insomniac_rod2 April 2006
A controversial Horror spoof that gained mainstream attention when released. If you liked and took seriously "Scream" then you should watch this movie with attention. It's almost the same concept. While "Scream" tried to be taken seriously , "Scary Movie" mocks about everything possible in the genre in a raw way.

Anna Faris and the Wayans brothers deliver a funny performance. Sure the cast is over the top but the movie asks for it. Having such a pretty girl like Faris behaving like that always shocks and this time, it entertains. The rest of the cast is pretty good. All in the "American Pie" style but with raunchy humor.

The main reason for me to like this movie is that it mocks perfectly many Horror popular movies. Friday the 13th, He Knows You Are Alone, Black Christmas, Psycho, etc. That's in my opinion, the best feature of the movie. It's a joke but it's a homage at the same time. Unlike "Scream" that tried to convince people that it was an innovative slasher.

Give this movie a try if you are in the mood of raw black humor. It surely will entertain you if you are not easily offended.
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first great parody film in awhile
mcfly-3123 October 2000
Parody films kind of died in the early 90s, the good ones anyway. Leslie Neilson made a handful at the end of the decade, all very stupid as they didn't even try like the Zucker bros. did in the early days. But the last slapstick film I liked was 1993's "Loaded Weapon" so this film was a long time coming. Most parodies have some sort of target, and this one attacks all the teen slasher pics of the last few years. Since I didn't enjoy any of them, I really enjoyed watching them get lampooned, as a ton of the jokes are right on the money. If you're a fan of parody, I don't know how you couldn't love some of this. But even with all the praise, this still just barely missed being an overall success. Toward the end it starts to run out of steam, which is really too bad, as a lot of it is too hilarious for words. I do go along with everyone else in saying I don't know how this got only an R rating. There is a ton of graphic material, sexually and bloodily. Some will laugh, others will roll their eyes at the over the top approach to some scenes. I did a little of both. The cast, for mostly unknowns, is good, and it was nice to see the Wayans clan finally succeed in film, after about a decade of poorly self-written clunkers. I see a sequel is forthcoming, although I'm not sure whats left to make fun of.
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Very Funny Movie
maiconfs1413 June 2015
First,i'd like to apologize about my bad English,i'm not American.Now the review,people will disagree,but,this is one of the funniest movies i ever seen.Warning:If you like political correctness,this movie is totally not for you,it goes from suicide jokes to ejaculation jokes,it has lots of sex jokes,some are unfunny and kinda gross,but,are compensate by how other jokes are hilarious. Now,"Scary Movie" parodies slasher teen movies,mainly,"Scream" and "i know what you did last summer",but,take jabs at other films even "matrix".So the film synopsis is the same than from "Scream" and "IKWYDLS",only adding stupid,because it is a stupid version of these films.Sinopsis:stupid teens accidentally kill a man,one year later,these teens are chased by a stupid killer.See?Now,despite being one of the funniest movies i ever seen,it still has it bad moments,i mean,even naked gun has bad moments.One of the problems is after a while,the movie loses it steam,and the jokes get bad (those are probably the Seltzer- Friedberg parts of the script) but still it's a very funny movie and i recommend to everyone who likes stupidity and spoofs,even those who don't like may enjoy it
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Very funny and clever, better than most other take off movies.
Richard Brunton18 November 2000
Very funny comedy from the Wayan team. It's a take on all the recent teen horror flicks, and it does it superbly well. I hate noise in cinemas while I'm watching a film, but I couldn't keep quiet, I was laughing out loud, and I even shouted at the screen. Now I have never done that before. The gags, from one liners to the set pieces, are so funny, watch out for the sex scene and the gym teacher - I almost wet myself. This ranks next to Airplane as one of the top ten funnies.
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Scary Movie
Kameron Cross27 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is my favorite 2000 movie of all time. It's hilarious.

This movie spoofed my favorite horror films "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer". The Wayans Brothers did a good job putting those two movies in one story line.

This film is about a group of teenagers finding themselves being stalked by a masked killer one year after an accidental murder.

It stars Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Shannon Elizabeth, Jon Abrahams, Lochlyn Munro, Cheri Oteri, Dave Sheridan, Kurt Fuller and Carmen Electra.

This horror-comedy is my favorite film of all time.

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Too Darn Funny
esoteric-417 July 2000
OK people. Enough is enough. I'm standing up for this movie. I had walked into the theater not knowing what to expect. After hearing about the nudity, I was definitely intrigued. Yes, this movie has a TON of gross out jokes that make Something About Mary seem like Sesame Street. The gross out jokes will no doubt make many people uncomfortable. In retrospect, this movie should have probably been NC-17, but it was really pretty harmless. (the girl-in-the-movie-theater-talking-on-the-phone bit should have been done a long time ago) The stereotyping is pretty bad, but again, harmless. I was more or less shocked at the material, rather than offended. There could have been less Scream spoofs and more "old-school" horror jokes, but I wouldn't trade the Doofy material for anything. Great impersonation! Cheri Oteri was a wonderful presence, in a great Blair Witch knockoff. The ghostface killer does a nifty little Friday the 13th music impression. And, there is a very brief Halloween spoof with Cindy in the classroom. The sex jokes were way over-the-top but pretty darn clever. After seeing Me, Myself, and Irene (which was god-awful, especially if you're used to seeing Jim Carrey doing good movies) I was thrilled to leave Scary Movie thoroughly pleased. Regardless of the tagline, everyone should expect a sequel. (the movie is grossing a ton of money) I'm already buying my popcorn...
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John Waters did it better 25 years ago.
FleshAndTheFiends21 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Crude, rude and annoying parody of 'Scream' (parts 1 and 2) and 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', follows their plots pretty closely, but also throws in gags poking fun at The Sixth Sense, The Blair Witch Project Project, The Matrix and Amistad (?), plus some American PIE. Anna Faris, the only thing to shine in this cesspool, has the Neve Campbell virginal heroine role. She's perfect as the aloof Cindy Camp-bell, whose friends are stalked by a mysterious ghost-faced killer(s) who likes to smoke pot and look at porn mags. Supporting characters include Deputy Doofy, a retarded deputy sheriff who has sex with his vacuum cleaner and SNL star Cheri Oteri as reporter Gail Hailstorm, who "swallows." Shannon Elizabeth becomes Miss Teen Fellatio and Shawn Wayans gets a penis stuck through his head.

For some reason, it took six writers (including 3 Wayans brothers) to come up with juvenile bad-taste gags involving farts, semen, snot, drool, silicone implants, penis size, pubic hair, vomit, panty-sniffing dyke gym coaches with testicles and other yummy stuff. Gays, retards, suicide cases and fat chicks are other points of comedy. John Waters was targeting the same taboo subjects for parody in the 1970s, but he managed to make it all funny. The novelty shock value is now gone and the gags are just tiresome and disgusting. There's a whole lot going on in 'Scary Movie,' but the obnoxious cast overacts and very little of this is actually funny. A surprise box-office hit, it was followed by two equally pitiful sequels and some direct-to-video copies.
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Comedy classic, discard the negativity
John Brooks22 May 2016
This is Scary Movie. Like, THE Scary Movie. The movie that made fun of horror movies, aptly and plainly named "Scary Movie". The film that's had an entire generation crack up and still, today, reference its many hilarious moments as modern day lore. The time is 2000. The crack of the new millennium and an entire people fed up with the blatancy of contemporary horror, with all its predictability and sameness, what with the countless modern slashers coming out at the time and what not. Along comes this film, a Wayans brothers' production, with a style of humor that is so comically exaggerated and contagious lots of scenes remain references today. I really can't think of another explanation that the people putting this down are just prudes who can't take a fun ride every once in a while and just are incapable of seeing this for what it is, because it most certainly works fantastically at what it does.
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Scared silly
george.schmidt28 April 2004
SCARY MOVIE (**1/2) Jon Abrahams, Carmen Electra, Shannon Elizabeth, Anna Faris, Kurt Fuller, Regina Hall, Lochlyn Munro, Cheri Oteri, Dave Sheridan, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Kelly Coffield, David L. Lander.

`Airplane!' meets `Scream' could've been the pitch made by director Keenan Ivory Wayans and his talented sibling screenwriters Marlon & Shawn to their studio, Dimension, in this riotously funny, hit and miss, parody of the horror genre.

Taking merciless jibes at the slasher films including `I Know What You Did Last Summer' among others, the satire focuses on B.A. Corpse High School and the costumed serial killer who begins a string of nasty killings starting with bodacious Electra (aping Drew Barrymore's signature opening to the first `Scream') whose silicone implants can't save her attacker nor from getting run over by her parents (oblivious to their daughter's plight by engaging in oral sex, the first of many sexual jokes throughout). Of course the media jumps on to glamourize the murders with the help of newshound Gail Hailstrom (`SNL's Oteri, spoofing Courteney Cox's rabid media blitzer) aimlessly trying to get a scoop. And then there are the generic teens-victims-to-be including Faris as the Neve Campbell/Jennifer Love Hewitt character, Cindy.

Though not as hilarious as the granddaddy of all spoofs `Airplane!', `Scary Movie' (incidentally this was the original title of the first `Scream'), does attempt to get as many laughs for its buck in taking shots at the mentally ill, smoking dope, homosexuals, genitalia, and for me the biggest laugh was the predominately white film audience silencing an obnoxiously loud black character through all types of violence. Gross jokes, sex jokes, and any thing that will stick to the wall jokes get their dues paid here and then some.

The Wayans brothers - Shawn as Ray, a football player with sexuality issues and Marlon as Shorty, the fun-loving pot head who hooks up the killer with some hilarious moments of getting baked - co-scripted this lampoon (and get onscreen credit with co-writers Buddy Johnson, Phil Beauman, Jason Friedberg & Aaaron Seltzer) and provide most of the laughs often at their own expense and with a helping hand from elder brother Keenan (who has a cameo in a trailer for `Amistad 2'), clearly know how to make one laugh and even if their tv series for 5 seasons was axed (as it is fondly recalled in the film's climax), be certain that an inevitable sequel will unearth itself in all its grotesque giddiness ensuing.
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Puerile Amercian Humour
Alex Brown12 September 2000
Not really knowing what to expect when I went to saw this, other than a parody of the recent crop of teen horror films started by Wes Craven's excellent Scream, this was utterly puerile and silly Amercian parody humour.

It was well done though, unlike the Leslie Nielsen bores that we have seen in recent years. Going by the cast list and the credits - it was definitely kept in the family though!
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Deeply unfunny horror spoof
Leofwine_draca11 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Halfway through this film I was praying for something subtle and witty to happen. Praying that we wouldn't get another joke which was easy to spot a mile off. Hoping beyond hope that I would find something to actually laugh at. Unfortunately, there isn't a single funny moment in SCARY MOVIE. There are a couple of mildly amusing parodies and in-jokes but otherwise, this film sits in the barren wasteland of humour. That ultimate failure: a comedy that just isn't funny.

It's obvious which audience the makers of this film were aiming at: the teen market. Thus, we have a movie whose jokes fall into two categories: the parody, and the crude. By crude I mean jokes which are extremely obvious in nature and lack both wit and sophistication - somebody getting hit by a car is an example of this (so hilariously funny that they do the same joke twice). In the right context these jokes can sometimes work (take THE NAKED GUN trilogy for example), but here they fall flat. And, to make matters worse, many of the jokes are of the explicit sexual nature which have been depressingly filling the movies as of late. Do they make me laugh? No, they just make me sigh.

The parodies should have worked, by all accounts. A fight between the heroine and the killer is done in slow-mo, to remind us of THE MATRIX. Yet even infallible jokes such as these somehow fall flat - perhaps because they were all used up in the film's trailer, so that we simply spend our time waiting for them to show up. They fly by thick and fast, references to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, THE SIXTH SENSE, and many more, but they consistently fail to provoke laughs. The film's ending is ripped off from THE USUAL SUSPECTS, but incredibly this is played seriously - a cop out for sure. A cameo from DAWSON'S CREEK star James Van Der Beek is unexpected and successful, so perhaps more cameos would have helped.

The one funny scene in this film has Cindy (Anna Faris) stalked by a mask-wearing murderer up a flight of stairs. She grabs anything at hand to throw at him, and the items become more and more ludicrous - beginning with a vase, moving on to a bicycle, an old woman, and finally a piano. Yet for one genuinely amusing moment, there are a hundred more painfully bad ones. For fans with bad taste only, this is guaranteed to offend everyone else - as witnessed after I watched other audience members walk out of the cinema I was in as this was playing.
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The best of the franchise really
Kolby Trosclair24 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Great, acting by Anna Ferris and also it's funny really funny. Almost every part made me laugh, I wish the rest of the sequels can do that. Parody or spoof of I know what you did last summer and scream 1 and 2. I mean this movie does not deserve a mixed review or 6.2 based on franchise meaning it deserves a 7.6 or a very positive review. In this movie has very famous actors and actresses. Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Nia Long, Anna Ferris, and Carmen Electra. With also the deceased Prince playing a small role in the movie. Of course the movie has references to the deaths and in the ending every one is revived no one is dead really. A scene I really adored was the scene of Buffy setting murdered. It basically shows the clichés in horror films today. It really makes a great debut for a film.
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Hilarious! Comical! GREAT!!!
Chad Kinnair26 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
What a movie..... Scary movie! The reason why I loved this film is because it was just so unreal and funny.... If you have read some of my reviews then you will already know I love comedy horrors and this one is definitely a favourite. I love how the Creator's of scream are taking the pee out of there own movie, that makes it HILARIOUS! When I saw this film about 2 years ago on TV I had to buy it, it was just hilarious, cool and very very crude. The humour of the characters is brilliant and the Scream guy is really cool, some of the deaths do actually make you get goosebumps, especially when she has her head cut of in the changing rooms and she is still talking, which is so goose-bump...y and funny. You will have to have a slapstick sense of humour to view this film otherwise you'll probably hate it....
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The Wayans clan should be banned from appearing on celluloid.
Rob_Taylor21 January 2003
Complete and utter rubbish. Not in the slightest bit funny. Most of the time I found myself cringing at the puerile humour and shaking my head in disbelief at the crassness of it all. I know it's meant to be a spoof, but PLEASE!

My considered opinion is that the Wayans clan should be banned from appearing on celluloid or video tape permanently. They are not funny, they only think they are funny. As a result, I can imagine they laughed more during the making of this film than the audience did when watching it.

It's unashamedly bad. Not funny. Just painful to watch. If I hadn't paid to see it I'd have walked out. Along with Dungeons and Dragons (which also featured a Wayans), this one goes straight to the top of my "Must NOT see" list.

Avoid it. Life is too short to waste.
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What a scream!
MBDougal15 March 2008
What to say! I kept hearing about this film during my first few years at secondary school, as Scary Movie 3 had just come out. So I decided to watch it and I'm glad I did! What an achievement,comedy everywhere you look, TASTEFUL gore (not simply blood everywhere) and a selection of decent actors. Anna Faris will most likely have a great movie career, the Wayans brothers were a nice touch, as was Shannon Elizabeth, Lochlyn Munro and another intriguing character, Regina Hall. All I can say is see this film, have some laughs and buy the sequels as soon as possible, as they are equally fantastic in all aspects of comedy and quite possibly, horror!
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More miss than hit and with a limited shelf life
bob the moo19 January 2004
When a teenager is murdered in a small town, it is only the beginning of a murderous spree. One group of teenagers in particular are targeted as the killer claims to know about a man that they accidentally killing exactly a year ago.

Inexplicably on it's third instalment, I figured that I must have given the series a raw deal by never watching any of it, so I went out to get the first movie and watch it. My lasting impression will be of a film that is more miss than hit - never a good thing in spoofs. All the best spoofs have miss-fires but the secret is to keep the gags coming so fast that it doesn't matter. Here however the gags aren't consistent and rely more on a mix of specific movie spoofs and some very crude jokes that aren't funny. It does have laughs in it but a film such as this lives and dies on it's laughs and this film needed more - far too often I was left waiting for a laugh.

While the film does have laughs, it relies heavily on impersonation of other films rather than out and out jokes. While this is good in some regards it is mostly quite lazy and also gives the film a limited time where it is fresh and funny. For example, as these films fade from memory, so the jokes will become less funny or relevant. The best example of this is the Matrix spoof; I'm sure on release it was topical and original and drew many laughs, but seeing it now it just seems old - so many others have done it by now and it just seemed obvious rather than funny.

The cast are OK but they are very wide characters and none of them really have the spoof ability of, say, Leslie Nielsen. The Wayans brothers are actually OK and seem happy to send themselves up. Marlon is not that good, just playing a junkie type but Shawn conveys himself as gay and makes light of his show being cancelled. Hall is cute and funny - her depiction of a black woman in a cinema may be slightly generalist but it is spot on! The rest of the cast are average - none of them stand out but they just about manage to do what the material requires of them (which ain't much).

Overall this film has just about enough laughs to justify watching, but if you haven't seen the crop of teen slashers made around the time then you'll often not get the jokes. Sadly though, it is more miss than hit (with some crude `cum'n'dick' jokes being more unpleasant than funny).
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Bad, Immature Movie
Firehawk14418 December 2000
"Scary Movie" really stunk. I didn't laugh once! If you've seen the trailers, you've seen the whole movie. The humor is overly redundant and they use almost every cliche to try to make a joke. I'm glad I waited for it to come out on video, because I'd have to kick myself if I ended up paying $8.50 to see it in the theaters. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor...don't!
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The funniest movie ever made.
videofreak200229 June 2001
I think "Scary Movie" is the best comedy movie ever made of all time. This movie made me laugh from beginning till the end. I love it because the Wayans brothers. They made a really funny movie. It was better than "Don't Be A Menace..." I would definitely recommend this movie that enjoys a good laugh.

A+ ******stars(out of ******) 100/100
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Marco Trevisiol8 October 2001
I began watching this film the other night hopeful that I'd get some laughs. However a combination of inept attempts at humour and a rather unpleasant, obnoxious undercurrent soon made this film a chore to watch and I couldn't last the distance without fast-forwarding large chunks of the film.

One reason I disliked the film so much was how low its standards were. With the exception of one or two jokes early on, the filmmakers seemed to think that merely making the audience aware they were spoofing a Kevin Williamson-type film was in itself enough to constitute a joke.

Secondly, the film seems to have been described as "outrageous" by the LA Times for example but what exactly is so outrageous about this film? All the predictable areas are mined for humour. The only way anyone would think that the film's litany of jokes involving gore/sexual innuendo/cross-dressers/homosexuals/pot-smoking are 'outrageous' are those who haven't seen the 4000 or so films that have used this type of humour in the past.

Perhaps, like 'Something about Mary', it's deemed outrageous because it pushes the boundaries of some of these jokes a bit further but it's still a variation on the same joke.

After a while, the film's tone is so relentless and obvious that it's easy to see where the next joke is coming from. When I saw an overweight woman have a speaking part later in the film, you knew that there would a joke relating to her weight. As Hollywood deems, only 'the beautiful people' appear at the multiplexes.

In reality, 'Scary Movie' is anything but outrageous as it picks safe, obvious targets for humour that won't cause any real controversy. This film is about the same standard as 'Silence of the Hams' from a few years back but due to a few factors (mainly marketing) whereas 'Hams' did zero at the box office, 'Scary Movie' was a major hit.
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Ohhh...the boredom..
JMFIS2 August 2001
The only laugh I had in renting this movie was in reading on the box that someone considered it "razor-sharp" satire and an "outrageously funny parody".

The box was hilarious!
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Just a great time! I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.
Kristine17 June 2002
I always did love watching "Scary Movie", I'm not really sure why. I think when I just need a good laugh and a movie that doesn't require brains, I love to watch parodies. "Scary Movie" captured that very well with "Scream", "I know what you did last Summer", "The Sixth Sense", "Scream 2", etc. You are guaranteed to have some really great laughs with "Scary Movie".

The cast, you can tell, they had so much fun making this movie and it shows. I just loved the scene where they had hit the man on the road making fun of "I know what you did last summer", and Elizabeth Berkley can't find the body but she sees a bloody boot like Jennifer Love Hewitt did in that scene, but instead says "Oh, my God! We hit a boot!". I know that sounds stupid, but it gave me such a good laugh.

It has an amusing ending of making fun of The Usually Suspects with Doofy. No, this movie is not for everyone. It does have very crude and sexual humor, but like I said, sometimes when you just wanna let go and have fun, you just can make any movie into a good one. Except for Pooty Tang. :D But I'd recommend this for a good laugh and for a fun time with your friends.

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