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Action, Plot, and Character Development
Rich Wilson7 June 1999
Even though it takes many elements from many genres, "The Powerpuff Girls" show is like nothing I've ever seen before. These little girls have more heart and more hustle than any other superheroes, and when trouble strikes, these three little superheroines don't waste time with the philosophical speeches of the "SuperFriends" or the inane transformation sequences of "Sailor Moon." The Powerpuff Girls are always ready for action, and when trouble strikes they stop only to ask permission to leave the classroom - and only if there is time.

Besides plenty of action, the show has superb, though often subtle, character development: a happy but lonely Professor Utonium creates three super-powered girls, to whom he gives love, support, and discipline. However, he occasionally reveals his concern about the dangers of their crime fighting, his feelings of loneliness and burden about being a single parent, and even buried anger from his childhood.

The girls have distinct personalities as well: Blossom, the self-appointed leader, is very smart for her age and has an ego to match; Buttercup is a tomboy who cannot wait until she is old enough to go out after dark; and Bubbles behaves like a normal five-year-old girl, coloring, singing, and trying to keep the peace. Our adorable heroines experience the friction that most siblings do, but their love and fight against evil keep them together.

Also, the supporting characters, including both the good citizens and the villains, have complex yet consistent personalities. The kind mayor's assistant and evil Mojo Jojo are as interesting and complex the Powerpuff Girls themselves. Even if a scene begins with a random monster attacking the city, you can be sure that there is more to the story, and another piece of the relationship puzzle will be put in its place before the show is over.

Of course, the episodes are extremely funny and uplifting, and the only thing this show does not have is the built-in toy advertising. The writers and artists borrow elements from shows and movies that we children of the sixties enjoyed. Besides their own original story lines, they have cleverly parodied "Star Wars," the classic step-mom fairy tales, and everything from James Bond to Japanese monster films. Whether the subject is exciting, sad, or scary, you will always find the humor and the warmth.

The show does have a few minor drawbacks: sometimes the "cartoon violence" is a bit excessive, and I recommend that young children do not watch this show - it is rated for children eight-years-old and older. There are sometimes inconsistencies between shows or even in the same episode, but these are minor, and I should not complain because it is a cartoon after all.

Overall, "The Powerpuff Girls" is an excellent television show that leaves its audience feeling good. All of the characters are well developed, and the girls themselves are as believable as kindergarten superheroines can be. With their love, willingness to fight for good, and ability to take action instead of whining, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are truly the role models for the twenty-first century.
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A VERY sophisticated sci-fi cartoon since Dexter's Laboratory!
Becca-3711 June 2000
Hey, Townies! Look, look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it three flying lollipops? NO!!! It's THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!!! We all cheer boisterously as the three tiny superheroines instantly zoom right over our heads, trailing a bright rainbow of pink, blue, and green! Ever since they first grew right out of Professor Utonium's trusty old mixing bowl, Blossom the sweet-natured leader, Bubbles the happy-go-lucky goldilocks, and Buttercup the scowling little tough-cookie at once assumed the great role as guardians of the cutest little city in the whole cartoondom: Townsville, U.S.A.! And just in time, too because there are also fabulous beasts and gloating villains totally hellbent on wreaking terrible havoc upon such a innocent land of our happiest childhood just use the special hotline and it's POWERPUFF GIRLS TO THE RESCUE!!! Folks, this is no "My Little Pony" or "Rainbow Brite" or "Strawberry Shortcake" or anything like that, for this very cartoon is quite gritty and a bit mature for our wide-eyed young girls as the intended audience as well as being full of very clever humor, satire, and some REAL DEPTH that will really rake in tons of teenaged and adult viewers as well, regardless of their gender and species. So...THREE CHEERS FOR THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!!!
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Awesome family show!
Salazar22 October 2007
I disagree with anonymous from Brisbane, Australia. I've been watching "The Powerpuff Girls" ever since I can remember. If it's not for kids then why the hell is it on Cartoon Network and not in Adult Swim? Anyway, the show has humour that will appeal to both kids & adults and in my opinion is one hell of a family show! Yes, I admit that it does have violence and there is some blood but, when you think about it it's none the different from "Dragon Ball Z", "The Simpsons" and ,most importantly, real life. The show also has some important messages about life for kids, so I really, really don't see why kids shouldn't watch it. In conclusion to this review "The Powerpuff Girls" is one of the most greatest animated family shows of all time and I highly recommend watching it with your kids (that is, if you have any! But even if you don't watch the series anyways!).
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Excellent action comedy satire for adults
Snow-630 April 1999
With so much adult appeal, hilarious visual gags and storys, this kind of anime spoof by the animators of Dexter's Laboratory is one of the year's best cartoons. Creator Craig McCracken (2 Stupid Dogs, No Neck Joe, Dexter's Lab) is a genius. The show is certainly not for very young children - in some fight scenes, the characters actually bleed! A no-no for babies - a bonus for adult anime fans or fans of The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy and South Park. Again, like in Dexter's Laboratory, there's a clever combination of 50s American style and 90s Japanese anime style. If this show was on at prime time on a free to air network (not just on cable) it would be so popular with all! There would be T-shirts, toys, merchandise galore! The makers of the show would be rich, rich, RICH!!! $$$$$$$$ This show rules! I love it! Do you?
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The Powerpuff Girls know when to activate their Hearts of Gold as long as Craig, his members and I are around. 10000000000000000000/10
Omega_Z31 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The series will always begin with the Narrator narrating: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice. These were the Ingredients chosen to create the Perfect Little Girls but Professor Utonium accidentally added an Extra Ingredient to the Concussion, Chemical X. Thus, the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their Ultra Super Powers, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to Fighting Crimes and the Forces of Evil! That is awesome! I always wished that I can join in the Narrating for the future Powerpuff Girls stories. After all, everyone has to grow up but these Girls are way too special and fragile for that unless if Craig the true creator wants them to grow up, I'll definitely support him at more than full will.

The Narrator, narrates every episode and the movies. Can't be seen but sure can communicate with the characters at times. Also always ends the series and movies.

Blossom, the Commander and the Leader. Bossy at times but deep down in her Heart, she doesn't meant what she really said. Just like me honestly. I would like it if she is my sister but it if somehow just a fictional story.

Bubbles, the Joy and the Laughter. Sure, annoying at times but I don't mind because I'm annoying myself. She likes to draw and I love her drawings whether they are great or not. I also would like her as my sister.

Buttercup, the toughest Fighter. The easily angered Powerpuff and the 2nd in Command if no one noticed that. She gains Leadership when if Blossom lost confidence.

Professor Utonium, the creator/father of the Powerpuff Girls in the series & movies. He is not really an accidental Professor because we he created the Dynamo not accidentally as well as the Time Machine. He knows when to joke around and be serious with his daughters & the others around him. He has a love interest on Ms. Keane.

Mayor, the Mayor of Townsville. He is like 30% dumb and 70% smart or the other way round. He sometimes cares more about his hat and pickle jar and his not yet finished chores more than the city itself.

Ms. Bellum, the assistant of Mayor. She is smarter than Mayor rather than just giving him advices most of the time.

Ms. Keane, Pokey Oaks Kindergarten Teacher. She is like a mother to the Girls and has a love interest on the Professor.

Brick, Leader of the RowdyRuff Boys. He is the male counterpart of Blossom and the bullying type but if they are to be good in new seasons if Craig wants them to, he'll definitely have a new Heart along with his brothers.

Boomer, loud mouthed one who is the male counterpart of Bubbles. He actually doesn't like to bully anyone deep down inside his Heart because those born with Chemical X should have some good in them if Craig thinks so.

Butch, aggressive one. He is the make counterpart of Buttercup and the toughest among his brothers and also the 2nd in Command at times. Butch take things more seriously at times than Brick which annoys and angers him. Due to the corrupted Chemical X, he is very bad but we all know that he does have some good inside his Heart if Craig thinks so.

Amoeba Boys consisted of Bossman, Skinny and Tiny who don't know how to do a true crime and always wanted the Girls to beat them up.

Gang Green Gang consisted of Ace, Lil Arturo, Grubber, Snake and Big Billy. Ace is the bullying type, Lil Arturo knows French and looks like a Midget type character, Snake always hiss whenever he says anything that involves the letter "s" and Big Billy is like a Rookie Member even though he is the largest of the group and actually cares about the other people especially the Girls.

Boogie Man, Leader of the Darkness under the bed along with his other Dark Minions but no one knows where they actually stay. Did they really squeeze in under the bed as shown in one cut of the episode? Al Lusion is a Magician but because of a Girl with Powerpuff like eyes, he got killed accidentally and he returned from the Dead as Abracadaver.

Sedusa cares about her hair a lot and tricked the Professor to her advantage in stopping the Girls but as usual Evil never wins.

Fuzzy Lumpkins is not really bad unless physically provoked. He has hidden strength and is dumb almost all the time.

Princess Morbucks is a spoiled rich kid whose father is the richest man in the world. She always insisted that she can buy anything with Money. True, money can't buy anyone love or in her case Powers but can buy gadgets and powered attires.

Major Man, a so called hero who wants to just get attention.

Broccoloids, they were eaten alive by the Girls and kids.

Monsters, random monsters always ended up defeated.

A woman who only has interest on anything to do with woman. One of the only female villains.

Mojo Jojo was originally the Professor's Lab Assistant but because of his naughtiness, he ended up with a Big Brain and he thought that the Professor didn't care about him anymore which is actually a misunderstand. He used his Brain Power to be Evil and he also have Evil Day Offs.

Him doesn't have a true name and his voice is between man and woman. He may be one of the most powerful villain but no matter how evil as usual, Evil never wins.

There are many more but I'll end here. This show deserves more than 10/10 and definitely deserves more than 10 series or so. It is not just for girls, it is for everyone with great love interests.
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Do NOT rent the videos... BUY THEM!!!!!!
professor278914 February 2001
I've got all four (as of Feb '01) tapes of the PPG. And you want to know something? It's one of the best investments I've ever made!

Okay, look. I'm 34 years old, and I know some of you cynical, self-important nay-sayers may be trying to tell me that I shouldn't do this kind of thing, but hey-- I didn't vote for Al Gore, so you can just go back to daydreaming about what YOU think should be while still searching for the missing chads!! In the meantime I'll keep enjoying one of my so-called "guilty pleasures" and laughing my keyster off while doing it!

You know, I rarely ever use the word "cool" to describe something, but when I caught an episode of "The Powerpuff Girls" on Cartoon Network a while back (I don't remember the episode), I became immediately, and hopelessly hooked on what I think is, without a doubt, the COOLEST cartoon to come along since "The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show". Plus it gives me and two of my nieces some common ground. They're big fans, too!

The whole show is extremely well put together-- the retro animation, the storylines, the voices, the sound effects, and especially the incidental music. And say what you want about the fantasy violence, but the majority of the episodes convey a good message, and that's even better.

Who is my favorite PPG, you may ask? Well, hands down... it's Bubbles! And here's why: For one thing, she doesn't take things quite as seriously as Blossom and Buttercup. She is able to appreciate the simpler and more beautiful things in life without getting too bogged down as her sisters normally do. Sure, she may seem absent-minded at times, but she does have a penchant for finding the occasional needle in the haystack without really trying. And when you get down to the brass tacks, she can hold her own in a fight... which she MUCH MORE than proves in "Bubblevicious", one of my favorite episodes!

In closing, my fellow addicts, I say to you now... THIS is OUR Chemical X! Take it in... enjoy it! And believe me... you are much better off BUYING the videos!
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Totally Rad Cartoon!
La Gremlin20 October 2000
Um, I guess I could say something about Mojo Jojo's repressed anger or Professor Utonium's poignant single parenthood or how poor Bubbles (who shows all the signs of a classic Pisces) is torn between zapping aliens and drawing in her coloring books. But, you know what, that's been done. Besides, it's just a cartoon.

One heck of a radical kick-butt awesome cartoon!

Thank goodness for these great video collection's of the Girls' greatest adventures. I probably would have never got a chance to see these otherwise. I speak to all the *adults* here when I say that you have GOT to rent these and watch them. No questions asked. (And, oh yeah, the kids will like 'em too I guess.) Very cool, retro looking animation and a hilarious shout-out to the "Power Rangers" and the Beastie Boys make this one a winner. Plus, Mojo is quite the quotable one.
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The best Cartoon Cartoon next to Dexter's Laboratory
asaloverboy729 March 2014
Way before he broke ground for an orphanage that houses imaginary friends and a nomadic and overly-optimistic intergalactic traveler, Craig McCracken created the world's youngest superhero team! In the nineties, there were a lot of really entertaining cartoons on T.V. and this show were among the most successful of them. Professor Untonium mixes sugar, spice, and everything nice together to create the perfect little girl...and then accidentally adds an extra ingredient: Chemical X. The result is Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, also known as the Powerpuff Girls; three super-powered five-year-old girls who defend Townsville from all the various villains of the world. This show also had a feature film which was pretty good too. I recommend this cartoon to anyone!
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Let's Save The World Before Bedtime !
elshikh430 April 2009
One of the best for sure. This show has some fine imagination, strange yet smart sense of comedy, nice action, and original moments. I can't forget an episode concerning the tooth fairy going bananas because simply he doesn't sleep (as he works just before the dawn which begins in new where every second !), so he toils around the clock and around the terrestrial globe unstoppably, envying Santa Claus who sleeps all the year just to work for one night (he totally got a point !), and so on the uncommonness of this show. Basically the main idea of Charlie's Angels as kids mixed with superpower as animated series is super itself. I've got hooked by it in the first place. Another factor; the droll drawings where the character's design is unique and funny, the atmosphere is so gaudily colored (as if children did it), and the motion is always MAD. Not to mention being a girlie show that could attract both girls and boys in the same time. By the way, I kind of study the whole TV shows and history, following accurately many running themes, their time of prosperity, and their milestones; so I noticed that along with this show, 1998 witnessed the birth of another shows such as "Charmed", and Charlie's Angels spoof "V.I.P" too; it assures undoubtedly that girls became nobody's fool, too tough, and have PowerPuff or PowerGirls leagues all over the world nowadays. Few cartoon shows that I feel bad whenever they cut to commercials while it, craving what would happen and how the problem would be solved.. This is one of them. With this spirit, especially at writing, this show maintains fresh every time I catch it. It managed to be as original and lovely as its tagline "Saving the world before bedtime". Being a talented fun time and a loose fantasy just like infants' vision yet sharper.
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One of the best cartoons of all time. Bubbles is my favorite
mwcrunner16 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show so much. I imagine I'm babysitting the girls and tickling them especially Bubbles cause she's my favorite. My most favorite episode of this show is Get Back Jojo which is titled after a Beatles song and Craig McCraken is a Beatles fan just like me. In this episode the Professor and the girls are at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten and the Professor has invented a time machine. A time portal to be exact. As the Professor is talking about the machine Mojo Jojo walks by while carrying groceries and he hears the Professor talking about the time portal and makes a plan to go back in time in order to take out the Professor as a kid so that the Powerpuff Girls will never be created. When he goes into the time portal the girls follow but are too late when Mojo kidnaps the Professor as a child right after the Professor makes an explosion in science class cause back then the Professor was naughty and had no interest in being a scientist. That is until when Mojo Jojo tries to throw him into the volcano mountain which his lair is suppose to be on top of in the future, the girls swoop down and save him. Then the Professor realizes who they are and after Mojo Jojo is defeated and the girls are brought back to the present the Professor realizes that the girls saved him as a kid and it gave him the opportunity to create them and become a scientist. That is the best part of the whole episode and is why its my favorite episode of all time in the series. Also Mojo Jojo is my favorite villain in the show cause he cracks me up. HIM in the show is creepy and is the devil. 6 seasons is a pretty good run for this show anyway and to me its still one of the best cartoons ever and one of my favorite childhood shows next to Thomas the Tank Engine and the Rugrats.
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I Love this show as a kid and i still do today Warning: Spoilers
Hello Again It me Regularshow1 and today I'm Writing a review On

the classic show from the 1990s. It Called THE POWER PUFF GIRLS. This great show came out when I was two and it is amazing. The shows First episode Premiered on Cartoon Network on Wednesday, November 18, 1998 with the Episode Monkey see Doggie Doo and Mommy Frearest. My favorite Powerpuff Girl is Bubbles She is so Cute and She is Voiced By Tara Strong. My Favorite Villain is Mojo Jo-Jo he is so funny and he is voiced Roger L. Jackson. Another villain I love is HIM & he is pure Evil. And Tom Kenny is great as the narrator and the Mayor of Townsvillie. Craig McCracken is Great cartoonist. HE Also the Creator of FHFAIF And & Wonder Over Yonder anyway I'm giving this show a 10/10 stars. My Favorite episode of the "The PowerPuff Girls is "Criss Cross Crisis" were the girls switch bodies. Updated as of September 18th, 2017. P.S. The show now has a reboot which came out last year in 2016 & its okay.
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my all time favorite cartoon!
Indy-5230 September 1999
this tv-series is so funny! There are some scenes where i really fall of my chair from laughter (it's no lie). My favorite episode is called "Insect Inside": the scene when the narrator says "it's a beautiful day in Townsville!", and the guy starts singing about the hotdog... well, i can't tell you any more, you'll have to see that scene for yourself. I also like almost no, all the scenes with the mayor... that IS one of the funniest characters a human being has ever invented. I can't really explain why he is so funny, again you'll have to see it for yourself. I can't tell you if you will find it funny, because not everyone understands this kind of humor, i think.
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Great Show!
TheMan305122 July 2002
This is a great show with a lot of hidden jokes. This show is great for the whole family because it follows in the tradition of Animaniacs where the adults and children laugh at the same time for two different reasons.

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How can you go wrong?
rzajac18 August 2012
Well, I guess you *could* go wrong: What do you think of 3 superpowered little scamps? The key here is that the writing is fine. In fact, this might be one of the true saving graces of the Powerpuff Girls: It's written well enough that it might be a perfect bridge; cajoling the target audience (kids) to appreciate a higher level of writing. Kids come for the concept, stay for the clever narrative, wind up experiencing some nicely toned prose, and probably internalizing these fine turns of clever communication.

Love the comic timing. Usually frenetic, but also capable of stretching things out a bit, if that'll work. Note: I am talking about the TV bits, here; not the movies. I saw one of the full-length features, and didn't particularly care for it: It felt driven by the producers, like they didn't let the creative team breathe. The TV shows feel more artful.

The voice work is great. A personal fave feature: I dig hearing Tom Kenny (the Narrator); loved his work on Mr. Show, love his voice anytime I hear it. He's a great talent. But everyone does a fine job.

Anyway, check it out. At worst, it's cute; at best you'll get more than a few hearty belly laughs!
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MartinHafer17 June 2006
Wow. Who would have believed that Hanna-Barbera Productions could have come up with something this good? This is the same organization that once was the king of the wretchedly produced Saturday morning cartoons with such dreck as Yogi Bear, Speed Buggy and Scrappy-Doo! So why is this series so good? Well, it isn't the quality of the animation--this is really still rather poor compared to many contemporary cartoons (such as Spongebob). Instead, the cheap Hanna-Barbera animation is STILL there but with a major difference--the writing was top-notch! Instead of insipid drivel, the episodes were often geared to kids AND adults. I loved watching the episodes with my kids as they were just plain funny. A few particularly enjoyable ones were the Rainy Day episode when the girls played Powerpuff Girls and the Mojisha episode when Mojo Jojo dresses in drag and crashed the girls' sleepover party! Great stuff.
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One of the things I hear when cartoon network is mentioned
brian-300397 February 2017
When Cartoon Network is mentioned, people always think of Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Gumball, Regular Show, and other thin lined TV shows, But despite your opinions on that,one show came to mind when i think of it, The Powerpuff Girls. though they may seem feminine on the outside, they're Powerful, Strong, and Merciless on the inside. The art style is inspiring to artists like me who wish to become an animator one day, and it was inspired by UPA and Hannah Barbara with the thick lines, I like how artistic the backgrounds and character designs are in the series.If you like Iconic voice acting then this has lots of Iconic voices, hell, Tara Strong was known for Bubbles and was acknowledged by Disney After that, and without Bubbles, we wouldn't have Truffles. Even the writing contains lots of witty dialogue and brutal fights, with no mercy, I mean Damn Powerpuff Girls, you just mutilated a clown, what most people would stand out is the villains and not the girls, but without Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, than we would just have the evil villains planning, they PPG steal the show. For how savage and merciless the girls are, they give purpose for how much they don't give mercy, and that's why I like the show, it's nothing like Nickelodeon's lineup or Toon Disney's lineup, but it was part of a unique lineup of cartoons called the cartoon cartoons with unique styles and witty dialogue, and out of all the cartoon cartoons, it was one of the most iconic CN TV series I've ever seen. Calarts needs more people like Craig McCracken on TV nowadays
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One of the better shows on Cartoon Network
TheLittleSongbird29 December 2009
The Powerpuff Girls was for me one of the better shows on Cartoon Network along with Dexter's Laboratory. While its quality sort of meandered in later episodes, the show was essentially fun and witty for its target audience. I remember fondly watching The Powerpuff Girls everyday with my brother and sisters. At 17, I still have a soft spot for it. The animation is colourful and nice to look at, the episode ideas were fresh and the script was witty and funny. The characters are relateable, out of the three Powerpuff girls I love Bubbles the best, she is so cute. I loved Buttercup's feistiness and Blossom's heart as well, and the Professor struck me as a caring and sympathetic father figure who cared for his daughters. The action here is not too bad either, maybe a little too excessive here and there. The theme tune is memorable and hummable, and out of the villains MojoJojo is my personal favourite. The voice acting is great, Tara Strong is a perfect Bubbles and EG Daily, Tom Kane and Cathy Cavadini are equally impressive. Standout episodes? Too many to choose from, but in particular the one with the Boogie Man and the one when Mojo disguises himself as Mojisha at the Girls's Slumber party. All in all, worth the look. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Best cartoon in a long time!!!
John Cassidy20 April 2000
When the Powerpuff Girls made their debut on Cartoon Network in February 1995, it easily became my favorite original cartoon on that channel, and until last year, I had no idea that the whole thing started out as a Cal-Arts cartoon short by creator Craig McCracken called WHOOPASS STEW (1991)! I saw that short in its entirety and for those who haven't, it has the same exact feel of the resulting TV series! Originally known as the Whoopass Girls, they fought the then-unnamed Gangrene Gang in the OP credits (ala the 60s BATMAN's opener mixed with 60s anime) and in the actual episode (entitled "A Sticky Situation"), fought the Amoeba Boys, which were originally smart, as opposed to benign in the show.

Suitably renamed the "Powerpuff Girls" for Cartoon Network (think of what it would've been like if it aired on Comedy Central!), they made their premiere as two "World Premiere Toon" shorts before ultimately becoming the popular TV series as we know it! McCracken, obviously a big fan of Japanese animation, SF and superheroes (you have to look for some of those references; Mojo Jojo, for example, does hand signs like SPECTREMAN's Dr. Gori, and his braincap looks like the helmet of the title superhero from THE SHADOWSTAR [Toei; 1976]), he mixes it with 60's style cartoons and also emulates the 60s BATMAN series (which McCracken loved as a kid), poking fun at it without taking slams at it like Tim Burton did in his overblown movies. Most of all, the three little heroines, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup (my favorite!) have tons of charm and personality, as well as inner conflict, which make them all the more likeable (for instance, Buttercup claims that she should be the leader instead of Blossom, and Bubbles, the nicey-nice one, wants to take on the tough stuff)! Even the villains have charisma, particularly the paranoid super-intelligent monkey Mojo Jojo! Also, the action (parodying routine anime action), though mild, is fairly graphic for a cartoon series geared for kids! But that and the stories, which call for tons of humor and character development, have enough charisma to appeal to grown-ups as well!

All in all, a great series! One of my favorite shows on the air! Watch it at all costs!!!
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Louise21 December 2005
When I was about 7 or 8, I was absolutely obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls. My Nana made 3 Powerpuff dresses. I used to dress up as them and play them with my friends. I was always Bubbles. There wasn't much merchandise back then and I would have loved to have had some of the great Powerpuff stuff they had today. Now I've grown out of it all there are loads of toys and that.

It is still a good show. Really nice and simple drawings. I still love Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup but I wouldn't consider myself as a fan anymore. Bubbles is a sweet, goody-two-shoes (sometimes), girlie girl, Blossom is an intelligent, clever, sensible girl and Buttercup is a hard-core, loud, tough-cookie. They were invented by professor Utonium and they fight crime in the city of Townsville. I've always like Mojo Jojo and Him because they are classic villains. So I really like The Powerpuff Girls even if I have grown out of that phase, it's still a great cartoon!
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It's great!!
Jim Inatti27 May 2005
It's a great show, it's like an anime from Japan but it's an American- Hong Kong production.

And it's nice because it's a funny show, it has a lot of hidden jokes, it's entertainment for kids and adults.

The characters are mad funny.

The girls: Blossom the leader, Bubble the lovely girl and angry Buttercup, i think the funniest of all them.

And the mayor, so dumb, the Professor Utonium a genius but dumb at the same time.

And the villains they're all so good, specially Mojo Jojo.

So i'll give this show 8/10.
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The Powerpuff Girls Warning: Spoilers
"Sugar, Spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction, Chemical X. Thus, the Powerfpuff Girls were born. Using their ultimate super powers, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil." Yes, these are the wise words of the narrator for this really good girls superhero show. I know there are girls in it, but who cares, their cute and courageous. Brilliant animation with some brilliant characters. There's my favourite villain Mojo Jojo, the dastardly Him, a Talking Dog, the stupid Mayor, the never seen Miss Bellum, the bitch Princess Morbucks, the selfish Fuzzy Lumpkins and many more. It won the Emmys for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation (twice), and it was nominated for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour) (three times). It was number 58 on The 100 Greatest Cartoons. Very good!
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A perfect compliment to "Cow & Chicken" and "Johnny Bravo."
sambeau125 November 1998
The content and the overall look of the Powerpuff Girls is derivative of the classic Mighy Mouse and the more recent Ren & Stimpy. The Powerpuff Girls are three kindergarten aged superheroes that are frequently called upon to save the world from a variety of cartoon perils. Such as, attacking masses of bugs and escaped convicts that are impersonating them. The Powerpuff Girls save the world and manage to get back to school for nap-time. The Powerpuff girls are a refreshing alternative to the saccharin sweet Sailor Moon. The Powerpuff Girls is a recent contribution to the Cartoon Network from Hanna-Barbara Productions. Some of their more recent work has included Cow & Chicken and Johnny Bravo. The Powerpuff Girls is a perfect compliment to Cow & Chicken and Johnny Bravo.
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The best cartoon since "Beavis and Butt-head"!!
plant3 May 2001
This is one of the funniest and most original cartoons on right now!!

Very imaginative; with humor that is actually funny, sophisticated, and well-timed. Despite its appearance, TPPG is really more for adults. But there's plenty of hilarious, *clean* humor for kids too. It pays homage to, and spoofs, a bunch of older American and current anime cartoons. "Pet Feud" is one of the greatest episodes. A must-see! Anyways, this show's a real gem!! Check it out!
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