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Season 3

28 Jul. 2000
Fallen Arches/The Mane Event
"Fallen Arches" A gang of old-time villains come out of retirement when they discover the town is being protected by little girls. When the Girls realize that they can't fight their elders, they must enlist the best superhero team of the past to save the city.
18 Aug. 2000
Town and Out/Child Fearing
"Town and Out" When the Professor gets a new job, the Girls have to move to a new town. They try to make the best of it, but it's just not the same. In fact, it's awful.
8 Sep. 2000
Criss Cross Crisis
A failed experiment on the Professor's part causes everyone in Townsville to switch bodies around. Mojo Jojo, also switched, tries to use the situation to his advantage.
15 Sep. 2000
Bubblevision/Bought and Scold
"Bubble Vision" Bubbles fighting has been really terribly lately and the Professor discovers that she needs glasses. Bubbles is humiliated by these huge, horrible things and never wants to see or be seen again.
22 Sep. 2000
Gettin' Twiggy with It/Cop Out
"Gettin' Twiggy With It" Mitch is told to take care of Twiggy, the class hamster for the weekend. But the Girls don't trust him and follow him home. When Mitch flushes Twiggy down the toilet, the Girls are about to attack, but Twiggy emerges bigger and badder than ever.
6 Oct. 2000
Three Girls and a Monster/Monkey See, Doggie Two
"Three Girls and a Monster" The Girls are once again in a furious battle with a ferocious monster. But Blossom and Buttercup can't agree on how to fight the beast and Bubbles just wants everyone to get along.
20 Oct. 2000
Jewel of the Aisle/Super Zeroes
"Jewel of the Aisle" A crook hides a huge diamond in a box of the Girls favorite cereal. He must figure out how to trick the Girls into giving him some cereal and getting the jewel back.
10 Nov. 2000
Candy Is Dandy/Catastrophe
"Candy is Dandy" When the Mayor gives the Girls some candy as a thank you for saving the day, the Girls become hooked on the stuff. They make a deal with a local villain to commit crimes just so they can get their treat.
1 Dec. 2000
Hot Air Buffoon/Ploys R' Us
"Hot Air Buffoon" The Mayor realizes that the Girls are doing all the work in his city for him. So he mans a hot air balloon and starts fighting crime the old fashioned way.
5 Jan. 2001
The Headsuckers Moxie/Equal Fights
"The Headsucker's Moxy" There's a mysterious villain in town who's sucking pertinent information from the brains of powerful people and committing crimes. How do the Girls trap this sucker before his next victim is drained?
9 Feb. 2001
"Powerprof." The Girls are so busy fighting crime that the Professor doesn't get to see them anymore. He creates a super suit for himself so he can fight crime with them. The Girls are having a great time with their dad until he starts cramping their superhero style. (22 Minutes)
9 Feb. 2001
Moral Decay/Meet the Beat-Alls
"Moral Decay" When Buttercup accidentally knocks out Bubbles' tooth, she learns that tooth decay does pay and soon goes on a spree knocking out teeth and collecting the cash.
3 Apr. 2001
Helter Shelter/Power Lunch
"Helter Shelter" Bubbles has a habit of saving helpless animals and the Professor is sick of it. When Bubbles brings a baby whale home, she and her sisters have a whale of a time hiding this new addition.

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