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Season 1

A Sticky Situation!
Begins with the same opening sequence as the series, except that the Professor accidentally adds a can of whoopass rather than Chemical X. The Whoopass Girls fight the Amoeba Boys, get stuck to them, and have to fly them into the sun to beat them.
18 Nov. 1998
Monkey See, Doggie Do/Mommy Fearest
In "Monkey See, Doggie Do", Mojo Jojo swipes some cursed artifacts from the Townsville Museum and using them, turns all of the people of Townsville and then the whole world into dogs. In "Mommy Fearest", the Professor falls for a mysterious woman who grounds the girls and bans them from staying up late to save the day. But it turns out that she is one of their many antagonists, Sedusa.
25 Nov. 1998
Insect Inside/Powerpuff Bluff
"Insect Inside" The city of Townsville becomes overrun by millions of cockroaches, led by their leader Roach Coach. The Powerpuff Girls must fight their fear of bugs in order to save the city.
2 Dec. 1998
Octi Evil/Geshundfight
"Octi-Evil" Him is out to break up the Powerpuff Girls, and uses Bubbles sweetness to do it via Bubbles' stuffed octopus, Octi. "Geshundfight" The amoeba boys try to commit a crime and accidentally get the whole city of Townsville sick.
9 Dec. 1998
Buttercrush/Fuzzy Logic
"Buttercrush" Buttercup develops a crush on Ace, the leader of the Gang Green Gang. They soon take advantage of this to put Blossom and Bubbles into terrible danger.
16 Dec. 1998
Boogie Frights/Abracadaver
In "Boogie Frights", the Boogie Man comes up with a plan to forever keep out light in order to operate freely, but the Powerpuff Girls are on the job in a jiffy. In "Abracadaver", a long-dead resident magician, Al Lusion, comes back to life as a zombie, and the girls have some difficulty in trying to stop him.
23 Dec. 1998
Telephonies/Tough Love
"Telephonies" The Gangreen Gang gets hold of the Powerpuff Girls Hotline and makes crank calls, sending the Girls on a wild goose chase trying to protect the town.
6 Jan. 1999
Major Competition/Mr. Mojo's Rising
"Major Competition" The Powerpuff Girl's place as crime fighters is taken when Major Man comes to town. The PPGs eventually figure out that Major Man is actually faking disasters just so he can "save the day."
13 Jan. 1999
Paste Makes Waste/Ice Sore
In "Paste Makes Waste", one of the Pokey Oaks Kindergarten students has a bad habit of eating glue and Buttercup just can't resist picking on him for this. But when he accidentally eats some radioactive glue and turns into a giant glue monster, it's up to Buttercup to apologize for her behavior toward him to reverse the process. In "Ice Sore", during an intense heat wave, Blossom develops a new superpower, one that makes her sisters jealous, but her schoolmates popular with her: ice breath.
20 Jan. 1999
Bubblevicious/The Bare Facts
Bubbles is tired of being the cute and wants to be "hard-core," but she takes it a little too far.
27 Jan. 1999
Cat Man Do/Impeach Fuzz
"Cat Man Do" The Girls save an innocent little Kitty from the clutches of an evil villain. Eventually they learn that Kitty is the true villain when he hypnotizes the Professor in an evil plot to take over the world.
3 Feb. 1999
Just Another Manic Mojo/Mime for a Change
In "Just Another Manic Mojo", Mojo Jojo's morning routine is disrupted by the Powerpuff Girls when their ball that they are playing with ends up in his lair. Mojo then uses this opportunity to try and eliminate his nemeses for good. In "Mime for a Change", Rainbow the Clown is accidentally transformed by bleach into an evil mime who can eliminate color and sound.
7 Apr. 1999
The Rowdyruff Boys
Mojo Jojo is so outraged at his constant defeats against the Powerpuff Girls that he decides to beat them at their own games, by creating The Rowdyruff Boys, who prove superior fighters to the girls.
27 May 1999
Uh Oh Dynamo
Worried about his little girls' safety, the Professor creates Powerpuff Dynamo, a state-of-the-art protection system.

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