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‘Sex Tape’ Review: Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel Have a Screw Loose

Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) used to love to fuck. Having hooked up in college, they would screw in her dorm, in his car, in the library stacks, even behind a tree. Ten years, two kids and one marriage later, that spark has apparently vanished, prompting the desperate couple to film a comprehensive reenactment of “The Joy of Sex” in a bid to get it back. However, this being 2014, their exploits have been filmed with an iPad and not on a video camera, allowing the file to handily vanish into the little-understood Cloud for storage. As a radio DJ, Jay has an unlikely amount of iPads at his disposal and hands them off to friends and family once he’s done with them, and as a mommy blogger, Annie is dreadfully worried that their three-hour lovemaking session might be seen by anyone they’ve given a device, including her wholesome new employer, Hank
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24 "Day 8: 9:00pm-10:00pm" Review

Tonight on 24: Jack Bauer and Renee "Screw Loose" Walker continued to wreck havoc on New York City in pursuit of the Red Square faction. Ziya, the poor Russian mob contact who lost his thumb (not his hand) to Renee's circular saw last episode, was able to lead Renee to the infamous Vladimir. Turns out Vlad developed an obsession with Renee was she was undercover. And by "obsession" I mean "penchant to beat and rape her." Okay, the rape part wasn't explicit, but Vlad asked her if she had Hepatitis C (as a possible explanation for why she looked so shitty) and the dots connected pretty clearly on that one, I think. Vlad still didn't trust her, though, so he threw she and Ziya into his trunk and drove them off to an isolated location (as isolated as one can find in New York, I suppose) to shoot them. Jack,
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