(I) (1996)

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This was a great film!
Culver Bronsan2 August 2002
This was a really good, raw and entertaining film. Why it never got released I do not know? It's a shame...a waste. I saw this film at a film festival in California and really enjoyed it, The Money Shot was easily the best film at the festival and ever since I saw it I've been searching for a copy, but it almost seems impossible to find. If anyone knows anything about how to get a copy of this film please post it on here because this film is way too good to be locked up somewhere. It really sucks when films like Scooby-Doo are being made and making millions of dollars and films like this can't even get a distributor to enable this film to be seen. Damn shame. Anyway, as far as recommendations go, if you see this movie anywhere, rent it, buy it, just watch the film because it's a rarity and you should take advantage of the opportunity. To the filmmakers and actors, good job, good work and it wasn't completely wasted cause I saw it and really liked it. **** (out of 5)
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