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Best TV Holiday Movie since The Worst Witch...
Angelyc6 October 2001
This was a great movie. It was entertaining and intelligent. Great sets... good acting (as well as you can expect in a Disney TV movie)

Kimberly J. Brown did a great job as the character of hopeful Marnie. Joey Zimmerman did a nice comical job portraying the extremely dry Dylan. But in my opinion, Emily Roeske stole the show as Sophie. She was adorable and the most intelligent character.

Nicely developed plot... and Debbie Reynolds just shines as the kooky grandmother!

I'd definitely recommend this movie... it's a great way to pass a lazy afternoon.
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great for kids of all ages
bushbrianna8 August 2006
I love this movie. I first seen it on vacation with my Grandmother when she just happened to stumble upon it while channel surfing. As soon as she seen it, she stopped and went back to it. It's a movie that catches people's eye. I was maybe 9 or 10 when I first seen it, and now I'm 15, and I still love it! I wait until Halloween every year just to see the movies. Kimberly J is a brilliant actress, and she played the perfect Marnie. I would definitely recommend this movie, and all of the others that follow (Halloweentown II:Kalabar's Revenge & Hallweentown HIgh). The are great films for ALL ages. Buy the DVD's, because once you've seen them, you'll want to watch them over and over again! Guarantee it...
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Cute film to watch with the family
chrissythecat22 May 2003
I just have to say that I have seen both Halloweentown and Halloweentown 2 with my nieces and I found them to be very cute and all around wholesome entertainment. I'm 21 and I've seen quite a few movies in my life from dramas to horror films to comedies and action flicks, but I find that family movies are my favorite. I don't know if it's just me, but I like watching a ridiculously happy movie sometimes instead of always watching something "heavy" or philosophical or even too realistic. I like Halloweentown because it's something I can watch with my nieces that they think is sort of scary without it really being scary. It's just a fun little tv movie. I'd also like to comment on what a self-proclaimed witch/wiccan posted earlier. Of course, real-life witches do not fly on brooms or cast spells or do most if not all of the things done in the film. In many ways, Wicca is a sort of religion. It's a way of looking at life and focusing on the energy of nature. It goes back to paganistic times and the rituals and ceremonies of that time. With that said, I also see no harm in portraying witches as capable of magic and the ability to fly. Where's the harm in it? Now if the film portrayed witches/Wiccans as devil worshippers or evil people, I would have been upset, because that simply is not the case. I myself am not a Wiccan, but quite a few of my friends are and I've read a lot of literature on the subject. Halloweentown isn't an autobiographical film or a documentary, and I think it has every right to take artistic license when portraying the fantastical world of witches. (Sorry for writing so much, but I tend to go off on tangents.)
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This is the best Disney holiday movie of all time.
Jim-45626 December 1999
This is the best Disney holiday movie of all time. Cute characters, good story line, great acting. I enjoyed this movie as much as my kids did! Everything seemed to work for this movie. Good directing, incredible sets, great writing. My family can't wait for this one to be released on video.It's too long to wait until Halloween every year to see it.
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Could be the best Halloween movie ever. Seriously
A_Different_Drummer2 November 2014
There is a wonderful scene toward the end of the one-of-a-kind TV series DEAD LIKE ME where the main character uses Halloween, the day when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest, to contact her family.

It is a pretty good scene.

And one of the best twists on the Halloween theme I have seen.

This is another great twist on the October holiday.

Yes, it is Disney-sweet (DUH!) but in measured doses, and made that much more interesting by a great cast and the incomparable Debbie Reynolds.

Reynolds who was in her late 60s when this was filmed just takes the fantastical plot, puts it onto her back, and carries the movie right through to to finish.

In the annals of film her grandmotherly Aggie Cromwell may well go down in history tied nose-to-nose with Julie Andrews' Mary Poppins as the best relative any child could possibly hope to have.
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Good movies!
robinepowell12 September 2005
I really enjoy all three Halloweentown movies though the only thing missing from Halloween High was Marnie's friend Luke. Maybe he's too old to be in High School anymore but that doesn't mean he couldn't have come over to give some moral support. ;-) These movies maybe intended for kids but I really enjoyed them! When the first two came to TV, I taped them and had a neighbour copy them onto a few more VCR tapes for other kids I knew. A Halloween movie that's not at all scary is something I enjoy. I can't wait to buy all three movies on DVD! :o)

I am having someone I know who lives in the U.S. pick up a copy of each movie for me and mail it to me. Though I'm the only with a VCR copy of Halloween High and one day hope to pass the third installment onto all of my neighbourhood kids since I know they enjoyed both Halloweentown one and two.
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thespark21526 October 2003
I love these movies! They are terrific Halloween movies. I Hope they make a third movie. I recommend to anyone who loves Halloween to watch these two movies. It's so good to see Halloween movies that are light and not dreadfully dark and scary, I like how it's set in "Halloweentown" and really brings the characters to life.
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If Ya like Witches, Watch this movie :)
HeaVeN_SenT_0x27 October 2001
I like this movie alot.But i really think its good for young children like ages 3-10, Im 12 and i think so. I liked the charicter Luke. If you like Witches this movie is for you. they made a second one,Halloweentown 2 Kalabars Revenge. If you didnt see this movie (halloween town) dont see the second because you would not understand it. But i did not hate it, the first time i really enjoyed both ones. Enjoy :)
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The Witches Brew up a good holiday movie!
the_moody_youngest25 October 2006
This is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen! The acting was excellent, the plot was TOTALLY original, Marnie and Dylan were hilarious, and Sophie was just adorable! Debbie Renolds did fabulous as Agatha Cromwell, the Grandma of Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie, and Gwen's mother. Debbie plays a witch from Halloweentown, and her granddaughter, Marnie Cromwell, comes to Halloweentown with her brother Dylan, and her cute little sister, Sophie to begin her witch training. And Marnie must work to save Halloweentown from the evil... not telling! Just watch the movie and you'll find out. Benny was also a great lovable character that entertained me. Enjoy this film because it is so excellent!

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Not bad.
xXtOdDXx25 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This was a pretty good movie, even though some of the plot holes made no sense. If you're really bored and this is showing on Disney, I would suggest you watch it. Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) was pretty good in this, but if you want better acting from her, watch Quints. The real acting in this was Debbie Reynolds. You gotta love Debbie. Overall, this is a pretty good movie. ** 1/2 / ****
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hotaru1234200114 October 2001
I love this movie this is the best movie I've seen for halloween and you can be young or old to watch this movie I would recomend it to any kid or adult in the world im 14 and i love it!! And now they have made HalloweenTown 2 and it was great seeing how old the characters grown and the changes in the cromwell family!
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love the movies
KayleeGallington5 October 2014
i love the HalloweenTown movies they are the best. Every year since for the longest time i have watched them when they come on TV. I got my little brother into watching these movies and he loves them.I think the Halloween town movies are just perfect everything about them and just they are just right for all ages. Halloween town movies are great family movies for everybody of all ages.i watched these movies when i was little and know my little brother watches these movies and he just loves them and is so exited i think he watched them all maybe four times . we only let him watch them all four time because i have watched them so much i was saying the line before the TV even said the line.
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Simply a perfect Halloween movie for kids
neerdowell17 October 2013
Halloweentown does not get the credit that it deserves. I give it a 10 for what it is: a perfect Halloween movie that the whole family can watch. Not quite so scary as Hocus Pocus, it nonetheless has some scares in keeping with the holiday tradition. But much like Harry Potter introduced us to the wizarding world, Halloweentown introduces us to the world of Halloween witches, goblins, skeletons, and other creatures with comedy and heart. Much has been said about its plot so I'll just leave it at this: if you're looking for a great movie for the Halloween season for kids of nearly any age or for the whole family, Halloweentown fits the bill on all counts.
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Heart-warming Halloween family movie.
Val18 July 2012
I first watched this when I was in my tweens on Disney channel, and I remember absolutely loving it. Later on, I also watched Halloweentown II and Halloweentown High as well. It is a very light-hearted, fun movie to watch, especially with young children. Its child-like innocence is what really makes you smile.

For a movie made in 1998, the setting is not bad and halloweentown was a pleasure to see with its vivid colors and cheerful creatures. The children did a great job of acting.

I am 21 years old now, so I do feel a bit old watching this, but it still manages to hit the young, innocent wonder I had for Halloween as a kid.
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Happy Halloween.. Literally?
mirosuionitsaki223 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I've heard of Christmas Movies, Easter Movies, but I have never heard of a Halloween movie. Well, maybe a horror movie marathon on Halloween, but not a movie specifically about Halloween and the joy of it. This movie is all about Halloween town. It's the only Halloweentown movie I like. Everything else well.. the characters are older and they should change the characters.

Anyways, this movie brought a little joy to the Halloween holiday. Happy ending too. That's odd. I remember watching this movie, I don't remember if it was on 1998 or another time the Disney Channel played this movie. But I remember watching it. This movie is great if you get bored out of your mind waiting for someone to knock on your door so you can give them candy, or if you are having a Halloween party with children and you can play this movie.

I recommend this movie for everyone who loves Halloween. If you hate candy, who cares. This movie isn't about candy. It's about strange Halloween monsters that look like the masks and costumes you see children wear to your door waiting for you to say, "Aww, cute" and you give them their Halloween treat.
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I loved Halloweentown
rhian7330 October 2006
OK. We all know that Halloweentown is just a Disney channel movie but come on, it totally rocked... Kimberly J. Brown was and still is an excellent actress and she ruled the part just like all of the other actors and actresses on the movie set. This movie is a great movie that I can actually watch like three times in a day and every year. I am not sure if it is out in DVD yet but if it does, i am totally telling you to watch it... everybody loves it. I think that this is a true Halloween movie and hey, if i did not know any better, i would actually think that Halloweentown is an actual place and i would so want to go there... Who wouldn't?
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bestest halloween movies
JSGripp21 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
the halloween town movies are the bestest movies ever. i don't care if the special fx aren't that good... the plot may be dumb and the acting not the greatest, but movies 1-4 are still the best... ever. period. halloween town seems like a cool place, and just watching these movies makes me wish it was a real place. i mean, it brings to life soo many concepts... soo many ideas.... it can make any age happy, even though the movies seems aimed at smaller children... idk, i just really enjoyed all the movies, and i'd recommend them to anyone who enjoys halloween..... halloween is an awesome holiday =D

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skittles_model21 October 2006
Halloweentown is my absolute favorite movie of all time!! Ever since the first one has come out, I have been watching the Halloweentown movies every Halloween and periodically throughout the year! These movies make me feel like I can do anything. The producers of this movie have done a great job in creating a movie that is magical and keeps the Halloween spirit going! I am now in High School and I still enjoy them!! The only problem with the new one, Return to Halloweentown, is that they have changed the character for Marnie Cromwell. I haven't yet seen it but I will make sure I do!! I hope that all the new little kids will enjoy these movies as much as I have.
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Frighteningly bad, even for a children's movie.
EasilyBemused22 October 2004
Debbie Reynold's chirpy acting was on par with the average children's movie. However, the acting of the younger actors, especially Kimberly Brown's, is horrendously wooden. Their seemingly nailed-on, unchanging smiles are more disturbing then any of the Halloweentown frights.

Early on, the movie assuredly alienates the audience they were targeting to relate with Marnie Cromwell. A 12-year old clasping a children's board book and gushing that it was about "Vampires, werewolves, and witches ... all of my favorite things" would have been amusing except that her delivery was so stilted that I was embarrassed for her.

Though the plot does make attempts at themes such as sibling jealousy, it also weaves in themes such as the shunned high school sweetheart that only clutter a movie for children.

Though not as bad as the dialog, the costuming is half-hearted, with some of the monsters wearing masks and 'monster' hands without even an attempt at makeup covering their bare necks.

An animated Pinocchio delivered his lines smoother and showed more emotion then the flesh and blood actors in this movie manage to.
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not exactly good
adam111726 October 2001
I love Halloween movies and specials. Love 'em. But this one is not what I'd call good. I could blame the overacting, but it may not be the actors fault; they could only do so much with the sloppily written dialogue. The notion of a place like Halloweentown was much better done in "The Nightmare Before Christmas," and the plot was cookie-cutter at best. There are some awful Halloween specials out there, and this is, admittedly, better than a lot of them. But it's not among the greats of the genre. Younger kids might like it, of course. I suppose I shouldn't complain, seeing as how it's for them, not me.
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One of my most favorite movies of all time!
rifflynnane13 September 2012
I love this movie so much I look for it to come on so I can watch it each year at Halloween time. It is filled with thrills, excitement and it will get your imagination wondering. Considering this is a movie made in the late 90's it has great graphic and a great picture. If you love this movie there are two more movies that go to it and each one is just as amazing. I honestly wish they would have came out with a show or more movies to follow these. I love sharing this movie with my children and I hope one day my grandchildren. I hope you will find the same joy sharing it with family, friends and those you love. So enjoy this movie and make sure you come back and rate this movie, especially if you loved it so others will see it too. :)
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I'm not sure what I was expecting...
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews29 October 2005
... but it must have been more than what I got. I know this is a children's film, but that doesn't mean it has to be bad(certainly not this bad). I don't recall when I last watched such a poorly produced film... if I ever have. The plot is nonsensical babble. The pacing is non-existent. The characters are empty, paper-thin clichés. The acting is incredibly poor and overdone, though I guess the actors had such bad material to work with, they couldn't have done much better. The effects are hideous, with little to no attempt made to hide how they are achieved. The costumes and make-up are just pathetic... no effort is made to hide where the masks end, and most of it is just so see-through that even children, I'm talking small ones, will be able to tell. The writing is quite poor; I could never figure out if Halloweentown is supposed to be the direct opposite of our world(what with the always closed cinema), or everyone who lived there were monsters. The world, fascinating as it may seem to very small children was, as another reviewer also points out much more competently presented in The Nightmare Before Christmas. The humor is painfully unfunny, and jokes are repeated ad nauseum. The tone is childish at best, and half of the actors even look like they're ashamed to be doing the film. The script, oh dear, the script... what the heck is the 'highschool sweetheart' cliché doing in a children's film? How many 7-year-olds even know what that is? I'd guess it was an attempt at drawing in the older crowd as well(give the parents something to enjoy), but when the film is this poor, how many people above the age of 10 will watch? How many below, for that matter? I'm sorry, but this is just so far below average that it astounds me that it spawned two sequels. Avoid at all costs. I recommend this only to kids who are incredibly easy to please. And even they should be allowed to watch something of higher quality. 1/10
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The Cromwells United Can Never Be Defeated
bkoganbing5 April 2010
Debbie Reynolds is one of those actresses who have grown old gracefully and continue to work because of it. Debbie was 66 when she made the first of the Halloweentown movies for Disney Studios and is now playing what she is in real life, a grandmother.

But not every grandmother is a witch. Agnes Moorehead became a grandmother when she was on Bewitched, but Agnes certainly did not have the concern for her community that Debbie has.

That community is Halloweentown, a place in another dimension where the witches and goblins and all kinds of other creatures have gone. It was created because humans couldn't live in the same mortal world with them and were forever trying to destroy them. But some get out like Judith Hoag who is Debbie's daughter who marry a mortal like Samantha did and raise some kids who've got the potential for being witches.

So Hoag's kids one fine Halloween discover their roots and decide that they'd like to visit grandma where she lives in Halloweentown. But when they get there Halloweentown is in turmoil because a most powerful warlock Robin Thomas wants to bring back all the otherworldly creatures into the human world which he'd like to rule with their help.

Debbie's family the Cromwells never figured on a working vacation, but when the Cromwell family stands together, the best warlock in the universe isn't up to the challenge.

Halloweentown was out before Harry Potter made witchcraft popular and its proved to be one of the Magic Kingdom's best franchises. Debbie is one vital senior citizen, she actually looks younger here than she did made up as a senior citizen towards the end of How The West Was Won.

Halloweentown is nice family entertainment and no need to wait until October to see it.
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Cheesily Overrated
kill-the-boxtrolls26 October 2009
This movie was bad and overrated I felt very disappointed and really embarrassed on how much people love this movie, but this was very boring, silly, absurd and ridiculous. I didn't really like this movie it was very cute and a bit funny, but the humor in it didn't catch my giggles the acting was okay, the script was pretty poor and the directors did a very poor job for the film. Sorry Halloweentown and 1998 movie fans but this was just too bad and the story was just very weak and lame. I did not really like this at all it was very boring and I don't care about the wicked stuff or this review, but I just didn't really like it so I'm not going to say many stuff for this I just didn't really like it, it is about 3 kids going around saving Halloween but clever enough? Well, expectedly poor or whatever that means.-_-
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