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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A man and woman hug and kiss while consoling each other.
  • A man flirts with a woman, touches her shoulders, caresses her cheek and they nearly kiss.
  • A woman wears a tank top throughout the movie.
  • We see X-ray-like scans of three men, outlining their bodies.
  • A woman opens her jacket revealing a bit of her chest.
  • A phantom's tentacles wrap around a woman and at one point it seems as if it is touching her crotch (this scene is hard to decipher).

Violence & Gore

  • There are several attacks on humans by "phantoms": these are alien ghostly creatures that range in size; some look like squids, some like snakes with big sharp teeth, and others are nondescript forms; all phantoms can kill a human with one blow, and when a human is killed by a phantom it appears that the phantom pushes out a blue glow shaped like the human -- presumably his spirit -- and the human body is now lifeless.
  • A man is killed by a phantom and his blue glow is crunched by the phantom's big teeth.
  • A woman is surrounded by phantoms and she is killed.
  • A phantom appears behind a man and he is killed, a phantom appears beneath a man in a car, and he is killed.
  • A man is killed by a phantom and falls from a cliff into a glowing blue pit.
  • A phantom is shot and it explodes into multicolored goo.
  • A woman is shot in the chest; she is wearing a metal plate which catches the bullet.
  • We see a room full of dead human bodies after a phantom attack.
  • A swarm of phantoms attack a city, bluing many people; people run and scream in fear.
  • A ship is hit by a phantom and it crashes into a platform sending people screaming and running.
  • A woman and a group of soldiers are attacked by phantoms and the humans fire weapons killing some (they scream, growl and disintegrate when they are hit).
  • A soldier shoots at a phantom and hits a barrel of flammable material that explodes and throws him to the ground.
  • A man nearly falls into a pit full of phantoms.
  • A huge ship gears up to shoot a cannon at a crater on a planet's surface (we hear lots of heavy doomsday music): when the cannon is fired it disintegrates a lot of phantoms.
  • An enormous phantom knocks a man and woman in a rover loose from the tethers attaching them to a flying ship and they crash to the planet's surface (the man is wounded and we see some blood on his head).
  • We hear a discussion about a man having been infected by a phantom and needing treatment: we see the man lying on a hospital table and he is shot in the chest several times (he jerks a bit) with a laser which tries to kill the alien that's presumably inside him.
  • There is a tense scene where a ship full of people flies through a tight cavern of rubble trying to evade phantoms.
  • A car with soldiers drives recklessly to avoid a phantom and it crashes, injuring a man and trapping him in the vehicle.
  • A man holds a loaded gun to his head.
  • A couple of soldiers have a fist fight and one is knocked unconscious.
  • There are several dream sequences, each giving more detail about the scene: the dreams are of a woman standing on an alien planet, a stampede of metal clad soldiers runs toward her, firing weapons over her head and all around her.
  • The planet begins to shake and rumble, a wave of fire burns and melts everything in sight and there's eventually a huge explosion, throwing a chunk of the planet hurtling into space.
  • There are large explosions in a city when it is attacked by phantoms, and a large ship explodes in space.
  • A man dangles from the hatch of a ship as it lifts off.
  • We see several cities in rubble, after a war with the phantoms, including human skeletons, crumbled buildings and overturned cars.
  • A woman holds a dead man in her lap.
  • A woman steps on a scorpion-like creature and we hear it crunch.
  • A woman holds her chest several times reacting in pain.
  • A woman opens her jacket revealing a metal implant and a hologram of an alien being is projected.
  • A woman relates a story of a little girl who dies, a man talks about his father having been killed, and another man talks about his wife and child having been killed.
  • Soldiers are transported to a planet's surface by a green plasma-like beam.
  • There are several discussions about firing a cannon at a meteor in order to destroy the alien beings.
  • A man gets an injection in the neck a couple of times.


  • 1 scatological term, 15 mild profanities and 3 religious exclamations.
  • Name calling (son of a bitch, but the "bitch" part is cut off by gun fire.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • General Hein is seen putting down a glass of liquor on his desk while talking to a soldier.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The many sights of the various ghost-like alien beings (some large, some small and many of them appearing monstrous and/or menacing) could be unsettling or scary to younger viewers (particularly when they pursue and/or kill humans).
  • Aki tells Gray a rather upsetting story about how one of the spirits was a terminally-ill little girl.
  • A character attempts suicide by putting a gun to his head, but he changes his mind and immediately stops.

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