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The biggest joke of this film is there is no part 1!
Serpent-530 March 2000
Made in 1982 (not be confused with Sonny Chiba's 1974/1975 two part film saga), James Bryant directs this loud, cheezy actioner that features a nutty Vietnam vet (who goes in a trance with a cheap music) who goes after the tattooed man who is pushing drugs and molesting girls in the city. Chris Mitchum plays his vietnam vet friend who is now a police detective who doesn't know that his best nutty friend is the executioner. Famous 21st century pictures stock music (that usually in the movie trailer) is used in the action scenes. Many funny moments like a guy getting stabbed by a samurai sword and getting impaled on a couch, as the executioner keep kicking the couch as the bad guy keeps moving towards him with a couch on his back(!). Also the Executioner shoves handgrenade on bad guys pants, and the same cheap stock footage explosion appears. Aldo Ray only appears in two location so he probably only had a day on this film. Harmon who starred in Bryant other films is terrible with English and has a thick Germany accent. The film looks like it was shot without sound. The producer was trying to cash in on the 1981 film THE EXTERMINATOR (which was about a vietnam vet who takes on bad guys) and release this turkey at New York theatres in 1983. The films video release runs a few minutes short and only a minor scene is missing. Should be a cult classic.
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Laff riot-you never had it so good
blackxmas18 October 2000
You really owe it to yourself to watch this garbage. Hilarious, inept and so unprofessional, you'll wonder how they even got the film loaded into the camera. Hoping you'll get this confused with the classic EXTERMINATOR, EXECUTIONER part 2, lifts the exact plot, then somebody filmed a bunch of images,edited them together, repeated them over and over, and then released this onto a gullible public. Aldo Ray looks confused most of the time and Chris Mitchum looks like he's going to cry. His teenage daughter and her drugged out friend have the movie's best looped in lines: "Oh heavenly coke!". Vital moviewatching. Demand your local store stock it.
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More James Bryan madness!
udar5511 October 2008
Probably made for less than Seagal's hairpiece, this is one wild flick. A masked vigilante dubbed The Executioner by the press is running around Los Angeles. Det. Roger O'Malle (Chris Mitchum) is on the case and begins to suspect his best friend and fellow Vietnam vet Mike (Antoine John Mottet) is the killer. A subplot involves a gangster nicknamed The Tattooed Man, who has lured O'Malle's drug addicted daughter into the world of prostitution. Naturally, all of these plot lines meet in a big jumbled mess.

Now this is more like it! Bryan's LADY STREET FIGHTER nearly killed me with tedium. This blows it out of the water in terms of entertainment, thanks mostly to some dubbing that appears to have been done by the same people who helped Bryan on DON'T GO IN THE WOODS. If you've seen that film, you know how funny this can be. Thankfully, LADY star Renee Harmon continues to dub her own voice with her zick acczent. Aldo Ray pops up in a few scenes and it is obvious he was shot alone (you never see him on screen with anyone else, only in close ups). The film is technically a sequel to something that never existed, unless they were trying to cash in on Duke Mitchell's mob flick (unlikely) of the early 70s George Peppard flick by the same name (highly unlikely).

On a side note, this film may mark the turning point in Mitchum's career where he went from semi-coherent b-movies to all out madness. In the next few years, he would make insane movies like American COMMANDOS (1985), FINAL SCORE (1986), SFX RETALIATOR (1987) and FACELESS (1988).
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Are You Kidding Me?
theglassviolin28 April 2008
This movie was spectacularly awful and brutally bizarre. This is truly a diamond in the rough.

This movie is for those looking for a laugh. However, this movie is not intentionally funny. One of the things that makes it so funny is how awful the acting is. Another thing to note is that there was no Executioner pt. 1 (which only adds to its hilarity).

I would suggest that if you enjoy silliness, and you have some friends that do as well, have them over for a night of hysterics.

It says I have to have ten lines before it will be submitted. So here is another bit of information: This movie is like a really bad version of Rambo. The grind-house experience in the 80's. It's awesomely bad.
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Not the best, but well worth tracking down.
latherzap16 February 2003
It seems to me that the majority of "bad movies" are pretty boring. Too often we bust a gut laughing when a critic shreds a lousy flick, but we then find that actually watching the movie is a grim experience with few laughs. Fortunately, Executioner 2 is a clunker that delivers.

In the early 80s James Bryan wowed the bad film community with Don't Go In the Woods. I found another movie of his, Hellriders, terribly dull. But with Executioner 2 he's back on track. It's your basic vigilante movie, with bad guys running scared and cops embarrassed at the public's support for the vigilante. As was the case in Woods, the dialogue was dubbed (even though the characters were speaking English to begin with). Some not so good acting, a pair of stoner high school girls who are constantly laughing ("oh, heavenly coke!"), and Aldo Ray (of the movie "Bog") make Executioner part 2 a must-see. Sure, some parts are boring, but overall it's worth it. Watch this movie, it will justify your having searched through dozens of other lousy films in your quest for B-Movie Nirvana.
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The Executioner, Part II certainly marches to the beat of its own whacked-out drummer.
tarbosh2200027 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A vigilante the press have dubbed "The Executioner" is running around L.A. dealing with punks in his own inimitable way. When Police Commissioner (Ray) (that's all he's billed as) demands answers, Lt. Roger O'Malley (Mitchum) is on the case. Meanwhile, O'Malley's daughter Laura becomes addicted to drugs, and, needing money, turns to her loud-voiced, giggly friend for help. She naturally suggests she go into prostitution, but to watch out for a sadist named "The Tattoo Man", who may abuse her in the process. Some sort of gangsters are involved and putting pressure on the local pimp, and only a delusional Vietnam vet (is there any other kind, according to low-budget actioners?) holds the key to it all. Will O'Malley stop the O'madness? Or will he let it continue as long as The Executioner is cleaning up the streets? Find out today! The Executioner, Part II is a gem. Essentially a 78-minute, incoherent, incomprehensible mess, it's easy to love a movie that's this disjointed and sloppy. In the grand tradition of Surf II (1984) and Leonard Part 6 (1987), there is no Executioner, Part I (just the fact that there's a comma, a space, and a "part" after the title is a major clue to the insanity/inanity going on). Clearly the structure (?) of the movie was modeled after The Exterminator (1980), complete with a Vietnam-set battle intro, which segues into a modern urban environment. It seems so obvious that 21st Century Film Corporation was trying to trick distracted theater patrons/video renters, but, hey, it was the golden age of exploitation, and if this is the end result, it can't be all bad.

Try to imagine a cross between Rescue Force (1990)and Death Promise (1977)- complete with straitlaced, unnecessary narration, poor lighting, non-editing, and the star of the show - the dubbing. The dubbing this time around is laugh out loud funny. TE, PII (as all the cool people call it) is one of those "another planet" movies - the filmmakers seem so out of touch with the way human beings actually talk and behave, it seems like it was made in some far-away world. This was director James Bryan's first in a trilogy of films he did with the great Renee Harmon - the follow-ups being Hell Riders (1984) and Lady Street Fighter (1985). Brilliantly, the movie was released on a big-box double feature VHS with Harmon's Frozen Scream (1975). Apparently Continental Video was really gunning for that rich mine of Renee Harmon fans. Well, we still remember it fondly. Only in the 80's, we tell you. Only in the 80's.

Fan favorite Chris Mitchum is in full effect here as well. Sporting dark hair and a dark mustache, he fights Middle-Aged Punks (MAP's) with the best of 'em, featuring some of the best (?) fight choreography in recent memory. He even has what has to be the first beeper of all time. But while the Executioner has an ace up his sleeve in the way he deals with the epidemic of punks, the punks have their own means of intimidation - pouring milk on people's heads. No wonder Aldo Ray wants answers.

Featuring one of those classic, funky soundtracks (much like the aforementioned Death Promise), The Executioner, Part II certainly marches to the beat of its own whacked-out drummer. There comes a point when cinematic ineptness becomes a treasure. This is that point.
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My review, part II
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki13 June 2013
A Vietnam vet turned vigilante, called 'The Executioner' (oh, brother) is taking it upon himself to, well, to execute the scum and the vermin of LA while apparently under some type of hypnosis, or during flashbacks. Okay, well, that is mostly a subplot, as two thirds of the film seems to be taken up by moronic teenagers getting stoned and pressuring a girl to go into prostitution, and more Vietnam flashbacks.

Horrendous acting by a cast of mostly (deservedly) unknown actors, fight scenes seemingly choreographed by junior high school students, and awful dubbing dominate this zero budget Z-movie.

A slightly amusing exploitation flick with hilarious dialogue, but even with a run-time of one hour and twenty minutes, it goes on far too long.

If a sequel had ever been made, it probably would have been titled Executioner, Part I.
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Not Enough Explosions
bradme1 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Now, I watched this on a Grindhouse collection DVD, in no way shape or form was I expecting it to be good. I wanted a bad movie, and I thought I knew what I was getting into. However, the poster lied to me. When I first saw the mustachioed police sergeant I thought I was going to get the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage".

Instead I got about 3 scenes of actual executioning and the majority about some teenage brat pack reject who spends the movie getting high and giving into peer pressure and becoming a hooker for heroin. Through this she effectively became the main character, and in her duty as protagonist, she cries while her friend yells at her about how easy it is to have sex with strangers for money and why she's a loser for not wanting to do such. She eventually gets kidnapped and raped, oh joy, and finally ends up accomplishing almost nothing in what felt like three hours.

Now, the executioning. There were some glorious scenes of grenades and greasers flash mobbing a deli. There was aforementioned mustache-man running into homeless people and boxes for no reason, there were random terribly choreographed fight scenes. This is about a total of 15 minutes, or so it feels. The majority of the movie is either the girl having a moral dilemma about how uncool and unhigh she will be if she doesn't allow herself to be raped by a mafia sadist, or Vietnam flashbacks.

Oh, and there's some random news anchor who talks like a gypsy and looks like a poor man's Fran Drescher. The pointlessness of her character, versus her screen time is astonishing. The only way you can really grasp how unimportant she is is to actually watch.

Stuff blew up, but not enough. Not enough to justify the hour and fifteen minutes of my life I dedicated to this viewing. Too much rape, not enough vigilante murder sprees.
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So bad it's bad
lastliberal2 August 2007
Not one of those grind-house flicks that are so cheesy that they are enjoyable; this one is so bad that it is painful to watch.

A take-off on Charles Bronson's Death Wish, but without the class. The "executioner" has flashbacks to Vietnam and runs around grunting and saying "I'm the Judge and Jury" before he puts a grenade in someones pants after some pitiful chop socky.

There is no blood even though he cuts the throats of some of his criminals and there is only one brief flash of nudity - someone must have screwed up there.

The crime lord just spends his time blowing on lit cigarettes and telling his lackey to bring him more young girls - not for sex mind you, but to use as an ashtray.

The teens remind me of Reefer Madness the way they carry on when they are smoking, and they are always asking for coke.

Of course, the Executioner is sent out of town instead of being arrested, maybe to do Executioner I, which doesn't exist.

I wasted my time so you don't have too.
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Is there a Vet in the House?
Coventry1 November 2007
Is it a sequel? Is it a rip-off? Is it the biggest pile of crap you've ever seen or the most entertaining Z-grade exploitation movie ever made? Well actually, the answer to all of these questions (except maybe the first one) is a straight and simple YES! This is clearly a part two to *something*, only nobody knows exactly what the original film was. It's also a shameless cash-in on the contemporary very popular vigilante action movies, like for example "Death Wish" or more particularly "The Exterminator". The film is also irredeemably bad, with a totally unoriginal screenplay, an incoherent structure and awful … AWFUL acting performances. But, and for the exact same reasons, "The Executioner Part II" is simultaneously one of the most hilariously entertaining movies of its type I've ever seen! The movie opens with vague and random footage of the war in Vietnam, trying to dramatically introduce buddy soldiers Mike and Roger nearly getting killed by friendly fire. Back at home in the big city, Mike works as a mechanic in his own garage and Roger suddenly became a prominent police inspector. The rotten, depressing and crime-infested city is ruled by a perverted gangster known as 'The Tattooed Man", who rapes under aged drug-addicted girls and bribes the local politicians. There's also a bloodthirsty avenging angel prowling the streets, and it takes Roger an awful long time before realizing his buddy Mike is the one executing all the criminals like they're Charlies. The film isn't too gory (they probably didn't have the budget for fake blood) but the overall atmosphere is raw and very aggressive. I mentioned it before, but I simply have to mention the acting performances again! They should have handed out Oscars to everyone involved in this laugh riot production, particularly to the woman who plays the journalist and to the dope-smoking teenage girls. The journalist can hardly pronounce a word correctly and the girls act like Beavis & Butt-Head. "The Executioner Part II" is deliciously rancid 80's cheese, impossible to reward with a rating higher than five because it truly really honestly is terrible, but nonetheless highly recommended.
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Really Awful with a Few Camp Moments
Michael_Elliott29 January 2017
The Executioner, Part II (1984)

* (out of 4)

Lieutenant O'Malley (Christopher Mitchum) must investigate a group of killings where it seems rapists and murderers are being executed by someone wearing a mask. Before long O'Malley starts to think that he might know who is behind it and there (shock) might be a connection to Vietnam.

THE EXECUTIONER, PART II is a really, really awful film. It's a really awful movie on just about every level but thankfully it starts off campy enough to where you'll be able to get a few laughs out of it. The opening sequences in Vietnam are just downright laughable as I'm going to guess that they were actually filmed in California. The film really picks up through the first twenty-minutes or so because we see the masked avenger beating thugs over the head and best of all putting grenades on them, which is followed by the same stock footage use of an explosion.

For some strange reason the movie really falls apart during the final hour. Whereas the opening moments were campy and funny, the rest of the film is pretty darn straight and extremely boring. I'm really not sure why they decided to focus more on the police and the investigation because this really slows the film down and brings it to a crashing halt. Yes, the entire movie is pretty bad on a technical level but at least you can have some fun and laugh at the opening stuff.

Mitchum is mildly entertaining in his role and we've also got Aldo Ray in a supporting bit. Getting to see these two actors is always a plus but they're sadly in a pretty limp movie that doesn't have much going for it.
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Charlie Must Die!
gavin69422 December 2010
In Vietnam 1970, there were a bunch of American guys who were fighting and trying to survive. Now, back in America, there is a killer on the loose who calls himself The Executioner. He is no ordinary killer, though, but a vigilante: a man who kills criminals with guns, broken glass shards and live grenades.

This film was directed by James Bryan. Not sure who that is, actually. And why is it "part 2"? No idea.

The exploitation nature of this film shows up in the first ten minutes, when a group of guys brutally rapes a woman on a rooftop while the neighbors just sort of watch and consider whether or not they should help the woman. Luckily, they are stopped by the Executioner! There is a scene that is a bad advertisement for Miller High Life, with two guys fixing a car and talking about how fast time goes by. Then, in the middle of guy time, some thugs show up to steal their tires and a fight breaks out, complete with sound effects and a song ripped off from "Shaft".

There's a visible poster for "Hot Teenage Assets" and another film... but if you know why, you are a better detective than I am.

Thoroughly entertaining film with bad dialogue, cheesy explosions and the inevitable Vietnam flashback. A must see? No. But pretty decent for what it is.
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Gind House Trash- don't watch it throw it out
dbborroughs30 March 2008
Viet Nam vet with flashbacks goes around killing bad guys buy gun knife or grenade.

A PG rated low budget---er no budget action film. talky, poorly edited with action more laughable then exciting. The gangs are all the sort you only saw in bad Hollywood movies from the 1980's-over aged adults in colorful clothes inspired by the Warriors.

Its low rent all the way...and true grind house trash. I can only imagine how this must have played on 42nd Street in Times Square where its lurid poster and title promised so much more than it ever delivered. This really is a piece of trash to be thrown out.
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Awful, Egregious, and Insipid!!!
zardoz-137 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Abysmal sums up "The Executioneer, Part 2" with Chris Mitchum wasting his time and talent in a sleazy, grade-Z police thriller about combat pals from Vietnam to make it home to the mean streets of Los Angeles. A maniac is on the loose, but this particular maniac has his sights aimed on the underworld, much to the chagrin of a sadistic crime boss who loves to torment prostitutes with the glowing tip of his cigarette. Apart from Mitchum, most of the performances in this lame, slapped together law & order opus are truly awful. Reportedly lensed on weekends to compensate for the high production costs, "The Executioneer, Part 2" has all the hallmarks of rank amateurs. It is a shame to see a once gifted actor like Aldo Ray play a corrupt mayor in scenes that look like they were improvised as most of this uninspired crime melodrama was. Adding insult to injury, the top cop on the case, Lt. Roger O'Malley (Christopher Mitchum of "The Summertime Killer") has a grown-up daughter that loves to lift dollars from his wallet to support her drug habit. Eventually, when she cannot steal enough, she turns to prostitution and collides with evil crime boss, Antonio Casallas (Frisco Estes of "Kiss Daddy Goodbye") who loves to burn holes in the whores that he has sex with for giggles. Forgettable from fade in to fadeout.
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nogodnomasters27 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Mike (Antoine John Mottet) is an ex-Vietnam vet with flashbacks who moonlights as a vigilante. He happens to be in the right place at the right time along with a sound track that sounds similar to "Shaft." What is noticeably bad about the film is the sound quality and sound editing. The sound doesn't always match up with the punches and when it does, it sounds like a foreign film. The outdoor sound was simply horrible.

The film is campy and if anything shows war vets in the worse light possible by making them into psychotic killers, albeit, for good. Might be worth a view for the camp value.

Parental Guide: Brief nudity, rape, assault on women.
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Have no fear. The Executioner is here.
Hey_Sweden31 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Roger O'Malley (Christopher Mitchum) is a police lieutenant tasked with tracking down a character that's become a nightmare to cops and criminals alike: The Executioner! This masked man is a twisted vigilante who metes out brutal punishment to all underworld figures. For example, stuffing live grenades inside their clothes. O'Malley will team up with a perky female news personality, Celia Amherst (Renee Harmon, who also wrote the monumentally dopey script) to see that The Executioner is identified and contained.

Given that the director is James Bryan of "Don't Go in the Woods" infamy, one shouldn't expect the slightest hint of style or polish. Everything about this turkey reeks of incompetence. Bryan fumbles his way through the direction, Harmons' screenplay is utterly senseless, the acting is absolutely atrocious (especially from the actress playing the daughters' friend), the dubbing abysmal, and the music is so wretched that it boggles the mind. Harmon sure doesn't keep us in suspense or anything; we can see that there's only one person that The Executioner could be. You add to that an insipid hero portrayal by Mitchum, several doses of bright red blood throughout, the occasional flash of breasts, and hilariously sleazy, cartoonish villains, and you have a bunch of ingredients guaranteed to result in a priceless exploitation train wreck.

Aldo Ray turns up in a few scenes, with very few lines to utter, but it's just as well. Antoine John Mottet is a riot as Rogers' unhinged, 'Nam flashback-plagued buddy Mike. Veteran stuntman Dan Bradley is likewise amusing as "Big Dan", a goon who is constantly taking punishment and coming back for more. Frank Albert and Frisco Estes are entertaining as the scummiest guys in the story. And Bianca Phillipi is utterly charmless as Rogers' troubled daughter. Harmon, on the other hand, is kind of hard to resist, especially as she mouths her own bad lines in that thick German accent.

The movies' biggest joke, of course, is that it's not really a sequel to anything, although it was clearly inspired by "The Exterminator".

Highly recommended to bad movie lovers.

Five out of 10.
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Unintentionally amusing low budget action film
Leofwine_draca20 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
THE EXECUTIONER, PART II is famous for being a B-movie that purports to be a sequel to a non-existent film. I think perhaps the film they were directly referencing was THE EXTERMINATOR, which has a similar vigilante theme and involves low-down criminals and hoods being taken down by those tired of crime and the lax police response to it.

Vinegar Syndrome have done a fine film of releasing this movie in high definition format; it's never looked better. A shame, then, that it's only just tolerable as a movie; it's completely cheesy and ridiculous, full of low rent action and acting and only enjoyable in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way. The story sees Christopher Mitchum playing the most boring cop imaginable searching for the titular vigilante and finding himself involved with various characters.

The mystery aspect of the story never really works very well as it's all rather obvious. Better are the low rent action scenes based in and around a garage in which the cheesy action plays out. Aldo Ray has one of those bit part roles as another cop while Renee Harmon, who also wrote the screenplay, co-stars. It's pretty lame as a film but as an unintentional comedy it works.
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Sweet Jesus! - What a gargantuan pile of crap!!!
HaemovoreRex5 July 2007
Well first things first; I'm a self confessed lover of bad movies. By this statement I imply that rare breed of joyous flicks that are so awesomely bad in fact as to somehow transcend their own ineptitude and subsequently by some bizarre means, transmogrify into veritable unintentional comedies.

Let's get one thing straight however - the film reviewed here is unequivocally not one of them! Christ on a bike! - This film is utterly pathetic in just about every bloody conceivable way! Containing undoubtedly some of the worst editing, pacing, plotting and acting I have ever witnessed in addition to some of the most jaw droppingly inept fight choreography I have ever had the misfortune to behold I can honestly say that this is without doubt one of the very worst movies I have ever sat and watched (and believe me - I had a major hard time sitting to the end of this cinematic turd!!!)

Utterly wretched plain and simple! Along with the similarly abominable Death Machines (aka The Ninja Murders) this agglomeration of faecal matter has to be the worst film I have reviewed on this site thus far. I simply refuse to believe that any sane human could derive a shred of enjoyment from such retard fodder.

Simply put, avoid this one like a turd in a bath (unless you're heavily into cinematic masochism of course).

As one final indication of just how rancid this flick is, here in the UK the distribution company marketing it took the judicious decision to omit putting any screen shots from the movie on the back of the video box (obviously and quite rightly concluding that there was absolutely nothing worth showing!!!) and put two photos stolen from the Sylvester Stallone classic First Blood instead!!!!!

If it's genuine all time great bad movies you want, check out the (infamous) works of the likes of Bruno Mattei, Arizal and the mighty Godfrey Ho - now they know how to make good quality crap!
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A hilariously horrendous hoot
Woodyanders8 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Obviously made to cash-on on the popularity of such vigilante action pictures as "Death Wish" and "The Exterminator," this uproariously awful crud looks like it was shot on a paltry budget of roughly fifty bucks. After beginning with some badly staged Vietnam war combat footage, the story proper kicks in: Crazed traumatized 'Nam vet automobile mechanic Mike (a simply terrible performance by Antoine John Mottet) can't stand all the rampant crime in his strife-ridden urban neighborhood, so he starts violently rubbing out assorted low-life scum like rapists, drug pushers, pimps, street gang members, and mobsters. Mike's fellow 'Nam vet best buddy Lt. Roger O'Malley (a sleepwalking Christopher Mitchum, who sports a bushy mustache) naturally turns out to be the cop determined to nab Mike. Boy, does this gloriously ghastly garbage possess all the right wrong stuff to qualify as a real four-star stinkeroonie; we've got slapdash (mis)direction by James Bryan (who also blessed us with the similarly shabby splatter slasher schlockfest "Don't Go in the Woods"), uneven stop'n'go pacing, ragged editing, laughable tin-eared dialogue ("I'm the king," a nasty would-be rapist sneers to a whimpering female victim), ratty cinematography, lots of clunky Vietnam flashbacks, pathetic acting (Aldo Ray hams it up to a dreadful extreme as a corrupt police commissioner while Renee Harmon as a pesky journalist renders all her dialogue borderline incomprehensible with her heavy foreign accent), a cheesy generic synthesizer score, ineptly handled action scenes, and an annoyingly abrupt ending. Moreover, this marvelously maladroit mess offers several sidesplitting moments of inspired camp: Mike likes to stuff live grenades down people's pants and two teenage junkie babes get a serious case of the pot giggles while smoking grass together. A total gut-busting riot.
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