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Sex & Nudity

  • Sexual talk throughout
  • Emmanuelle removes a woman's corset, before taking off the woman's panties. The woman's pubic hair and nude butt can be seen. Afterwards the woman is shown sitting in a bubble bath as Emmanuelle tells her to touch herself. The woman grabs Emmanuelle's hand and brings it between her legs, implying fingering. The woman is then shown masturbating herself in the tub whilst Emmanuelle watches her.
  • Emmanuelle and another woman are shown laying on a bed. Emmanuelle opens the bathrobe of the other woman and proceeds to kiss her breasts and abdomen. Emmanuelle then takes off her own shirt revealing her bare breasts as the other woman fondles and kisses them, she then performs cunnilingus on Emmanuelle.
  • Emmanuelle places her bare foot on a man's crotch under a table, as the man stands up he places a napkin over his crotch to hide his arousal
  • Emmanuelle watches as a man and woman kiss and remove all their clothes. The woman's breasts and the man's butt can be seen. The man then is shown thrusting on the woman on a bed, as Emmanuelle masturbates at the other end of the room watching them
  • A man removes a woman's dress revealing her breasts, they kiss before they have sex on a bed. The woman is shown to be riding the man
  • A man removes a woman's dress and he is shown kissing her breasts. The woman turns around and the man has sex with her from behind
  • Emmanuelle brings a man to a darkened room. The man takes Emmanuelle to the bed and is shown brushing a rose down her back and over her butt. He then pours champagne on her back and licks it off. He proceeds to kiss her butt and her breasts before he is shown thrusting on top of her. Although the scene is dark, Emmanuelle's nipples and the man's butt can clearly be made out
  • A man and woman kiss and remove all their clothes, until they are nude. The man takes the woman to a sofa where he sucks her breasts and thrusts on top of her. Both the man and woman's butt can be seen
  • A man and woman are shown naked as they proceed to have sex with the man shown thrusting on top
  • A man and woman have sex with the woman riding the man
  • A man and woman kiss as they remove their clothes and have sex, with the man shown thrusting on top. Both the man and woman's butt

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