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Bad Boys is Bad Ass (Retort to "bad is the right word for title")
braindog22 February 2005
I think us movie buffs sometimes forget that not all movies are made to have some sort of under lying message that can or will change our lives. That's why it pains me to see some users give this film a bad review because "the dialog is weak" or "the scenery isn't vibrant" or something along those lines. This is not a stab or an insult to you, but what I'm saying is; sometimes movies are made with one intended purpose... ENTERTAINMENT! I could careless if this film had poor actors, poor script, poor lighting, that doesn't matter when you watch an action film. This movie delivers your monies worth too, in my opinion Will Smith and Martin Larwence make such a great team that part of the fun is just watching these two get into it from time to time. And with Michael Bay directing, you know you're going to get some good action scenes. Let's face it, Bad Boys II has one of the best car chase scenes ion recent history, it dominates the dismal over played chase in Matrix Reloaded which was the other big summer sequel of that year. I think all that needs to be said here in a retort is the movie is an action movie ans needs to be looked at as an action movie. To hell with the elements that the Academy looks at, appreciate the film for all the stuff that blows up and the laughs the cast can bring you to.
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What do you expect?!?!?!!!!
Jester6920 July 2003
I hate reading these reviews putting this movie down. This movie kicked ass plain and simple. It's a fun movie to watch and enjoy!!! Sure, there's not much of a plot but if you wanted that why would you go to see this film?? The only reason to see this film is because you want 2 1/2 hours of entertainment!!! That's what this is, pure fun.
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Ten times the action, total hardcore
pete-13119 July 2003
Well after that blunder of a motion picture called "Pearl Harbour" Micheal Bay bounces back with a better movie here. To his credit though in the few short films he has made so far none of them have bombed. This movie was 10x the action definately, and was actually way funnier than first one. Will Smith was definately more built, much tougher and more in charge, Martin Lawrence stole the show with his silly remarks every 5 seconds but I loved it.

The car chase scene on the highway was way better than the Matrix Reloaded's car chase scene, it puts that one to shame. But this highway chase scene will definately rank up there with T3's. Some parts in this movie were a bit overdone such as the morgue scene, won't get into it but I'll leave it at that, and the rats...that's it! :)

If you are looking for a solid type performance from Will Smith to be a good actor don't bother, this movie was all about pure action, and mindless fun, if that's what you want then go see it, if not don't waste your 2 hours and 40 minutes seeing it. Funny thing is, it didn't feel that long.

Can't wait to see this out on DVD in superbit. A great sequel.
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A great summer action flick
swipht123 July 2003
This movie was a hell of a lot of fun to watch. The action sequences were really well done, and there was tons of them. It was a lot more violent than the first one as I noticed. I thought the scene with all the cadavers was really unnecessary. It was kind of gross. And the chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is great. The arguments really reflect from the first one. I was really enjoying the tense scenes where the cars were flying off the truck. A great movie. 8 out of 10.
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If you hate Michael Bay, why did you see this?
neo_jenner21 July 2003
I've never understood this bizarre hatred of Michael Bay that so many so called film ethusiests have. I mean, what is it about HIM that struck a coard with so many? People don't bash Simon West,Martin Campbell, Tony Scott, or Dominic Sena the way the bring the hammer down on Bay. It's not like he was the first guy who was really good at style over substance. I for one am gonna defend the guy here. And no, i'm not some idiot teenager who thinks Charlie's Angels is the best movie ever made. I am an avid film watcher. I probably see close to 100 movies a year IN theaters. Big movies and small alike. I appreciate any genre of film if it's done well. But obviously my first love is, and always will be, action. And I think Michael Bay is one of the best action directors around. As good as James Cameron, John Woo, Ridley Scott, John McTerninan, John Frankenhiemer, and any other guy named John.

Is Bad Boys II too exrtavigant? Too explosive? Too indulgent? It's not your money, why should you care? BB2 is action filmaking in it's purest, most volitile form. I can't remember seeing an action movie with this much, well, ACTION in it. This thing drills you like a jackhammer in a way that The Rock could only dream of. It comes close to the "Enough Already" level of action as in Armageddon, but holds off with all the humor brought by the stars. Was there one too many car chases? Yeah, probably, but I'm not complaining. Two and a half hours looks just fine too me. Personally, I like my action movies to exhaust me.

And what action it was. The car transport chase is easily better than anything in the Matrix Reloaded and even T3. Not only that, but it's great to see full blown R rated action in all its bloody glory again. Ahh, just like the good old days, when men were men, and action movies were all rated R.

Look, if you're all about hating Bay, and blaming him for all of scociety's ills, as well as acusing him of being the antichrist - then what in god's name are you doing watching this movie? It's been pretty well established since The Rock, and especially Armageddon, that you don't like the guy - so why do you keep going to see these movies if you know you're going to hate them? Do the rest of us a favor, get off your high horse and drop the condescending art house jerk act, it's as old as the first Bad Boys, but not as enjoyable.
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Loads of fun ---7/10
Sfpsycho41521 July 2003
This was a really fun movie to watch. It has some intense action sequences. Actually, a lot of intense action sequences. The shooting never stops and the explosions keep on coming. Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are hysterical, again. And Joe Pantoliano makes every movie better. The two funniest scenes are when Burnett and Lowery are scaring the hell out of Burnett's daughter's date and after the chase scene with the dead bodies and Captain Howard goes off on the two. Absolutely hilarious! My only gripe is that it seemed that the writers were running low on material and resorted to gross-out humor like rats having sex and corpses losing their heads. Not funny. Otherwise it was very funny, due to the amazing chemistry between the two leads. I still prefer the original Bad Boys, but this is still a great time at the movies. 7/10
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The coolest action/comedy movie
I just got back from seeing Bad Boys 2 and it was the coolest move ever. It had so much action in it topped off with comedy. For a 2 and 1/2 hour movie it didn't seem that long at all. I loved that it didn't have a whole lot CGI effects in it. I liked how they actually destroyed the cars and how they really blew up that mansion, no fake model stuff. This was just as cool as the first movie was but a little bit better and cooler. I don't know how the critics in different areas rated the movie but the ones in my area only gave it 1 and a half stars. I think it deserves at lease 3 and a half to 4 stars. I can't what for this movie to hit DVD I be there to get it definitely the first day it hits shelves. If you haven't go and see this BAD movie.
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Atrocious sequel that overblows the action and comedy
Stampsfightclub24 November 2009
Mike Lowry (Smith) and Marcus Bennett (Lawrence) attempt to stop a drug baron exporting ecstasy across America.

1995 and Michael Bay shoots a successful Bad Boys, a gun ho thriller that exploded The Fresh Prince onto the film stage and started a trend of Michael Bay action.

Bay has had criticism over the years for his over the top immature approach to story telling and action and based on this film, those echoes are fully justified.

There was a reason Bad Boys did well and it really had little to do with the director. Lawrence was on top comedy form and Smith the fresh smiley face was in full swing of refreshment. Having two young comedians tackle two heavily sought after roles was a shift into the unfamiliar for a buddy cop movie, and it worked a treat as the pair bounced verbally and toughly off each other.

So where did it all go wrong in 2003? As we see the pair emerge undercover at some unexplained religious celebration there is racist banter, an over the top and unrealistic eventual shoot out and some gross out jokes that fill your mouth with bitterness.

Yes, when the pair emerges there is a cool low angled slow mo shot but Mr Bay never seems to stop pumping this motion. In the abandoned house, as Smith emerges in a purple blazer, as a mine flies in the air etc. It's not The Matrix as much as he thinks.

Perhaps the director isn't to be blamed for this film's overblown portrayal of testosterone. Ultimately this crime comedy boils down to one of the most poorly pencilled scripts in all of crime films.

Seriously, what is the purpose of trying to justify comedy in the way of drugs, car chases and rivalry? Those elements are enough for the usual good cop film, leave out the comedy. The opening title sequence is reasonably well established as the plane once more glides over the Miami sign and the set up for the boat drop could have been worse but the descent into the ordinary exaggeration of detective work is ridiculous. Clues seem to be too easy to find, whenever there seems to be too much talking there is an inclusion of overly long action to compensate and in case something was missing, there are ridiculous stereotypes thrown in.

These inclusions of rough gangsters doing drugs and a soft looking ruler just add to the sheer egregiousness of the overall picture. These included presumably getting some laughs but I struggle to see the humorous factor of Martin Lawrence on x, rat sex and a swimming pool breaking.

Perhaps the fact Smith and Lawrence are comic geniuses makes this disappointing as they are not funny exempt for brief one-liners.

Bay, the destroyer, has overblown the proportion of action with so many inclusions of bullets it is unforgivable not to mention numerous car chases that never result in a realistic crash. The franchise sadly looks to resume in 2012 but it surely won't get worse.
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A little overdone but still a good watch
iwatcheverything17 December 2003
This movie was very entertaining. It had me wanting to watch all the way until the end. It was about 30 minutes too long I'm afraid though. There were many times that I thought there were scenes that could have been cut and still made this movie funny and with great action. Some of the parts were a little overacted as well. All in all I thought this was a good film and I will watch it over and over again for a few scenes. It does have some horrible language in this movie so do not let you kids see it unless you don't care if they repeat what they see. Check the movie out if you are of age. It's a good film.
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An Action Packed Movie That'll Have You Laughing!!!
Well, if you need action or comedy, this is the movie for you. It was a perfect mix with Big Willy and Martin Lawrence.

It was a bit long. It felt like I watched 2 movies, but that's not a bad thing. The action was fast, but the realism of the movie was not believable. Way too many close calls, the way action movies usually are.

The comedy gets an A+ in my book. So far, this is the funniest movie I've seen of the year. There was A LOT of comedy, note that I stress the words, "a lot." I was laughing from start to finish. Very few lines were weak, but there not noticeable.

Overall, this is the perfect film if you want to sit back, watch some people die, and laugh your ass off. You didn't need to see the first one to understand the story, so don't worry. But I do advise you, it was a very gory movie. They showed a lot of disgusting parts, and I'm not talking about sex, I'm talking about gore.


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so totally cool!!!!
dickie_jonus_tsr11 August 2005
Bad Boys 2... what can one say about it? well, put it this way, it's much much better than the first and has one of the best car chases in history.

Will Smith and martin Lawrence are two cops have a lot in common, especially their attitude, are sent to investigate the a Cuban drug smuggler who smuggles drugs in America. What a wild, surprising and funny time they have! I know the storyline doesn't sound very convincing, but, this movie is not 'okay' as most people put... it's the action movie of the year! The storyline is, as I said, probably not very convincing and that lots of movie have been made like that and you think that you've seen every on of them...

But if you watch this movie, you'll be really, really surprised. The director, Michael Bay, is one of my favorites and this movie is one of his action masterpieces.

Rating: 7/10
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Back in action
Tom Hardofsty9 July 2008
Usually sequels tend to disappoint (Shrek the third, Xmen3, Lehal weapon2 etc) but not this time. I found this film to be as fast paced and action packed as the first one but with one difference- more action.

This has all of Bay's trademarks- colourful cinematography, spectacular car chases, orange filters, epic soundtrack and what I loved most about this film was the chemistry between Smith and Lawrence again.

Why critics seemed to dislike I don't know but if there's one fault I could find with it is that it does go on for a long time (but not in the bad way in which Pearl Harbour lasted for nearly 4 dull hours). Other than that I can't really find fault with it. The opening car chase scene is amazing benefiting from its amazing sound effects and colourful cinematography.

If you liked the first one then there's no reason for you to not like this one. If you haven't seen the first one then don't worry as this film is easy to grasp. I just hope they carry this series on!
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A Good Sequel To A Buddy Comedy Classic.
jfcthejock9 June 2008
OK, where do I start? This is a sequel to the buddy classic of 1995, Bad Boys. Again we have the usual camaraderie of two old friends who are also partners in the police, non-stop action and stunts that keep the average action junkie interested like myself. As for plot and storyline, I would say Bad Boys 2 has a reasonable one. I could compare Bad Boys 2 to the original, and come up short with anything new but what I do come up with is the same as with the original. Bad Boys 2 gives us more of what the first film had, only this time in 2003 and not 1995.

Weapons change, cars change but the same gist of the film remains the same. Action galore in fact for us action junkies, car chases that end in havoc and chaos. Explosions that tear city blocks apart and the occasional joke preceding each one. A good sequel to follow off from the original and yet again another great action flick for a late Friday night in with your friends.
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sweet movie
jjlabare-128 May 2008
This movie doesn't get the rep it is one of the greatest films ever produced. This is easily one of if not my favorite movie of all time, and Michael Bay did a spectacular job on it. The action in the movie is unlike any movie, the only movie I've seen with better action was another Michael bay movie and that was transformers. Bad boys 2 is great all around, great action, great acting, great music, and amazing cars. The movie is very entertaining, it goes back and forth between action and comedy all the way through. Don't judge this movie by the rating it received on this site, it is incredible, this movie is what movie making should be.
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BroadswordCallinDannyBoy3 September 2005
A huge budget sequel to the dumb "Bad Boys." I guess it was inevitable.

I saw the HBO special on this movie and watch how Will Smith, Michael Bay, and Jerry Bruckheimer went on and on about how great this movie is. What was really happening was that Michael Bay and Will Smith were happy that they received a fat paycheck and Bruckheimer was happy that he will make another huge pile of money with the release.

They said "we finally got it perfect." Perfect? Perfectly over-blown trash maybe. There is not the slightest distant glimmer of anything that faintly resembles originality here. It is all one boring dull mindless cliché after another until the viewer is literally ready to puke.

The "story" starts with Will Smith, who is hot for Gabrielle Union who is Martin Lawrence's sister which is a a cheesy love vs family problem that is addressed so poorly that it shouldn't be there. And guess what? There is a twist! Gabrielle Union is an undercover cop working on what maybe the same case! Oh dear! We are also treated to a big loud car chase in which well over thirty vehicles are totaled along with the bad guys. But the good guys? They don't even get hurt. Some cops manage to land in critical care, but after flipping over in a car going 80 mph straight into a massive fireball in the middle of the highway you'd be dead. Yes the T-1000 survived such a feat, but he is a futuristic robot.

Moving right on from the pathetic story and horrible action is the humor. It is also dumb, cliché, and overly vulgar. I mean are rat sex and junior high school level gay jokes something you'd expect to see in a movie not by John Waters? Types of humor have their placement in film, or as Michael Bay demonstrates so well, misplacement. Moving on we come to a sick excuse for a plot device. Towards the end our heroes got save Gabrielle Union who was kidnapped. They pack their service pistols and prepare to go to take on an entire drug cartel. But guess what? The police chief's friends are in the CIA and they decide, out of the goodness of their heart, to help two hotshot loose cannon detectives! So now, with the help of a bunch of CIA commandos half of Cuba is blown up and everyone goes home safe. Preposterous on all counts.

There are entertaining movies that follow this kind of preposterous formula. James Bond, for one. He is just as ridiculous as this movie, but he has a light side. He doesn't take himself too seriously. Those films have a tongue in cheek nature that constantly reminds us that we are watching what is basically a fairy tale. Not here. This film takes it self so seriously and tries to be ultra cool and slick. Thankfully it fails on all fronts of film making. Let's hope we don't see anything like it anytime soon.

Sick, disgusting, unoriginal, a horrible waste of money, superficial, unentertaining, unfunny, vulgar, and just plain terrible. This sort of Hollywood junk put the word 'bad' in the dictionary. Either that or the Bubonic Plague. Well, I guess they are both bad. 1/10

Rated R: excessive violence, relentless profanity, and all around bad taste
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Bad Taste, Needless Violence & Pompous Directing
Tompson27 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Bad Boys II is waste of money in all senses of the expression. Wasting money from production point of view for something as stupid as BB II is just incredible. The movie is full of spinning camera angles in about 97,6% of the time. C'mon Mr. Bay, the effect of the circling camera works about once in a 90 min movie if well placed. It is not cool at all when used three times (in slow motion) for every 90 seconds all the way.

The dialogue -- well, what dialogue?? Does anyone use the word starting with 'mother' in every single sentence in real life? Mr. Smith and Mr.Lawrence do. The bud chemistry that sort of worked in BB I, is nowhere to be seen in this one. Moving on to the comedy side?? Well, I laughed once for 'Marsupial', enough said.

And then the violence. Do we need to see all those bodies created and handled in imaginable ways for humor's sake. I don't know may people who get amused seeing dead corpses decapitated on the freeway. Obviously, Mr.Smith and Mr.Lawrence see that as an appropriate spot for throwing a catchy one-liner as the excellent script defines. BTW, can't recognized actors use own judgment and refuse to deliver the worst stupidities. Obviously not. SPOILER AHEAD: "So, let's attack Cuba just the two of us... Wait, there are twenty volunteers coming along, thank God. Nothing can stop us now".

As I realize, BB II made well at the box office, which means that we'll see this sort of "entertainment" in the future as well. Too late to change that, but whatever you do, don't buy the DVD. Show that a consumer can have a say of things to come. Don't waste your money, please.

*** 1 out of 10 ***
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Just when you thought summer blockbusters couldn't get any worse
jollio_peppers21 July 2003
"Bad Boys II" is quite likely the worst movie I have seen this year, and in a summer that gave us both "LXG" and "From Justin to Kelly", that's saying a lot. I left the film feeling irritated and angry that two and a half hours of my life were spent exposed to unoriginal, vulgar, poorly edited and written tripe. I enjoy a good action movie. Chase scenes and things going SPLAT and KABOOM can be fun, but Michael Bay manages to drag every moment for what seems like an eternity. Several scenes manage to plagiarize one another, and often felt like clips from the trailer instead of part of the movie. The continuity is horrible, and a chase scene that ends with the "heroes" crashing their car into a body of water, is immediately picked up on a road somewhere!

The fun interaction between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence that made the first "Bad Boys" enjoyable is pretty much entirely absent. Between their constant bickering, and dialogue so full of swearing tossed in for kicks, watching them literally becomes a painful experience. In the place of any real humor, the writers decided to resort to gay jokes to get some cheap laughs. (Nothing like the threat of anal rape to get the crowd roaring). Every actor in this disaster was reduced to a pathetic caricature: the brassy femme who wants to prove she is as good as the boys, while doing it in a bikini; the hard-boiled chief who has seen enough of the crime that is tearing his city (and consequentially his mental state of being) apart; JOE PANTOLIANO - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!

The movie itself is just so cold-hearted. To catch ONE drug dealer, the "heroes" of this movie cause 2 major highway disasters, and plow over a shanty town in like the 600th chase scene of the movie. Oh hooray, we got that awful drug lord; sure we killed dozens of people in the process, but at least the kiddies won't get their E as easily anymore. "Bad Boys II" was a bloated mess of a movie. Way too long, Way too poorly stitched together, and way too stupid to waste any of your time or money on.
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I can barely believe I saw all that I saw in this movie!
Wizard-826 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Along with SPECIES 2, this may be the closest Hollywood has ever come to the unbelievably perverse and over-the-top nature that Hong Kong cinema is sometimes known for. We have corpses being run over and their body parts scattering across the street, people being shot in the head and their blood and brain matter just *flying* behind them, people are smacked into concrete posts at 60 miles an hour *then* fall several stories to their death, dozens of cars get smashed up in high-speed freeway chases, buildings get blown up, cops have to dig into the guts of corpses for clues, and a drug shantytown on the side of a mountain gets torn up by several vehicles racing through in what is a blatant rip-off of a famous scene from Jackie's Chan's POLICE STORY - for starters.

Now if you have a taste for sleaze and over-the-top action like I do, no doubt you will find all this stuff inevitably entertaining to a degree, and it will have you slack-jawed at times. However, though the movie has the "stuff" of these Hong Kong movies, it's not done with the same *finesse* - the movie is *way* overdirected and edited, making it harder to get a firm fix on whatever happens. It's also *way* too long, especially it's a really simple story that somehow took several screenwriters to crank out. Also, these two fellows got old fast - they are *so* loud, *so* foul-mouthed, and *so* angry-minded (and even downright cruel at times) that the movie is sometimes a chore to sit through, even though it's about them. Still, I'm giving this a cautionary recommendation - see it when it's cheap to rent and you are in the mind for something brainless - if only to see how berserk big-budget Hollywood filmmaking has become!
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Over the top, trigger happy macho nonsense. I loved it!
ExpendableMan21 March 2007
It must be awesome being Michael Bay. I mean, can you imagine any other director who is given mega-budgets every few weeks and told to blow up more than he did in his previous movies? In the first Bad Boys film an air-plane hanger was blown to bits and was swiftly followed by an asteroid being nuked in Armageddon and the destruction of Pearl Harbour in...uh, Pearl Harbour. Not to be undone, Bad Boys 2 has him indulging in not one, but two chaotic car chases where muscle cars which most of us would spend our lives saving up for are torn to pieces like yesterday's newspapers and rounding everything up by detonating a sizable part of Cuba. If this trend continues, there won't be a building left standing in the whole of North America once Transformers is through. Not bad for a smug little geek with a rubbish haircut.

If you've seen the first Bad Boys film, you'll know what to expect. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, a pair of loose cannon cops whose only similarities are their penchants for arguing and getting into gun fights. Lowrey (Smith) is all laid back cool, stylin' and profilin' his way through the Miami underworld while charming the pants off every woman that crosses his path. Burnett on the other hand is an insecure, neurotic and over protective family man. Not only that, but he has a bit of an anger management problem as well and has been half a step away from a severe nervous breakdown for the majority of his adult life. So far, so very similar to any cop orientated buddy movie you've ever seen, but Bad Boys 2 overcomes the total lack of originality thanks to the natural charisma of the stars and the sheer spectacle of its action sequences.

The plot of course is throw away guff designed to hurtle Smith and Lawrence into the thick of as many explosions as possible, but when they bounce off each other this well it's difficult to care. Martin Lawrence has never been a great leading man but somehow, when partnered with Will Smith his career makes perfect sense, his manic edginess being the perfect foil to Smith's effortless charm. You could argue that being on screen with the World's Most Charismatic Man would make anyone look good, but then you'd clearly not have seen the terrible I, Robot, where nobody looked good. Not even the robot.

And then you have the aforementioned action sequences. Yes, we all know they're going to be over the top, but lord almighty, it's still an adrenaline pumping thrill to see them happen. The opening John Woo impression with the Ku Klux Klan is just the starter to a main course that consists of a destruction derby car chase, a close quarters battle with some Rastafarian gang members, a fist fight on a train carriage, ANOTHER insane car chase and a dessert set in Cuba, where a mansion gets destroyed. Throughout, bodies fly off overpasses to go crashing into glass phone boxes, men are riddled with machine gun fire and the balls of fire get bigger and more firey the later they appear. Bad Boys 2 might not be subtle, but it sure as hell is fun.

However, there is a drawback: the running time. It might be an energetic exercise in flashy excess, but did it really need to be two and a half hours long? Entertaining though it is, there comes a point when you've seen enough faceless henchmen getting holes drilled in them and just want to see the villain being brought down. Given the extreme running time, isn't also a bit unusual that Joe Pantoliano's role as the best clichéd police chief in movie history is so small? Maybe they were worried he'd pack the movie into his bags and run off with them like he did the first time around...

Those grumbles aside, there's little complaint to be made about Bad Boys 2. Sure, it's so shallow that I could just as easily have written "Will Smith and Martin Lawrence destroy stuff" and summed up the entire enterprise, but it makes for an exhilarating action movie and the natural successor to all those ones produced in the eighties when brain cells were exchanged for body counts and biceps. Try not to take it seriously and you'll have a blast.
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utterly disgusting at times and unoriginal
DUKEJBM9 August 2003
At first I thought this movie was on pace to be an action movie classic. The freeway chase scene was just incredible (it blew the Matrix Reloaded highway scene clean out of the water). Then, I began to see why most of the critics smashed this film. It became unnecessarily repetitive. Shoot out after shoot out lost all meaning. Also, the utterly disgusting lack of respect for human life was beyond unnecessary and totally gross. Why did they need to feature, mutilate and pull things out of dead bodies?!? The slo-mo bullet scenes worked here but ripping off `Smallville' tricks is hardly original. If the director would've just cut the repulsive morgue scenes and about 30 minutes of other pointless, overly bloody, and unfun stuff, this one would've been a winner. Instead, it's not even a serviceable action movie.
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jaygun9223 July 2003
This was bar-none the best action I have seen in years!!! I am not only one of the most critical people I know when it comes to movies but I'm also not a Michael Bay fan. Oh My God!!! Most action films now-a-days are just ho-hum and use warmed over effects and stunts from other films, but this one pulls out all the stops. When I first saw the ads for this film last year, I said to myself, "Why are they making a sequel to that film?" Not only that, but why did they wait 8 years to make it. Needless to say, I didn't have much faith in this film. The underwhelming trailers didn't help either. Boy, was I wrong. This was the summer film I didn't know I wanted to see. Most action films are mere spectacle, but I actually felt this one in my gut. None of the sequences give up one inch of slack. This film is on major steroids. Oh...and did I mention the comedy? The exchanges between Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are completely raw and off the chain. I don't even like Martin Lawrence!!! This had to be one expensive movie, especially at 2.5 hours long. I was so pumped up after leaving the theater that when I got home I immediately put on some Slayer. This film is that good. This is by no means an Oscar winner, but who cares.

Forget the Matrix Reloaded, Terminator 3, The Hulk, and all those other weak imitators. Go see Bad Boys II five times and make it the highest grossing film of the summer. 10 out of 10!!!
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Great movie packed with action and comedy.
Liakot Ali12 June 2006
Bad Boys is one of the Best Cop Buddy movies I've seen. Two hours, packed with Action and Comedy. Will Smith is back in a Comic role and delivers a good performance. Martin Lawrence is one of Hollywoods underrated funniest actors. He is ever so funny in this sequel to Hit movie Bad Boys. Part One was very funny and enjoying. In my opinion, Part Two was more funnier and had some good violence and stunts. The funniest scene is when they both have a conversation alone in the electronic shop and it gets recorded and misunderstood. Some Great Stunts including the car chase sequence, where cars get chucked at. This is one non stop entertainer, not to be missed.
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it was great
theinsainiac21 July 2003
wow. that was way better than expected. the first was great but yikes, this one blew me away. first of all that was the most action filled movie ever. and on top of it, it was hilarious. i mean i was almost fallin out of my seat because of some of the one liners in this. and i would say it was one of the best movies in the last 3 decades, between the non-stop, awesome action and car chases and the hilarious one liners, this is in the top three for my favorite movies. o and for all you critics out there who gave it a bad rating..... what just because it isnt an artsy fartsy movie doesnt mean it isnt entertaining. it is a great action movie and is much better than the first. a must see for all movie fans. go see it NOW.
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Best Summer Movie of 2003
goziee21 July 2003
Bad Boys 2 had everything in it.. maybe thats why it was 2 and a half hours long.. but it was definitely worth it. It was hilarious Will and Martin were really funny especialy Will in the scene where some poor kid comes to take Martin's daughter out to the movies. The main reason critics were unkind with this movie is because it had a lot of racially motivated jokes and unfortunately critics are trying to be politically correct and not loosen up. This is just a great summer movie! no real plot behind it.. just for sheer entertainment and we gotta all be able to laugh at ourselves.. I know me and my friends did... Cant Wait for Bad Boys 3
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Better than the first
usher4jc21 July 2003
Bad Boys II was funny from beginning to end. It had explosions, great story line, and everything else that people like in movies. It was longer than the first, but more action and the stroy was developed very well.
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