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ville-51 January 2004
How come no-one has reviewed this series before?

This light drama series is situated in the ever-so-sunny town of St. Tropez at southern France by the Mediterranean Sea. The show follows the life of three 20/30-something ladies, their families and friends.

What separates this from the dozens of similar American series is that it's mostly filmed on location, and the characters and plot lines are a bit more down-to-earth.

I'm quite picky about what I watch but somehow this series has something in it which captivates me. In its genre it's the most watchable series I've yet seen.

Oh, and the women are just stunning! :)
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Beautiful people with beautiful problems
SerpentRouge21 April 2004
I have been following this french quality series from the very first season on Danish TV. It is centered around 3 friends which all live on the paradise like island of St. Tropez. Jessica is the beautiful bartender/model/dancer and function like a "mother", and is a good listener. Laura is the sensible friend, work as a doctor on a local hospital. Caroline starts out as a struggling singer but becomes very successful, later in the seasons she becomes a lawyer.

In each episode the story usually evolves around one of these characters, but the strength of the series is the large pool of supporting characters, and it isnt unusual that one of these characters gets "the spotlight" and ensures the series doesnt become tiresome. The series is not unlike other American series like Beverly Hills 91210 however the problems that ofcourse arises (even on St. Tropez!) are more downscaled and believable (or maybe its because its sunny all the time).

The locations are ofcourse stunning since they are filming on St. Tropez, and so are the actors, "Beautiful people with beautiful problems".
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Where did coherence go?
selvita5 February 2007
After a very promising first season, the viewer easily gets lost in this incongruous series' storyline. Just when one starts to know the characters, their personalities or their anecdotes, the script begins to drift, so you can never get attached to the heroines nor to their many absurd life experiences. Are the three main characters trying to set a new world record in the number of their sexual partners? Jessica for example, has been attached to at least three men in a season. Even though the costumes and the locations are gorgeous, actors (and especially the actresses) cannot act and continuity is not at "rendez-vous" between the chapters.
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