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" Fear is the other's guy's problem, . . Unfortunately, I'm the other guy! "
thinker169114 March 2011
Liam Neeson was once a truck driver for a beer company, whether or not he was any good is a matter of conjecture. Fortunately, for movie audiences around the world, his talent for acting on the big screen has superseded and today he is known as one of the finest thespians in show business. Take this film for instance, it's called " Gun Shy. " In this story, he plays Charles 'Charlie' Mayeaux (pronounced - MAYO) a field operative working for the D.E.A. His job is to take on the big drug cartels and put them out of business. However, a bad experience in his last encounter with the drug lords, got him so shook up, it left him with a confidence problem, which has created a noticeable fear of death. So much so, he has begun seeing a therapist. In the meantime, his job continues and he must go undercover to confront the Columbia drug cartel and the America mafia, which could get him killed. Oliver Platt, is a gangster with anger management issues, José Zúñiga and Michael DeLorenzo play Columbian operatives out for the big score or big hit, whichever comes first. If that were not enough, Charlie must also attend Group therapy with Richard Schiff and other problem oriented patients. Mitch Pileggi, interestingly plays Dexter Helvenshaw a corrupt agent. Although there are several parts of the film which exercise Neeson's great gifts for interaction, most of the movie scenes are hampered with too many issues and little cohesion and this makes for awkward moments. Still, it's a good and interesting film and one which makes for entertainment and isn't that what movie making is all about? ***
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Stressed out
jotix1006 February 2006
No wonder Charlie, the man at the center of the film is suffering from the pressures of his job. He has too many things to worry about and all his problems affects his stomach functions producing funny noises at the worst moments. What's an undercover man to do? He gets involved more deeply into trying to do a decent job and in the process, he falls in love with the woman who understands what has to be done to relieve his symptoms.

Erik Blakeney has written and directed a film that should have been seen by a wider audience, yet, this movie came and went without fanfare. It deserved a better fate because of the funny screen play Mr. Blakeney created and the wonderful cast that was gathered for the picture. The problem seems to have been in the marketing. This is clearly not a Sandra Bullock vehicle at all!

Liam Neeson and Oliver Platt are about the best thing going for the movie. Liam Neeson's Charlie is one of the funniest roles he has done in his career. Mr. Neeson tends to gravitate toward more dramatic fare, but as Charlie, he proves he is an accomplished comedian. The same goes for Oliver Platt who plays a bad guy interested in domestic activities such as cleaning a messy kitchen, or even thinking about a life in Italy growing tomatoes.

The minor roles are equally good. Jose Zuniga and Micahel DeLorenzo are hilarious as a pair of gay drug dealers. Sandra Bullock doesn't get as many opportunities in the movie, but she is seen in the pivotal role of Judy. The group therapy sessions involving Charlie and other law enforcing people are fun to watch.

Erik Blakeney shows he can do good work if only he could have the right studio people behind him.
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Brilliant but poor marketing...
b_blakeney2 May 2004
This gem hit box offices in 2000, though there's a large chance that you were sick the day it was in theaters.. Disney mistakenly bills this as a Sandra Bullock romantic- comedy, which it isn't... If you want to see Sandra Bullock in a cutesy role, go see "Miss Congeniality". If your tired of one-track crap like that, come see Gunshy. This is an honest, funny view of what happens when Liam Neeson's character, a former DEA golden-boy, starts getting job-related panic attacks... Add Oliver Platt as a high-strung gangster with marital problems, Jose Zuniga as a secretly-homosexual drug lord, and group therapy, and the result is GUNSHY, a smart, wicked, sweet, fast, and funny look at the modern gangster flick. You won't be disappointed... 10!
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great sublime satire...
tripperM21 February 2001
what is wrong with this film? absolutely nothing. the story is MORE believable than analyze this to which this has been compared but there is no comparison-they're both great movies in there own right and totally different genres. analyze this is a straight up fantastical farce where gun shy is a dramatic romantic comedy more in the same vein as whole nine yards (but done much better). the soundtrack is excellent (you can't lose with tom waites!)the editing is wonderful(liam's "perception" in the 1st scene is hysterical) and the storyline flows.

charlie and fulvio's developing fiendship shows insight to the harshness of choosing a dangerous perfession and being born into it. either way you look at it, they are just two guys that hate their jobs just like the guys in the group sessions. wheather your a cop, thug, banker, lawyer, or stockbroker; life gets to a point where it all blends into an unfulfilling mess and you feel as if your drowning.

i noticed a lot of negitive reviews and am surprised at that. (like the gay thing-no one in this film is what they seem - get it?) maybe this is too complicated of a movie for everyone to enjoy. maybe hollywood has been putting out too much mission impossible eye candy that thinking about a movie and an underlying concept just shouldn't be expected anymore. this is a funny, sweet, real film. give it a chance.
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Within the great adversities of life, this flick wittingly demonstrates that good film making will get you to laugh under the most dire of circumstances!
paz13695 August 2006
Gun Shy is apt title! This underrated comedy, will put a smile on your face,despite any insanities we'd project as insurmountable odds that you & I may sometime end up facing! I found it well written, with appropriate zingers that I find myself quoting, as certain situations arise! It contains great casting,an interesting plot,& the interaction of all the charismatic characters kept me glued as to what they'd say & do from one moment to the next! The spontaneous actions,style & quips of this zany grand insanity of unusual lifestyles & eclectic characters being thrust into an quite unusual situation,under the intense pressure of a bunch of grandiose yet charismatic lunatics,kept me constantly yearning for more of that unique chemistry,prolific dialog & unforeseen situations that earmarked this film as an all time favorite of mine! PS: A Sugestion, place your brain on the shelf & don't knitpick,just enjoy a "feel good, about feeling bad", kind of movie! ...And for Heavens sake, smile, as you may have the misfortune of being one of those dysfunctional, yet incredibly lovable, misfits!
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And You Thought You Had It Tough?
fabfemfatale11 April 2002
Stress. It comes in many shapes and sizes, to many totally different people. Liam's character, Charlie was stressed to the max, but who wouldn't be, if your life is always on the line because of your chosen profession. Working for DEA, not the job for me, working for the Columbian Cartel, not for me, working for the Mafia, again, NOT FOR ME. Put these three groups of people together to launder money with an over the top type from wallstreet and you get a movie with a wonderful story line and an even more incredible ending. OLIVER PLATT, I LOVE YOU!!! He is one of Canada's best exports and very believable in whatever part he plays. Sandra Bullock shines in her character and turns out to be what Liams character, Charlie needs, period. The Columbian "lovers" cracked me up. I was reading other user comments and read that the script was non consistant because one minute the character is showing pictures of his wife and kids, but really he's gay. MANY men keep that part of themselves hidden in a homophobic world, especially when your father is one of the heads of the Colombian Cartel. The group therapy sessions, show that all people go through stressful moments, dosen't matter who you are. I recommend this movie to people who have suffered from stress, anxiety, and or depression. We're not alone!!!
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Good deal of enjoyment in this film, if you have the right sense of humor
TheTouse25 April 2002
I truly enjoyed this movie. It is one of those movies where it seems that the actors were just given free reign to have fun with their parts. Oliver Platt steals every scene he is in, and the Colombian Cartel members are quite amusing as well. Liam Neeson and his group therapy session is quite enjoyable as well. Even Sandra Bullock is amusing, especially when giving a colonic. This is a movie that looks like it was fun to make, and it can be just as fun to watch. This is not a taut thriller, a gritty cop film, a clever spy movie, or an intellectual comedy. It is fun. Have fun with it. If you don't like to have fun then go see the new Time Machine. If you do like fun then watch Gun Shy.
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A brilliantly scripted, original and funny film.
jhest10 May 2004
Gunshy (Gun Shy in the US) is a brilliantly scripted, original and funny film. With great performances by Liam Neason as well as some of his supports, writer / director Eric Blakeney has managed to realise and create one of the most refreshing films to come out of the US for a long time. Too often it is the script that lets a film down - not with Gunshy! And to then put words to the screen as successfully as Blakeney has managed himself is really encouraging. After this directorial debut I can hardly wait to see what he can come up with next! It just leaves me wondering: who screwed up the marketing for Gunshy, because this is definitely a film that deserved a much better reception than it got. Categorising Gunshy as a "Sandra Bullock romantic comedy" is not only clearly wrong, but leaves those searching for such a film disappointed, and the audience that would most appreciate this film unaware of Gunshy´s existence. I only saw Gunshy by chance, loved it, and would urge anyone to go and see it!
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Slapstick Mixed with Psychology
gradyharp27 February 2006
GUN SHY is a peculiar movie, one that purports to have a significant storyline but one that splinters ideas all over the place, leaving the viewer wondering what all the fuss is about.

'Charlie' Mayeaux (Liam Neeson) is a bummed out DEA agent fresh from a bungled case yet given an important assignment to break a Columbian drug cartel represented by Fidel (José Zúñiga) and his boyfriend Estuvio (Michael DeLorenzo). Also caught up in this mélange is the Mafia represented, however reluctantly, by Fulvio Nestra (Oliver Platt), a nerdy but vicious bungler whose temper is uncontrollable, partly due to his insipid belittling wife Gloria (Mary McCormack) whose father demands Fulvio's crime life importance. Charlie is a mess, meets a psychologist who introduces him to group therapy (where Charlie idiotically relates all the DEA secrets openly) and to gastroenterology where nurse Judy (Sandra Bullock) administers a barium enema then other more herbal-sided treatments while she and Charlie become bonded. People are maimed (gunshot castration), killed, made to look foolish, all to the end of supposedly belly laughs on the part of the audience.

True, Neeson shows a flair for comedy and Platt manages to convey a breakthrough role for him, but the rest is a jumbled mess. Made in 2000 with the Twin Towers of New York frequently visible during talk against Arabs and the Middle East, it is easy to see why the timing of this 'yet another Mafia vs law' film contributed to its short theater run (how many have even heard of it?). But in the final analysis it probably failed on its own merits - sad for a film filled to the brim with very fine actors. Grady Harp
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A Poor Fry
Chrysanthepop17 January 2009
'Gunshy' tries to mingle too many things into one and fails. There's the whole 'psychology' aspect, the friends-with-the-gangster theme, the thriller aspect and so on and all try to be part of one story. Blakeney's fails to give it the energy and slickness that it needed. The story drags too much. The romantic track between Judy and Charles is poorly developed. Liam Neeson demonstrates a flair for comedy but it is Oliver Platt and Mary McCormack who steal the show. Their scenes together are some of the best moments of the film. I was also amused by the sequences that involved Charles and his group therapy buddies and the final sequences with the two gay Colombians. Sandra Bullock does not get much scope (ironically, she produced the film). In addition, I loved the soundtrack which is an impressive eclectic mixture.
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A good movie with a twist of lime....
SnowYs28 May 2001
I personally thought this film was good. 7 out of 10. I thought the acting was very good. But I have to admit the plot was interesting. Unusual. Different. But that is why I liked it. It wasn't like every other gangsta, mob, shoot 'em and kill 'em film I'd seen. There wasn't 60 minutes of blood and gore. Which I am glad about: there is too much in this industry anyway.

So if you want a movie that is a little different. And maybe even a bit unusual, go to your local video store and rent Gun Shy.
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Too much bathroom "humor"
Gattino12 July 2000
I love Liam Neeson--I've seen nearly every movie he's ever been in. I'm curious about his life, and I buy the magazines he's featured in. But I NEVER, EVER needed to see him sitting on the toilet suffering with diarrhea. GROSS. Or passing gas. Or getting an enema. Or, for that matter, being weak and whiney. Nothing about his character in this movie is compelling, and it is a waste of his awesome talent. Also, he looks pale in this movie.

Sandra Bullock plays the one imensional, wacky, unconventional sex kitten. The only interesting scenes are the opening ones, some of which reminded me of The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. One positive thing: the music is good, especially the inclusion of Tom Waits music.

Bottom line: Don't bother.
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I had a lot of fun
DeNo-519 August 2001
The movie has a crazy touch. The cutting may sometimes be a little confusing, but it serves the purpose. I did not know what to expect when I started looking. Was this a dark, depressing thing or a comedy? It was something of both. It was very fun, but still it had a serious and solid base. Why is a bad guy bad? Can the tough guy never get a nervous breakdown?
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Give it a chance, watch the whole film.
jgum8 July 2006
My wife and I had never heard of this one. We happened to see the summary on the TV "satellite summary screen" and were intrigued. With the cast list containing both Liam Neeson and Sandra Bullock we though we could give it a try.

We nearly turned this one off after the first 30 minutes. We commented that it was no wonder we'd never heard of it before. I was personally worried this would be another Bullock movie like Hangmen, a TRULY horrific flick, but that's another story.

At the beginning the plot was all over the place. But the acting was good and soon after this we both started liking the characters. By the end we were both happy we stuck it out. The movie isn't about the guns and violence. Very nice for a change.

This movie could help folks get a little perspective on their lives.
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Cute, funny, but somewhat unrealistic...
levin115 January 2001
Despite its flaws, I enjoyed the picture. There was enough comedy to make me forget about those minor details overlooked during the production. I liked the "group therapy" tie-in, and thought that its purpose later in the film was interesting, but a little predictable. Overall, Neeson gave a strong performance, and Bullock played herself. I would give it **1/2 (on a four star scale).
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A hit-or-miss proposition, depending on who you ask.
jazzfiend12 November 2000
A much maligned film, Gun Shy bets on an increasingly common premise, encapsulated by novelist and comics writer Peter David: Cliches can be your friend. Many people have blasted the film as being a weak retread of the cliche-busting humour that found great success in Analyze This, Grosse Pointe Blank and The Sopranos. While Gun Shy definitely does have some glaring weaknesses, it does have at least three things going for it in my mind: the performances of Liam Neeson and Oliver Platt, and some clever editing.

I found that Neeson struck a terrific balance between presenting the steely, fearless undercover persona and the shell-shocked cop underneath. The contrast is played up well, especially in the first scene at the psychiatrist's and the scenes where Charlie is caught between Fulvio and the Colombians.

Oliver Platt is utterly hilarious as a sadistic leg-breaker with a heart of gold, and his portrayal steals the show. I thought his portrayal of Fulvio had a great deal more realism and sympathy to him than DeNiro's Paul Viti. Platt's "Life could be sweet" speech is far more convincing than DeNiro's comical bawling.

Finally, the editor did a terrific job, playing up Charlie's crumbling facade of fearlessness, constructing Fulvio's introduction as simultaneously menacing and absurd, and using an odd kind of show-and-tell technique in the bar scene towards the end.

One little point I enjoyed was Charlie's discussion of the undercover lifestyle, which reminded me of how the movie Rounders offered an insider's angle on the psychology and tricks involved in gambling. A minor element, but it contributed greatly to my enjoyment of both films.

All that said, there are some things I could have lived without. Take out the gastrointestinal problems (and the throwaway romantic subplot it leads into), and you would have a much improved film. The essential concept *is* heavily reminiscent of the three aforementioned flicks, and it could have used a bit more focus. As it is, it tries hard to work in several comedic and dramatic angles, but only a few come off smoothly. I would recommend it as a light diversion to watch with friends, as even a cursory analysis draws unwelcome comparisons to its more successful predecessors. I went in with middling expectations and had a blast the first rental. Surprisingly enough, I watched Gun Shy again with friends after watching Analyze This, and I still enjoyed it. Give it a spin.
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This movie gets funnier each time I watch it. "Spoilers"
mofoto227 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I really didn't like this movie that much the first time I watched it. But when you watch a movie more than once, that's when you notice the little things; and the little things are what set a movie apart from every other run of the mill Hollywood manufacturing.

This movie isn't supposed to be a typical action comedy. This movie is a lesson in taking control of your life and realizing that everyone else is at least as unhappy as you are, that also happens to be pretty funny.

I think my favorite character is easily Fulvio. Fulvio will kill someone just for looking at him the wrong way, but all he really wants to do is grow tomatoes like his grandfather. He's about to cut the neighbor's hand off stealing his newspaper, but all he does when he comes home from a bad day is clean the kitchen.

Personally, I think the movie is well done. If you don't like it the first time, try it again, you might catch something that you missed previously.
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Narco-sleepy. Something sleepy.
Andy (film-critic)10 June 2005
I was very surprised by this film. I had overhead so many negative reviews of this feature that I think it had seeped to deeply into my mind when I chose to pick it up. I had already thought that it was going to be a poor excuse of a film when I placed it in my DVD player, but to my surprise (literally), this was actually a well developed, superbly acted film. Now, it wasn't the greatest movie that I have ever seen, but as far as entertainment goes, this film did lift an eyebrow. The script was loose, but well thought out, the acting was well above your average independent feature, and the tone was light. I think that is what I liked most about this film (outside of the acting) was that it never went too deep into itself, but instead kept it light and seemingly fluffy. In an era of over-zealous directors, Eric Blakeney proved to me that he could gather great actors, place them in a decent story, and produce amazing results. I wish other directors would take his lead and push more towards this than just giving up and relying on the name of the actor to sell their film.

There are three elements that really caught my attention while watching this film, and I must begin with the acting. You had in this film some of Hollywood's most dramatic, comedic, and talented people doing their best work in this little film called Gun Shy. Liam Neeson represented his character so well, that I nearly forgot most of the time that he was Neeson from Schindler's List, but instead this neurotic agent with problems around every bend. The twitching of his hands, the ability to bring life to his words and his comedic timing was brilliant. He really was a shining light in this film. This rubbed off onto the others in this film causing greatness from everyone. Oliver Platt was hysterical playing off of every Italian stereotype that can be seen in such hits as The Sopranos and The Godfather, but he does it with so much originality and creativity that it feels and smells fresh. I found myself laughing at everything Platt did, and he played so well against Neeson that I am surprised that the two haven't made more films together. Then there was Sandra. While this wasn't the mightiest role for her, she was enjoyable to watch. She didn't overdo it, nor was she lacking. She was the only average character in the film, and I blame this in part to only having a few short scenes in the film (kinda underdeveloped). The rest of the cast was well above par. What was interesting about the characters and actors of Gun Shy is that I wanted to watch them. They, unlike some recent Hollywood blockbusters, brought life into the film and they had "fun" (a Hollywood curse word) with this production. You could tell, and it provided some enjoyable cinema.

The next element was the story. Director/writer Eric Blakeney did a great job of complementing the actors with a simple script. This may sound like an insult, but so many times we watch films that have this overdeveloped story that causes are actors to get lost, our audience to get lost, and ultimately our film to get lost. By keeping the story simple, Blakeney was able to bring the best from the actors. I do believe that the script complimented the actors and pushed them to explore new possibilities of characters. It was a story that we had seen time and time again, but again, like the acting, it seemed original and fresh because it was simple and complete. My only gripes about the story is that it could have developed Bullock's character a bit more and sharpened the ending a bit, but that is all. Honestly, I thought the film worked the way the script was written, no changes were needed, but healthy constructive feedback is always welcomed.

Finally, I would like to say that I loved the theme of this film. Perhaps it is where I am in my life that allowed it to hit me so hard, but for me it was sheer bliss. Here you have a story, which all the central characters hate, loathe, and dislike their lives. From Charlie's hatred and fear of getting killed by his job, to Fulvio's passion for a better life, to the Colombian's wanting to escape in love together, to even all of Charlie's friends in his group therapy that hate their lives as well, there is just this overwhelming sense of dislike for the world when this film begins. As we grow with our characters, they begin to see the brighter side of life and that we all need that moment of change to help us grow and develop ourselves. I thought this was a great theme to bring into a zany mob comedy, but it worked. So many times in Hollywood we see the happy family man who gets caught up in the mob mess, but never have we seen so many disillusioned people gathered in one film and still make it a comedy. It was very close to perfection.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. I will say it again, it wasn't the best I have ever seen, but it did provide two hours of entertainment and sometimes that is all you can ask of a film (though lately it is becoming harder and harder). The acting is what pulled me into the picture, and the depressing beginning theme kept me glued to the screen. I surprise myself sometimes because this was not a "crazy film". It was a generic story that allowed the actors and the director to be original and creative. You don't see that much anymore, and it was sheer bliss to finally witness it in the film Gun Shy.

Grade: **** out of *****
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Witty and Wonderful
skipuppy8827 July 2002
I went to my local Blockbuster looking for something new, and I'm glad I found it. The cover of "Gun Shy" caught my eye, as well as my memory of a freind's reccomendation. The writing and directing were both great, I loved the "high-flying" action when the bad guys were getting shot. This movie was a great example of FICTION, and it's humor made it very unrealistic. If you didn't like it, you probably just didn't understand it. If you hated it, you probably saw it with a bad state of mind. I'm not a huge fan of any specific actor in it, but overall, I think they did a marvelous job.
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Great cast wasted
FlickJunkie-227 June 2000
This is a classic example of how a good cast can't save a bad writer/director. Someone must have called in a lot of favors to get this cast paired with Eric Blakeney in his first feature film. The story was ininspired and the directing was awful.

This film attempts to be a cross between ‘Donnie Brasco' and ‘Analyze This' and is a poor imitation on both counts. The comedy was sophomoric slapstick and just didn't fit well with the police story. At times I wasn't sure whether Blakeney intended this to be a lampoon of cop movies or a comedy cop caper. It doesn't really matter. It didn't work either way.

It was incongruous to see actors like Liam Neeson and Sandra Bullock in a film with such a low budget look and such poor direction. The dialogue was eyerolling bad. Blakeney tried to be clever, but just succeeded in making a fool of everyone, especially himself for writing this tripe.

Liam Neeson was miscast in this role. He is a great dramatic actor, but a comedian he will never be. Sandra Bullock didn't really have much to do here other than bring another name to the marquee. Oliver Platt was the closest thing to providing saving grace to this film as he was consistently funny.

Eric Blakeney and Hollywood Pictures should be tried and convicted for actor and audience abuse with this film. I rated it a 3/10. Even Neeson and Bullock fans will want to miss this one.
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Oddball fish-out-of-water/screwball comedy
george.schmidt27 April 2004
GUN SHY (2000) ** Liam Neeson, Oliver Platt, Sandra Bullock, Jose Zuniga, Michael DeLorenzo, Andy Lauer, Richard Schiff, Paul Ben-Victor, Mitch Pileggi, Gregg Daniel, Ben Weber, Mary McCormack, Michael Mantell.

Liam Neeson may not be known for his comic flair in spite of his wide dramatic range in serious films but here he displays a low underwhelming charm that has a distinct world-weary sarcasm that helps make his nearly burnt out federal undercover agent Charlie a somewhat put-upon likable good guy.

Charlie is on the verge of some kind of nervous breakdown ever since a botched assignment nearly got him killed and an aversion to watermelon (he was forced in a compromising position a la a roasted pig during the melee), that unless he can pull himself together the next job may send him over the edge.

That's why while en route to his debriefing for a small-time made man in New York he makes small talk on the plane with a man who turns out to be a therapist and before he knows it is on the couch and later in group therapy with a quartet of stressed businessmen who seem to all share a common thread: fear of repercussions and termination.

Charlie is so bent out of shape in his recovery from his life-threatening incident and the upcoming ploy to oust the violent tempered Fulvio Nesstra (Platt, one of our best comic actors playing it to the hilt a la Paul Sorvino) that the therapist recommend him to a gastrointestinal clinic where in arguably the oddest meet-cute in film history is ministered by the sunny Judy Tipp (wholesomely sexy Bullock, who also produced the comedy) and wind up falling in love with her post-enema treatment (!) What makes the film its own is its blend of the out-of-sort comic elements of Charlie's high stressed work and the group therapy's oddball patients , especially Richard Schiff (best know as the human wishbone in 'The Lost World: Jurassic Park' and currently on tv's dramedy 'The West Wing') who is so beyond frazzled at his workplace he has to resort to some bizarre tactics to avoid blurting out a Tourette's Syndromelike spurt of vitriol (at least until the film needs it as a closure).

Maybe because of the unusual hybrid of comedy a la 'Analyze This' with the broad character of Platt's Fulvio and the somewhat sardonic tone of Neeson's Charlie does it mesh often on the mark. Yet the film suffers from trying to balance too much on its scales to begin with but comes across as a game effort with a fine ensemble and clever screenplay by new filmmaker Eric Blakeney.

Give it an A for effort in attempting to make an original spin on a chestnut like the screwball comedy and fish out-of-water genre.
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An unpromoted movie with a good cast list and odd plot twist
breynol26 November 2001
The cast of characters surprised me and gave me the initial impetus to view. Charlie (Liam Nessam) played a role that seemed so pathetic and vulnerable, that I had a hard time adjusting at first but eventually Mr. Nessam fine acting overcame my preconceptions. Oliver Platt seemed to me the character that molded the plot together. His angry neurotic personna along with the "group" gave another dimension to the movie. While the "deal" going down might seem a bit confusing at the beginning, the idea was reenforced several times along with added twists to the plot. Mr. X-File guy fit his role well and the good ending was a nice surprise. 6 Stars out of 10.
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fun with a twist
mabbitt9 November 2001
If you are after a movie with humour, a touch of romance, and a new twist on the hero undercover cop, then this is the movie. Liam Neeson shows he can equally well play the frightened neurotic as the solid heroes of Star Wars and Michael Collins. Sandra Bullock is the executive producer, as well as playing the "Queen of Enemas". A movie that leaves you feeling good at the end.
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Vastly under-rated; is funnier at each repeat viewing
vladyka20 June 2001
I don't know why none of the reviewers remarked on the truly remarkable ensemble of actors in Gun Shy. What superb casting! And writing? Just the psychotherapy subplot is a masterpiece. The Latin lovers? Where have these guys been all my life? All the reviewers focussed on Liam N. Why? He and la Bullock are good, but they are like two good, big sunflowers surrounded by many rare and refined blossoms. True, that awful bit in her roof garden was almost enough to make one want to quit watching, and the enema episode... But everything else that involved the ensemble, whether the bad guys at HQs, the Mob, the group in therapy.... How could a decent reviewer miss the great writing and acting in the therapy sessions?

I think one key reviewer's initial review may set the stage for the rest. It is said that one weekend the NYTimes book reviewer forgot to read "By Love Possessed," by James Cousins (sp?), so the last minute he grabbed a trade journal and just paraphrased it. The trade journal was very favorable, and, following the Times lead, the book became a best-seller and Book-of-the-Month selection and the author became famous. Yet most of the reviewers had never read it!

Did this happen with Gun Shy? The scene at the urinal is an all time comic high. The only urinal scene as funny was the one at the start of "Buffalo 66." Sorry for those that saw it once AT MOST and failed to see its great humor, casting, writing, acting. I've almost lost trace of how many times I've watched the DVD. "We dethign clotheth!"
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Funny Movie
jfoster-228 December 2000
This movie makes a witty play against the typical stereotypes. You have a Colombian Drug Lord, Mafia Hit man, and a DEA agent who just wants to retire. None of them is what they seem. This character contrast with some tight dialogue provides for a very entertaining movie.

Of course Oliver Platt steals every scene he is in.
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