It Came From The Tube: Revenge! (1971)

Sometimes you almost think they don’t want you to watch. I’m not sure a more generic title could be conjured up than Revenge! (1971), an ABC TV movie that sounds like it should sit next to nacho chips and beer on the discount supermarket shelf. But, of course, it’s the ingredients that count, and with a stellar cast and a taut script by Psycho screenwriter Joseph Stefano, Revenge! has enough flavor to entertain the more discerning palette.

Originally airing on November 6th, this ABC Movie of the Weekend was up against NBC’s Saturday Night at the Movies and CBS’s Mary Tyler Moore Show / The New Dick Van Dyke Show, but won out again. Revenge! may be a generic title, but ABC’s brand is strong.

Open your faux TV Guide to page 32 for all the saucy details:

Revenge! (Saturday, 8:30pm, ABC)

A crazed woman believes
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It Came From The Tube: When Michael Calls (1972)

A lot of great TV horror movies rely on a final image, a real shocker, to hammer home the fear. But not all of them. When Michael Calls (1972) is a telefilm that measures out its chills, leading to a logical conclusion (for a small screen sinner) instead of an iconic screen shot for nostalgic viewers. Regardless, this one provides a platform for a solid thriller with a pedigree behind and in front of the camera.

Originally broadcast on Saturday, February 5th, as the ABC Movie of the Weekend, When Michael Calls had the normal competition from CBS’ New Dick Van Dyke Show/Mary Tyler Moore Show and NBC’s Saturday Night at the Movies. But ABC’s Movies of the Week (on Tuesday’s, and here) almost always won out with viewers, providing exciting, original fare. This one is no exception.

Let’s crack open our fair weathered faux TV
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Passengers Early Reviews Call It a Shiny, Stupid Mess

Passengers Early Reviews Call It a Shiny, Stupid Mess
In just six short days, Sony Pictures will release their orignal sci-fi drama Passengers, written by Jon Spaihts, whose original script debuted on The Black List, featuring the most popular unproduced screenplays, way back in 2007. While its journey to the big screen isn't quite as long as the 120-year journey Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) and Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) have to endure in this movie, it seems that the final product is not a critical hit. The first reviews started going up today for Passengers, and the results do not bode well for this movie.

As of now, Passengers only has 12 reviews posted on Rotten Tomatoes, but of those reviews, only two are positive, with the movie posting an initial Tomatometer score of 17%. For those who are hoping for a comeback of original material, instead of the remakes, reboots, sequels and adaptations that have dominated the cinematic landscape as of late,
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Horror Highlights: Wolf Creek Screamfest Screening, Redwood, The Similars, Blood in the Snow 2016, A Haunting At Silver Falls II

Live in Los Angeles and want a little Mick Taylor in your life? Pop TV presents a two-episode screening of the Wolf Creek series at this year's Screamfest on Wednesday, October 19th. Also: Redwood details, trailer, and poster, a new trailer for The Similars, Blood in the Snow 2016 lineup revealed, and A Haunting at Silver Falls II production news.

Wolf Creek Screamfest Screening Details: Press Release: "Pop and Screamfest invite horror fans across Los Angeles out for a night of mayhem and murder with Wolf Creek’s infamous crazed killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) at Screamfest 2016 on Wednesday, October 19th. Get your free tickets here while supplies last. More details below!

What: A special two-episode screening of Pop’s television event and primetime limited series “WolfCreek.” A pre-screening reception will include specialty cocktails, fan photos, and trivia hosted by journalist (, and author (Curious Goods: Behind the
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Venice Film Review: ‘Brimstone’

Venice Film Review: ‘Brimstone’
The Dutch director Martin Koolhoven had a major hit in the Netherlands with his 2008 WWII drama “Winter in Wartime” (released in the U.S. in 2011). He got offers from Hollywood, but chose instead to make “Brimstone,” his first internationally financed English-language production. When you see the movie, which premiered today at the 73rd International Venice Film Festival, it’s easy to understand why he was courted by American studios. The title shot of the film reads “Koolhoven’s Brimstone,” and that’s a kool piece of branding, one that recalls the title shot of “Breaking the Waves” (in which the name “Lars von Trier” appeared in huge letters, with the film’s title in small print). Beyond that, Koolhoven’s work speaks in the bold syntax of franchise Hollywood; it’s full of panoramic eye candy and ultra-violence.

Yet “Brimstone,” despite its large-scale studio flourishes, could never have been bankrolled in Hollywood.
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Broken Lance

Edward Dmytryk's big-scale cattle empire saga sees paterfamilias Spencer Tracy drive away his sons and bull his way into a modern civil dispute that can't be resolved with force. Robert Wagner is the loyal son and Richard Widmark the resentful son impatient for Dad to cash in his chips. Fox's early CinemaScope and stereophonic sound western is a transposition of a film noir mystery thriller. Broken Lance Blu-ray Twilight Time Limited Edition 1954 / Color / 2:55 widescreen / 96 min. / Ship Date November 10, 2015 / available through Twilight Time Movies / 29.95 Starring Spencer Tracy, Robert Wagner, Jean Peters, Richard Widmark, Katy Jurado, Hugh O'Brian, Eduard Franz, Earl Holliman, E.G. Marshall, Carl Benton Reid, Philip Ober. Cinematography Joseph MacDonald Film Editor Dorothy Spencer Original Music Leigh Harline Written by Richard Murphy, Philip Yordan Produced by Sol C. Siegel Directed by Edward Dmytryk Reviewed by Glenn EricksonSome of the early 'big' westerns that aspire to epic status are
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Pixar Could Be Working On A Musical, According To Randy Newman

Could it be that Pixar Animation Studios is cooking up what would be its first proper feature length musical project? Well, according to a former repertory singer/songwriter for the groundbreaking auteurs of digital animation, Randy Newman, that does seem to be the case. If true, then it is possible that, given what Pixar has lined up, that the musical in question may be a long-discussed project about Mexico.s undead happy holiday, Día de los Muertos. In a radio interview on Classic FM.s "Saturday Night at the Movies" (transcripted by Film Divider), Randy Newman discussed the status of his famous, lengthy tenure providing songs for Pixar. Apparently, it.s quite acrimonious at the moment, due to creative differences between Newman and longtime Pixar director Lee Unkrich. It seems that Pixar is taking Unkrich.s side in the apparent dispute, as Newman claims that his work on 2010.s ...
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Pixar Might Be Working on Its First Musical

The wild success of Disney Animation's Frozen has all but guaranteed more upcoming musicals chucked into our animated-movie diet. Pixar already flirted with the format with its latest short, Lava, and now rumors (via Film Divider) suggest the animation giant might be working on its first full-length musical as we speak. The news comes from an unlikely source: singer-songwriter Randy Newman. While guesting on an episode of Saturday Night at the Movies on Classic FM, Newman spoke briefly about the somewhat tense relationship he has with Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich, admitting that he himself has a reputation for "being a little trouble." Newman followed up by noting that he won't be working with Unkrich again, but that the director was currently working on a...

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The X Factor 2014: week three results show

Yesterday, X Factor went to the movies. Tonight: the bitter repercussions. Allow Stuart Heritage to guide you though the results show.

8.57pm GMT

And that, chums, is it for the weekend. But remember, this isnt the last weve seen of Jake, because hell soon be making exclusive appearances on, like Discovery Shed or something.

Next Saturday is X Factors traditional one-day-too-late Halloween Night. Im afraid, however, that youll have to do it without me the liveblog will be here as normal, but Ill be off galavanting at an impossible-to-get-out-of family event. Obviously, I will miss you. But Ill be back soon, and Im on Twitter as @StuHeritage in case I havent bloody mentioned that in the last 30 seconds. Thanks for all your comments! Youre all great! Bye!

8.56pm GMT

Gentleman Jake, Dermot calls him. This is because Atonal Jake isnt very alliterative.

8.55pm GMT

Thats not unexpected, because hes consistently
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X Factor week 3 is Movie Night: Ed Sheeran and OneRepublic performing

Week three of the X Factor live shows will have a 'Saturday Night at the Movies' theme.

Announced during tonight's (October 19) Results Show, host Dermot O'Leary also confirmed that Ed Sheeran and OneRepublic will be performing live.

Both acts' performances will take place during next week's Result Show (October 26).

Stephanie Nala and Chloe Jasmine were the third and fourth acts sent home from the competition during tonight's (October 19) live show.

Nala received the least amount of public votes so was automatically sent home, before Chloe Jasmine faced the sing-off with boyband Stereo Kicks.

The judges then decided that Chloe Jasmine should be eliminated.

Jessie J also provided a performance of her single 'Bang Bang', while Maroon 5 sang 'Animal'.

The X Factor continues next Saturday (October 25) at 8pm on ITV.
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Sherlock, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones music to be played on Classic FM

Music from Sherlock and Doctor Who is to be played on an upcoming Classic FM programme.

Composer Howard Goodall's weekly show Saturday Night at the Movies is to have a dedicated TV special later this month, featuring scores from some of TV's most popular series.

Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Broadchurch and Red Dwarf will also be among the shows featured.

Geoffrey Burgon's score from Tom Baker's Doctor Who episode 'Terror of the Zygons' in 1975 will be played on the programme, along with Murray Gold's 'Rose's Theme' from 2005's 'The End of the World'.

'Together or Not at All' from 'The Angels Take Manhattan' - which was played during the emotional departure of Amy Pond and Rory Williams - will also feature.

The programme will be split into four sections, with the first focusing on period drama, including Brideshead Revisited, The Hour, Foyle's War and more.
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See This/Skip That: From Prisoners to Enough Said

See This/Skip That: From Prisoners to Enough Said
Hugh Jackman goes extra dark in Prisoners, but the real surprise, says People's critic, is the late James Gandolfini showing his lighter side in Enough Said. See This var brightcovevideoid = '2682946555001'; Prisoners There's nothing like the psychic shock and horror of child abduction. It terrifies communities and sends parents into entirely understandable panic. So it's with no small calculation that Prisoners snatches two children right out from under their watchful parents' noses - and on Thanksgiving, no less. Then it gets really mean. If you're no fan of on-screen brutality, then this is not your Saturday night at the movies.
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Celebrating Australian cinemas' history

Foxtel has commissioned a documentary on the history of cinemas in Australia, evoking an era when audiences were entertained in giant picture palaces decades before the advent of television.

Graham McNeice Productions is shooting the 90-minute programme which has the working title Saturday Night at the Movies.

The docu will focus on the glory years of cinema when going to the movies was a glamorous event.

The crew has been filming at numerous historical theatres around the country, presumably including Sydney.s State Theatre and Hayden Orpheum, Melbourne.s Regent Theatre and Adelaide.s Piccadilly Cinema.

The docu will feature interviews with executives at the major cinema chains and independent exhibitors, filmmakers, and TV and radio personalities, politicians and sportspeople who recount their experiences attending the cinema as youngsters.

McNeice has produced numerous documentaries for Foxtel.s Crime & Investigation channel and Thanks for Listening: The History of Australian Radio.

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It’s Not TV: HBO, The Company That Changed Television: The Wasteland

The Wasteland:

Television is a gold goose that lays scrambled eggs;

and it is futile and probably fatal to beat it for not laying caviar.

Lee Loevinger

When people argue over the quality of television programming, both sides — it’s addictive crap v. underappreciated populist art — seem to forget one of the essentials about commercial TV. By definition, it is not a public service. It is not commercial TV’s job to enlighten, inform, educate, elevate, inspire, or offer insight. Frankly, it’s not even commercial TV’s job to entertain. Bottom line: its purpose is simply to deliver as many sets of eyes to advertisers as possible. As it happens, it tends to do this by offering various forms of entertainment, and occasionally by offering content that does enlighten, inform, etc., but a cynic would make the point that if TV could do the same job televising fish aimlessly swimming around an aquarium,
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Presenting The Splash Page Super-Film Calendar

by Lauren Mandel

With summer being the biggest major motion picture season of the year, making a choice for your Saturday night at the movies can often feel a little overwhelming. From "Iron Man 3" to "Man of Steel" it's clear the season is already off to a fantastic start! But to help you keep your cool and plan your weekends well in advance, we've created a calendar of upcoming action packed comic book-inspired movies set to release throughout the next five years!


» July 26th: "The Wolverine" (Marvel)

Whether surrounded by his fellow mutants or independently taking on ninjas, we just can’t get enough of Wolverine. In Hugh Jackman's second solo movie as the invincible Logan, his character is pushed to physical and emotional limits when he travels to Japan and finds himself confronted with a face from his past. Our viewing tip: Don’t forget to stick
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The Seasoning House Review

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Most films are a passive experience. They require little thought, little engagement, little effort on the part of the audience. They’re entertainment, pure and simple, often part of a night out, a socially acceptable way for you and your significant other to sit quietly in the dark, tolerating each other’s company. You lay your money on the counter, you buy your gallon of fizzy corn syrup, your bucket of popcorn and your stale nachos spaffed with bright industrial yellow cheese (that’s a lotta corn you’re consuming, by the way…), you slump in your seat and you let the film wash over you. A couple of hours later you stumble, blinking like a mole, back into the light, your wallet several pounds lighter, your gut several pounds heavier and your senses numbed by watching robots knock seven shades out of each other or

Canada's Tvo Network Chops Jobs and Big Ticket Shows

Halifax, Nova Scotia — Government cost-cutting will eliminate up to 40 jobs at Tvo, the Ontario-based public broadcaster. North America’s largest educational broadcaster, which supplies content to online platforms like Yahoo! and YouTube, said it will cancel Saturday Night at the Movies, a double-header of Hollywood movies, at the end of the current season. Tvo will also cut the Allan Gregg in Conversation talker and the Big Ideas lecture series. Story: CBC/Radio Canada to Cut Another $28.5 Million The cuts to traditional TV production come as Tvo looks to reduce its reliance on taxpayer coin and

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17 Posters for ‘The Hobbit’ and 7 Other Things You Should See Tonight

What is Movie News After Dark? It happens thrice times per week. It’s awesome. You can read it. Right now. We begin this evening’s marketing-heavy edition of Movie News After Dark with the absurdity of the day. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first in a new trilogy from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, now has seventeen character posters that can be ogled. It’s a little much, even for what may turn out to be the biggest film of the year. Above you’ll see Dwalin, a badass dwarf. Just after the jump, Gandalf and his fall collection. Over at Badass Digest, Film Crit Hulk is back with another splendid essay in which he takes on Plot Holes and Movie Logic. As always, those sensitive to capitalization are warned. Those with brains are encouraged. The lovely and talented Joanna Robinson at Pajiba has 41 Spoilerific Reasons Why I Loved That Beautiful Disaster Cloud Atlas

Co-Writer Of 'Oh, Pretty Woman' Dies At 73

Co-Writer Of 'Oh, Pretty Woman' Dies At 73
Mountain Home, Ark. (AP) — Bill Dees emerged from his days as an out-of-cash young songwriter to pen tunes recorded by Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and other country music greats, but the centerpiece of his career was his work with Roy Orbison, including co-writing the classic rock hit, "Oh, Pretty Woman."

Dees, who died in Arkansas last week at age 73, had said writing that song with Orbison in 1964 changed his life. In a 2008 interview with National Public Radio, Dees recalled that the night they penned the hit song, Orbison told him he wouldn't need to go to work that Monday if he didn't want to.

"He said, 'Buy yourself an electric piano, and I'll take you on the road with me.' And he said, 'I'll pay you what the band's getting,'" Dees said during the NPR interview, which is posted on his Dees' website.

He went on to tour
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Toronto Film Fest Day 9: Blood, Sex and Standing Ovations

  • The Wrap
Toronto Film Fest Day 9: Blood, Sex and Standing Ovations
And the best movie to screen at the Toronto International Film Festival this year is … "Sightseers?" British director Ben Wheatley's black comedy, which deals with a couple whose vacation around the U.K. also includes a few murders, isn't one of the highest-profile titles at the festival. But when the Saturday Night at the Movies blog invited Twitter followers and Tiff journalists to list their three favorite movies at the festival, "Sightseers" (below) showed up on four of the 24 lists, more than any other film. "'Sightseers' takes what should be a
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